Amanda Bynes Calls Jay Z “Ugly”


Amanda Bynes Ugly Face

Amanda Bynes seems to have some serious self-hate issues — taking to social media to announce her own judgement of the appearance of others, Tweeting “Ugly Face” alongside an image of Jay Z. It’s a Tweet which the “What A Girl Wants” actress has since deleted, claiming the post was made by a hacker. Sources say the incident stems from a drug-fueled moment the actress experienced. Don’t believe me.. Ask Michael T. Jordan.

To be sure, not only is the 26-year-old troubled actress far from being a looker – she’s also reported to be an unruly 26-year-old who’s been kicked out of work-out sessions; an unwanted tenant who’s facing an eviction from her NYC pad; and, a criminal who appears to believe she’s above the law. Don’t believe me.. Ask President Obama.

Here’s The Hollywood Reporter’s timeline of her recent woes:

March 7, 2012: Bynes is pulled over for allegedly talking on her cell phone. She then allegedly fled the scene before the officer finished writing her ticket. She wasn’t arrested and reportedly went to the police station later that day to sign her ticket.

April 4, 2012: Bynes is arrested for DUI. The 26-year-old actress is reportedly pulled over around 3 a.m. in West Hollywood after trying to pass a police car in her BMW and side-swiping the vehicle. Bynes allegedly refuses to take a Breathalyzer or drug test at the scene of the accident and is taken into custody. She is released from jail at 10:30 a.m. Her bail had been set at $5,000.

June 5, 2012: Bynes is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in relation to her April arrest. Immediately following her hearing, Bynes takes to Twitter to enlist the help of President Obama. “I don’t drink,” she writes in a tweet addressed to @BarackObama. “Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

June 6, 2012: Bynes pleads not guilty to driving under the influence. She does not appear in Beverly Hills Superior Court but dispatches her attorney. She faces a maximum of six months in jail.

August 4, 2012: Bynes allegedly rear-ends a driver on L.A.’s Ventura Boulevard, inflicting $800 worth of damage; according to what the driver told police, Bynes sees no problem with the car and drives away without exchanging insurance information or allowing for a police call to assess the situation. Bynes argues that the two both agreed there was minimal damage.

Sept. 4, 2012: Bynes is charged with hit-and-run in connection with the April and August crashes.

Sept. 6, 2012: A city attorney’s spokesperson tells the Los Angeles Times that Bynes faces up to a year in jail for her two hit-and-run accidents. The same day, the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspends Bynes driver’s license.

Sept. 16, 2012: Bynes’ black BMW is impounded after she is pulled over and cited for driving with a suspended license.

Sept. 21, 2012: Bynes is charged with driving on a suspended license.

Sept. 27, 2012: Bynes pleads not guilty to two counts of hit-and-run and is due back in court Oct. 19.

Jay Z Ugly Face


  1. And what exactly did she say wrong? We been calling hova ugly for well..forever! So is the problem a white girl called him ugly? Every white girl ain’t gwyneth”loose booty”paltrow. Her calling jay ugly just lets me know all that alcohol consumption hasn’t affected her eyesight. Carry on!

  2. Hey jacky can you post those manly pictures of be-funky ay the Super Bowl ,Amanda Bynes caption for jiggaboo would be more fitting for his manly looking wife!

  3. gay and bey had no problem with gwyneth paltro saying nicca…so i have no problem with amanda calling his oogly ass ugly…and y would anyone else ???

  4. You can’t hide the Truth that’s a Ugly motherfuka at least she had the balls for her drunk meth ass to say it!

    • Yea, telling the truth about someone else is the easy part of life.

      Getting that mirror and putting it before your own image(faults, defects and all) is where the rubber truly meets the road.

      • i bet the rubber met the road like all get out when your heroine beyonce woke to find them images of her self.yall do know that was her inner demon peeking out cant worship the devil and not give him his time to shine.demon possesed and showing it.keep throwing up them goat horns and shit bey. you aint seen nothing yet.

