After The Hack: Stevie J & Joseline Are Rockin’ Again…


    Stevie J & Joseline Reunite

    “It’s a f*ckin’ beautiful day in the neighborhood.”Joseline Hernandez

    Between their stolen Versace china and questionable marital status… any public word coming from Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez can’t exactly be considered credible.

    That would also apply to recent word — from the Puerto Rican Princess’ reloaded Twitter and IG accounts — telling that the turnt-two are have reunited.

    Could it be… Steve and Joseline really didn’t spilt, and plotted a ‘Hollywood Hack‘ to serve as their lane to get back together? Hey, Benzino… what’s good? Truth be told… whether their feud was phony or fake, Stevie and Joseline ended up owning the blogs — outshining Mimi and Nikko’s spotlight — without a sex tape. Agreed?

    Here’s the latest:

    “On Thursday, Stevie had people wondering whether he’d broken up with Joseline after posting some moody messages on Twitter. By Friday, he’d confirmed that he dumped her for cheating on him… The next day, someone hacked into his Twitter account and accused Joseline of sleeping with more than 30 men behind his back.

    Her account had also been broken into the same day; the hacker posted messages, claiming that she’d slept with Drake, Nelly and their driver! Joseline later yanked the fake messages from her page before creating a new account.”

    Joseline posted a video of herself with Stevie on Sunday! The happy couple had to get in pretty close for both of them to fit in the same shot.”


      • I am sick and tired of hearing the title Puerto Rican Princess also. She will never be anything but, a human garbage disposal. (imo)

    1. A win? Really? Stevie broke ass can’t even pay child support & his baby mamas getting her ass toe up on a video by a crackhead for 50K….really? a win?….pathetic, old ass negroes need to actually make some $$$$, not on instagram twitter 24/7…yall act like instagram writing u a check…not…Only winner here is Mona Scott, b/c while she payin they ass a grand a episode, they doing all the dirty work for her so they can get some viewers…I heard they cant even film in most places in ATL cause they so ratchet that them whites aint tryna have them f*ck up they establishment….Really Stevie, make some music or go suck off Clive b/c u about 2 seconds away from getting that #childsupportwarrant on that ass…

      • You have spoke the truth and nothing but the truth. Especially the “only winner here is Mona Scott”. Ole “exploit ’em” Mona got those lost souls all locked down like indentured servants.

        • she sure does & im waiting for the expose’ on Mona…I’d be willing to bet she was behind Mimi sex tape & all this fake ass instagram beefin & stabbings and slappings & weave pulling…Mona is probably making joseline eat her box on da low & HSK even said themselves that Momma Dee is bi- so Im sure she willing to eat Monas ass too…she got them doing rituals I just kno she does…I’m still waiting for somebody to do a expose on Joseline as to why she had that picture up of her drugged up kissin the baphomet head…anyway I kno Mona is Satan himself b/c the thing is, once u get high up in freemasonry, its not about selling ur soul b/c u already have, its about recruiting & getting new souls & getting the ones that already sold out to become even more demonic..thats what Mona is doing & Satan is rewarding her, u see she got the LA version coming up soon, & wit them LA niggas & niggarettes, U know they gonna turn the ratchetness up to a 12…smh all while Sumner Redstone sit his old decript white pasty casper looking KKK ass back & count his money he done made of these iggnant niggas

    2. stevie and jose are freaks they love what they do.

      jose turns stevie on when she phukks other men and women and jose loves when stevie phukks othedr women and men.

    3. This Thot’s good good has more miles than a truck driver. I guess hacking is the new thing now. Damn this generation.

    4. Ewwww wtf is wrong w/Steebie’s mouth??? All of those bumps around his mouth. They both better go and get tested because that does Not look kosher. Ijs

    5. @radiant do they sell skin tight in Puerto Rico lol my ex boyfriend used it to prevent razor bumps lol js

    6. I don’t no why I can see her as Rihanna as best friends they look like they both can handle each other are they friends if not they should be.


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