50 Cent Pulls Rank On Game & Young Buck!


G-Unit Reunion Rumors

Big Apple Affair…

It seems that Game and Young Buck ain’t got what it takes to continue riding with G-Unit. Don’t believe me.. Just ask DJ Whoo Kid, who recently revealed the pair shouldn’t expect an invite to a G-Unit reunion anytime soon.

This news comes as word of a reunion between the original members of the crew – 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks – begins to spread.

Here’s what Whoo Kid told DJ Drama about the planned G-Unit reunion:

“If there is a reunion, it’ll just be like Yayo, Banks and Fif. It will never be Buck and it will never be Game. It will never be like the added accessories that we had, the little Voltron sh*t.

It would be like Voltron with one leg missing. I don’t know, but it would definitely be the original three.”

Did a slew of public disses against the G-unit captain, by Game and Young Buck, lead Fif to deem the non-New Yorker rappers disrespectful? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dave Lighty.


  1. Well, the three of them ARE the original members…*shrugs* Buck was only added to fill in for Yayo when he went to prison, and Game was brought in to save him from being dropped by Dr. Dre because he (Dre) didn’t know what to do with him as an artist. But really, I’m a fan and all, but does anyone care about a G-Unit reunion at this point, especially with how gay the Industry has gotten since they were popping? That’s the real issue here.

  2. the original g unit is a huge marketing push. fif not gonna waste his money. game and buck are not reliable. they get lost and confused. people gonna say oh g unit cant sell. and what fif is doing is filing the gaps in the game with his homeboys. he dont need the money he just wanna go on tour with his home boys and introduce paris and kid kid

  3. 50 been running around lately sounding and acting like young buck…he aint worried about g-unit…he too butt hurt over the fall out with floyd…he cant keep floyds name outta his mouth…and just like he got mad at buck and game for recording with his so called enemies…what kinda move did he pull when he couldnt get floyd to give him 1.5 mil dollars…he went and did the biggest bitch move in sports history…ran his punk ass over to bob arum and pacman…his so called partners number 1 rivsl…50 u such a bitch the way you been acting lately…now your dis loyal ass know what buck felt like…good for the gorilla snitch…from preme to jadakiss to all of new york…we were told how much of a bitch you are 50…the newness been done fell off your wood face ass…you rap career is dead and stank like beached whale carcusses…50 act like a dude that was raised around too many women and no men…he gossip like my drunk ass aunts at bingo…how do you go on live tv and contradict everything about yourself…50 is the yt mans tool…their boy…a sucka whos signed to eminem whos signed to dr dre whos sighned to jimmy iovine…damn it 50 you a long way from the top company man…and he will never be in mayweathers position…a true boss…hell always be boxings most famous groupie…damn fiddy you really miss toting floyds jock string…what a wasted career…nicca started out how to rob and went candy shop ayo technology pussified played out sucka…and them dudes dont wont game around because they afraid game will start kicking that ass…yall seen how fiddy took the stage in full bitch mode last time they fell out…hugging and kissing and apologising and shit…follow your handlers orders fifthy u had some of us fooled…you just a fuck boy and trhe sheets have been pulled off ya crusty ass…a man with all that money and no friends…nicca that is sadder than a bum on skid row who use to be rich…no friends just enemies…

    • “…50 act like a dude that was raised around too many women and no men…he gossip like my drunk ass aunts at bingo…”

      Freaking hilarious. Sounds like some of my family members. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Rap is a young mans and poor mans game. Once you hit 30 yo and get out the hood what iz there to talk about really? Name designer label shit? Lame