Former Stripper Named As Basketball Wife Amy Duncan’s Jump-Off!!!


Tim Duncan's Cheating Wife Amy - Gil Urbano

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the identity of the man suspected to be involved with Tim Duncan’s wife of 12-years!

Sources reveal Gil Urbano, a former stripper, now has Amy Duncan to thank for getting him off the strip pole. Know why? Because she reportedly bought a gym where he poses as the owner, and she apparently is the silent owner who is known to frequent the spot.

“He’s a dead beat! He was a stripper and now thinks he’s the shit because he teaches Brazilian fighting.”

Gil Urbano and Amy Duncan aka Amy Dourada Capoeira’s ‘The Vessel’ aka ‘Crossfit: The Vessel’ — located at 17460 IH 35 North, Suite 200 Schertz, Texas 78154 (less than half-an-hour from San Antonio) — opened its doors back in April 2012. That’s around the same time Tim Duncan reportedly hired a private detective to tale his basketball-wife-turned-whore.

Sources say Amy — who shares two kids with Duncan — has been involved with Gil Urbano for about two-years. During that time, sources reveal she didn’t only use her hubby’s NBA money to fund ‘The Vessel’, she also filed for divorce from the NBA All-Star player.

Here’s what a source tells The Dirty about Gil Urbano:

“He’s a player and a user and that’s why his ex-wife left him! We don’t want him in San Antonio, he needs to go back to Houston where he says he’s supposedly from!”

Did Tim Duncan — who recently signed a three-year $36-million dollar extension with the NBA — cover his ass by insisting Amy sign a pre-nup? Of course! Just ask Gregg Popovich…



  1. In my best Mr. Rogers neighborhood impersonation, “Boys and Girls can you say cop and blow?!” Tim D plays harder on the court than he ever does in the bedroom obviously.

    • Apparently he’s fundamentally sound in the mind. He sign his first rookie contract before marrying. He does gave a prenup and hired a detective when he suspected his wife of cheating.

      • And I bet he was the very one talkin’ shit abou how black girls take your money are lazy, and look how much this bitch cost him, detectives ain’t cheap, and the divorce will be even more expensive.

        Silly pathetic negro boy. A 5’6″ white boy would go laugh in his face with no fear!

        • You sound like a bitter black woman. The kind he, and most other smart black guys, avoid like the plague.

      • mz black,

        Elin didn’t set anything, babe!
        WHITE WOMEN HAVE BEEN SETTING THEIR FEET FIRMING IN THE BEDS & BANK ACCOUNTS OF BLACK ATHELETES & ENTERTAINERS LONG BEFORE ELIN WAS THOUGHT OF. Almost ALL the retired NFL players are married to &/or have children with white women who they’ve enabled by setting them up to live comfortably for years off their NFL pay or pensions & think nothing of it..smh.

        Don’t belive me? Ask your grandparents or any older person of color over 50 years old & see what they tell you.

        I’d tell you no lies! 🙂

        • Why is race ALWAYS brought in by the ignorant people! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything! At least make a comment with some relevance…

          • it always has something to do with race, you just chose to ignore it. that’s your prerogative but you explain why A LOT of black men get money and date and marry white women.

            • The majority of famous black actors and athletes are married to black women. The majority of them who get divorced by those black women are railroaded in the courts system. Most of the black men who are married to white women are happy and don't have any problems. I bet if we do a comparison the numbers would show that more famous black men are destroyed by black women than white.

              its also funny no one ever mentions all of the famous Black women who are married to white men like Maya Angelou (RIP), she married 1 white man got divorced and then married another! No one knew who she was married too until after she died. But let a black man marry or date a white girl and the world goes nuts!

          • Agree. Gold diggers are gold diggers. They come in all colors. If you don’t like her b/c she’s white then fine. But isn’t it racist of you all who are saying she acts like a bitch just because she’s white? How do you like stereotypes about blacks, or Latinos, or whatever you happen to be? She’s a nasty person, and that’s it.

  2. I want to commend Tim for nearly doing the impossible: being a black athlete who isn’t cooning , acting a fool or going to jail. When you see the Chads and the Pacmans of the world,you appreciate the quiet brothers like Tim. There was an actress who said “When you’re Black and in the public eye, it’s important to keep your private life to yourself . We don’t get the 2nd and 3rd chances like the Lohans and Britney Spears.”

