50 Cent Says Today’s Rap Is Wack!


Age Of Bullying Buries The Rap Battle?

To 50 Cent, the true art of rap has been long lost, and the battles from which rap was born is something that’s now frowned upon. Back in the day, the rap battle was what bred legendary MC’s. Today, many agree such friendly competition is being labelled as bullying. That’s why Fiddy recently explained there’s no longer any substance in hip hop music.

Here’s what Fiddy said to complex music:

“You got a lot of guys that make records and everything’s done for you before you get there. The producer actually made the record. It has a sample playing and a chorus, you did your verse, you have three other rappers that generate interest from different demographics rap behind you and it’s done.

Those records, they’re good too because sometimes those are the things that you don’t have to think about.
You hear it, you go, ‘Okay, I know what it is,’ and you just party to it.

There’s no substance to it that makes you stop and think. It was about being competitive, not just going back and forth arguing with each other. Now they think being competitive is beefing.”


    • lmaooooooooooooo

      u r so right llol

      the sensors allowed him and eminem to say and do the most unheard of lol they were aloud to perform explicit version of songs on UK daytime radio and tv

  1. He’s right, but like the previous commenter said, rap started going down hill in the early 2000’s.

  2. The point he’s making is that battling helps hone your skills as a lyricist. Although he may not be a great lyricists his mix tapes were the shit and he’d been working with Jam Master Jay. Fast forward to today’s rappers, you’ve got Trinidad James, rapping for a year and folks want to sign him; Kraeyshawn do I even need to comment; French Montana and 2chainz. Common thread: shitty lyricists. You take away lyricism from the art form and then you see Taylor Swift rapping and beat boxing.

    • You are 2 for 2 perfection in your commentary today.
      Not trying to blow smoke, but you get a big ol platinum star for your efforts! Keep it comin gurl..lolz




  3. Blame the industry for lack of substance. If you ain’t talkn bout how many bitches, clothes, cars, money, and dope you got then you’ll remain off the mainstream radar. Can’t have someone preaching positivity publicly. That would go against their agenda of brainwashing and corrupting the youth.

    As for the battle rap thing, one good thing I can say bout BET is that they still have freestyle friday on 106 & park keepin that element alive. The ciphers on BET’s awards show (better than the show itself), is helping to keep that old school element alive too.

  4. rap battles changed ll and kool moe dee was doing it for fun they were good friends.

    the east west beef started because tim dog dissed nwa in f compton.

    2pac went against everyone embarrassed big by saying he slept with faith and exposed bad boy.

    2pac exposed dre’s work ethncic years ago saying he takes 2 years to make 1 beat.

    dj quik and mc eiht had a serious beef but they were equals.

    50 used to pick on the big dogs everybody in the industry from when he was a rookie made it up took on his peers and now is beefing with rookies who are pimped out by diddy.

  5. …Funny what a hit record after not having one in a (long) while does. While 50 is speaking truth about French Montana, The Little Moroccan That Couldn’t, he neglected the fact that the majority of what he said could easily be applied to him as well, whether his various beefs were legitimate or not. But really, it is what it is–I still like 50’s interviews more than his music (Though, contrary to what his detractors in and outside the Industry would have people believe, he does have his share of bangers), and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. *shrugs*

  6. i Predicted all this shit bk in the day.. learned about royalties and saw it blowin up..like HAAAYYYUUULL TO THE NAHHH.. they ain’t gonna let the dough roll in on no gooood shyyyyyt…no more riddles to make me think…all they doooo is drank

  7. I agrees w/ Fiddy bcuz the industry AKA corporations are the ones making the decision on what record is made ( gansta rap), how the rapper looks , how many times it’s played on the radio. Theres no more diversity w/I rap bcuz there use to be a varied to choose from eg. Kwame, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, etc… The gangsta rap came eg. NWA,…Then dudes start acting hard, black women started depicted as whores, more jail were established… Rap was a art form, poetry , having the ability to battle someone off the top of the dome.. FREESTYLING.. Every1 doing it now who have a nice lil’ jingle, catch the audience attention.. Rap is so watered down. This was OURS but we sell it off for shiny trinkets… The cycle been repeating itself from the begins.. We don’t stand 4 something that’s y we always fallen 4 anything…

  8. Tupac gave it both ways positive n negative, but made u think… They made sure 2 get rid of him b4 he became powerful bcuz he had so much power, influence over the youth…Ask the question y aren’t there any rappers that are positive? Y is everyone replicates of each other? Y are so many rappers being used as the “poster child” 4 being black? What was the advantage for corporation to infiltrate rap? What r the end product w/ the new generation w/ rap? Do black cry, feel insecure @ times, intelligent, compassion, loyal to their spouse? Wheres our TRUE black leaders?

    • Agreed but Where are the true leaders period? Surely not on a idiot box, or anywhere the parasite controls all aspects of the content & context in which everything in the public eye Is seen & heard. 50 cent did many a mitzfahs for his masters & continues double talking 2 this day

  9. It’s all about pop with auto-tune now. That’s why I haven’t listened to the radio in years.

  10. “This was OURS but we sell it off for shiny trinkets… The cycle been repeating itself from the begins.. We don’t stand 4 something that’s y we always fallen 4 anything…”


  11. fif is right hes been in the game long enough he has the experience! hip hop hasnt been real since the early 00s every thing generic overly autotuned overly sampled they got the worse and the wackest rappers out her looking like real mcs because of good hooks nice music and back ground!talent skills and flow is no longer required any more! its sad but thats the industry i dont like much of the music coming out right now myself!