Amiya Scott’s Got The DL Industry Dudes On Lock



Trans Trickin’ BFF’s…

HSK Exclusive – Amiya Scott seems to have her BFF riding her coattails. Know why? Because transsexual Tiffany Monroe is being revealed as previously reaching out to Trey Songz, after Amiya Scott went on to the next. Don’t believe me…Just ask Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, who had transexual Amiya Scott on his arm at Essence Festival 2013.


Sources reveal Tiffany followed in native New Orlean Amiya’s footsteps, moving from Philly to Atlanta.That’s where we’re told like Amiya, Tiffany turned many tricks to make the money to complete her transformation. Sources say she started the plan in the City of Brotherly Love, through a sex for cash ad.


Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“When Amiya Scott became a transgender female her name was Myron, but when he moved to Atlanta he transformed into Amiya Scott. Trey Songz used to fly out Amiya to his shows, they were messing around for a minute. Tiffany wants to be just like Amiyah, and tries getting at all her tricks.”



    • Whatever that shim is in the red dress looks like a manish overly tanned version of Evelyn Lozadas daughter lol

      • First off SHE has a name. 2nd Shim, duke, faggot are alll disrespectful words so please refrain from using them. 3rd why the hell do you care what SHE looks like? Why do any of tall care what she looks like? All yall on here looking up appearantly she must have been on yall mind.. all yall with negative comments can really f*ck off and die slowly cause last time I check SHE’S getting paid more than what you make in a year in a month or two weather you like it or not. SHE is actually a GREAT role model. And everybody on here throwing dirt would know.that if they knew what all she do! ! Last comment not about to indulge in the ignorance. Have a “blessed” day

  1. O MY! Glad to know this! Trey and OCHO wow! lovin transs? DANG whats happening to all of the men? lovers of each other.


      • No man will EVER look better than females. I NEVER understood why this is even said. “Some guys look better than some of these females”….no sir, you are a man.

    • Right! I’m a girl too! (hence the name…lol) and I’m straight and they look gorgeous–like two black kardashians. Lol. Y’all need to stop.

  2. whats up with all these trans games. I guess while we’re at it name all the trans’s in the industry

  3. Does anyone else think they look like sisters?

    They must have had the same surgeon who produces a “signature look”, like Dr. Garth Fisher in LA who makes all the white chicks look exactly alike. Duck mouth, ridiculous cheekbones and doe eyes are the sign you’ve seen Fisher.

    LOL @ the one on the right’s tee shirt which says “I Trained Yo N*gg*”.

    • That looks like he was taking a simple picture with a fan. Can’t believe everything on the net. It’s just a pic. lol

  4. Wow amiya has come a long way from the ballroom scene. I remember when all this was secret and taboo but when I saw Leyomi Mizrahi on mtv and beyonce doing the ballroom hand vouging on Single Ladies vid and copying moves I knew the LGBT scene would explode. sad when females born with a penis are prettier than a lot of females. She was a pretty boy so she doesnt have that mannish Noxema Jackson to Wong Foo look like many black transwomen. Writer Janet Mock made a seemless transformation as well but used intellect and not her anus to promote herself. Im just so shocked this stuff is public knowledge.

    • Again, men NEVER look better than natural born women. No matter how much makeup, weave, and implants they get, they will always be MEN. They can be attractive, but NEVER as good as a natural woman.

    • So you think Chad didn’t know?

      Okay, and let’s say he didn’t. These dudes are so freaky in the bedroom that it’s gonna take 976 chicks with dicks to satisfy them. I will roll with you on a few things but I have my limits. Men who sleep with men don’t have limits.

