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Antioxidants and Aging

October 26th, 2012

Antioxidants and Aging

Every Saturday HSK will again be publishing an article on diet, nutrition and general well-being, written by nutritional consultant and chef, Laura B. Leff. Know why? because a healthy body with a spiritual mind is a blessed soul.

It’s just a matter of time before we all look in the mirror one day and realize how fast our lives have flown by before us. But, wouldn’t it be nice to look into that mirror and say to yourself, “Damn. I’m looking and feeling awesome for my age”? Well, I have good news. There is a way to achieve that feeling of inner vibrant health, along with great skin, hair and an overall youthful look, no matter what your age.

Antioxidants, that term that is frequently capitalized on through marketing is actually all it’s hyped up to be. Antioxidants and youthfulness are like bread and butter, they go hand in hand. They literally stop oxidation in the body, hence the name, anti-oxidants. Oxidation of the cells in the body is what causes aging and dis-ease.

The term, antioxidant advantage, represents the benefit the body derives from being in a positive state of antioxidants. In other words, if one’s body has MORE antioxidants than it does free radicals–those nasty, unstable molecules that cause aging, tissue damage, and disease–it is able to fight off the free radical scavengers. This allows the body to stay healthy, strong and youthful, and fight off disease at the cellular level, which is what we want folks!

During the aging process, our immune systems slow down and become more susceptible to disease and disorders. If our bodies are not equipped with the correct balance of antioxidants, free radicals can attack our cells and eventually wreak havoc on our tissues and organs, and ultimately cause disease. Having an antioxidant advantage within the body will help to slow down the aging process.

Eating nutrient-dense foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans, fish, and lean meats, in that order, are the best sources of antioxidants. An easy tip for recognizing foods that are abundant in antioxidants is, the brighter the color, the more antioxidants. So, yes to the bright orange papaya, yes to the bright red watermelon, yes to the bright green spinach, yes to the bright orange melon, yes to the bright red strawberries, yes to the bright green avocado. Point taken? Eat your fruits and veggies!

However, it’s also important to be informed that just eating healthy food sometimes isn’t enough to reach the antioxidant advantage state. In certain cases, we need additional antioxidants. This is a dilemma because nowadays we endure exposure to air and water pollution, herbicides, fungicides, other pesticides and because our soil is no longer as healthy as it once was because of agricultural abuse. Therefore, it is best to eat as healthy as possible and on top of that, supplement with a high-quality, food-based multi-vitamin, and other supplements that may be specific to your individual needs.

No matter what your age, starting a healthy way of eating today and increasing the antioxidants in your body is going to be a huge advantage for your health, inside and out.

Here’s to healthy eating, feeling healthy and being youthful today!

Cheers & Be Well
Laura Leff, MS, HN

9 Responses to “Antioxidants and Aging”

  1. anonymous |

    great article


  2. Cynical Bastard |

    Good point on not being able to get all the anti-oxidents you need from simply eating healthy. For example, red wine has been heralded as a good source of anti-oxidents and other benefits, but the amount you would need to drink to gain those effects would make you an obese, alcoholic diabetic. For that reason, take those health claims with a little grain of salt, as a lot of times its nothing more than marketing to sell the goods.


  3. Bleezy |

    Need more articles like this on DOAHSK..


  4. Anonymous |

    Thanks for this article. I have started eating healthy and now have so much energy and I don’t feel bloated all the time like I used to.


  5. Lea |

    I have no problems with veggies but other than an apple once in a while or an orange and a banana every now and then I do not do fruits well…..never have even as a little one.

    I read it was best to eat fruit everyday and since I want to keep looking the best I can as I get older I will start out with the blue berries mixed in plain lowfat yogurt for a couple of days then hopefully move on to eating some type of fruit everyday. Great post as usual.


  6. truthbtold |

    Great article! I’m glad that I’m doing all those things without even thinking about it. I love fruits and vegetables. I eat lots of salmon and NO BEEF! love the way I look and feel. Nice clear skin-no wrinkles and no blemishes.But, I must admit that I do owe some of that to Philosophy products.


  7. Michele |

    I have been thinking about changing careers and becoming an anti-aging lifestyle coach due to my family’s autoimmune disease history and the life style changes I adopted post college so as to improve my health and quality of life . It has paid off for me and I have informally “coached” others for years (even my doctors asked for a handout so they could give it to their other patients) so I have begun drafting a business plan.


  8. wow very impressed |

    congratulations on this article. it shows that you really care about the people. we need more articles like this . at least every Saturday just like what you doing . thanks so much for choosing to make this investment .


    Anonymous Reply:

    Thank you for the kind words! I am happy that you are enjoying the articles!


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