Alexis ‘Mary Jane’ Miller’s Unpaid Production Dues Exposed



Ratchet AND Broke!

HSK Exclusive – The woman who became the nail in the coffin for Kirk Frost’s 15-year marriage to Rasheeda may have the goods to bust it open for those willing to jump in, but aspiring rapper Alexis “Mary Jane” Miller doesn’t seem to have the $1,500-bucks to cover the cost of her music video. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Wilkens Owens III.

We’re told Gemz Multimedia’s Wikens Owens shot the video almost two-months ago, on May 20th. That’s before Mary ‘Jump-Off’ Jane reportedly offered to pay him back in a not so conventional form. Now, dude’s left still waiting for his check. Know why? Because Cash is King. Don’t you agree?

Here’s the drop:

“Mary Jane tried to barter sex with Wilkens Owens for exchange for his time shooting and editing the video. Wilkens is a gay dude so he turned down her offer.”


  1. Behind every successful man is his woman, and behind the FALL of every successful man is a broke bitch!! Good luck to kirk ,smh

  2. I agree its always a silly bitch messing up a relationship. I get tired of seeing hoes and I get tired of silly men making that lifestyle cute depending on what color the whore is.


    • WHOA!! MJ didnt mess up his marriage KIRK DID!! Temptation is something YOU have to deal with everyday if your in a relationship. I dont blame a single woman for what KIRK did, I blame him. Kirk just got a lil reality fame and cant resist the temptation of women that wouldnt even have looked at his crusty ass before. He wants to act like single man again.

      It looks like a classic “Its ME, not you” – Hes making Rasheeda hate him so that he has a mental excuse to fuck around. He saying and doing everything to her to make her leave him so he wont feel like he abandoned his pregnant wife. “What!? She left me… I didnt go anywhere..” – Its so high school Captain Kirk – GROW UP!! (and be DISCREET. Fuck dem chickens but dont embarrass yourself and your family in the process, OK!?)

      • Men couldn’t chat, if women weren’t willing to cheat with them. A woman ought to respect herself and the next woman enough not to fuk her husband. Oan: I guess I’m the only one that thinks MJ is hard looking, and had strong masculine features

        • YTF should a female be accountable for a man keeping it in his pants… He was the one that took those vows, not her. Additionally you are essentially saying that men are not strong enough, smart enough or honourable enough to say no, so only a woman can do that. If that’s the kind of men you hang with, then you get what you deserve.

  3. But according to her she gets paid well to sleep with men LMAO so I’m guessing her stuff is whack

    • Yesterday’s item about her said she is a former airline stewardess. Does anyone here know if she was a Deltoid like me? Seeing as she lives in ATL, the odds are pretty favorable that she was. Imma need to look in the confidential employee records at work and see if she was, and if there is anything juicy to be found! hehehehe

  4. Kirk was already ready to destroy and compromise that marriage. He couldn’t wait for an excuse. Mary Jane wasjust the first ho to probably give his flamboyat a** some play. I have no respect for a man that leaves his pregnant wife for some cheap and meaningless sex with a whore. I hope Rasheeda takes everything fro that bastard.

  5. Ummmm….she’s not too brite if she offered sex to a gay man. I mean really…he wouldn’t want the Puddy tat if the 1,500 was inside her va jay jay and the only way to get it well you know the rest….it’s no wonder herpes is rampant amongst the famous…they just offer up the goods to get what they want….damn shame.