  3. You see the pic above on left . No married woman should ever being that affectionate with another man who ISN’T her husband. When you pose with the opposite gender: arms stay in front and to yourself. No open hugs, no arms around the waist . This rule applies to both genders. A husband should behave like he’s married whether his wife is present or not.

  4. As a Lakers fan, despite the fact I hate Tim Duncan and the Spurs, I actually feel bad for him to go through this.

    This bitch threw away 10 plus years of married life with 2 kids for a freeloading bum? Talk about a drop off! She went from legitimate basketball star who was rich to a no name Latino freeloading deadbeat?

    • Threw away?? If the gay rumors are true (which I believe they are) she didn’t have anything to throw away.

  5. Tim Duncan and Grant Hill are the class acts of American Sports. There is simply nothing negative to say about these genuine gentlemen. My heart breaks for Tim D, being openly cuckolded like he was. What sort of woman would cheat on a man of his kindness and integrity? Her business is called “Crossfit~The Vessel”…
    It should have been called “Amy Duncan~Empty Vessel”.

    This news is seriously compromising my desire to hate him (only on the court) tonight in Game 7 of the NBA Finals!

  6. I don’t know why I can’t stand Tim D. He seems to have no perdonality….and I’m guessing a bore in the bedroom. I have a feeling he’s a Tiger Woods type of dude…but I digress.

    • Tim Duncan is nothing like Tiger Woods. The only thing they have in common is marrying white women. Tim is such a normal humble man that people who dont really know him think he boring and stuck up. He is soft spoken and shy to death. He dont drive a fancy whip or ware designer clothes like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. He dress like a man who reads electricity meters for a living. Since he was born and raised in the islands, he dont relate to the Blacks too much in this country but that dont make him a bad person.

        • She sure does seem ratchet azz to me, but she is not American born. She is Brazilian and she was his first girlfriend. He met her at Wake Forest before he was real famous, and definitely before he was rich. They really were in love, but she don’t deserve him.
          I guess shes still a Becky but shes a Portuguese speaking Becky. If she didnt dye her black hair blond she dont look as cheap. But fukk her whatever.

  7. I used to work back in the day a job serving the wives food in San Antonio. I tell you this that dude Tim is a tall order of asshole . Never showed emotion , Never acknowledged anything , He struck me as a dude who has been sheltered and lived a fantasy life where he would get rich marry a white woman and everything would be great.I don’t remember him doing nothing for the city or black people while he was there and they could have done so much. If blacks could only be have an attitude of waking up everyday thinking what could or should I do to help my tribe . But we are the one race who gets stuck with these type figures . Tony parker was cool. This cat can’t stand blacks . I don’t feel sorry for his ass at all.Besdes thats how the white man gets his money back by his daughters marrying this type of self hating coon , divorcing him and taking half . His wife know the buisness.

    • Becky put in her time like Strayhorns Becky, like Tigers Becky etc. and now she’s gonna take that money back to Ireland or Germany or whatever Caucasian tribe she’s from and they are going to invest that money in empowering the system of white domination.
      Good for her and her white family.


    • You’re an idiot. “That’s how the white man gets his money back….” Surely, there is an easier way to “make money” than waiting 12 years for a marriage to fail. You should keep your intelligent thoughts on the DL…they are WAY too insightful to share with the public. Seriously.


    • Why do rich black people have to do something for the poor black people in the city? Makes no sense, get a f*cking job and support yourself like every other person.

  8. He’s from St. Croix (Virgin Islands). NOT defending him but a lot of blacks from the Caribbean do not identify with African Americans or consider themselves black and I think he’s one of them. He gives off oreo teas big time.

    Not sure what’s up with that because their ancestors rode over on the same slave ships ours did. We just got dropped off in differnt places.

    He looks, talks, walks, plays, and seem boring as f*ck. I can see why any woman would cheat on him. He has zero personality. I’m not endorsing cheating or saying it’s right. Just saying that I would imagine being married to or sleeping with him would be incredibly boring and ho-hum.

    Don’t feel too bad for him. He’ll just find another Becky to marry.

    • One of his parents is a European. That’s whats up with him. His parents were in a tragic relationship and he’s a confused boy who never really felt apart of the black race and the white race will never accept him as a fellow white, even though one of his parents is white.


    • While it’s true that some Blacks from the Caribbean may not identify with African Americans, many do indeed consider themselves to be Black. There were slave rebellions in the Caribbean, including St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, just as there were slave rebellions in the states. The people who are born on St. Croix and the other islands which comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John, and Water Island) are U.S. citizens and many have family members who live in the states. Thus, we probably identify with African Americans more than any other group of Caribbean people. You can’t lump all the Caribbean islands together. Each island has it’s own distinct people and culture.