        • I saw clips on all the entertainment shows Friday showing particular “stills” from Beys performance which were *ahem* less than flattering.
          Every single show(so they must have received a credible tip) said the Beyonce’s people put the smack down that those images be destroyed and FAST or they wouldn’t be doing business with them in the future.
          I guess I agree, they weren’t exactly flattering, but I didn’t think that she somehow morphed into Satan as many observers stated.

  5. We can say what we want about each other because we are family, but damn if Im going to let some ugly pale slut disrespect the African facial features of any brother or sister…

    I dont play into white folks attempts to get me to down other blacks at work either…

    White folks are funny like that. They want to draw you into conversations , trying to get you to demean a fellow nubian, but they suddenly get mum, when the discussion comes up, of another white person…How often do you hear white people call each other ugly, in the presence of other blacks? They keep that kind of conversation between themselves.

    • I got to agree with you. White folks will talk shit about each other, but the little darkie betta stay in his or her place.

      This hoe knows she has fucked every last one of those muthafuckers in the before and after Meth pictures so she really needs to take her industrial strength Valtrex and upper limit Prozac and STFU!

    • I have to admit we come from the same place: I can call my brother a triflin do nothin n*gg*,but I’ll kick your ass if YOU say the same thing about him.

      Look. We all know that Hova will never be viewed as a heart throb piece of girl candy. But neither will Bill Gates, Paul Allen or Larry Ellison. When a man achieves a level of power and wealth(and even though he is not revered here at HSK) Jay Z MUST have some significant amount of brain power to have reached the point which he has.

      I personally am not attracted to Sir Camel, BUT, it has to do with way more than his looks.
      Amanda needs to shut up and take a seat until she has been CEO of a record label and owns her own G5 and has the power to make YT icons(Gwennie and Chris Martin) behave like idiots at his behest.

  6. At first I thought it was a case of REAL RECOGNIZING REAL. However since she took the “Hacker Excuse” out she showed her true ugly self. Her PR people should tell her not to talk so much.

  7. Ugly is as ugly does. She should’ve kept that Plastic Surgery appointment and put the coke down before saying this shit, because that droopy, plaster-faced mutt in the pic at the top of this page has all the nerve in the world speaking on someone else’s looks. Irony is a bitch.

  8. I’ve heard various rumors that she’s doing a Joaquin Phoenix-ish mockumentary and Amanda is playing a thinly veiled version of Lindsay Lohan

  9. WHAT IS GOING ON i remember this little girl doing comedy on that kids network talking alll loud screaming while she talked… i forgot the show.anyways how did she come to this? and what happend to the black young kid who was a stand up and got a role on the kids network? is he ok all i remember is he was young with braids

    • lol The show is called ‘All That.’ Amanda came on right before they started replacing all the black actors with white ones, and the Hip-Hop & R&B acts for bubblegum pop.

    • (My bad–Forgot to include this in the above post) And the little kid comedian you’re referring to is Lil’ JJ (Or Jay-Jay; whatever). Last I heard, he was still doing comedy.

  10. Wow….I read this earlier and it really rubbed me the wrong way because it came out of her mouth. I mean granted..Jay Z is no Shemar Moore or LL Cool J in the looks department..but dude is not ugly. He does have some strong distinct features, but lots of African Americans do… that doesn’t make them ugly. Craig ugly! Flavor Flav…is ugly…but Jay just has features resembling a Camel. And camels are actually cute animals. Ok, I’m joking but Im for real. I could show you some ugly though…



  13. But why him? That was just random. I know she’s entitled to her opinion but why announce it on social media? She’s not as pretty as she used to her self. At least black don’t crack he’s 40+ look at his skin. She’s my age but looks 5 yrs older than me.

  14. @Madraven I agree 100 percent with u.
    I bet ole jigga wont be responding back to her calling her a nigga, bytch or a hoe. He know his place.
    He sold us out and continue to sell us out.
    Y defend or sugar coat it? Him and Kanye certainly dont. Thats the problem. They constantly shyt on us (Jay and Kan) then run back to us when Massa shyt on them.
    Besides in this particular case I dont think she was racist cause Jay is not cute, sexy or attractive. Just rich.

