Another Warrant Issued For Katt William’s Arrest!


Katt Williams Arrest Warrant - No Show

A Comedian’s No Laughing Matter?

Comedian Katt Williams pulled a no-show at his Sacramento court date, Tuesday. Now, the there’s a $200K warrant out for the former comedian’s arrest.

This news comes less than a month after Katt missed a previous court date, resulting in another previous arrest.

You may remember this latest case stems from the December police chase he sparked while riding a three-wheeler. Katt is charged with evading police while driving in a reckless manner.  On the bright side, it was announced today that Katt will not be prosecuted for the child endangerment charges he was previously arrested for by the Los Angeles Sheriffs dept, also in December.

Damn, Katt!



  1. This is proof positive that what Katt has been telling us is the truth.

    He gets hit up on charges every week, but don’t none of them ever make it to court.
    The charge of child endangerment of his kids is MUCH more serious and (if it were true) deserving of penitentiary time than a joy ride on a three wheeler.
    But alas! Not only were the child endangerment charges dropped, but the DA was forced to make a formal apology to Mr, Williams.

    If folks cannot clearly see that he is being harassed within an inch of his life for reasons other than his occasional misbehavior, you must have blinders on, and drinking tea party Kool Aid.

    The YT man knows that Katt is respected and heard 30 times more than their puppetry stand ins such as
    Michael Steele et al. So they are on a witch hunt to destroy him, while eulogizing him as a very bright Black man who chose the wrong path. The laundry list of arrests and indictments will seemingly back them up.seemingly back them up.

    But will anyone on the right admit that he never appeared in court once??? We all know the Robert Downey Jrs and Lilo’s who are in court as often as they are in films. Why isn’t Katt in court regularly if he’s just one big eff up like they are?
    Because he is far more dangerous to the status quo of YT Jewish Hollywood. He has broken some vows, and now they are out for blood

    Oh and by the way, Robert “clean for 4 years” Downey Jr. isn’t.

    • cosing like a mofo…and katt please get away from that sucka suge…suge the one who’s keeping the cops informed…just like he did on tupac.

    • Speak the truth, shame the devil. Katt has been a target ever since he spoke about the “mansion parties”. He also spoke about North Korea letting off missiles towards the U.S last year, and how America as well as the rest of the world turned a blind eye to it. Katt speaks too much truth. The media has been demonizing him, discrediting him by attaching “crazy” to his every move. Watch, he’ll die due to bizarre circumstances.

    • Conspiracy againt Katt my ass.

      “Katt speaks too much truth.” Like what?

      Yall act like Katt is the next MLK and he has the secret to the Matrix or some shit.

      Katt is just a ninja who got LUCKY off some half-ass jokes then got HOOKED on DRUGS.

      What? Did the white man tell his simple ass to miss multiple court dates? Or to do shit to land his ass in hot water to begin with?


      • And if you need Katt to tell you world events like North Korea’s firing off missiles toward the United States you better cancel the Comedy channel and pick up a damn book.

      • Katt Williams certainly didn’t “miss court dates” as you stated anonymous 21:06. He never HAD court dates to miss! The cops make a big show for the local media of arresting him, taking him into custody, and then that makes the AP Wire all over the world. But later that day when the charges are dropped and he is released, THAT doesn’t make the AP Wires. Because people in general are interested in hot tea….not hot tea gone cold.

        You are taking the Korean missile issue completely out of context from his stand up act. He wasn’t REVEALING it as though it was news— he was taking pot shots at political figures as is his style.

        If ya honestly believe that Katt is a “simple ass” kneegrow with a drug problem and that’s that—well, go head then with your easily manipulated mind. I agree he does have a drug problem, just like Huey, Lenny, Richard, George, Dave and a host of other brilliant minds who became so drawn into the vortex of where truth meets comedy.

        There is a very fine line between making satire of the problems we face as a race combined with most YT’s asinine worldview, and BECOMING and ADDING to the problem by capitalizing on it. Please reference Dave Chappelle, who upon realizing he was promulgating the problem while enriching himself personally, went BUCK CRAZY according to the YT mainstream press. They did everything but throw a butterfly net over his ass and slap him in a straight jacket to affirm in YT folks minds that he was nuts. Therefore they should disregard anything he had previously said relative to government, racism, slavery etc.

        As far as I know, Dave is till with us, doin his thing on a different level. He still speaks the truth, but he doesn’t do it on HBO Specials and a weekly TV show. I miss seeing him regularly like a mofo, but I’d rather he be in a place of peace where he doesn’t feel he’s contributing to demeaning his race in YT’s eyes.

        Katt hit some serious nerves with his unfiltered monologues. SERIOUS ISH. Do you know how easy it is for the more secretive operatives of our government to debase, humiliate and eventually terminate any person who is causing them a problem? I am NOT an Illuminati, MK Ultra or any of the usual conspiratorists who frequent HSK. But I recognize a programme being slowly enacted when I see it.
        At this point, if anyone who loved Katt in his most trusted circle wanted to save him, the’d move him and his kids to a nice beach house in a Coastal African country, allow him to slowly detox and re-bond with his children with an on-site family counselor. In a year he’d be ready to hit the stages again, but with a much sounder mind and state of health. Meanwhile, back in Cali, A Mr. Suge Knight will be missed by friends and family after suffering from a collision with a tree in a tragic snowboarding accident in Aspen.

        • Are you comparing Katt Williams to Richard Pryor?

