A$AP Rocky: Gianni Versace Viewed Tupac As ‘The Most Beautiful Man’


ASAP Rocky Said What?

If it weren’t for Gianni Versace’s reported crush on Tupac Shakur, the Italian designer’s famous 90’s bright-colored silk dress shirts may not have been featured in 90’s Hip Hop culture. That’s according to A$AP Rocky – who recently revealed not only did Versace view Tupac as “the most beautiful man”, but also explained how the fashion designer’s admiration for the legendary rapper led him to often gift Tupac with pieces from the Versace collection.

It was only after Tupac began sporting the high-end Italian threads when, A$AP Rocky says, the look spread like wildfire. That’s why the rapper says other lyricists – including Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy – picked up the style Tupac put down.

Here’s what Girly man rapper A$AP Rocky had to say:

“It all started with a man named Tupac Shakur. First of all, Gianni Versace said that he was the most beautiful man, like he was in love with Tupac.

He first started like messing with Tupac by giving him clothes. He really admired his art and all of that. And that’s when, no disrespect, you saw Puff and you saw B.I.G. start wearing Versace after that.

Tupac, he kinda did do it first. He was actually getting it for free. …

R.I.P Pac, R.I.P. B.I.G. R.I.P. Big L.”

Does A$AP Rocky know from first hand experience the eccentrics of a fashion designer? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jeremy Scott.


  1. Enough already this n**** didn’t know Pac I would rather hear stories from ppl who knew him. This ignorant fool needs 2 wear pants WTF? I can’t understand y black men r into dressing like women & many claiming 2 b gay!! Its pitiful & pathetic, THE AGENDA IS HAPPENING DROP BY DROP!!

    • It’s possible that A$ap ppls knew Pac I mean they are both from Harlem (Pac was originally from Harlem). How you know Asap didn’t have no connections to Pac?

  2. Why would he want to dress that way if he wasn’t suspect lol a real man isn’t gonna want to wear tight ass jeans shirts and dresses with leggings and leg warmers (lmao) like his ignorant ass did.Doesn’t he know that more people are laughing at him,then that’s buying his shitty album.He got decent flow with bullshit beats.He is whack to me and when he came out looking like a fool,that further let me know that he is another lost soul and i don’t want to hear or get to know his music.

  3. “Now its all about Versace, you copied my style

    Five shots couldn’t drop me, I took it and smiled”

    -2Pac (Hit Em Up)

  4. PAC also had niggas rockin Eddie Bauer as well!!! I guess rocky bull winkle will also emulate the late great PAC !

  5. Who isn’t gonna wear free clothes?? On another note it sounds like Mr. ASAP Rocky has been gay 4 pay since childhood…gotta save our kids from these pervs!!

  6. I aint acceptin no gifts from a dude i dont know and havent known for damn near my whole life. Thats jus me.

  7. PAC was beautiful and he gets thanks for introducing Versace to rap but Big made it a name brand in culturally.

  8. Alot of Hollywood gets free clothing from designers because what better way to advertise your clothes…..I certainly hope A$AP isn’t suggesting that Tupac was gay because that would be a helluva lie…and would suggest he shut that sh!t down A.S.A.P, it’s getting so I don’t even listen to the radio anymore these fools are all a joke.

  9. he wuld know cuz he fuccin Jeremy Scott. Google dat.
    hip hop gone GAY. Niggas wearin skirts n blouses n leggings. Gonna be thongs n pasties next lol

  10. I was wearing Versace when I was 16. That didn’t have shit to do with rappers, because I was listening to grunge music and The Black Crowes.

    Tupac didn’t make Versace popular in hip hop. Rocky needs more people. Biggie introduced “Versace raps” to the hip hop culture. He popularized Versace silk shirts for urban youth, as well as Versace sunglasses with the gold Medusa on either side.

    If Rocky was on his fashion grizzly like he wants to be, he would know that Prince Rogers Nelson was one of the first famous Black men, if not THE first, to wear Versace. My former best friend bought me a Versace book containing Versace’s original designs (many of his patterns are recycled and restyled). It is my favorite fashion book.

    The Jennifer Lopez dress that catapulted her into success was not an original pattern. Versace designed a Grecian inspired dress that was long and flowy in that exact same pattern years prior. That dress sold for approximately $3,5000 around 1994 or 1995. To date, it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen.

    Fast forward to the $14,000 J. Lo dress — it looked pale in comparison to the previous design, but people who don’t know Versace ate it up.

    Versace is timeless. I am so thankful it has not fallen off as a luxury brand. Coons killed Burberry, murdered Gucci tan and brown logo attire (though I kept my accessories) and they are about to run MCM into the ground.

    • Um in the 80’s MCM was rocked heavily in the hood. Atleast in NY and NJ. I see it’s making an urban comeback. For me, no one can ruin luxury brands because it’s all about your personal style. I love Michael Kors not for the name but for his style. I can afford to buy anything but I primarily shop MK because heis designs fit my style and I think that shows. But no I’m not brand name for brand name sake…

    • JLo’s dress was $1000. FACT!!!!! She said it herself on the red carpet. Heard it with my own two ears.

      • Versace boots cost more than $1,000 a pair. The restocking fee for a stylist to borrow that dress would be more than $1,000. That is a FACT.

        If I recall correctly, Jennifer borrowed that dress and Puffy ended up buying it for her.

        I know Versace well. I have been a customer since I was a teen. I have seen Donatella at the Via Rodeo store in Beverly Hills. I am in their computer and they have a record of my purchases from this year and years prior (they special ordered a few items for me earlier this year). Anywho…

        As for MCM, I don’t know what people in the “hood” wore beyond Dapper Dan’s knockoffs, but MCM is and was a luxury brand. The brand was reintroduced within the past 3-4 years and again in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I was a child in the 80’s, but I owned MCM clothes when the brand relaunched.

        Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, a lot of luxury brands are dead or dying because the nouveau riche have worn the brands into the ground. I have style, but I love certain designers. I am not referring to lines like Michael by Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc. I’m referring to designers’ collection lines and runway pieces. Bootleggers have also done a tremendous disservice to the luxury brand market. I am tired of seeing fake bags, fake shoes, etc. Just buy something regular until you can afford the real thing.

        To quote the rapper Bathgate, “Gucci and Gap don’t go together, ma.” That’s another pet peeve.

    • Tupac introduced Versace to hip hop and popularized it in hip hop you don’t know shit obviously you dumb fuck get your facts straight tupac was the first to wear it and rap about Versace and then others like Biggie followed, get your facts straight you moron

  11. P.S. Jeremy Scott for Adidas and Jeremy Scott Collection are two different lines. I have only seen Rocky wear Jeremy Scott winged Adidas high tops waaaay after they dropped. Jeremy markets that Adidas line to urban youth, hence him using Nicki Minaj in his commercials. Jeremy effed up when he popped up with those sneakers with shackles on them.

    How can one be a racist fag?!. Any n*gga who supports Jeremy Scott after that fiasco deserves a Kunta Kinte thrashing.





  13. Quincy jones’s daughter is responsible for getting name brand clothing endorsements for ’90’s rappers she was a rep for several clothing houses back in the day. She started at tommy hilfigure and brokered deals for naughty by nature etc. Versace knew nothing of pac. it was Q’s daughter that worked the deal

  14. who ever wore what first dont make a diference we use to rock the mcm back inthe days in the bronx all over jersey trenton rawway pac is not gay and you should be pimp slapeed for saying anything like that or thinking that stop hating happy new year pac love ya fuck what a faggot say

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