Alana Wyatt Exposes Her Husband Mos Def


Mos Def's Many Wives
HSK Exclusive – Yasin Bey aka Mos Def is married to video model Alana Wyatt and guess what— The streets are saying that the 38 year old Muslim rapper/actor Mos Def is a bigamist. Know why? Because it’s rumored that Mos Def recently got married again to some chic out here in California mane.

Here’s a letter that landed on my desk from Mos Def’s wife Alana Wyatt:

“A part of me REALLY wants to not even give a shit about this right now, a part of me wants to save his dumb ass, and the better half of me says ” Alana its TIME TO TELL YOUR SIDE”. I been minding my own business, I have stayed quiet after endless approaches to TALK!!! Well NOW I’m TALKING.

Wakened and disturbed, NOT JEALOUS but disturbed! By this crazy ass news regarding my CURRENT HUSBAND. DANTE SMITH aka MOS DEF “oops” my bad YASIN BEY!

I took his hand in marriage after only 96 hours. And many ask why? What made u do that? All I ever said was it was ” a hip hop fairy tail”. Its NOT a fad or a moment for the season. My reason was to honour, respect, and obey my what would have been long time partner. For most of us marriage is sacred, its giving and promising yourself to one person who you trust for LIFE. Respect, love and honour til death do us part!

But NOT in this case:

I am the CURRENT WIFE (LEGAL) wife of Dante Smith. Aka Mos def aka Yasin bey! Who knows maybe next year it will be something different according to HIS mood at that day and time. Just so everyone who is paying attention it is clear that no matter what I may have been called, portrayed as because of a few videos and have dated a few athletes. I took his hand in marriage based on a promising life, future, and one day to build an empire of our own. I don’t regret one minute of it. I never will. I made that choice for myself.

Until now…… Marriage is NOT something you should take in vein, its not something that 2 people consummate just because it suits the mood at the time. The man I married is NOT the man I grew to know. Shit I barely ever got to know him. It seemed as though we only knew each other when the world was watching. Did we ever live the marriage life? NO! Did we have a chance to really love each other for who we were? NO!

Even after 10 years of being with someone you STILL don’t know them. So most will say “then 3 days you really never knew each other”. Agreed!

That’s what comes with marriage. Getting to each others likes and dislikes, and getting to know each other does NOT mean just getting along, or the only time you can make love with the lights on is when you are tipsy. The man mos def aka yasin bey, I married was NOT who I grew to know, I’m sure he can say the same. It was the first time I had ever experienced sex with my mouth being forced open and him feeling the need to spit in it 3 times. He would tell me what it meant, but I just could not wrap my mind around it. Each time he did it again and again, and again. This became our routine. It became real to me.

Dante (mos) is GOOD! He has a way of making you feel like you are the ONLY woman that exists. So I can see how it is easy to fall in love with him. I’ve been asked a lot is he as weird in real life as in on TV! “Define weird”. I say. U lose yourself in him. Hence the so many marriages. I never understood having multiple wives. Multiple jump offs…..YA, but WIVE(S). Helllll Nooooo! Was this legal? Allowed? Or how did the wives feel?!

Which brings me to the CURRENT! I am still his legal wife. Last name, license, certificate and all. I’m sure some DNA also if ya dug deep enuff. I been respectful of his privacy, as well as NOT accepted the MANY MANY offers that have risen over the course of our “ongoing” divorce to throw his trifling ass under a bus. Well I’m DONE! Being quiet, DONE protecting myself for his stupid antics. How dare you NOT settle your MESS here in Toronto (Canada) have my ass out here married to someone I barely know, can’t move on, but yet … “OH”. Here ur ass is trynna marry some one else. AGAIN! Is this a fad or a joke to you?!?! I am disgusted, ashamed, and embarrassed. Not for me, baby boo…….but YOU! Running around marrying what suits your outfit that day.

I am NOT jealous, I’m fucking PISSED that he wouldn’t clean up shop before he runs off in the sunset for the 45th time. I have to wonder……….not even Santa Claus gets as many letters in November as Mos has wives.

I been quiet, respectful for the reason of his family and career, in 5 years. I have NOT used or abused his name, nor used him to brand anything. But Now I have to speak up, when he is out there trying to get married AGAIN , clean tha FUCK UP what u already got going on HERE.

