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After The NFL: Marshawn Lynch Set On Making It Big in Hollywood?

July 25th, 2014

Marshawn Lynch Gone Hollywood

HSK Exclusive – Marshawn Lynchis revealed to have his mind set on becoming “the next Denzel Washington”. That’s why the NFL running back didn’t join his Seattle Seahawks teammates for their White House trip to kick it with President Obama.

Back on May 21st… you’ll recall reports put out word that “Obama lamented that running back Marshawn Lynch was not in attendance.” Now, a source tells us. Lynch was too busy in Oakland ” filming a low budget, amateur film titled “Family First”.” Don’t believe me.. Jusmt ask director Mario Bobino.

“Marshawn Lynch is playing himself in the film and he’s the only person of relevance in the movie. He really believes it’s gonna be a blockbuster but I’m hearing that it’s going straight to Red Box or Hulu.”

Dig the Drop:

“Marshawn is delusional. He thinks he has a second career in acting.

Mario Bobino is a bum…nobody in Hollywood takes him serious as a director.

Mistah Fab is in the movie too and the whole cast of nobodies thinking the movie soundtrack is dope. I’ve heard some tracks that’s going to be featured on the soundtrack and it was weak.”

10 Responses to “After The NFL: Marshawn Lynch Set On Making It Big in Hollywood?”

  1. Anonymous |

    If anyone from the Seahawks is going to be the next Denzel Washington it is my future husband Richard Sherman. grrrrr


    aries Reply:

    I know, right, I saw Richard Sherman on Queen Latifah show yesterday and he seem like a really nice man. they tried to paint him as a monster, but he is very educated and seemed very friendly.


  2. Beverly |

    Who cares….why is this news worthy? Nobody really knows who he is. When he gets to Hollywood i hope he packed plenty of Vaseline.


  3. Willie Jones Jr |

    Good luck with that. Weird.


  4. cornbreadfedbaby |

    Lol u guys are crazy. Maybe he shouldn’t have ditched the president


  5. nba is fixed |

    Is Marshawn Lynch willing to get fucked in the ass to become the next Denzel Washingtion?


  6. Girl bye |

    Hollyweird will have him bent over; on his knees & wearing a dress in no time.


  7. nba is fixed |

    ^^^Beast mode will have a whole new meaning if Marshawn Lynch goes the hollywood route!


  8. Hmmmmmm |

    It’s not what you know it’s who you blow lol


    Girl bye Reply:

    TRUE..so TRUE


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