All Jokes Aside: Chris Rock Ain’t No Rock To The Brothers Of Comedy!


Chris Rock is Outta His Mind

Refusing To Pass The Torch?

HSK Exclusive – Eddie Murphy may have once opened the door for Chris Rock, but the ‘Bigger and Blacker’ comedian seems to refuse to do the same for the funny brothers rising after him.

That’s because a recent Vanity Fair interview not only revealed Rock believes comedy’s current leading stand-up comedians are Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres WTF?!? — he also didn’t even mention Katt Williams, Kevin Hart or Mike Epps…let alone Eddie Murphy.

Now, it’s apparent Chris Rock is either brown-nosing, selling out, or just plain jealous of the fresh new talent. Know why? Because in his own words, “the previous generation’s comics were better because they had to make everybody laugh“.

Here’s what Chris Rock had to say to Vanity Fair, after being asked “do you think comedians are better now?”:

“Hell f*ckin’ no. Show me one guy or woman as funny as Rodney Dangerfield or as good as George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, or Joan Rivers.

There are a lot of good comics out there, no doubt, but as far as the quality of the comics goes, I think what you have is a bunch of situational comics. What we have now is black comics that work only black crowds, gay comics that do only gay crowds, and southern comics that only work down South, and so on with Asian, Latino, Indian, midgets, etc.

The previous generation’s comics were better because they had to make everybody laugh. Richard Pryor could do The Ed Sullivan Show and play the Apollo. Seinfeld can work any crowd. Ellen can work any crowd. Lopez can work any crowd. And a few more, but the rest of them are just situational comics.”

I’ve taken the time to take in an Ellen DeGeneres stand-up, and I came to the conclusion she made her money solely because of her Hollywood connections.

As for Jerry Seinfeld, he’s paid because of his hit television show (which lays on the backbone of one certified FUNNY man, Larry David) — as for his stand-up routine, well his jokes are just like Ellen’s – BORING.

With that said, why did Chris Rock fail to mention Katt Williams, Kevin Hart or Mike Epps? I know why — because Chris Rock is an ass-kissing Negro who only picks on people from his own race, and is afraid to openly admit HIS Hollywood friends, dubbed ‘funny people’, suck ass! Don’t believe me.. Ask Tracy Morgan.


  1. I guess Rock doesn’t like Dave Chappell either. Chappell appealed to everyone. Heck, he had more white people watching his show than black people.

  2. You got that shit right jacky.. Whats most distrubing is that chris rock has gotten so blinded the money, success, and “acceptance” by whites in hollywood he will openly degrade his own race.Its sickening.. no matter how much money you make to selling your precious soul you are still called racial slurs behind your back.

  3. Remember when kanye was himself before satan made him take an oath… He came to the defense of the people from new orleans during the katrina devastation saying ” george bush doesnt care about black people”. Kanye is known for his antics, but this statement came from a different person than what we see today.. Some years ago kanye went on record, at the today show and gave george bush a public apology saying he didnt know why he said that. ” Oh, I think president bush is a wonderful person!”..str8 Up sellout to the elites.. Once these black folks take that oath thats it…

  4. i never considered ellen or jerry funny people… I figured on;y squares liked their type of humor. steve harvey too!

  5. I would co-sign this post except I know for a fact that Tony Rock supports black comics behind the scenes (He is the ex. producer of Totally Biased – Kamau Bell. A really good show,you should check it out if this is what you truly believe). I think you are race baiting saying that he is a sell out. The point he was trying to make is comedy is just like America at this point DIVIDED. Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Joan Rivers (in her hey day) & Rodney Dangerfield made EVERYONE laugh. Please stop baiting us to divide further. Have a great day. LOVESSOLDIER

    • Those comedians did not make EVERYONE laugh, maybe everyone but blacks! Bill Cosby had funny moments but he was not the guy you looked to make sure that you laughed. Richard Pryor had funny moments, but like Rock, Pryor was trapped in the white world where he hated white racism but felt that the only way to escape it was to run toward the white woman and call black people niggers in front of whites too many times to count. That is not comedy, that is pain and submission to white power.

