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Safaree Not Taking Nicki Minaj Meek Mill Engagement Very Well?

April 17th, 2015

Nicki Minaj Nude Photo Leak

Reprtedly, the IG account is a fake..but that doesn’t mean the postings don’t ring somewhat true.

Chris Brown’s Payback to Jay Z “I Wanna Smash Beysus”

April 16th, 2015


Chris Brown revealed on instagram that he would smash Beyonce, and he also complimented the Drunk In Love lyricist, on being a wonderful mother and role model.

Chris Brown chose Beyonce as his #WomanCrushWednesday and critics are saying that the 25 year old pop star’s real intention was to disrespect Bey’s hubby Jay Z. Continue Reading…

Trick Tales: Jamie Foxx Purchased His Baby Mama From a Vegas Stroll

April 16th, 2015

Jamie Foxx Baby Momma Drama

HSK Exclusive - What could Jamie Foxx possibly have in common with one legendary west coast player holding a stable of 17 working ladies?

Word from the streets tells us — even worse than the likes of six-degrees of separation — Mr. Foxxhole and Ron Newt would be practically related! Know how? Sources tell us Jamie Foxx fathered a child with a h*e from Ron Newt’s stable! Continue Reading…

Tameka Raymond Wants To Bring Tink Home!

April 14th, 2015


News hit this morning that Ludacris’ baby momma, Tamika Fuller, who he took to court fighting for┬ácustody of the daughter (Tink) they share, had started a GoFundMe.com page.

So, it was only a matter of time before another bareback rappers baby momma showed some support. Continue Reading…

Surviving Suge Knight Hit & Run Victim Refuses To Testify

April 14th, 2015

cle bone no snitching

Cle “Bone” Sloan, who was run over by Suge Knight, refused to be a “snitch” when called to the stand in criminal court yesterday.

“I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison,” said Sloan, an adviser on the upcoming film “Straight Outta Compton.Continue Reading…

Bryan Birdman William’s Current Challenging His Former!

April 14th, 2015

A video posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on

Did Young Thug really think Weezy would let him name his mixtape, Tha Carter 6?

For months YT has been needling Lil Wayne by threatening to name his upcoming mixtape Tha Carter 6. Not cool since Weezy’s last five recorded albums were titled: Tha Carter, Tha Carter II Tha Carter III, Tha Carter IV and tha unreleased, Tha Carter V. Continue Reading…

Matt Barnes Confesses To Roll’in W/ Some of Iverson’s Stripper-Racks!

April 14th, 2015

Matt Barnes Allen Iverson Revelations

Just in case Allen Iverson doesn’t regret the racks he wasted on mak’in it rain , Matt Barnes might’ve just helped A.I. do just that!

In his recent revelation, Barnes made it clear … because of Iverson’s obscene spending, no one seemed to notice that he jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the A.I.’s cash flow! Continue Reading…



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