50 Cent To Daphne Joy?: “Shut up, you a Hoe Anyway!”



HSK Exclusive – It’s been about a-month-and-a-half since 50 Cent caught that domestic violence case, surrounding his former girlfriend of three-years.

Now, the G-Unit founder says he’s back … while seeming to take another one of his notorious social Twitter jabs. This time, Daphne Joy appears to be the target.


Check it:


This, about ten days after Fiddy stood before a judge, pleading not guilty to the domestic violence and vandalism charges against him.

After the alleged incident, did Fiddy previously take to Twitter to say “I’m not in jail I’m by my pool,” and, “I’m not in jail I’m on my Gucci couch,” in response to his charges? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jim Yeager.


  1. Is every woman a ho3 except Chelsea handler? Or are they called ho3’s because they messed with a messy man, who knw’s he ain’t shyt?

    • EXACTLY! he never had anything sideways to say about CH, but all his other x’s are hoes….CH played the shit out of him too!

    • shut the fuck up. you black broads always crying when a black man date someone outside of his race. 50 dated a bunch of black women like Elise Neal, Nia Long, and others and that man never had anything bad to say about those black women because they didn’t talk slick about him. He date TWO broads of another race that YOU know of and now you call him a sell out

      50 DID diss Chelsea in an interview. Problem is you bitter black birds are dumb ass hell and that diss went over your heads. He said Chelsea is unattractive. He said she had a great personality but when you look at her you might not want to fuck her. Nigga basically called Chelsea ugly.

      50 and other rich black men need to stop dating black women all together and marry a white women anyway cause you black bitches are too busy being bitter and hateful on the internet, fighting on youtube, spending money on hair weaves, and watching reality TV. Most of you young black chicks now in days are baby mama material. You’ll never be a wife. hard to find a claire huxtable out of all of you classless young bitches now in days. now cry about that

      • @50..
        It’s ok we all know you were deprived of affection by your mother. Never given hugs, encouragement or love. Your self hate and misogynistic views are well documented.
        No need to hide behind faux screen names to support your own twisted hatred.

        • Jessica thank you for proving my point. I don’t usually curse or write hateful stuff like that, but I did that on purpose because I knew someone like yourself would fall for it.

          Instead of responding to my post with an intelligent comment, like a real woman with class would do, you chose to use a black mans pain of losing his mother as ammo to talk slick. Both black men and women are doomed. R.I.P to the Claire Huxtables and the Florida Evans type women with class who knew how to put someone in their place WITHOUT being tacky.

          Real talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXUl_G90ffM

          • Forgive me , I’m late to this discussion . I read this article as Fifty is a Queens native and I am a supporter of his music. While I appreciate your right to your opinion , I do.find it rather general to assume all women of color are ignorant or not * Florida Evans like. Personally , I pride myself on being very well versed . So much so , i am able. To tell you how to go to hell so nicely you would enjoy the trip. Perhaps if all you are finding , seeing and attracting are. These ” loose un educated ” , you sho uld. Endulge in self examination rather than protein examination..

      • @Shut Up
        You really should be ashamed insulting sistas in this manner. Brothas,including myself, were labeled as angry black men by the white masha prior to the shift rooted by white america(namely anglo women who aspire to transform the brothas) ! Now the paradigm has shifted to the sistas! The difference is the sistas who acquired wealth and financial status did not abandoned their families and or their communities and bash the brothas who cleared had a fuckin foot on their neckes imposed by many societal barriers!So I concur he is a SELL OUT UNCLE TOM ASS NIGGA!!!! #ANDTOTHINKILIKEDTHISNIGGAMUSIC

      • Cry about what? Who gives a f*ck about who some of you black men choose to date. You are aware that all of you aren’t exactly prizes right..so on that note ..if ya prefer to go the exclusive “if ya black stay back..but if ya right ya alright ” route.. whip the f*cking DO YOU.. let a white woman have ya azz! Adios!

        • That would be “if your black stay back but if ya white ya alright” route… No public service announcement is necessary! ya like what ya like..Date who you wanna date..just quit using “all black women” as an excuse to do so!

      • Please date white women. We do not want you. We have standards and taste. Thanks for your consideration though.

      • @50,
        If daphne is a hoe than you stupid for dating her! Don’t you know you can’t turn a hoe into a housewift?

      • Florida and Claire were TV characters. They were NOT real. #Its time to stop using the TV as babysitters. it’s making our kids delusional.

  2. After the alleged incident, did Fiddy previously take to Twitter to say “I’m not in jail I’m by my pool,” and, “I’m not in jail I’m on my Gucci couch,” in response to his charges? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jim Yeager.

    ….or just ask anyone who follows 50 on Twitter.

  3. 50 cent…
    the best wanksta
    internet gangsta
    magazine mobster
    shit on ya whole roster
    fake ass 2 quaters beating up women again.

    • You have to give 50 his pops on making motivational music. As far as being a mature adult he needs some help in that department. Your poem is RIGHT ON POINT THO!

  4. She was his exotic queen b4
    but now shes a hoe? Well if shes a hoe then what that make u Fifty?
    Damn, and I used to like this guy

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  6. I cant believe how much he looks like my father.its so funny everytime I look at him….they say everyone has a twin somewhere.this is unreal

  7. he’s a punk a$$ that is a waste of time and air. As far as calling a woman a hoe (whore) shouldn’t you first have the necessary equipment to prove your statement? Just asking

  8. He is hilarious. He is calling her a whore after he’s been up in her and orally. So who is really the whore? He’s so ignorant n childish.

  9. The bulk of his self esteem probably comes from his money and fame!That aside he appears insecure and immature at times. I notice a pattern of him running his mouth like a female after he’s quit dealing with a woman(or she’s quit dealing with him),and he seems to enjoy dissing women! Take that energy..go to the studio and create good music..I personally would think twice about dealing with a man who gets with women, only to turn around and try to disrespect them after the fact, and on a social networking site at that! LAME! GROW UP! TURN OFF! IF she’s a whore.. you slept with her, so what does that make you?