      Joan Rivers is loud but not funny. She is also a Jew who makes fun of blacks. It must be a part of their religion. Rodney Dangerfield was funny. George Carlin was what I call “entertaining,” but not funny. Most comedians are not funny at all. Ellen and Seinfeld were some of the most boring comedians ever, but when they get TV shows it works. I am convinced that a lot of people become comedians not because they believe they are funny, but to get higher paying jobs like radio, TV or film.

      • Comedy is like food ,like music, like love,well like damn near everything,we all have different taste.

        In other words it is subjective,no right or wrong,it’s a personal choice.

        Chris has always been in some ways to me tommish. His n word black folk skit,I hate n words,also his tv show with Tichina Arnold,where he let that white boy bully him relentlessly.Same time it showed a pretty strong Black family in Brooklyn.

        But then I remember Rock has also spoken out too.His harsh words to the Clintons on Letterman, when Barack defeated them in 2008.

        So it’s a fine line you have to play,I guess.Another example his joke on independence day some whites were up in arms,while we understood.

        Also his movie on hair, where it showed to me, how we are making other people rich buying weaves and the mindset behind quote good hair,women allowing 5 years old girls to put chemicals in their hair in pursuit of white people type hair.

        So we,myself included,need to stop being so hard on each other. Ain’t that right Jacky.

      • Same with Kevi Hart…I dont think Kevin Hart is standup funny but I do think he is funny in the right situations and roles on TV and in movies.

      • Have you ever been outside of 20 miles from where you live?

        comedy first if all is subjective- Your funny may not be my funny.

        However as Far as Bill Cosby is concerned:


        When was Pryor Trapped in a white world… I guess I missed that and anyone who knows comedy missed that too…

        WHat Rock is saying is true– A lot of those guys Katt, Epps etc mentioned, dont have a mainstream set (comedy routine). And they never move beyond where their stuck.

        Case in point Katt was invited to be on Conan and didn’t even show up!

        I suggest you watch Comedy Central’s list of 100 funniest comics of all time. Then maybe you’ll see why a lot of your favorites aren’t on the list.

    • maybe we should be divided,not about hate though but maybe we were better off when we took care of our own….hell our children act like white kidz ow killing themselves and stuff….this too is an agenda they need our melanin…

    • Was Jacky speaking of Tony Rock or Chris Rock?? Charlie Murphy was in a lot Of Eddie movies which were filled with up coming black actors and comedians including Chris pookie a$$.. Chris seems to not even support his own brother in his comedy endeavors. F$&k Chris Rock, I personally had to work with him and he is an a$$hole.

  6. Good ending to the article. I still cannot understand that people do not realize that Chris Rock is an Uncle Tom House negro who’s ‘comedy’ routines and films serve no other purpose that to put blacks down for whites (Jews). He does all praises do to whites and damns blacks any chance he get’s and calls it comedy. Too many dark-skinned dudes are Toms.

    • Remember Chris got put on to that 3 Movie deal right after he did that HBO Special “I HATE NIGGERS”

      You can get into the whole thing where you talk about the context and such and such but the value for white people in that ws the very statement , made by a black person…It helped them to solidify their global justifications for being involved in our kidnapping and rape…And yes, other black people were working in cahoots with the white people. The thing is black people didnt see the world at that time in racial matters because everybody in Africa were black..They saw things in an ethnic standpoint…If you not apart of the Fulani tribe or the Ashanti tribe, then fuck you nigga….

      White people on the other hand decided in 1885 to set their minor differences aside and project themselves to the shores of West Africa as a unified white conglomeration to split up Africa amongst themselves mafia style…Its called the Berlin Conference of 1885 and the whole Scheme was called ” THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA” google tha term…

      In 1880, 100% of Africa was controlled by Africans..In 1910, 5% was controlled by Africans.

