Another Round to Bag on Pedophile / Molester R. Kelly….


R Kelly Pursued Underage Tamar Braxton
HSK Exclusive – Toni Braxton May Have Wanted R Kelly, But He Wanted Her Then Underage Sister Tamar!

Long before we all learned about R Kelly’s dark side, sources say all the writing was on the wall. They say they grew suspicious of the “Bump and Grind” singer’s obsession with underage girls, during an exclusive gathering at a Chicago nightclub.

It was an event that welcomed a star-studded list of guests – including Halle Berry, Eric Benet, Toni Braxton (and company) and Raphael Saadiq. Now, one of the attendees of that event reveals during the celebration, “Toni was trying to get at R Kelly, but he was trying to get at her underage sister Tamar”.

Here’s some hot Windy City tea:

“I forgot the name of the club, but I remember it wasn’t a big spot. So it was very intimate, Toni was trying hard to get at R Kelly. He didn’t want Toni, he was kicking game to a underage Tamar.

As soon as Toni saw that shit, she got her sisters up outta there. Jacky, the funny thing about this is, while Toni was trying to get at R Kelly and R Kelly was trying to get at Tamar, Raphael Saadiq is trying to get at R Kelly!”

Is Raphael Saadiq a gay man hiding in the closet? I don’t know, but next time I see D’Angelo, I’ll ask him.


  1. “While Toni was trying to get at R Kelly and R Kelly was trying to get at Tamar, Raphael Saadiq is trying to get at R Kelly!”

    Jacky you ain’t shit for posting this. LMAOOOOOO. Good night y’all.

  2. Crazy. He’s been doing this shit even before he got famous. There’s plenty of stories about him in Chicago being disgusting. He was never into grown women, sorry Toni.

  3. Whatever. Tamar was fugging BMore dopeboys… And would still be if Toni hadn’t introduced her to the “life”. Them whores need to have several seats dot com FOH!!!!

  4. It’s obvious that R Kelly has a very serious problem. The only wayt to keep him from trying to get young girls is to put him behind bars. Until then, people like him will continue to exhibit diseased pedophilia behavior patterns.

    Raphael Saddiq is very talented, but he always given off the vibe of a man who has sugar in his tank.

    • Who the hell cares if raphael is gay? Same as Latifah, Luther (was), Will Smith etc – Who the hell cares? Whats so bad about being gay?
      What does the black community consistently show such hatred towards the gay community? How about dealing with all our brothers in prison instead?
      God doesnt make mistakes! Its time our community stopped being so hateful towards our gay brothers and sisters.

      • Its not that theyre gay, and I think you know that. It’s cuz they won’t admit it, which would tell the black community that ur supposedly a part of that being gay is not a shameful thing to be hidden.

  5. Hollywood doesn’t even intrigue me anymore……actually, it weirds me the fugg out. It’s like these folk ain’t even human, like they’ve mutated into something lesser & more twisted. I dont believe everything I read, but I know many of the rich & famous sacrifice every bit of their morals, dignity, integrity & self respect to get there. Just effin depraved maine.

  6. Enigma…exactly…..anything that has to do with fame is trash. Sports included….its all a rigged game with the white man being the puppeteer and niggaz the puppets.

    Not our game and never will be but you have some on here who think prominent black figures in that life is a good thing…..say what? Black people are far off worse today than they were in the 50s….thats sad

    Yeah JACKY..I see you got your cronies having my posts in moderation…..I’m glad I did becuz that means I struck a nerve and someone doesnt want the boat to be rocked

    • haha dont get it wrong. jacky don’t fuck with the backend. the comments sometimes get grabbed for moderation. sometimes randomly sometimes for a word or link issue.

      all your comments are LIVE and no one singling you out. say what you will

    • Well I see we agree on something DGB. Wasn’t feelin one of your other comments…….sorry, but the ish just didn’t make any sense to me.

  7. Enigma…it dont make sense to ya because you think interracial unions are cool or that some offspring of a white man is your people……no way no how….you are what ya daddy is….but still mixed kids no matter what is wrong according to the Most High…well at least with our people(True Israelites)


      You are one ignorant ass, hateful. bigoted , racist MF..

      You might even be the product of a failed interracial union…

      You are against MONEY and racially “mixed” people man I would be like KRYPTONITE to a Fool like YOU

    • I don’t necessarily think interracial unions are cool. I have four boys and I strongly encourage them to not to date outside our race HOWEVER I don’t want them to let true live pass them by simply because of the womans race. And what you talkin bout “still mixed……..”, ole confused az negro. We all mixed with something. If your ancestors were slaves then the odds that you ain’t mixed with nothing is against you. G’nite DGB, we’ve debated enough for today.

      • WOW….I guess some black mothers do this.

