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All Nas Needs Is One Mic AND One Ramsey?

June 27th, 2013

Nas Likes Anal Play

The Barber & The Rapper…

HSK Exclusive – There’s another person in Nas’ life who seems to have gained BIG from being involved with the Illmatic one — and we’re not talking about Kelis.

His name is Ramsey, and sources say he has none other than Nas to thank for his business collection of six — count ’em, SIX — barber shops. Don’t believe me.. Just as Carmen Bryan.

We’re told though Ramsey is a married man, he does have tight ties in ATL’s gay community. Now, we’re getting word that Ramsey is jealous of Kelis, feeling that his “BFF” is being taken advantage of by his former wifey.

Here’s the drop:

“Nas bought his baby momma a Phantom awhile ago. He bought her the car so she’d keep her mouth shut, because he got word Carmen is writing another book.

Nas don’t want the world to know he likes anal play, while he’s getting head.”

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30 Comments on "All Nas Needs Is One Mic AND One Ramsey?"

the darkone
June 28, 2013

yo the god7 nas a fagget ass nigga!!MY BIG BROTHA JACKY CHECK ME OUT ON TWITTER.


June 27, 2013

Personal DONT TOUCH MY ASS LET LONE MY ASS HOLE …. But If that’s your thing do u… I’m not with the anal stimulation it’s a turn off for me but I don’t believe NASTY NAS is homo maybe she meant he likes to recieve some head and finger her anal I. The process… I been with a few woman who was into it but I’m a pleasurer when it comes to gettin it in so if that’s what she love then that’s what I like… My only clause’s in the bedroom is no extra sticks because I’m selfish and we can incorporate whatever toy she wants I’m not intimidated just remember nothing is going inside me… PERIOD NO FINGERS NO TONGUE NO TOYS….. HELL TO THA NAW


June 27, 2013

Nothing gay about experimenting with a woman you’re in a monogamous relationship with. With that said, if you like fingers or objects in your butt, and if you like to have anal as part of your usual sexual encounters, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Got tongued and tongued women I loved. Wanted to devour as much of them as I could, but if any woman tried to play that finger exploration game, session was over and time for a rundown of the do’s and dont’s.


Brooklyn Jane
June 27, 2013

Why can’t a straight male have gay male friends? It is 2013 and by now everyone knows or is related to a homosexual.Now this BITCH (Carmen) really need to have a seat. How can you write about a dude you have a kid by? It really annoys me the things people do for attention. I hope that she remembers that child she has will soon be old enough to read and as a mother she should not talk about her childs father.


June 27, 2013

Don’t believe this ish one bit. Also, if it were true, how would Carmen know? SHe must have been there watching.





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