      • I do blame other Africans (but Africans NEVER called themself African. Thats a European term to show that it was truly the European who saw things in a racial sense and not what they refer to as the African) because there is no way in the word the European (gunpowder or no gunpowder) could have gotten past the coastlines of West (what they call Africa) without certain black ethnic groups working with them and doing most of their fighting, kidnapping and heavy lifting…The European simply didnt have the numbers then AND THE EUROPEAN SIMPLY DONT HAVE THE NUMBERS NOW.

        We are in the position we are in globally because we wont unite and because WE COOPERATE IN OUR OWN SUBJUGATION.

        • True…By that time North Africa was already abandoned due to the Caucasian invasion of 700AD-1300AD.

          I was actually referring to what was left which was SubSaharan Africa when the survivors from the North migrated by necesity South and West.

      • Stop with let’s blame ourselves when we discuss what Europeans did to Africa. The type of slavery that Europeans INTRODUCED to the world was an extreme opposite of what Africans,Asians and other people of color practiced as far as having servants. The type of trickery, genocide and disease spreading was set upon the earth in an unprecedented way by Europeans. As a people we have to take responsibility for ourselves, our history, our present conditions and our future but this can not be done with denial of what actually took place and who the REAL perpetrators were in deterring us all Brown,yellow and red off our course universally. Read “The Isis Papers” Dr.Frances Cress Welsing….Read Ivan van Sertima… Dr. Henry Clarke Jr. “Read,Read,Read until you discover the secrets of the universe” –Marcus Garvey Love and Blessings

      • Our people (The Negroid or Melaninated Species) comes in 3 main shades and every shade in between…

        1. Very dark brown= Senegalese type

        2. Yellow skinned= South African Bantu

        3. Reddish Brown= Nilotic

        each of these 3 I speak of had no Caucasoid admixture when the Caucasoid came on the scene many millenia later.

  7. I feel what Chris Rock was saying to a certain degree because black comedy has fallen off. The comics who made their name in the 90s was the last great generation for black comedy. Excluding Dave Chappelle

    • Agreed. I will play devils advocate here…. is Chris Rock really obligated to help bring up the next crop of comedians? He is right in that many comedians do not have crossover appeal. Their schtick does not resonate outside of their demographic.

      Katt Williams is black specific.
      Kevin Hart has crossed over (why he wasn’t mentioned)
      Eddie Murphy has crossed over (why wasn’t he mentioned)
      Wanda Sykes has crossed over and she isn’t funny, also not mentioned
      Bernie Mack was the isht! Why wasn’t he mentioned!!!?

        • Wanda Sykes is not only NOT FUNNY, but her voice is annoying.

          Listening to her is like paying for your own torture.

          • Aisha Tyler? My dish rag is funnier than her! She is an oreo through and through. Have you heard her comments about why she doesn’t want kids? Especially with her white husband? Talk about black hate. That’s how she got her current gig on that shitfest show with CBS’s main whore Chen.

  8. Read that Chris rock had an affair with Madonna. that’s why He named his daughter Lola (after Madonna’s daughter Lourdes) and that’s why Madonna named her son Rocko (after Chris).





  10. There are only two crossover acts that can play all crowds: Chappelle and Bill Burr.
    I’ve see both of them live and Everyone is represented in their audience.

  11. I can’t believe he did not mention Bernie Mac! He made everyone one laugh! He was even on his sitcom once. He must’ve been high when he did that interview.

  12. While Rock has a point to an extent (Like someone said above, Comedy nowadays IS, like America, very much divided), his comments were nonetheless typical of do-anything-to-sellout black celebrity: Wave a few paychecks in their faces and get a few smiles & pats on the backs from richer and/or more famous whites, and they’ll change their tune with the quickness. Pathetic.

  13. The fact that he got that movie deal after doin that special “I Hate Niggers” speaks volumes.

    Damn Pookie, why you go out like that. In real life and the movie. Lol.