      • Ummm woah! Offensive much? Number one, thats a woman, not female, but a woman. I’m gay and I have my limits. Don’t through all men who sleep with men under the shade bus. In my eyes that’s a chick. You may not understand it, but accept it

    • Your right about this one all day. I had a trans friend that could clearly pass for female and did until a dude caught up with the fact that “shim” was born a man. Dude went off and out came the nine-milli. He beat “her” azz every way possible. Stomped “her” out 2.Then as he was leaving… yelled out…. Im a f’n man. I dont date/ screw dudes… We just stared in horror. I was thinking you should’ve told that man you were ts before getting it in. Dude was not playing.

  5. they have the black Barbie doll look ( what I seem to be hearing some black girls refer them selves to). Which I don’t understand why any black woman would want to compare herself to that image… But that’s neither here nor there but I definitely can say they look extremely passable in the photo’s.. Now in person who knows…. But I do know if trey songz was flying him/her.. it…. Back and fourth to him HE KNOWS WHAT THE DEAL IS TRUST THAT… And the way Ocho looking in the picture it was going down they both look buzz up and red ta go… So he know too… Because I’m sure the birl ain’t hiding it if she was back page tricking she was finding the market of her clients they play in that sexual realm

  6. Now we natural born women have to compete with men who are striving to best us in the one arena we used to hold exclusively – being women. And some of these male-women want to compete against natural born women in sporting events, beauty pagents, etc. Can we women ever have anything that men don’t try to take from us?

    Next thing you know men will be trying to figure out how to have babies.

    Just my opinion, and I love the gays in my life but I just wonder where all this is leading. Will one day men be looking at natural born women with disgust? Will male-women get the upper hand on bio-women 50yrs from now & take over female dominated areas, such as modeling, women’s sports, etc?

    Hopefully, by the time all this happens I’ll be in the old folks home, eating jello, playing bingo & fighting over one of the last 2 bachelors in the home.

    In my day, men didn’t get much prettier than Boy George or Prince. The world sure does change faster than you realize.

    • “Now we natural born women have to compete with men who are striving to best us in the one arena we used to hold exclusively – being women. And some of these male-women want to compete against natural born women in sporting events, beauty pagents, etc. Can we women ever have anything that men don’t try to take from us?”

      THIS is exactly what I’ve been saying for the past couple of years now. Do you remember when “transs & that whole lifestyle was done quietly & not so in everyone’s faces?” Now, we can’t seem to get away from it. I have nothing against any of the LGBT community but their shit has spilled deep of into ours & it’s actually become a problem on many levels.

      I don’t care how beautiful a trans is made up & altered to be. I don’t want a man in my life who would find them to be in any way appealing. Not over us but just in general.

      And..for the record, I think the two shims pictured above are cute. They are adorable & I don’t see them looking manish at all.

    • So true…When I saw the picture and thought two pretty gals but why do they look like trannies..maybe too much make up… Then I read on ..and my initial thoughts were confirmed. Only a fool would be fooled by these two. A woman, a beautiful real woman never needs that much theatre makeup and lace fronts. I keep telling some of my girls to lay off the pounds of make up wigs and booty injections because you all are starting to look like trannies. There is not one trans on this planet that looks better than most of us natural woman in its natural state. We don’t need thousands of dollars worth of surgery etc to pull off should be a give away when a woman appears to be literally wearing a mask. The media is screwing with our men and destroying our families with this trans agenda…putting fake chicks with fake booty and hips in music videos trains your little boys to desire something fake, stiff and unreal which would lead him to mistakenly take a real trans home. Real booties move and real hips are proportionate to the body..our boys are confused. I grew up knowing that was a trans body bcus I had a trans family friend Bunny..he was fierce with his fake hard body for his GAY boys.. I as a real woman have movement when I sway…real men should recognize that..white boys are not having a trans problem unless they want to…they know a real woman when they see one because they like natural looking women despite the boob jobs and other surgeries that enhance being female not looking trans out.

      • AMEN!!!!!! Women are hurting themselves by letting these “male” stylists tell them they need all this weave, makeup, lashes, clothing.
        Real men recognize real women and vice versa. It’s all energetic.