I am NOT jealous (for the record), in fact I actually pity the “NEXT TOP WIFE” I could give a rats flying fuck if you married 8 hermaphrodites, just fix your dam mess with me and let me move on!!! I may have had my share of “fun”. But dam…. no rings are poppin off and tatts (GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE) “ya CUM QUICK”.

Wink Wink!!!

Is a Muslim allowed to have multiple wives? Not in America, but my deceased Blues mentor Ike Turner was a bigamist too. Don’t believe me? Ask his ex-wife X-Factor contestant Audrey Madison.


  1. After reading all of this…all I got is YUCK!!! And she does sound bitter, better luck next time boo!! You are too old to be marrying a person after only knowing them 3 days!! FOH She knew better she just got caught up in who he was….

    • IF that is true, THEN SHE’S the DIRTY B*TCH! PLEASE, let a man spit NEAR ME, and AFTER I try to yank his tongue out, I would never look back. Again, IF this is true, she just revealed what a TRICK she is, HELLO, sounds like he was treating her like the WHORE she is! I am no man, but in MY experience, and years, the man treats the PROSTITUTE like that, not the one he loves. FYI, I practice Islam (in a different sect) but the sect he is in does allow multiple wives, providing you can care for them all equally.

    • Love is not complicated….it is what it is and if you put price fame or false heart into it…well you are just wasting yours and his time. life needs to be lived…fully and whole….if you cannot do that then not only are you failing them…but you are forever failing yourself.
      Much love Hollywood.
      It aint all that ends all.

  2. Spit in mouth during sex WTF????? What that mean ick & gross what happened to good old fashioned cum in the mouth!! Spit that’s gross

    • Hahaahahahaha laughed trememdously at that bit… absolutely disgusting, he’s probably some fucked up Satanist. Spitting 3 times in someone elses mouth, mmm really sexy and loving…NOT!

  3. bitch please **blank stare** that is not the way to get your point across. reload and try again. at the same time though, mos is being real messy

  4. I guess she got what she signed up for after only 3 days. If she would’ve gotten to know the realness/depthness of his weird ways I’m sure she wouldn’t have willingly keep dealing with him. To say all that and then say he cums quick is telling; sounds scorn and bitter. I’d be bitter too if my husband was cheating and marrying people all willy nilly, but then again I’d take the time to get to KNOW who I’m dealing with before taking such a serious step.

    And he spit in her mouth… (O_o) I love Mos’ music/artistry, but I’d be damned to let somebody spit on/at/in me. She needs to get more respect for herself than to let a man treat her any kind of way. These women are willing to endure all types of fuckery to have some industry man by their side.

  5. First off, she’s a dumb cunt for marrying him so quickly. Secondly, She needs remedial English because She cannot spell worth a damn. Third, the spit just yuck..oh and now he cums quick?! LOL ho please have several seats. # thatisall

  6. how low must you self esteem be, to allow someone to spit in your fu*king mouth; that’s some nasty sh*t. she could’ve kept that ish to herself.
    if you wanna spill the tea, spill it. give up a some real dirt…

  7. y the fu*k is he wifin’ a video model. that’s problem number one. a loose moraled, no self respecting beotch should not be your wife and definently not the mother of your children……… a hoe is a hoe and should be treated as such. when u make a hoe a mother they chirn out kids like: andrew knight, lisa marie”crazy” pressly, cheyenne kidd, paris & nikki hilton just to name a few. i blame the fake first generation nouveau riche idiots, for not having respect for their new found wealth and managing their lives properly to protect it.

  8. now extra wives here. You can do it but only the first marriage will be legal.. A muslim man can only have more wives if his first wife agrees.. My friend did not agree and she lived in a muslim country.. Anyhow my girl bounced on a brotha.. I was also informed by another muslim that the holy koron does not encourage this.. Oh you can do it but the koran says its not worth the headache……. Things that make ya to hmmmmm…..

  9. She should never have married that black Smurph lookin mo of in da first. Y’all gonna learn that money and fame aint everything.