      You can’t expect Jamaicans to identify with Americans when that island was owned for many years by Britain. You can’t expect Arubans to identify with Americans when that island is owned by the Netherlands. You can’t expect people in Martinique to identify with Americans when that island is owned by France.

      Now there is a very deep reason some Black people who live in the Caribbean might not consider themselves to be Black, and it’s the same reason some Black people who live in the states do not consider themselves to be Black. Through their history there is racism and classism, and they see that Black people get treated poorly when compared to other groups. Some of the Black people who live in the Dominican Republic and some of the Black people who live in New Orleans, Louisiana and call themselves Creole come to mind.

      I am a Black woman who was born and raised on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, the sister island of St. Croix, and married to an African American, so I would know.

      • So instead of marrying a fine boy from St. Croix, you go and traitor us for some AA s••thead?

        And you hear giving out lectures?

        AA men just can’t keep their filthy mitts off good Islander women…. like everything else. I’ve really grown to hate them.

  9. That’s what Timmy gets for f*cking with those Cave girls. (even though he’s half cave boy, he made a choice to have his descendants genes tumble towards the Caucaus Mountain people.
    I wash my hands of him.

  10. Well, my faith in my peeps are restored cuz I was thinkin’ why we sheddin’ tears over this stupid boy.

    Just cuz he ain’t actin’ a fool, don’t mean he ain’t one, he just know betta than to show it.

    He got his white woman for the color of her skin, but not her character. She leaves you for a stripper latin boy, WTF???

    You know he was NOT EVEN lookin’ at sistahs, too much of a slave coon desiring to return that money to his slavemaster YT — and that will happen in the divorce.

    • Amy Duncan and Timmy have been in a relationship since their time in Wake Forest. Your the nut cracking fool man, you might not like him, but his bank account and his attitude is far more better than you…

      He is also well educated and he knows how to write with proper spelling and proper grammar unlike you…

      He also has a life and does not act all tough behind a computer screen unlike you…

  11. I really don’t care where hes from , I don’t buy that Im mixed and don’t know where I stand on the racial line bull.You have one curly and slightly dark skin you are considered black in The Americas. He had T.V he had the internet . He had black friends he knows what type of predicament blacks are in. He does not care He is a coward of the highest order. No one is asking him to fight ,but just to stand .Thats why it puzzles me why white folks say Egyptians were white. Hell they even call Arabs sand niggas. I know the situation in The caribs islands. Im a light skinned brother , good looking too . I was always called a half breed . Not bothe parents are Red Boned .I have Dark BLack Grandmothers on both sides hell i even have some half-breed children From Indians and such I always let them know they are still BLACK rather they like it or not even if they don’t look like it.American Athletes are a joke if they black.Mexicans wish they had superstars like us but they only have drugdealers but guess what ? There drug dealers look out for the Mexican People giving them jobs, Opening buisness and such . All these coons do with their money is give it back to the man no questions asked just give them a becky and they happy.My dad never dated white women he said , he was always scared they would call him a nigger. Guess what I dated them ,they will eventually call you that I had to learn the hard way.And so will Tim Duncan.

  12. Egyptians are not Arabs. They may be predominately Muslim, but they are not nomadic therefore not considered Arabs.
    Tim Duncan’s wife is not American. She is Brazilian.

    • That’s not really true. Egypt is comprised of different ethnics groups, but the predominate group is Arab. You’re probably thinking of the ancient Egyptians who have pretty much died off.

      • The Ancient Egyptians didn’t die off. When the Hyksos (Hosni Mubarak Caucasian type) were allowed to migrate to Egypt, the Egyptians were all one Negroid race with wooly hair.

        When the Hyksos got bold enough to start wars to steal land, the battle went back and forth for hundreds of years. Because of the war, the true Egyptians were either genetically assimilated through sex to create what is now known as the Arab(fixed mulatto race) or the majority simply migrated to Central , Western or Southern Africa and subsequently were caught up in the Arab and then European slave trade, which is why Lebron James is now in Cleveland, speaking English and not knowing why.

        • I didn’t say ancient Egyptians were totally gone, but, basically, a very small number in Egypt. Egypt is now (the 21st century) predominantly Arab and Arab speakers and Muslim. It would be similar to Native Americans in the United States. Yes, they are still here, but nowhere near the numbers of other ethnic groups that have come here.