    • Real men will never look at REAL women with disgust. Sorry it’s a man in a dress, wig, implants, and lipstick. If he looks at a tranny, he is GAY. PERIOD. And that’s okay.

  7. This is so nasty. I can deal with gays and lesbians but to see a man or woman change full identity to that of the opposite sex is totally disgusting. I bet dudes tried to talk to this nasty dude and had to find out he is really a DICK.

  8. A few months back I googled Amiyah Scott and
    BAAAABY. that bytch pix are FIERCE!
    This is coming from a born woman
    I have never seen anything like it
    I spent 2 hours trying to at least find 1 f*cked up picture
    Honey, couldnt find 1
    She transformed herself over
    100 in the pix and her hair stayed laid
    Even in her interviews she carried herselk like a true lady
    She always let the men know the deal and she said u would be very suprised who she dates
    Her boyfriend is cutey too and u should check out some of the hunks that follow her on twitter.
    Please excuse me for being all excited over Ms. Scott
    but I truly admire her gracefulness and beauty
    I kind of envy her
    I dont take to too many women that r born a woman
    cause most (not all ) are decietful, insecure and jealous hearted
    I admire and respect Amiyahs poise confidence and honest
    Shes like a friend in my head
    Now ill stop clit riding.
    But I sure cant hate on her
    cause the bytch is fly
    You go girl!


    • PLEASE STOP CALLING THIS MANNN A “HER” OR “SHE”! That’s the problem right there. Natural born women (like these RHO ATLANTA fools) are sitting here making these nasty MEN think this shit is cute! Stop that shit. This is NASTYYYYYYY! UGH!

      • Thank you. People are not going to tell the back end of this story. What happens as they age ? The physical beauty starts to breakdown.
        Also they see the joys of being a woman, but are not prepared for the pain of being a woman. They get disillusioned when they find out as they age, they have to compete with younger, prettier girls. Reality is a bitter pill to,swallow.
        Also in their heart of hearts, they know they are men, but they try to hide from themselves and not acknowledge it.

        These transs should not be competing with real women. A man’s body is stronger than a woman’s. The trannies have an unfair advantage over real women. Real women just don’t have that male strength. But trannies do. Why ? Because they are really men.

        • A trans could never have an unfair advantage over a woman if a woman is really being inher feline state. Now, a woman whose heads in the clouds like most women we see on tv, well, then, yeah.

          Women have to get back to being women.

          And me have to get back to being men.

    • I just came away from looking at a few of her various pages & saw a really cute picture of her with her mom. I have to admit I came away feeling more like you did.

      I don’t get the impression she’s going around “wrecking marriages!”

    • Good lord whats happening to our you ever look in the mirror or at your natural girlfriends who don’t need a tool chest to put on make up and hair?. SMH.

  9. They look very real and very pretty to me and that no one should deny. For sure they will take over the modeling field (they have a strong foot hold now) and the sports. Things will be changing and very fast for the naturally born females in the world they know today.

  10. And the above pix dont do Amiyah no justice
    When you have the time just google Amiyah Scott pix
    I guarantee it will blow your mind
    And the pix were done very tasteful and classy

    • Uhmm…Im am not sure why you are excited over this. What is all of that about?
      He is boy who went and got his body altered. He did not discover a cure for cancer.
      And, while his body was done to perfection, he knows he is a man.

  11. I’m sure their fathers and mothers are weeping that their LITTLE BOYS want so bad to be women. You can have your penis chopped off and fed to some sharks and YOU WILL STILL BE A MAN! Same goes for these women trying to get a clit formed into a dick!! Chile please!

  12. I am truly starting to question the validity of this site… I just goggled her, and the birth name was not MYRON as stated above, it clearly states that the birth name was ARTHUR.

  13. EVERYTHING that’s going on now was prophesied. It’s amazing that it’s happening during our lifetime. But it’s going to get a whole lot worse before Jesus returns.

  14. This country has turned into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We all know what happened to those two cities.