  14. Dont we all do things to get raises or curry favor with bosses? Dont we all laff at the bosses unfunny jokes? To me the coon is the one who couldve succeeded WIthout kissing ass. Like charles barkley who was making a career out of speaking his mind. Like ofrah who is a brand and was shot callin at king world b4 her delusional ass wanted a network. No offense but only niggas dont get the chris rock niggas vs black ppl joke. Lol. Also he opened that set with no yt man will trade places with him and hes rich. If u dont like him thats fine but his show on hbo was smart and funny. He had grandmaster flash, stanley crouch and paul mooney on. It won emmys. However intellectual comedy goes ovr the heads of those who dont keep abreast of current events. Its called topical comedy.

    • No, ‘we all’ don’t do things like that, just like ‘we all’ don’t get a come-up then degrade our race in order to, as you said, ‘curry favor with (the) bosses.’ It’s as simple as that.

      • We all might be a stretch but my point is im sure there are ppl pn here who brought somebody a cup of coffee this morning but calling folks coons cus ertha g they do aint pro pro pro black. The goal of most entertainers is to share their talent with the broadest base. I e crossing over. You cant have it both ways. Bro man on martin was funny as shit but yt america would never get it. All of the cable comedy talk shows like chelsea and jon steward copied chris rocks formula from the late 90s. Blk folk have to bid on contracts everyday to put food on the table. Just like actors need to take roles. U think all those hard luck actors really wanted to b in a tuler perry bullshit movie? Hell naw. They needed a check tho.

        • I know how the game goes, trust me, but all you managed to say in your paragraph is that you condone black entertainers denigrating blacks for white acceptance. You’re clearly the only one here who ‘can’t have it both ways.’ And who said I didn’t like Chris Rock? Do yourself a favor and don’t put words/font in my mouth. I loved ‘Bring the Pain,’ ‘Bigger and Blacker,’ ‘Never Scared,’ the little I saw of ‘Shoot The Messenger,’ ‘CB4,’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ so miss me with your groundless assumptions and stop justifying blatant coonery.

          • Bro the coonest shit chris ever did was in a black movie. He played a crackhead named pookie.

        • I know Angela Basset cringed when she was forced to work in Tylers movies because Hollywood doesnt have any roles for 55 year old black women. Hollywood doesnt see you if you are a black woman, unless you are 20-35 and are able to play the whore or the Mammy role.

  15. I actually like Chris Rock’s stand up. I think he’s funny. I can’t say the same for his movies.

  16. I don’t see him being a sellout for making these comments. He’s telling the damn truth. There’s not 1 black comedian that I know of today that is genuinely funny and mastered the art other than Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams who both checked out (hmmmm……). They have been the only 2 who had the potential to be the next big comedians.

    Kevin Hart. WACK. Mike Epps. WACK. They play to the Tyler Perry, low-brow, chitlin circuit crowd of being loud and over-animated to make up for their lack of funny content. That shit ain’t funny to me.

    But it’s just not comedians. 90% of all entertainers of this generation and era are mediocre because we reward mediocrity nowadays. I was watching the VH1 Divas the other day and all I could do was SMDH. Not neery one of theme z-list artists were REAL divas and had no damn business up on the stage other than Adam Lambert.

    • Cosign except adam lambert part. Katt and dave c are smart enuf to handle talk shows or anything else. Keenan on snl has never drawn a chuckle. That speaks to eddies genius. Chris rock wasnt even versitile enuf to shine on snl. That was the point of his quote. Situational comedy is like the dude who kills batting practice fastballs but chokes in the game. U ask them the set up question and they do their jokes. As funny as bernie was 90 percent was bout his family. Jus sayin

    • I said he was a sellout for placing Seinfeld and Ellen on a pedestal like they’re all that funny, but really, it’s all opinion-based at this point, as this is the only place I’ve ever seen people say Kevin Hart and Mike Epps weren’t funny just because they haven’t been featured in some corny sitcom yet. Name a black comedian who hasn’t, as you said, ‘play(ed) to the Tyler Perry [An insult if I’ve ever heard one–Now THAT’S who you should be saying isn’t funny], low-brow, chitlin-circuit crowd.’

