Andrea Kelly’s Getting Married!



“Hollywood Exes” cast member Andrea Kelly won’t be single too much longer. Know why? Sources say she’s getting married.

Here’s the latest from ICC:

“Andrea, 39, and her beau Brian McKee, 36, will be tying the knot on March 12 in Los Angeles. Drea’s “Hollywood Exes” cast mates will be a part of her special day.

One might automatically assume Brian is a model, but he’s actually a professional barber as well as an aspiring singer and actor. You’ll be seeing more of Brian on season 3 of “Hollywood Exes” when it premieres on April 30. Trust me when I say he’s veeeery excited to be filming the show. *Mackadocious*”



  1. Yes Hunny! Congratulations! So Sheree is married, Dream is getting marries next month, Nicole is next to marry Strachan. Now that leaves Mayté, Jessica, and Shamicka who are still single. I do wished that Prince and MAYTE get back together.. Might be seeing each other on the low..Hmmmmmmmmmm

    • I’m with you DaRadiant 1, I think Prince should get back with Mayte too! She still got the plates, they could have a helluva dinner party. LOL


      However, I hope you have vetted his ass to the 10th power. You’ve got a son and daughters to look out for.

      • Hi Mama! I hope you survived the wnter in Chi and are ready for some spring weather soon. I remember when I lived in Evanston, we thought we were finally through with the freezing temps and winter misery, and then on April 15th we got the surprise of our lives with a major snowstorm. My thin southern skin was so out of place up there. But I LOVED the city. It makes NYC look sorry in comparison IMO.

      • Mayte is too old for Prince. He seems to like to get with women around 19 to 25, then dump them around 30. Besides, she has been with some nasty rockers including Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband Tommy Lee. Prince don’t want her.

        • And Prince is not getting any older himself. We all know he is watching Mayté. As a mom my myself, I don’t care you have 7 kids from 6 baby daddies, is one main woman that a man going to watch being closely. And Mayté is the only one he watching closely. You see Bria Valenté left Prince ass and married another dude.

          • Prince is getting older, but he seems to keep his women around the same age. You probably will never see him with any woman anywhere near his age. Beside Mayte’s last few boyfriends have been white. I think she has decided to go to the white side.

  2. DaRa1, I just love Shamicka. I hope she finds someone who s truly worthy of her. She seems like a living doll(in a good way.)

    I am extremely dubious about this dude who is engaged to Drea. He looks like the poster boy for aspiring actors on the come up.

  3. I like her she seems like a nice person
    but I don’t know about that dude being an actor / finger who’s excited about being on the upcoming season seems kinda fishy to me
    I hope it works out for them may good karma come her way

  4. Hes hawwt. ..and looks sweeter than my grannys caramel pecan sweet potato pie.
    I would feel a leeeeeetle bit better about this if he was just a barber but that aspiring model/actor bit is for the birds. if she’s happy, Im happy for her ,but i just dont trust the looks of the dude…Hope I’m wrong, tho. She deserves some joy.

    • GPH I think we all had that “feeling” just looking at him. But Drea’s no dummy. She HAS to have thought the same thing when she first laid eyes on the pretty boy. Maybe the exterior doesn’t match the interior this time(I hope.)

  5. How does someone go from R.Kelz who she probably did all type of freaky shit with, to a dude that looks like he wants nothing to do with her other than be filmed on her show, with any woman for that matter….ijs he looks suspect!!!! Be careful Drea!

    • I hope that it works out and that this dude is not trying to use her.,thinking that because she is the ex of R.Kelly super star R&b singer..and has a somewhat attachment to Hollywood..,that she can somehow help his acting /singing career. Hoping he doesn’t turn out to be an opportunist.If he didn’t have Hollywood aspirations it would be less suspect but I wish her well anyway.

  6. No straight man is going to take a picture with his cheek on his womans cheek like two bitches.
    She is definitely the aggressor and she is punking him. Anytime to see a pic with a man and a woman cheek to cheek with her arms around the guy, you can bet your life the guy is a sissy…Im not sure why that is but straight men don’t take pics like that.

    • You’re right. That’s the kind of picture a mom would pose for with her 2 year old male toddler.

      That’s not the type of picture that Charlie Murphy would take with his wife and that’s not the type of picture Denzel would take with his woman.

      A straight man would never let a woman cup his face in a picture with her hand.

    • In their defense it looks like they were sitting next to each other and leaned in for the pic. There are a whole lot of “hard” looking men who are “sweet” too, so don’t stereotype folks. IJS

  7. I love her and think she deserves happiness…butum, I do not believe this woman is 39. And no, I’m not talking about her slammalammin ass body. Her face and the way she carries herself.

  8. Yay!!! She is a sweetheart lol I’m happy for her. The lady can dance! She deserves happiness since R.Kelly couldn’t do it. Congrats!!!

  9. He’s not a Sugar boy or Gay. In fact, he is very masculine. Hell I thought my bf was gay! Shhhhhhiiiiittt!! That fool ain’t gay by a long shot! I had to get three surgeries cause of him! And damn right I am still with him cause that d be sooooooo gooooooddd! Lmao!

  10. First off I’m no hater but that nigga look gay to me…which is fine people do what ever..and if she like it i like it for her to..but he does look a bit like he has some sugar in the tanks..

    • In this day and age what is looking gay.Gay men look like any other man. flamboyant switching around with a fur boa around his neck, skin tight pants, and a limp wrist.glossy lips… Many appear to be as masculine and straight as any heterosexual man.

  11. I follow him on Instagram and he seems amazed that she’s a “star” on Hollywood Exes and he’s more than amazed that he too will be getting camera time on the show this season. He seems to be an opportunist and I hope she really thinks everything out before she marries him because something about him is not right

  12. Say what Jacky posted a story about a man and a women who is not claimed as being gay or on the DL! Listen ladies just because a man in nice looking and well groomed doesn’t mean he is gay. I know M. Ali is glad narrow minded women who think lime that was around when he was in his prime. He even called himself pretty. Ya’ll probably would have killed yourselves with assumptions.

  13. You guys are some haters!! She looks happy and I”m here for it. Shame that. Black man can’t be well groomed and polished anymore unless he’s gay!! I know what y’all boyfriends and husbands look like 🙁


  15. First off, I know Brian McKee and he is 41 years old, not 36. And second, she is not his type so it’s obvious he married her for the opportunity. Brian has always dated girls that look more like Mayte. Third, she must really be in love with him, he has no money plus his penis is very small. I know from personal experience. This will not last long.

  16. I’ll second everything but the penis comment. Didn’t know Brian that well. However, he’s finally getting his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunate for Andrea it’ll be at her expense.

    • You are right, no one wishes her unhappiness, but it’s pretty obvious to most people that he is using her and she seems to not care. So all I can say is hope he gets as much money from her as he can. I’m sure this will not turn out the way he wants, reality TV will make a fool out of him and so will Andrea, she is no shrinking violet, he may have met his match.

  17. It’s so sad that people have become so cynical, us black folks do that! Let Drea be happy, I am sure she has pre-nup in place…let her have love in Matrimony…daymnnn. If she had continued to date him without marriage, you’d all still have a s–load to say. Haters take your seats peacefully, who cares if you effed him before??? STFU and wish them the best.

  18. This guy is clearly an opportunist. His goal is to be in Drea circle of Hollywood stars. He will leave her once he lands a gig. I hope she got a pre-nup and have separate accounts. I see nothing but pain in Dreams future with this guy.


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