    • Yea, I would like to see if the Jigga BOY rags back on Amanda calls her a white bytch and a hoe…He wont cause Jigga BOY is a coon….If this was a black woman calling him ugly, he would have some kinda of comeback or make a diss rhyme… But he knows his place in the big scheme of things.

  15. I think Jay-Z has very beautiful Nigerian facial features…By European standards, I guess that would not be considered optimal beauty, but why do black people hate black people with African facial features?

  16. And best to believe even after Amanda calling him ugly, Jay will still honor and respect her more than his own race.
    Heard a reporter asked him about it when him and Bey was out at lunch. He just put his head down and kept on walking. But we are the NIGGAS in Paris. Smh

  17. Jay is not ugly because of his prominent feature its the over all picture.
    Im no longer judging on race value. But on truth and heart value. If it wasnt 4 outside help, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther would have never suceeded.
    Ive been helped by outside races and I know how most hate us. But the truth of the matter my own race shytted on me more then any others

    Now I trust only God

    • Martin Luther King was shot in the head by Army Ranger snipers… I wouldnt classify that as success.

  18. I think Amanda Bynes is an ugly young pale woman.
    If she didnt have that red and blue colorwork on her face she’d would look like Ashy Larry, if Ashy Larry was a zombie.

  19. What’s the problem with her post?…that’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever said about Jay Z’s looks…most people go…”damn!…he ugly as shit!…is he Don Cornelius’ illegitimate son?!”

  20. I know that Bitch did not have the Nerve!!! To speak about Camel Z he got Hella Banz and ah Stank Puss vagina BeyFunkcey.

  21. I agree with those who said that she said what we have all been saying, BUT, I also understand the “outrage”. She did used to be cute, IDK what happened (does anyone find it strange that she started going downhill after announcing “retirement”, only to get a movie role, then she “changed her mind”…Now this is all we hear? Who did she piss off?), and yes, it was totally random. However, can’t bring myself to pity Jay, he has taken plenty of shots at random people himself like Lindsay Lohan (not that she’s some paragon of virtue or anything, but it was still random and mean). And if he doesn’t say anything back, I doubt it will be b/c he “knows his place”, is scared, or is a coon…It is simply b/c she is irrelevant (I can’t believe…I just used that word…)…Who knows, maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

  22. Lol, she has a point but she has an ugly face too… and he’s done more with his ugly face than she has…

  23. I will NEVER co-sign some trash Yt person talking shit about ANYBODY black!! Nope, not gone do it. I would never call JayZ a camel in front of YT either. Sometimes you have to take the attitude that you can make fun of YOUR family in front of family but WHUP ASS on anybody who’s an outsider that does it!.
    I bet you that lil Yt girl would be on her knees for Jiggaman if she thought it could get her somewhere in life.

    • @EbonyLolita
      Always gotta be a sista talkin stupid shit!…soundin stupid as shit!…Jay Z is a fuckin sellout…and so is his wife Beyonce…they would both sell your black ass to the white man if they thought it would help them sell more albums and make more money. Look how Jay Z dumped Dame Dash and all his boys from the Rockafella days…the very niggas that helped him come up…look how Beyonce dropped her Destiny’s Child girls…they don’t know the meaning of family…they are all for self …but then again…that’s how most black folks do it…that’s why as a race, we so far behind all the other races…still strugglin!…until we start helpin each other up, instead of puttin each other down in order to get up, we gone always be behind!…Jay Z and Beyonce may be doin good now…rich and famous…but that kinda fame and money don’t last!…the biggest enemy anybody has to face, is not a person of another race…it’s TIME!…time is the biggest enemy, and trust me…time always wins…no one can defeat time…u keep fuckin other people over to get to the top, and eventually, time will catch up to you and make you pay!

      • Agreed, Damn All That, but yeah, but it is always good to keep one’s mouth shut esp. around the enemy. I don’t see black entertainers as family, but damn if I talk shit about them with some white folks.

  24. White ppl kill me thinkin that they the shit its Ugly in all races no matter what features you have.God will Deal with the White race they think they in hell now with all there Riches wait til the end when Satan gets ahold of them God is the creator of all we all have the same blood running thru us Adam and Eve.♥ luv one another.