      “Don’t worry, I’ll wait”
      –Katt Williams

      • “this is the only place I’ve ever seen people say Kevin Hart and Mike Epps weren’t funny just because they haven’t been featured in some corny sitcom yet.”

        HUH? WTH does them not being on a sitcom have to do with whether or not they are funny? NOT a thing. Sitcom, stand-up, movies, DVDs, whatever….they are corny and wack to me.

        Yes, they all have STARTED OUT on the chitlin circuit, but like Chris Rock is saying, that’s where they’ll stay until they step up their game. Period, insulted or not. And you’re right it is a matter of opinion and preference. And I prefer a little bit more intelligence, even in my comedy. You don’t always have to be loud and ignorant just to make someone laugh.

        • And like I said (And you co-signed), it’s all opinion. My tastes in comedy runs the gamut from the intelligent, social commentary/politically charged comedy of Paul Mooney (One of, if not my favorite comedians), George Carlin, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, and Katt Williams (He fits here to an extent, much to your chagrin lol), just to name a few, to the, as you two seem to enjoy calling it, ‘low-brow, chitlin-circuit’ comedy of Martin, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, etc.

          Last time I checked, there was such a thing as liking different kinds of comedy, particularly at different times–For example, I for one don’t want to hear whites get shitted on by Paul Mooney all day just like I don’t want to hear whatever ‘Nigga shit’ Martin and Mike Epps are talking about all the time, either. I don’t see why that’s so hard to understand, but whatever.

          And since we’re talking coonery and so-called ‘low-brow’ comedy, I didn’t fuck with Kevin Hart for a LONG time for the simple fact that he was in ‘Soul Plane (Ditto for the rest of the cast),’ so like I said, I don’t act like these people are perfect or justify coonery.

  17. My only concern is that the crabs in a barrel attacking every artist who attempts to stretch out a coon. If will hadnt took six degrees he would not be a movie star today. Fuck the casting couch bullshit. I mean acting chops. Real talk deniro aint been nominated for shit in twenty years. Was sodney portier a coon too? He was the only black in half his films. Ppl need to learn the true definition of that word b4 tossin it around is all im saying. Im old enuf to remember whole hoods in line to see a sidney movie and the blk prode it inspired. Bu todays dumb ass standards ppl would label hom a coon. No ppl tyler is a fuckin coon.

    • Speaking the truth about a black entertainer doing everything they can for white acceptance, especially at the expense of their people, IS coonery, whether you like that entertainer or not. The difference between us is that, unlike you, I speak the truth about entertainers whether I’m a fan or not, and don’t let the glitz, glamour, and money blind me to the facts. If you’re really as old as you claim you are, then I wouldn’t have needed to type that. And no, people like Poitier, Robeson, and countless other black entertainers who broke ground ‘back in the day’ and (To my knowledge) didn’t go out of their way to be a bumbling, buck-dancing, slew-footed stereotype like Step-N-‘Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel, and others aren’t coons because of the racial climate of their time (Duh)–They are to be judged on their own merits just like any other black entertainer was, is, and will be. The messed-up part is that you were well aware of everything I just said before you got all defensive and threw names out to try and make a point.

  18. Sorry, yall but I don’t blame Chris Rock for not mentioning Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan or Kevin Hart cause they have NEVER been funny to me.

    Katt is straight up ignorant (different from being fun-ny) and watching Tracy Morgan and Kevin Hart are like watching paint dry.

    Mike Epps is funny in spots but I’m not slapping my thigh when I watch him either.

    All of them, and a lot of the other so-called comedians today don’t have shit on the Murphy’s, Pryor’s, Rock’s, Cosby’s, Mac’s, Dangerfield’s and Rivers of the world.

    They don’t have a range in terms of their material and IMO are simply rude, crude, niggers with a microphone — something you can find in the hood all day.

