50 Cent Enlists White Aid To Stay Relevant?


Best 50 Cent Record Ever

White Men CAN Jump Record Sales!

50 Cent may be a man who’s fighting to stay relevant in pop culture. Know why? Because not only does the G-Unit founder claim his latest song is his best recording ever — sources say the rapper made it point to team up with certain mainstream lyricists – just to prove he’s no where near being yesterday’s act. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jimmy Iovine.

Here’s what Fiddy had to say, while sounding much like the hip hop version of Lionel Richie:

“This may be one of the biggest records that I’ve recorded because the parties involved in it. Features with me, Em and Adam are all on the record at once, our positions all within the music culture, it could turn it into one of the biggest records I’ve made because it’s a song that’s susceptible on all music platforms.

It can be at Urban, Rhythmic, Top 40 and Crossover Radio all at one time.”

Does 50 Cent often brown-nose Caucasian celebrities, with a heavy hand on those from his own race? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chelsea Handler.


  1. Well it is called marketing, and if it works, good for you.If it fails, then it is back to the drawing board.

    • I am sure that beef is another fake one designed just to get Montana’s name out there. Montana – the arab from arab-occupied North Africa (Morocco), called a 50 a monkey. Montana will only say he is from Africa but has yet to declare himself a black man or an arab.

  2. Fuck 50, what else could his ugly azz be except a lowlife mutha? His mama was a drug dealin’ lesbian, who knows where/what/how his father is? And we wonder how could he smash Chris Lighty’s wife/ho after Chris made him acceptable and even passable as photogenic?

    But all project ghetto/gutter niggas wanna come like they rep blackness and they are the biggest white ass lickin’ uncle toms out there

  3. Jacky add fifty to your uncle toms section,him and kaTrina Williams ,ask Danny boy,suges butt phucking buddy,what a joke?

  4. 50 already crossedover guess he wants and even whiter audience 50 should quit rap and focus on developing new talent.

    guess those love songs ain’t getting it anymore good thing he got other venues to get paid.

  5. %0 sold out when he started copying jay z’s on stage body language

    every fucking rapper moves around on the stage like jay z does. Thoe hand movements are becoming annoying

  6. Rap is the vehicle by which he’s expanding his brand. No one is interested in what he has to say but his ability to sell product is what he’s about. Why hate on 50 when he’s doing what jay z and diddy do. Making shitty music but it keeps them on the limelight so they’re viewed as folks who can sell product. 50 has said he’s addicted the making money. No one becomes wealthy in the music industry without the support and backing of the white man. No one.

    I’d prefer to spend my time hating on French Montana, that talentless monkey. You know puffy keeps his artists broke. He can hate on 50 all he wants but he will never have 1% of the wealth and pull 50 has.

    • puff is using frenchie for the street fame. he lost all the street cats he had i.e: black rob, lox, dude that handed himself in for murder and jae mills

      Elephant man wasn’t as huge as previously before signing with bad boy

      i like fifty as a businessman- he is the only artist that explains the business and let’s the audience know how to succeed. Fif freely gives up info where as jay and puff keep it o themselves

  7. I bout lost my damn mind when my moms called me this afternoon and told me “there is a real nice man on QVC right now you might want to see.” I reluctantly turned it on and HOLY LORD MOTHER OF PEARL there was Fiddy
    selling ish surrounded by middle aged white women hosts.

    Was that a nightmare???? WTF??? QVC??!!

  8. “No one is original anymore. Stealing from this person and that person”

    this is 100% true.

    people don’t even care about the DETAILS anymore…they just wanna be ENTERTAINED by ‘HOT’ shit; whoever is ‘hot’…whoever is ‘in’ – BITER or NOT…WACK or NOT…ORIGINAL or NOT.

  9. He is a hustler and I am not mad.
    White people spend money too. And its green.
    He is a excellent business man.

    You have to expand your mind and overlook white and black, but equals green.