Andrea Kelly’s ‘Down Low’ Marriage Revealed


Andrea Kelly's Downlow Marriage

Details The “Hollywood Exes” Won’t Tell You…

HSK Exclusive – VH1’s “Hollywood Exes is making its debut tonight, but that doesn’t mean the former main ladies to Eddie Murphy, Prince, Will Smith, Jose Canseco and R. Kelly will be letting all the secrets in their celebrity marriages be known.

That’s because Andrea Kelly will be keeping her roller coaster ride of a marriage to R Kelly on the Down Low. It’s an 11-year long relationship that sources say not only brought Andrea great heartache – but also came complete with stings of beatings, anguish and mental cruelty, and isolation tactics.

Hollywood insiders exclusively tell HSK Andrea’s R&B singing husband – who was exposed as a child molester, urinating on young girls, during his union with Andrea – was forced to be confined in their home – a home which she was denied having a key to.

We’re told Andrea was banned from the recording studio where R Kelly composed his music (often for 10-hours a day), Chicago Trax – odds are she won’t share that either. Nor will Andrea reveal what it was like to live in a home stacked with R Kelly’s grandiose collection of pornographic movies. And, the dance choreographer will probably conceal the time she accompanied R Kelly, John Sally and his wife Natasha to a couple’s swinging party in Trinidad – (Just Ask Will Smith).

Despite the fact that Andrea will be following her ex-husband’s ‘Down Low’ forte, these elements of her estranged marriage to R Kelly would be must see reality television. Don’t you agree?


    • It should come @ no surprise that he is nasty! Cuz he is nasty! He’s a PIG! I do wanna say that I live Drew & the fact she suffered an hour w/ this sack job breaks my heart! Why is it so hard for ppl to believe that Drea lived for the love of this man when women will stay w/bums! I’m so sure he had her believing that he was in love w/ her & he married HER so that’s all she needed to worry about! just imagine coming in after Aliyah.. who knows what self deprecated images he made Andrea have! I’m happy she’s free & a success!

  1. She looks like she could be james baldwin daughter. Im wondering why she didnt divorce pissy after his sex tape. He was eating another womans ass and screwing a CHILD. Did she think he would send goons to cement her dance shoes? Seems like she could have taken him to the bank while he wa$ on top and left his pissy ass to eat ass and play with kids.

    • because she didn’t care as long as the money was rolling in she could have care less about R Kelly abusing black girls. she is no victim.

      • It may not have been about money. A lot of battered women have been so traumatized that they feel that they can’t get out of abusive relationships. She may have felt that she would be in greater danger if she tried to leave. We don’t know if this fool threatened to kill her family or even her children. He’s obviously deranged. There are a number of psychological issues that prevent battered women from leaving. I don’t know what her reason was but she could have taken a lot of money with her so I don’t think that was the reason she stayed as long as she did.

        • Andrea new about him and young girls before she met him, dont act she never heard about Aaliyah, and before they dated she was one of his backup dancers, all she care about was the money.

          • Those are usually the ones who are the most abusive. They won’t go toe to toe with a man but will beat a woman down in a heartbeat. You have to be a punk to beat on a woman.

  2. She wasn’t FORCED to do shit. She WANTED to be there.

    Because, remember, all you women ROAR. No one can MAKE you do anything. She’s no VICTIM. She’s a STRONG sista’.

    She obviously stayed because she WANTED to. Unledd R-Kelly FORCED her to at GUNPOINT.

    But no ROARING sista’s would put up with THAT from some no-good nigga….or WOULD they? (for the MONEY) – (guess her fingers were broke abd she couldn’t dial 911 if she REALLY wanted to get away….money….911….money…911….CHI-CHING!!!!money!!!!! (until…I wanna call 911 because it’s gone/I got kicked to the curb – Oh, now I’m “hurt”)


      • You sistas cannot have it both ways, one minute you’re the strong self-sufficient, no nonsense having Black Women and the next minute you’re the sad abused helpless victim. Casually using these labels to fulfill your personal agenda at any given time is not good for your image.

        • Endless generalizations and RANK stupidity. The article and subject is not the random “sistas” you rant about like a LUNATIC but one individual black female named Andrea married to one individual pedophile, perverted black male R. Kelly. It’s not about anyone’s PERSONAL AGENDA and certainly not anyone HERE. Andrea Kelly’s image has NOTHING to do with any other black female on this forum. Her image and HER experiences are HERS and don’t affect the image of anyone here. But you sure look like a nutjob based on your commentary, “anonymous” and “letmeaddmoreworthlesscrapandwhine”

  3. I saw the first episode and I like her. You can tell she’s afraid of stepping out on her own and starting over. No one knows what this woman went through. Hell, most people didn’t even know R. Kelly was married so he did a damn good job of keeping her hidden and in her place. I’m glad she finally found the strength to get away from him.

  4. Try MILLIONS. I think I read he owed them almost $5 million. Did he ever pay the IRS? That’s a whole lot of missed payments.

  5. I have nothing for her. She sat back while this pedophile did his dirt. She seems a little hoodish to me too. These women are toasting each other talking about “we must be some bad, mamma jamma’s”. Chile boo…

  6. i already watched it. i like Andrea & Nicole so far. Sheree (Will ex wife) wouldn’t dance or take a shot, cause she is now a preachers’ wife. it was kind of slow, not that there needs to be fighting and throwing things, but i will watch next episode next week and see if it picks up.

  7. i saw these women on somebodys talk show, sorry dont remember which one, theyve been doing a bunch in the last couple of weeks. they were asked what they missed the most about their former lives married to the superstars. they all danced around the question. she was the one who spoke up and said the yachts, the private jets, etc. came across as real thirsty to me. i have no sympathy for her; she has family and kids here in the chi, and it would have been easy for her to leave cause she has both a support system, and people here who all knew he was a freak. she didnt stay because she had to, she stayed cause she wanted to.