          Katt couldn’t wipe Pryor’s ass on his BEST night.

          About the only thing those two will ever have in common is their addictions.

          And I agree with Anonymous.

          Katt ain’t big enough — literally or figuratively — to warrant anybody trying to “get” him.

          He needs to check himself in. Quick. And get off that stuff.

            • @ mama 21:05

              I didn’t post this with my short reply, because you seemed to be dead set against Katt, therefore I wasn’t trying to change your mind. It was bothering me that if you don’t know the facts, maybe there are still a few folk here at HSK who also are unaware.

              Please consider reading this piece:

              Did you know that Katt has one of the highest I.Q.’s officially certified? Did you know he was hand picked and removed from his hometo be trained for a special NSA program of disinformation spreading as a pre-schooler?

              And as Professor Griff said once, “if you doubt me as to this intel, you should know it was leaked by a white man.”

              I can tell you first hand mama, I had the privilege of meeting him, and when he’s off stage and not in character, you would think you were talking to the Dean of The Harvard Law School.

              See, that’s what makes this whole unraveling so scary and dangerous for him.

            • MY belief is that katt’s programmers were dealt with harshly for him even being able to get this far with his programming gone bad. Katt put up quite a fight for a long while, but after his last show and dvd I believe put out at in the middle of last year. Katt I believe was totally on rogue mode from his programming and told way! To much. Damage control needed to take place with him. Long story short all the crap we see in the news is a warning to Katt to rejoin his handlers and get’ rechipped’ or face certain death. Last I researched after his release last month he was taken away by armed ‘guard’. I’ll leave it at that

          • I disagree with you also Mama

            Anybody, in this society who can influence the ideas and thoughts of millions of citizens will always be monitored as a potential threat. If they stray too far off the reservation, then their access to their corporate owned media partners will be severely stifled…If they arent able to shut them down through limiting their media access, then they get what Tupac and Mark Clark got.

            • Not trying to argue.

              But if the system is going after comedians who are speaking the truth (and posing a threat in some respects) they should be knocking at Chris Rock’s door right now.

              He went in on just about every government agency in the US (I think) on Bigger and Blacker.

              Make no mistake, I know the government will target and black ball you.

              Dick Gregory told us that first hand.

              But, in Katt’s case, I believe his personal problems (drugs) are clouding his judgement and leading to his recent trouble.

              And, no, I didn’t know he was that smart/scholarly. And I don’t dislike him, per se.

              But it pains me to see yet another celeb, particularly a BLACK MAN, play themselves out by falling victim to the world system and not living up to their potential.


        • First two graphs of story:

          Comedian Katt Williams pulled a no-show at his Sacramento court date, Tuesday. Now, the there’s a $200K warrant out for the former comedian’s arrest.

          This news comes less than a month after Katt missed a previous court date, resulting in another previous arrest.

          • This sounds a bit slanted to me. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of the legal system(bookings, court hearings etc)knows that the defendant is seldom required to attend court in initial hearings to set court dates. Everyone with the where with all to have an attorney on retainer(and if anyone would, it would be Katt)
            never steps foot in court until the trial date, if in fact it ever comes to trial. Of course I am not referring to serious felonies, but that was not the case with the tricycle joyride.

            If there were a $200,000.00 warrant out for his arrest for a misdemeanor criminal mischief act, every bounty hunter in the US would be searching day and night for the little guy. I think you got a bit of your info from a suspect source. Shit, for 200K, I’ll fly out there and look for him my own dam self. jk

    • same thing happened to Tupac , which eventually led to his last and successful murder attempt.

      frivilous arrests, charges and lawsuits to defame his character and make him seem like he’s looking for trouble and then they finally lower the boom

    • Any black person who has the proper access to public airways and has name recognition is a POTENTIAL THREAT to the powers that be, should they ever wake up and choose to use their fame and name to turn over the applecart of the system of global white domination…

      Thats why they created the COINTELPRO program…To serve as a watchdog(BOULE’) to identify and neutralize and black spirit that may electrify and awaken the sleeping black Deities to their true current situation in this illusionary matrix.

      • Very true at that, it is a 3-fold approach with blacks, spiritual, mental and physical. They must keep us continued. The day we all wake up.

    • Yep, he’s being set with that crack pipe!

      Some shit ain’t a conspiracy folks. It is what it is.

      Katt needs help and denying that fact ain’t helping him.

      Didn’t Whitney, Michael, Jimi, Richard Pryor, etc. teach us anything?

  2. If someone like Katt Williams, if someone like Katt Williams programming ever completely breaks down and he get in front of million of people are says his Pimp Act is a silly degradation of women and then begins to tell exactly what goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood and is able to find true humor in it, then their whole system of Illusion(whats really going on behind the Wiz’s curtain) would be threatened and they would lose lots of money because God fearing and loving people would no longer support the demonic sickness of those who were formerly their favorite stars and favorite movie production studios and music distributors.

  3. “Truth” is subjective…THEY are going after Katt because he broke the oath and is telling what goes on in Hollywood and at the Mansion parties…Stuff that the public isnt supposed to be in on….Stuff like Jamie Foxx being a homosexual…Its bad for their business of illusion.

    • “telling what goes on in Hollywood and at the Mansion parties?”

      Are they doing anything in Hollywood now that they haven’t been doing for DECADES???

      • Electronic media has made it a small and a very informed world….The days of Rock Hudson being hidden in plain site (except for a few) is over.