50 Cents Blasts Kanye West For Sneaker Scheme!


50cent vs. Kanye - Over Sneaker Prices

Reebok Bandit Checks Louis Sneaker Sniper?

They may bear the Louis Vuitton name, but Kayne West’s sneaker collection – selling at up to $1,300 a pair – reportedly costs just $8-bucks to manufacture each pair! This according to 50 Cent, who recently took to Twitter to blast the Rock-A-Fella Records rapper for getting away with robbery.

Fiddy says Kanye landed the deal with Louis Vuitton after flying to France to connect with gay designers over the “Don’s”, “Jasper’s” and Mr. Hudson” footwear. Now, Fiddy says even though his line of Reebok G Unit Sneakers reasonably retail at between $40 and $70 – he has still cashed in big, raking in a whopping $80M from his deal with Reebok..

Here’s what Fiddy tweeted about Kanye’s Louis Vuitton sneakers:

“I’m not trying to sell g-unit shoes to you.you bought it already. I’ll go get a gay French designer and sell you $8 sneakers for $1,300.”

Is 50 being blamed for jacking Nicki Minaj’s rap style – in his new song “My Life“, featuring Adam Levine and Eminem? I don’t know, but next time I see Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, on Hollywood Boulevard – going into Bizzy B to buy Nicki’s lingerie – I’ll ask him.


  1. So what? I bought 2 pair of louie Don’s by Yeezy… spent $3,800.. got one pair in tha closet.. the other sold for $7,500!! Everything costs pennies to make and gets marked up 1000%.. If u have the $$ then buy it.. If not, then stay on the sideline hating and wishing

  2. not hating but i’m not buying nobody’s shoes for $1300

    anybody wanna spend that kind of money for a pair of damn shoes can go ahead.

    more power to kanye and 50 for making it big.

    50 cannot get any more softer than adam levine hardcore hip hop is dead.

  3. Dumb PPL…his point was they’re made cheap. Usually u get what u pay for so if something cost $8 to make it normally cost 50/60 dollars. Something 1,300 is expensive to make. Like about 200/250. Nice expensive material to begin with. Duh! This nigga went to Michael’s and got some sh*t and sewed it together and told u it’s worth 1,300…smdh!!! Ppl are silly

  4. Dont care how much money you have, u could be a billionaire,spending thousands on any item that cost $8 to make is just plain STUPID! keep believing, and justifying that ish makes sense, LOL.

  5. 50 is right call him a hater all u want the man is a very smart businessman but thats some under handed shit I wldnt buy a pair u know there not good quality costing $8 to make he wont buy Kim a bentley off me

    • Right along with a lot of idiots. SMH when did humans start valuing paper over intellect…OH! when some humans evolved straight back to a freaking primate.

  6. Nike Air Jordan shoes must cost less than $1.20 each (2.40 per pair) to manufacture.. Thats their max price point (at least in 2009. so if ya’ll made at kanye u should be mad at others too!

  7. Life is weird like that and crazy. I remember hearing multi billionaire Mayor Bloomberg telling an interviewer that he only owned 1 or 2 pair of shoes and that the highest he ever paid 4 a pair was 500.00.
    Well u only live once and if u
    work hard u should at least enjoy ur fruit.

    • Its sad that the ones who own us all laugh at the bull shit they sell us. They look at us all like stupid little monkeys with lace fronts that cost thousands..sneakers that cost thousands… SNEAKERS. Not Ferragamos…freaking SNEAKERS how tasteless you have to be to be so ignorant to pay thousands on a pair of sneakers and dont own your home, car, business, community, company…you would never catch Steve Jobs(when alive) or Bill Gates rocking this stupid shit.