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Another Round to Bag on Pedophile / Molester R. Kelly….

May 2nd, 2012

R Kelly Pursued Underage Tamar Braxton
HSK Exclusive – Toni Braxton May Have Wanted R Kelly, But He Wanted Her Then Underage Sister Tamar!

Long before we all learned about R Kelly’s dark side, sources say all the writing was on the wall. They say they grew suspicious of the “Bump and Grind” singer’s obsession with underage girls, during an exclusive gathering at a Chicago nightclub.

It was an event that welcomed a star-studded list of guests – including Halle Berry, Eric Benet, Toni Braxton (and company) and Raphael Saadiq. Now, one of the attendees of that event reveals during the celebration, “Toni was trying to get at R Kelly, but he was trying to get at her underage sister Tamar”.

Here’s some hot Windy City tea:

“I forgot the name of the club, but I remember it wasn’t a big spot. So it was very intimate, Toni was trying hard to get at R Kelly. He didn’t want Toni, he was kicking game to a underage Tamar.

As soon as Toni saw that shit, she got her sisters up outta there. Jacky, the funny thing about this is, while Toni was trying to get at R Kelly and R Kelly was trying to get at Tamar, Raphael Saadiq is trying to get at R Kelly!”

Is Raphael Saadiq a gay man hiding in the closet? I don’t know, but next time I see D’Angelo, I’ll ask him.

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52 Comments on "Another Round to Bag on Pedophile / Molester R. Kelly…."

July 25, 2012

I believe this story 100…Toni didn’t only get her sisters out of their because Tamar was underage, I think the bigger problem for her was that Kellz chose Tamar and not THE TONI BRAXTON….I love her and all but after seeing the show (Braxton’s Family Values) I see how Toni always hogs/wants the spotlight (never knew she was like that way). I definitely believe Raphael was trying to get at Kellz….something about that man screamed GAY ever since I was lil jamming to It Feels Good.


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May 9, 2012

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May 6, 2012

I don’t see Jacky as having an obsession. R.Kelly has blatantly been a pedophile for many years and many people disregard that because of his music. A person’s character doesn’t have anything to do with music, however i don’t support pedophilia in any way. Some of you complain about him exposing your favorite celebrities but are delighted when your least favorite celebrity is being talk about. Wrong is wrong. Also, im so tired of everyone telling us to leave R.Kelly. Helll no!!!!!!! He is fair game just like anyone else!!!


May 3, 2012

Wow, not surprised about Rafael…I’ve never heard of him with a woman or that he has children..still love him though..


May 2, 2012

I heard this, I heard that…

We get it, Jacky. You hate R. Kelly (well, you claim to) but creating rumors and fabricating old rumors won’t do you any good. You look silly and obsessed with R. Kelly.





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