      • If anybody is dying off, its the white race.
        Whites are the only race that is experiencing a NEGATIVE BIRTH RATE (for those who don’t know what that means, , google it) and that is he ultimate precursor to extinction.

        • Whites are not the only race with negative birth rates. The Japanese are in far worse shape. The industrialized (once called first world countries) are experiencing negative birth rates, except for China.

      • Maybe I was thinking of the Persians or Iranians.
        If you accidentally refer them to the Arabs the give you the stink eye.

  13. Sometimes you got to take the high road. If you’re being disrespected by your wife or husband, you have to consider your children. We won’t see this played out like Deion/Pilar or Wade/Siovaughn . Not a Spurs fan but u appreciate brothers like Duncan who know how to conduct themselves in the public when dealing with strife at home.

    • He is “taking the high road” cuz he got played by an average lookin’ white girl. Forget the prenup, she is walkin’ away big, and then he has got to pay her to keep quiet about their marriage.

      His kids will just see him as a nigger with money, cuz she will get custody and he will be the last black person in her life.

      So he betta practice that “good public conduct” for real, he’s gonna need it.

  14. Anon: There’s nothing untoward abt a married person posing for a photo like that! What is this, 1913?

    That photo has been CROPPED. There are 4 people there all w/their arms around each other’s waist or shoulders. There’s some chick in a pink long-sleeved top the guy’s left who has her arm around his waist. On the right, there’s another female in pink shorts who has her arm behind the blonde’s shoulder. There is nothing shady or suggestive abt how anyone looks in the picture.

    If you’d seen the photo w/out reading the story, you wdn’t think twice abt any smashing going on.

    (smh) You really don’t have to buy every story that Jacky’s selling.

  15. I know Tim and Amy Duncan personally. Behind the scenes he is funny, charming and very loving towards his family. My mother was white and my father was black and they were happily married for 47 years! What’s with all the hate toward mixed marriages. You love who you love. I agree some black men do look to white women but if a man is not attracted to you; shouldn’t you look at yourself and not try to blame an entire race! wtf

    • look to ourselves about what?

      To compare ourselves to the self-hatred of a black man and his fascination with white women?

      No one is blaming an entire race. Don’t tell us how he was “personally”, the man hired a detective, so much for the love in the family.

  16. I love watching the white women screw these ballers over. They all run to the white girls like they some special prize. Well they gonna have to pay up for it.

  17. It appears that people who don’t know the Duncan spouses are those who are quick that Tim is bad in bed or that Amy is a poor cheater.

    I would like to give both parties the benefit of the doubt. Things happen for a reason and for 2 people who were sincere in the beginning to make a vow to commit to one another- to change- well, something must have gone wrong- but I guess we’ll never know what and at what point love has died.

    I am sorry that this happened to both- and i’m sorry for the kids. Let’s not pass on judgment. Let’s just pray that they will resolve their issues and move forward and live happier lives.

  18. Tim is Gay and it does not matter. What matters is that he cheated with his lover and showed her no attention. She cheated and they can now go their ways. I was under the impression that her parents were very wealthy and she does not need Tim’s money.

  19. Ohhhhhh! That’s so shameful! God she made such a fool of her ugly self. You have to feel so sorry for Tim!

  20. Wow. This thread proves two things. One black people are just as ignorant and racist as white people or any other race. Two we as black people are greedy as hell. Just think about it. So many people are upset that he married a white women. Why? If you love yourself and love being black so much you wouldn’t care who he’s married to. If you’re a male, it means more black girls for you. If you’re a female you wouldn’t want him anyway because he wouldn’t be happy with you. My guess is this, y’all secretly hate being black. The men wish they had his wife and the women wish they had him. The reason y’all angry is because you deep down view yourselves the same way society views us. And you get validation of self worth from others. If you truly loved being black it wouldn’t matter what tim Duncan or any other athlete does because their preference wouldn’t define your own or the black communities self worth. This is the sole reason why we can’t get ahead. Because we truly don’t love ourselves. If we’re in our own community we destroy it and make excuses why. Then when we leave we feel like we’re above where we came from. Then when one of us gets successful we can’t wait to tear us down. We’ll sell each other out for a dollar. Basically my point is, the problem ain’t white people or Tim Duncan. The problem is us and being honest about how we really view ourselves.


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