Captain Antoine Fuqua Sails Red Rivers…


Antoine Fuqua is a Nasty Dude

No Life Vests On Board!!!

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting more information on director Antoine Fuqua, being a man who spreads his unprotected sex around — but he’s also said to not back down when his jump-offs are menstruating!!!

Here’s the drop:

“It’s true about Antoine Fuqua. He got it in with my friend for her part in training day. While she was on her period bare back at shutters hotel by the beach and all she got was a part as a waitress in the movie.

Antoine’s a real nasty dude.”


  1. Yea he nasty but what does that make your friend? Oooh I know! A nasty disgusting slore, who would fuck during her cleansing period. They both are heathens for their unsafe & unsanitary behavior.

  2. Yeah, as a woman I would have been to embarrassed to tell someone this story. Everything is wrong with it….he is a married man, you having sex with this stranger on your cycle, and you prostituted yourself out for nothing… stupid is she…she has the nerves to actually tell someone that story about that man….

  3. It’s nasty but it sounds like someone is jealous she didn’t do it to get the part(sic). Did she wish it was her? Why expose something so nasty on a blogsite…not called for. Eventually his wife will find out or maybe she ALREADY knows about his cheating way. Some women just like to have a title of “wife”.

  4. The chick did get the part so it wasnt for nothing. Also you dont get to choose what the worth is for another.

  5. don’t blame him. If the women have no problem sleeping with him raw even though they know he is married. they are just as bad him. It takes two to tango you know.

  6. A single person is not responsible or accountable for the upkeep of your marriage. It doesnt make sense to expect a stranger to care about YOUR wife/husband.

    • No, but it says a lot about they character (lack of).

      On her cycle, damn, where is the poster who always ends with “still wanna be a star”?

      • In this woman’s case her decision to sleep with a married director proves she is desperate for a come up and the “casting couch” has been known to work. Now, why the MARRIED director chose to sleep with her is a bigger reflection of character or lack of.

  7. Hello Jacky!

    He is totally disgusting. Such a pig.
    I only feel bad for all his kids.

    Wow!!! Sick-OOOO

  8. Glad I’m not married. Can’t trust your life with someone you dont have 24hr surveillance on. This is sick.

  9. OK Yes this is nasty. Now having said that, I think this is one of those black society/caucasian society “thinks different” things. I can tell you that white folks have sex 30 days a month period or no period. And it’s been that way before AIDS and waaaaay after til now. Maybe he indulges in the swirl too often and it’s affected his judgment.

  10. He is my cousin and what he does or doesn’t do is no ones business! IF he did it which he didn’t they are both adults. People love to hate on a successful person. Anyone can say they slept with someone it’s easily said but unless you seen or was in the sheets no need to talk.

    • Fascinating.

      And what a martyr poor AF is! He heretofore has demonstrated such love and fidelity!


    • Hello Char,
      You say you are Antoine’s cousin?? Then please relay this message to ALL your family members….Antoine not only is a SOCIOPATH, LIAR, who WHORES around with everyone MARRIED/SINGLE WOMEN…..But he has children with SEVERAL women….But that is not the worse part. ANTOINE FUQUA has a 28 year old son named Ryan! He never claimed this son! He ABANDONED his older son WHY?
      So go to ALL your family members and tell them about Ryan. It think its time your FAMILIA have a relationship with him.
      Now also do not protect your cousin because I NOW know everything about him and he is not what you think.

      Your cousin also is the father of my Roman 9yr old, a 7yr old little girl, and a 6yr old boy named Michael.