Amanda Bynes: Chewed Up & Spit Out By Hollywood?


Amanda Bynes for $300

Another One Bites The Dust?

HSK Exclusive – She may be a Nickelodeon name, but Amanda Bynes is said to be far from being PG rated! That’s because sources say the 26-year-old “What I Like About You” actress isn’t only heavily indulging in cocaine, she’s also also said to be stooping to pulling $300-tricks just to support her drug habit!

Now, insiders are dubbing Bynes “the white Maia Campbell”. Know why? Because like Campbell, Hollywood’s dirty ol’ men are reported to have had their way with her. Just ask Jack Nicholson.

Here’s the drop:

“Amanda is done. She’s pulling through at seedy dope spots in the Valley, to cop her dope. Her boyfriend is pimping her out. She needs to getaway from him and head straight to rehab!”


  1. You’d have thunk that her parents would have intervened by now, but they haven’t because this is all a publicity stunt.

  2. She’s doing a mockumentary a la Joaquin Phoenix when he said he was a rapper. Allegedly this is spoofing Lindsay Lohan

  3. I doubt she’s turning tricks… She is said to have gotten knocked up by a Nick exec and is PAID…. Is she on drugs, possibly? And if she’s turning tricks it’s for sport, not out of necessity…

      • Most of hollywood hot spots are a breeding and training ground especially Disney World. They take them as babies train them to be sex kittens and then pass them around by the time that they are ground they are fully trained and ready to be stars. They promote a whore of babylon image to the masses and we like people mimic what we see. Women dont realize when they were hells all the time, where form fitting clothes all day long,make sex types, have sex with married men and take butt pictures all day long that they are emulating the image of a whore. That is why we are entering a generation were whores stay winning but this too shall pass. You have to be the image that you want to see and right now people seems to sympathize with the whore. At the end if the day we create this world or at least agree to it at the expense of our kids.

    • You’re thinking of Britney Spears sister.. Zoey 101.. the exec is Dan .. fleishman.. something like that.. he played the big dude on head of the class..

  4. She’s the only Nick kid that I know of who’s a damn fool. Please correct me if I’m wrong… But for now, she’s the only one I can recall.

  5. I sure hope this is PR. It saddens me to hear about these young actors/actresses being turned out.

  6. I feel for her just like I felt bad for Maia. I hope she can get some type of treatment or go on Fix My Life and bring Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan along with her.

    • oh yeah go on the own network or the new agwe channell startd by mother oprah the self proclaimed queen of heaven.

      maybe fix my life can comnvince oprah to admit she’s a dyke but I forgot oprah and her new age friends don’t believe in homosexuality itts nonexistant in their world.

  7. On Data Lounge I read she was one of hundreds of “actress/models” who are in a VERY elite book of a famous LA madame whose ties go all the way to the creme de la creme of US business and politics who are available for “dates” This is not a Heidi Fleiss type operation(if it’s true) but a coffee table book with women from Cindy Crawford to Victoria’s Secrets Angels who can be booked by European magnates and Arab royalty. These women don’t come to your hotel room for a couple of G’s.

  8. the valley? she’s been living in NYC for awhile. that’s a new photo (from her twitter account) but there is nothing “exclusive” about this story. You’re recycling crap from a year ago.

  9. Ok so here is some more tea on this chick (whom im big fan of btw)…She got pregnant when she was still a teen by one of those Nic producers (same one that was linked to Jamie lynn spears pregnancy), but later aborted….Kid Cudi is the one that has her hooked on cocaine and is pimping her out…friends and fam has tried to help her but she is gone…so sad cause she’s a really funny actress