        Im sure white mothers do the same thing(encourage their children to stay within their race)

        How simple and misguided a practice this is….almost EVERYONE declares their INDEPENDENCE from their parents by doing something you like that they dont approve of

        Even Eldridge Cleaver spoke on this in “Soul on Ice”


        • No. Not simple and misguided. I simply encourage my boys to give sistas first/fair consideration. Good, attractive and intelligent black women are often looked over for what society has deemed beautiful. So I teach them otherwise….not to view dark skin, full lips, or even a black womans strength, negatively. Say what you want about my parenting, but my kids ain’t no damn zombies. And yes honey, I know how children are- doing the opposite of what you TELL THEM TO DO. That’s why I don’t mandate, I simply suggest – all the while exposing them to a whole “nother” perspective on things.

        • Anyone who interjects that CIA informant Eldridge Cleaver and that disinformation between two covers he called ” Soul On Ice” immediately gets the side eye from me… Anyway being that my son is handsome and well educated I implore him to date women of his race… Some of u people getting so fake liberated that ur forgetting this is the country where Emmitt Till was brutally murdered for “winking at a white woman”. I’m not racist but I have taught my son that racism is alive and well although it has disguised itself somewhat. How I’m raising my children is nobody else’s responsibility so no one else gets to call the shots. Raise yours anyway you want but I’ve already told my son to be proud of who he is and the color of his own skin. With that said there are so many black men that only date “Beckys” because they like a docile submissive woman who will give them sexual favors and let them drive their car and use their credit! Sorry white women but that is the reason black men give… They are scared of strong black women. My husband and I have raised my son to be a strong black man therefore he has no reason to intimidated by a strong woman. He is smart handsome and he will have his OWN everything and won’t be checking for a Becky to validate him.! Benediction please

          • @PRINSEX “Soul on Ice’ is misinformation?….Do you think Cleaver was a CIA informant while he was a in California State prison?..

            The real misinformation here is the BS you are saying….so all white women are submissive and all black women are strong?…GOOD GRIEF.

            Anyone who makes such broad general statements about groups that contain millions of people gets the sideeye from me…

            The very fact that you give such a long explanation for your antiquated attitudes about interracial unions speaks volumes to me…

          • Not afraid of a strong black woman. Just don’t want to face strength on a daily basis in my own home.yall take minor shit wayyy too far on tha daily. We get worn da fugg out.

            • Obnoxious , confrontational and irate is the reality in some cases and is misidentified as “STRONG BLACK WOMAN”…

              Like Keep just said….who wants to deal with that BS on a daily basis from any woman of any race?

              I sure dont…and Im strong enough to check them and explain my position and also strong enough to let them go when it is obvious they dont “get it”

              Even the most irrational of women know they are out of pocket alot of the time and appreciate a MAN who can check them and not tolerate their insolence…..

          • The term “Becky” kills me…If white folks were to use the term “Leroy” or “Jabari” as a “code word” to signify black men…EVERYONE would be up in arms and disagree with the practice as ‘RACIST”

            Really sad how people use the same tactics and practices they object to but feel it is ok when they do the same thing…

            Grandma Eva(strong black woman *wink* )taught me….TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT….

            Sad Sad Sad…damn when it come to RACE almost EVERYBODY gets uptight(including me I guess)

          • It amazes me how well Ignorance is Disguised as Intelligence these days. Good is Bad and Bad is Good. It seems you can get away with saying (or doing) anything as long as you can reason it away. The problem is your logic is warped so for me to say more would be useless.

          • Prinsex

            I think we , in the black community have been decived in using the term “racist” to describe ourselves..

            This is my personal opinion, but I think by definition , black people in America is in no position to practice racism…

            We may be call someone a couple of names, here and there but we dont have the power to back that up with pushing high interest rate loans on whites , or redlining white districts where they cant get good credit ,or deny proper police protection for white communtites. or steer white children into sub-par public education, or create laws to disproportionally imprison whites for crimes of economic duress…

            You have to have the ability to quantifiably and negatively effect someones day to day life to even begin to consider oneself a racist….Not just call someone a name under your breath…

            • I totally agree. I’m not going to respond to the others inso much that I have already made it known that’s how I’m living and could care less what they think or if they approve. I have friends and relatives of just about every background and I know I’m not colorstruck but I’m also not a naive fool thinking everyone just wants to hold hands and sing KumBaYa! If these people don’t like it tough it’s not like these cyber thugs are saying anything to my face… They can have several seats preferably in the back of the bus…

        • Two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right but it makes things EVEN. Stop living in denial. We live in a race obsessed culture with people of African decent being the target for the most discrimination that affects them in many ways including death. Encouraging men of African decent to marry in the image of their mothers is noble. Why do people of African decent not have the right to maintain who they are as a people. Whites actively have and still do practice keeping their blood “clean”. Black women are being demonized by the media, which is destroying the black family..not an opinion is a fact.

