Andre 3000 Mourning Father’s Death, Months After Mother’s Death


Andre 3000 Orphaned

“My condolences go out to Dre, and the entire Benjamin-Hodo family” ~Jermaine Dupri.

Andre “3000” Benjamin is dealing with the Feb. 12, 2014 death of his dad.. about eight-moths after losing his mother. Reports reveal Lawrence Walker — the Outkast singer’s father — “died of an apparent heart attack after chopping wood for his fireplace outside his Atlanta home.”

This, less than a year after Dre’s mother, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, died “of natural” causes on May 26, 2013.. one day before his 38th birthday.

Our condolences to the family.


  1. Oh I’m so very sorry for Andre’s loss(es). Having just lost both of my parents as well, I can feel for him deeply. I don’t care how old you are, when you lose your folks, you feel very lost and alone.
    God Bless Dre.

    • Gosh Christa, I had no idea! I’m so sorry to hear that!. Losing both parents at once is a terrible blow. (Was it a car accident?) I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. I hope your happy memories of them will be a comfort to you.

      My heart goes out to you. And to Andre Benjamin.

      • No, it wasn’t an accident RC. My dad was ill with prostate cancer and we were expecting his passing, but my mom, after such a long time together, just stopped eating, taking her hearts meds and taking care of herself. She became very frail, and I think she died of a broken heart. She didn’t want to live without my dad, and I have to take some comfort that she is with him where she really wants to be.

        • I know what you mean. Daddy died in 2004 & for the first 10 months, I was afraid my mother wasn’t going to make it. He’s been gone almost a decade now & she still grieves for him. But after 50 years of real love, you don’t ever really get over that loss.

          I will keep you in my prayers, Christa. I know you’re a singleton too, but hopefully, you have a sibling or a serious homegirl to help you through this.

      • I don’t come here to read about a posters personal life .

        I don’t give a fuck about christa and I certainly don’t mean that in any disrespectful way to christa’s parents.
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        Keep that stuff in personal e-mails with your friends .

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    • Christa to you and Andrew may God grant you the strength and the will to grow through this most difficult period. The pain will fade in time but your love and memories will become stronger and sweeter. Rest in the knowledge that He will see you through. Lean on your faith and God bless always.!

    • I’m so sorry for your losses, Christa. They say time heals all wounds. I’m hoping that each day brings you more strength and joy than the last. Hang in there hun.

  2. Much, much love to this man and his family. Your father raised a powerful and unique individual brotha. They are proud of you and know in their hearts that you can take it from here.
    May they both R.I.P.

  3. This is tragic. I couldn’t imagine losing both parents in less than 1 yr apart. I pray he will not fall into depression and turn to God and put that pain into music b/c Dre has mad talent and skills.

    • Andre 3000, has already blown up. He has been one of the most consistent artist ever. Pluss you listen to the verse he spit on The song ,”Sorry” he said he a big ass and ain’t ever cared about no damn money. He also talks about not wanting to be in the spotlight. I don’t feel like thats some sacrifice shit. People die everyday, Every celebrities parents are not sacrificed .

  4. Andre I am so sorry for your loss. You have my condolences.

    They always say that when one spouse passes the other spouse is soon to follow. RIP

  5. So sad, I hope he has some siblings or someone for support during these times. I wonder why he hasn’t worked for years, he won’t get back with Big Boi or hasn’t done any solo music. wonder is his fashion line still good, cause sometime throwing yourself into your work is the best thing during troubling times.

      • That story originated from a parody site that is the Black version of The Onion.

        Andre enjoys having unprotected sex with strange women whom he usually ignores afterwards. He is notorious across the country. I could say more, but I won’t.




  6. Look at the way his mom is posing in the picture. Thats a full blown Masonic pose. I mean no disrespect by saying this but its true.

      • You all are insane with this sacrifice nonsense just crazy ass followers. What ever happened to independent thought and personal research, conclusions based on factual info? A few thought starters, The human body is still challenged by diseases, the human body still dies due to age, neglect, abuse, accidents etc. These rap generation has really lost it. Read a book once in awhile you just might like it and learn something that can be using in meaningful discussions.

  7. not gonna say every death was because somebody joined the occult world.

    dre and big boi was supposed to reunite and make another album.

    dre’s solo album was supposed to be done about 7 years ago.

    • Get out of my head. My first thought upon reading this is “I pray they weren’t sacrifices.” Andre burned many a bridge in music and Hollywood.

      I wonder where Eufaula (sp) Garrett is right now.

    • monnica donneham was the last person who saw hendrix alive.

      she was gonna do an interview on what really happened to him but she was killed.

      she was a tortured soul after he passed she recieved numerous death threats for years calling hwerself jimi’s true and only fiance.

      everyone says jimi was killed by agents because either he fired mike jeffries his manager or he slept with one of jeffires white bitches.

  8. Yes, just checked. His Jimmy Hendrix movie will start having limited release in the US NEXT MONTH!

    John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) is the writer.

    • jimi was cursed all his career he wanted out the music business he said he was tired of being a clown.

      jimi said people who dig ditches had it better than he did.

      his main groupie and lover devon wilson was killed a year after hendrix was after she did a documentary about his life and devon was said to have been pushed off a roof she was a witch, black panther and a agent and she was into blood drinking ask mick jagger.

      hendrix and betty davis both made songs about her they say mick made brown sugar about her to.

      • La Toya Jackson said that she was afraid of her ex husband bc he would tell her someone was going to die and they would fall off the roof the next day.

        • he threatened mj plenty of times he also said he was gonna pimp out jackie’s daughter if she did’nt sell her ass for him.

          jck had a serious mad on for mj when mj was arrested latoya heard him on the phone saying ya’ll got him did’nt you just like you said you was about time too.

  9. When Badu got through with Andre and Common they both were walking around with man purses.

    Badu my be a handler who break these wanna be rappers into the movie biz to see if they can handle that strap on.

    • Hers will come back to her via Jay Elec. Sorry to say, but I believe it is something revolving around her children if not directly involving them. Jay is with a Rothschild. Erykah was pissed when Jay posted a pic of their daughter with Puma on Twitter.

      • My NewOrleans brethren JayElect is with the Kate Rothschild’s now.I’m certain that’s the reason he haven’t released any music on RocNation.

    • badu’s a witch herself and slept with many men and women herself which was why common left her.

      badu loved sex pratices of ancient egypt and babylon.

      ask atun but he’s only an image.

  10. this betta not be some illuminati shit blood sacrafice where in a year he will be on top of the charts winning awards and stuff

    • seven named after numerology yes dre and badu was in that whole cult thing.

      badu turned common on to pink floyd.

      you heard her and common’s tribute to hendrix jimi was a rock star they were summoning his spirit.

  11. Read the story. Its states that his mom died last year, which is accurate. Andre has been famous for well over a decade.

  12. outkast had backing band called whyld peach check them out they played for the whole dungeon family their lead singer peach who was pretty died of cancer a few years back.

  13. Ok so this must be pretend day,where we pretend like he’s a regular nigga that suddenly lost his parents, BULLSHIT!!!!! We all know what this is,so stop playing! He owes alot of blood for his success and its time to pay up or pay out…

  14. I wonder why people would say something so mean. For the record many southern women pose like that. Cut the crap out with the sacrifice crap. This man kills every track he CHOOSES to be on. He’s acting and he never ever boasted or stated he wanted more. He don’t even operate like that. Stop being so evil in your own heart that you feel every death is a sacrifice

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  16. This guy just can’t catch a break. I can’t imagine losing a parent that soon. Hang in there Andre. We love you!!