    Don’t look back! LOL

  15. Well, well, well, how much longer will it be before Black women start waging all out war against trannies? The time seems very near. I just have a feeling about this kind of thing. The more feminine men get, the less reason men will feel the need to date women. They can have the orgasm, restructure their peen, take hormones to down their voices…the only thing these men can’t do is have children. Men will start to think that is a win-win…watch the “straight” men now, they will get fooled.

  16. I’ve got one question…..What in the HELL are they(trannies) going to tell Jesus when they see Him? Im SO curious I could burst. He sent them here as males…and they come back as….SOMETHING OR ANOTHER!!!…. : (

  17. Women are always riding on the jock of gays, and transs. These very ones want usurp real females, dream about seducing straight men, and in a lot of cases you will find they hate women. They are jealous of real women because they know, no matter what they do on the outside, they will always be men on the inside.

  18. But what’s really killing me are the people who act like transs are the next best thing to God. Their minds have been so filled with the gay agenda worship, they can’t see how utterly asinine this is.

    • FunkyDineva anyone? Or how about B. Scott? or that youtuber ACONNECTION? From my experience gay men and trannies have tried to seduce me, a straight female.

    • All of them shims,fags and dykes going to hell in a hand basket. I don’t agree with the life style but I am not the all knowing JUDGE of JUDGES.

      • In theory, yes. In actuality, well that depends on many things other than one’s belief in the bible.

        Hell comes when you deny what is really you. Not an idea you concocted.

      • @Sunni_Daze
        “All of them shims,fags and dykes going to hell in a hand basket. I don’t agree with the life style but I am not the all knowing JUDGE of JUDGES.”

        Who are you to profess that these people are going to HELL? Yo,anyone who professes the name JESUS and Believes has a chance,and like I keep saying on this freakn blog, GOD judges the HEART and whatever is left is up TOO HIM TO DECIDE,THANK GOD THAT HE IS THE JUDGE AND NOT US,EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WOULD BE FUCKED IF PEOPLE WERE ABLE TO SEND PEOPLE TO HELL,thank you LORD JESSSSSSSSSSSUUSS

        @ MIRA
        “Hell comes when you deny what is really you. Not an idea you concocted.”

        Uhm you keep thinking that>>lmao

  19. I blame single mothers for this. Black women, when you see your son pick up a high heel shoe or barbie, whoop his azz! Too many of you mothers think it’s cute when your 4 year old is walking around with your wigs and high heel shoes on.Get you some strong, male role models around your kids if the real fathers is nowhere to be found. And PLEAZE by all means, quite inviting different men over to molest your child. To many women get with pedophiles these days out of desperation to have a man. I can’t tell you how much of these gay men and transgenders all say they were molested by mommies boyfriend at a young age.

    • False….I have plenty of Single Mother friends with sons and not nay one of them has ever picked up a barbie, tube of lipstick or a purse. The problem is this…. we have too many men who are not stepping up to the plate as MEN and FATHERS to lead these young men. As a woman we can teach a “boy” alot of things but we can never teach them to be “MEN”. Also every woman is not seeking out Peter the Pedophile to make a home/family with. Yes, more women need to research the men that they bring around their children, but to classify a whole race of women makes you an ass-hole and ignorant. What about the lil boy with both parents in his home yet he is being raised as a lil girl (not a black) what do you say to those parents. Did you ever consider that maybe they were born this way and can’t help who/what they are? Better yet instead of typing your ill comments why don’t you go out and help and boy learn to become a man. otherwise GTFOH talking about something you don’t know or understand.

      • @sunni you raise good points. But anon has too. The molestation issue is more common than many like to admit. It happens. And yes, to single women as well as married women. Worked in education and seen and her things with my own eyes and from the mouths of students. And yes, it’s not just blacks but since this site caters to blacks why not address issues affecting blacks. And this gay agenda is one of them. Esp. when homosexual behavior wasn’t rampant in mostly black pops (african continent, caribbean, etc.) years ago. Yes there have been gay blacks but this ish is different. Even gay men and women will tell you that. It’s like people are so out of their bodies that they’re looking to get off any way they can without addressing their real issues. So they go for the easy. Also, it seems there’s a push for disfunction.