    Also, it’s not true that Chris hasn’t given Eddie Murphy his due. He’s always given Eddie his props and credits him as being a big reason for his success.

      • …And on that movie he did with Bruce Willis a year or two ago–The previews alone were hard to watch. I liked Tracy as ‘Hustle Man’ on ‘Martin,’ but he’s a little, uh, extra and (No, I’m not going to say the word again on this post lol) on everything else he does.

  19. “All of them, and a lot of the other so-called comedians today don’t have shit on the Murphy’s, Pryor’s, Rock’s, Cosby’s, Mac’s, Dangerfield’s and Rivers of the world.”

    Cosign on this 100%. I like Katt Williams, although it took me a minute to warm up to him, but he still isn’t none of the above you named.

  20. We have quite a few differences. Entertainment by definition is entertaining others. Why choose it if ur not going to include non blacks. Why audition? Just stand on a milk crate down at the rib house if u have no aspirations for a wider audience.

  21. So is ur logic a blk comic can rip on gays jews cripples dwarfs whites but the second he says niggers hes a sellout? Crazy logic bro.

    • No, my ‘logic’ is that there’s a (clear) difference between being successful and broadening your audience without shitting on those who helped you get there and being successful…and shitting on those who helped you get there. Chris obviously falls into the latter category. You and he seem to forget that, had he not been successful in the black community he came up in, he wouldn’t have ever met his buddy Seinfeld (And I’m not saying that to be sarcastic–They really are friends) and Ellen, let alone exalt them like some kind of comedic Gods. This is just another pathetic example of a celebrity forgetting where they came from.
      Common sense, bro.

  22. I wonder what happened to that guy who used to say HAMBURGER when he thought he said something funny?

    What was his name? Hamburger Jones or something.


    • LOL! Him saying ‘HAMMBURGAH!’ randomly came to mind the other day. I’ve seen a stand-up video of dude on Youtube, though–Just search under ‘Hamburger Comic’ or something to that effect.

  23. SMDH at the “comedy is divided, just like America”. The core ingredient of comedy is truth– what makes people laugh is the way it is delivered. So George Carlin was a master to me cuz he was str8t truth. Katt is runnin’ for his life because of truth. Joan was funny as fuck when she was a woman in a world of comedy because she delivered the truth as a bitch decked out, then she major league sold out to pay for those damn plastic surgeries.

    To me, a comedian can never get to full, happy or successful. Truth then gets blurred.

  24. Patrice O’neal before he passed was trying to get the role of the father on Everybody Hates Chris. Patrice thought he did a good job and so did Chris and they spoke about it together on Opie and Anthony, yet Chris didnt give him the role because of his “attitude”. It was a radio show that Patrice O’Neal was on. Patrice was revealing the truth about being a comedian and how you have to sell your soul and lose all of your morals if you want to b successful in it. He also started to reveal a lot of info on the hidden agenda going on in America before he mysteriously died. Check youtube. Maybe it wasnt mysterious to others because he was heavy and he had health issues. Just seemed fishy how when he started this crusade he dies. Hilarious dude by the way. Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Michael Blackson and Godfrey are funny. Rock is just hatin.

  25. I used 2 like Marlon Wayans, Jim Carey and Robin Williams as sitcom comedians although never seen them in a stand uq comedian situation

  26. Don’t think its fair to call anyone “King” of anything in relationship to the performing arts. Respect artist for their contribution. There is no torch that has to be turned over. This is all opinionated. Comedy is more segregated today than pre Richard Pryor. As Chris said… comedians stick to their demographic for the most part… unless they want the cross-over appeal. The level of maturity most of the black comedians choose to monologue about leaves much to be desired. Most of it is vulgar, nasty, and just talk about under the sheets. With exception to Hugley and Rock… their are not a lot of black comedians who actually have intellectual comedy material. That’s not to put down black comedians… it is a reflection more of their audiences, who don’t respond to that type humor.