          Our community will not be strengthen by the same people who have disenfranchised us for centuries.. People of African decent have to take responsibility and do it ourselves and that starts with creating
          families within our communities. Black women are no doubt very strong, they stood by their men throughout slavery while taking care of white homes and white children while facing the lost of their children and families to the slave trade. Being raped and beaten sometimes daily. This has not been forgotten and merely forgiven. We have to get past the mistreatment,deceiving and manipulation first before we start bringing this type of destructive conscious into our communities and homes. Why should we trust white people? They have not given any of us a reason and have not tried to make amends which will be telling the truth…about history and who the Africans truly are. Which will never happen, so it is wise for people of African decent to come together until whites stop being evil.

          Not all are evil but enough to have cause irreversible damage to this world.

    • Im a caramel color but would be at a shock that my gr. grandmother is a pale foreigner. We are all mixed even if not recent.

      • I know I’m ” mixed” for a fact! You can see white people in my grandmothers family photo album! However this is a litmus test this is America and I am light skinned but can’t pass for white. Hispanic but not white. I can’t stand when frauds like Beyaki try and get all technical. Honey if ur not white they consider u black! Do you think light skinned blacks were exemp from lynching because they were mixed? Nah they were the first to go! Call urself whatever u want but at the end of the day just remember where u would fall should a race war break out… America is lulling minorities to sleep but it’s about to get real. Trayvon Martin is just the top of the iceberg. Don’t forget certain groups in this country invest in race conflict because they are looking for an opportunity to wipe some folks out. Now is not the time to get technical. By all means know and embrace all your heritage but don’t forget how others see you.

        • Who really gives a fuck how others see you?

          I didnt realize how uncomfortable most people are and how obviously over concerned they are about “fitting in” the correct box to check…

          Remember where I would fall if a race war breaks out?

          Sounds like there already is a race war going on in between your ears

          Amazing the comments here….black folks are using the same racist logic and spewing the same venom as white racists and even defending their 19th century attitudes with simplistic ass statements.

          RACE is truly a never ending burden and quagmire for America….indeed

  8. Wow, Jacky you try way too hard did R. Kelly piss on you? R. Kelly met and worked with Toni Braxton in 1996 so that would make Tamar 19 years old. You’re making it sound like he was spitting at a 2 year old.

  9. We need to be exposing some of these white people as well jacky, it can’t be one sided,even though niccas are the puppets for these sick individuals. Follow the money jacky or are you afraid,only then will we (jacky jasper supporters) really know who writes the checks! Don’t you agree….

    • Interesting suggestion but I do recall noting that posts Jacky does on ‘white celebs’ do not get nearly as many comments as those on ‘black celebs’. It would appear to me that Jacky is just catering to what his readers want.

      Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong since I haven’t checked any of the posts before writing this, I just remember thinking that before.

    • We are not really interested in white folks…
      Unless they are really really powerful and infulential in the lives of black people…

      A white actor getting plugged in the butt is no big deal…Most of them would probably be doing it anyway…Even if they worked at Home Depot.

      • first of all – who cares who likes “getting plugged in the butt” ? It doesnt make them a bad person. Secondly, your intention of trying to slue “white actors” by making such a comment is just pure racism. Grow up and educate yourself. Our community doesnt need more fools!

  10. I lived in Chi as a kid and heard that r. Kelly was into young girls before he became nationally famous. One story was that he took pics of young girls and would have the film developed at walgreens. At some point he realized that was risky so he started taking polaroids.

    • Oh please, you read this “story” in the comment section on another gossip site and I highly doubt it’s even true.

  11. I heard this, I heard that…

    We get it, Jacky. You hate R. Kelly (well, you claim to) but creating rumors and fabricating old rumors won’t do you any good. You look silly and obsessed with R. Kelly.

  12. Wow, not surprised about Rafael…I’ve never heard of him with a woman or that he has children..still love him though..

  13. I don’t see Jacky as having an obsession. R.Kelly has blatantly been a pedophile for many years and many people disregard that because of his music. A person’s character doesn’t have anything to do with music, however i don’t support pedophilia in any way. Some of you complain about him exposing your favorite celebrities but are delighted when your least favorite celebrity is being talk about. Wrong is wrong. Also, im so tired of everyone telling us to leave R.Kelly. Helll no!!!!!!! He is fair game just like anyone else!!!

  14. I believe this story 100…Toni didn’t only get her sisters out of their because Tamar was underage, I think the bigger problem for her was that Kellz chose Tamar and not THE TONI BRAXTON….I love her and all but after seeing the show (Braxton’s Family Values) I see how Toni always hogs/wants the spotlight (never knew she was like that way). I definitely believe Raphael was trying to get at Kellz….something about that man screamed GAY ever since I was lil jamming to It Feels Good.