    • exactly. I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s not a victim. She wanted to stay, it’s as simple as that.

  8. First of all she is ugly than a mofo and she stupid for hanging in there puttin up with this mans’ bulllshit. He treated this woman like shit and she hung around and you can see all the emotional shit comin out because of what she went thru from Mr Kelly on the show. Pain is the inevitable but, suffering is optional! Im sorry but I don’t see why they made a reality show with these ex’s on there it is REALLY STUPID, a fucking has been talking bout the past. R. Kelly and his these ex wives are a joke.

    • She was cute in her prime with an amazing figure…remember what was said @ the table.. ” these men could of had ANYONE & they chose us” very true don’t u think… She can care less if you think she’s ugly ..that Chica is living a lot more glamorous than you ;0)

      • I hated that statemen, “these men could of chose anybody but they chose us…” NO!!! It should have been “WE could have chose anybody but we chose them.” Having low self-esteem is not a good look. Why does somebody chosing you make you feel good about yourself?

        • Absolutely!! It shows you how seductive and brainwashing fame is. Even to be an associate/ friend/wife/lover of a famous person has its perks. As a result people forfeit good sense and morals to be around the riches. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

        • I agree^^^ No hate but being one of their wives is not the highest of the high…These people seem to have so many issues that being married to one of them could be seen as unlucky to some…swingin, hoeing, peeing, beatin, rapin, downlowin, tranny trollin, tranny disappearin, druggin and oh my goodness, I could go on and on… jus sayin’…And Wills ex the one who made the comment, really…she made a statement that he was a goofy big kid when they were married and that she just couldn’t stand him anymore and now you tryin ta brag…c’mon….

  9. i read about them talking about jacky also.but im wondering why there putting that up on different sites ,the topic was about something else and then all of a sudden theres this long story about jacky ,no one even commented so there wasting there time trying to trash jacky

  10. Andrea was in love with the pyscho Robert Sylvester Kelly. She had the nerve to have 3 kids by him ( 2 girls, 1 boy ). Every time she would confront him & his trifling ways, Kells would beat her down. He would even keep her side of the family away from them. They couldn’t come over to their mansion to visit. That marriage was sick & twisted & most importantly very abusive.

  11. When she was being interviewed by Wendy Williams, Wendy asked her what would R Kelly think about her doing a reality show. Andrea said she doesn’t know or even care what he thinks about it. Now I see why she said that. LOL

    • She was cute and curvacious back in the day, when she was a back up dancer. Her “hard” look now is undoubtedly from years of marriage to a beast like Robert.

      • She used to be fine but now she looks like shes about 65 years old in the face but her body is still pretty nice…There’s probably cocaine or some cadre of drugs, legal and illegal in her bio, that she probably wont talk about… She’s no angel and if she were, she’d tell it all, but she’s sold out just like Will Smiths ex and Nicole Murphys ex, etc…They’re all paid and paid off prostitutes of varying levels of the game.

  12. I Wonder Hoe Mrs.Kelly Felt About Aaliyah. Did She Care Or Did She Help Turn Her Out? Yall Know How Hollywierd Gets Down. But I’ll Let Her RIP & Won’t Speak To Foul Upon Her Name.

  13. Robert wifed up a regular woman and Andrea seems cool to me. Her body is on point and yeah,she not a barbie doll but she is attractive. Its just sad Robert hid her,she coulda made him seem less freaky.Its also sad ,him having daughters,he didnt have a discussion with his children over what he did pedo wise.

  14. These women need to move around. They haven’t been married to these men in years and they still trying to milk it. The woman married to Prince really needs to get over it. The only one that kinda seems ok is the one that married the baseball player. They interact and seem like they would get back together. Will Smith’s ex is the worst. Their son is grown and she is remarried so why even bother with all that? Im going to keep watching in hopes that Nicole Murphy will bring up Johnny Gill. Maybe if they were in the process of divorcing or showing them interact with their kids and each other that would be better.

    • Little-known FACT about this show – Eddie Murphy’s brother (Vernon Lynch) is one of the Producers…so, I highly doubt that they’ll be serving any hot tea on JohnnyG.

      Basically, this is a smoke-screen for these DL/pedo-fools (Will, Eddie, Rape-her Kelly) to funnel hush money to their exes (in the form of their ‘salaries’ for appearing on this mess) in exchange for their silence.

      What you will see is more scripted ‘drama’. No real ‘secrets’ will come out. These women are still married to that green.

  15. I’ve had occasion to sit at a dinner table with ms kelly. I observed an asian like battered woman syndrome. Eyes averted and whole nine. This was years ago. She barely talked to the servers. He looked like bitch did u just speak? Is she gonna tell that?

  16. Will Smith is queer
    Eddie Murphy is queer
    R.Kelly is queer
    Jose Canseco is queer
    and Prince may as well be if he isnt…

    and Eddie Murphy’s brother is the producer..

    Yea, you’re gonna get tons of Reality here all right.

  17. prince been queer and all his women mayte used to dance with chicks on stage and caught hepatitis from tommy lee’s bisexual azz.

    money is powerful.

    yes andrea knew about aaliyah and r kelly’s addiction to terenage girls.

    when a grown azz man marries a young teenager that’s all I need to tell whast kind of guy and mentality he has.

    betcha if kelly was’nt rich liyah’s parents would’nt have sold her to him.

  18. Is this what the men with money are like in 2012?

    Well shit, I guess that is why I am HAPPILY SINGLE.



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