    • How you ain’t docter phil last time I checked how dare you try to 1. Act like its only “blacks” doing the change 2. Its not what the hell you think soo stfu no one f*cking cares!!!

  20. STOP WHAT? That is DISCUSTING that a man wants to go DL and try to “Get It N” type atttitude. Some dudes can tell and some dudes cant. The fact alot of these Males pretend to be females to spread there diseases!

    That thought it self is scary towards humanity and GOD. I dont see how anyone could feel for 2 FAGGETS PRETENDING TO LUST FOR MEN. This world has gone mad. It has been and is just getting worse.



  21. I am sure that Chad knew she was a he because the jawline is a dead give away. The pictures on google images shows the hips and pelvic area and you can tell that she is a man. And those quads.They cannot duplicate a woman`s body down to the T. Something is going to be off. I want to know where they get all that money to afford hormones shots and surgeries.

  22. Well. If she now has a vagina and looks damn good, I don’t see anything wrong with Trey, Ocho and them being attracted to her.

  23. This wouldn’t be news if she wasn’t trans. Girls are getting D***ED down for cash all the time in the music industry

  24. This story is so bogus. First off, Amiyah real name is not “Myron” its Arthur..and Second Tiffany is not from Philly, she was born in Cleveland. Stop making up bogus stories and you dont even have your facts straight..And oh yea..her name is spelled “AMIYAH” not “Amiya” IDIOT!!!

  25. The Homophobic/Transphobic men on this post can say whatever they want but they know that if Amiyah Scott or Tiffany Monroe approached them, they’d be hype. The Bitter women on this post just seem so threatened. If you’re so secure in your womanhood, then why are the activities of these two transgender women bothering you. Seems like people have some admitting to do.

  26. Women born women have all the natural parts. If you dont want a woman born a woman inside and out, move on to the imitation. Fact is fact if you empty a cookie jar its still a cookie jar. If you alter a mans body to look like what society views as a woman, you are still a man. Own it dont try to alter reality. Real women dont need anyone’s approval they are born that way. Same goes for women trying to be men . Both confused genders claim a gender they feel inside and fabricate the outside to fix what society says, then turn around and say society views of them dont matter. Right!!!!!!!! A nut is a nut and thanks to technology you can remove the inside glue the shell back together and still have a nut. And empty nut but a nut NEVERtheless n So before anybody comes back with any hate this is for you how about I trade my monopoly money for your government printed money money since imitation makes it real and better. Now shut the “f” up , a man is a man and a woman is a woman you cant choose and pick based on desire to be otherwise, own it then i will believe it

  27. Please read your Bible correctly. Paul was “GAY”and so was Peter and Jesus. Jesus said he loved Peter more than he loved any women!

  28. Yea this trans thing is outta hand, but here’s a little secret, it was boosted by feminism! when women decided being soft feminine homemakers was degrading, that opened the door for the transs. nowadays almost all women wanna put their careers before having children. I’m all for women having careers, but most men could care less about a woman’s career. Most real men aren’t attracted to “independent career woman”, unless maybe JUST for sex. They want a woman have their children and take care of home, and stay ready for sex while the men go out and work. If women are gonna put their careers before having children, they take away a main element that separates women from transs, CHILDBIRTH. Yes, sex is for recreation AND procreation. Most men and women nowadays have been trained to only want recreational sex, and wanting marriage has become a thing of the past, even for many women. If Women don’t wanna be the submissive little housewives that men naturally want, they’ll stay single and go f*ck jumpoffs, or secretly a trans. Of course all men don’t think this way, but if things keep going the way they’re goin you’ll see it more and more.


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