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Addias and Derrick Rose Steal Trademarked Phrase From Chicago Church

December 22nd, 2011

Addidas Trademark Infringement

The Chicago church the Christian Faith Fellowship trademarked the name “Add A Zero” and the church have been using the trademark to raise money, a food pantry and a day care program but guess what–Addias offered the church $5,000 to stop using the trademark and the church refused. Don’t believe me? Ask Pastor E. James.

Here’s what Pastor E. James had to say about Addias and Derrick Rose:

“I have long been an admirer of Adidas and would not expect a company of your stature, with celebrity endorsers like Mr. Rose, to try to use its wealth and power to bully a working class church.”

Did the Untied States trademark office pass on the Addias application? Of course they did. Know why? Because Pastor E. James and the Christian Faith Fellowship had the trademark first mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Derrick Rose.

Is Pastor E. James and Christian Faith Fellowship extorting Addias for the “Add A Zero” trademark? I don’t know, but if the sports company Addias was to cut a healthy check to Pastor E. James, he might go away. Don’t believe me.. Ask the church choir leader Dr. Albin C. Whitworth.

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3 Comments on "Addias and Derrick Rose Steal Trademarked Phrase From Chicago Church"

Anuk Ausar
December 23, 2011

I’m from chicago as well and I totally agree with “nyob”. But let’s be clear about who’s to blame, because D-Rose does not come up with the ad campaigns for adidas. That kid is from one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago and thus far money and fame hasn’t change him. He’s still an active member of the community, unlike most of these other mis-educated negroes in sports and entertainment.


December 23, 2011

Shame on Adidas. I’m from Chicago (Southside) and that a shoe company would stoop to this type of low: unbelievable.

What’s next having children make their products?? Too late.

What can you expect from a company that uses children to make its products and the Negros that they use to front their products?


December 22, 2011

I want Adidas and Derrick Rose to give this church and the pastor $1mil to $10million dollars. The Chicago church the Christian Faith Fellowship and Pastor E. James deserve the money. The alleged “extortion” does not bother me.





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