  10. DEEAADDDDD at this chick and her fuckery!! Is she serious??? Imma need for chica to go to therapy, pop some pills and get over it. What the hell did she expect? Obviously she was thirsty as hell and was gold digging to marry someone after 36 hours and hoping to build an “empire.” And then to let a nicca spit in her mouth??? WTF?? She’s the nasty one for letting him to do it her. If he’ll spit in her mouth like a dog, what makes her think he’s going to treat her like a queen? EPIC FAIL!!

  11. Really? Girl, you married a man you barely knew, then you came to accept him defiling you in your mouth in a disgusting manner. You are angry that he is married to some other broad, but yet you state you don’t even know him. Girl, this letter is just like you, ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Cut your losses and bow out while you still have a glimpse of dignity, although after that spitting comment, I am uncertain if you have even that!

  12. pls leave these black american muslim men alone….if u dont want to be a number in there life then dont date them…bloody hell….they arent serious about marriage or monogamy…its all about them praying every 5 minutes and then smashing random chicks….dont get mad that im telling the truth…ive been there done that dated one of these dumb mofos in the past….it only took one of them for me to learn my lesson….lets love and respect ourselves first before we jump into a bed with a man…bcuz if u love and respect yourself u wont settle for BS…. AMEN

    • the actions of one don’t determine the character of all.if that’s the case then every woman would be a thirsty,low class,’s easy to generalize & say every man/woman ain’t shit,but more people need to take responsibility & realize that particular person that they fucked with wasn’t shit.

  13. This was a very painful letter to read due to the massive amount of grammatical errors. I hope she is able to move on because I did not have the patience to finish reading her letter. I have to go lay down now.

  14. was this supposed to make me feel sympathy for her or better understand her? i don’t,she is just as responsible for how things turned out as he is.she shoulda known better than to marry someone she hadn’t known but 3 days.if she took more time to get to know him,i bet she wouldn’t have married his nasty triflin’ ass.she is just as fucked in the head as he is,evident by her lettin him spit in her mouth during sex multiple times.

  15. I have no idea why so many people hate on her just because she was a stripper that don’t make you a whore or a cunt it’s a fucking job something im sure half you assholes don’t have and also I give her props because not like most nasty gruppy bitches she actually got his ass to marry her so im not hatting im congratulating

    • Preach!!! Mos is my favorite artist, so I hope him and wifey work it out…whether they stay together or separate. They calling her nasty cause she let him spit in her mouth…it meant something to him, and she was willing to participate. I bet half the people calling her nasty gargle cum like it’s mouthwash! They’ve been married 10 years, despite only knowing each other for 96 hrs!

  16. First of all this saddens me because is very apparent that she has damaged self esteem to ALLOW him to make the decisions in their relationship. Regardless of whether you believe in your marriage being honored..clearly he doesn’t believe in it. So what are you waiting for? This isn’t the first time he’s disrespected you, according to you he’s done it 44 other times. So why are you still here? Why haven’t YOU filed those divorce papers yet? Obviously you need to work on building up your self worth boo bear. A piece of paper binds no one and if you value your peace of mind you better do what you gotta do instead of expecting him to change his ways.

  17. Wtf! Ok the spiting in the mouth omg yuck! The letter im sorry i lost my patience couldnt finish it.i dated a muslim once and thats all it took for me to say never again! Omg some women are settling for less and less in a man dont get me wrong some women need to get their act together as well but,shit is crazy peace guys

    • Just to clarify something, as a muslima- muslim woman- the behavior of him spitting three times in her mouth is NOT a religious ritual of Islam. He may marry more than one wife under certain provisions. Just like how polygamy is discussed in the bible. TO be honest, I’ve only heard of this in voodoo. IJS Yasiin Bey, if her claims are correct then brother you have done her as well as yourself wrong. Also, these women who come out and “air dirty laundry” need a reality check of life: Don’t kiss and tell if you won’t want people judging you!

  18. wbo would want to expose something do disgusting and it not be close to truth? for as beautiful as i would like to believe mos is,everyone has a dark side….i puts nothing past no one,anything is possible.

  19. All the women Yasiin Bey had sex with wives included know he cums fast and YES he does spit purposely when kissing!!!

  20. MiEva Stowe Smith-Bey is Mos Def wife and they have five children together. She’s very low key and she keeps her and the children out of the limelight, so don’t believe everything you read.