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AP.9 Speaks With Jacky Jasper About Coco Experience!

March 6th, 2013

“It’s nothing to even brag on, man. It was just some pussy to me, man. It wasn’t shit, she’s just a bitch that seen a fly ass nigga that she liked.” ~AP.9

HSK Exclusive – For the first time since the scandal that reportedly rocked Ice T’s love for Coco, you’re about to hear the drop straight from AP.9’s mouth. In this exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, the ‘Pursuit of Perfection’ rapper breaks down the week of events he says led to a steamy one night stand with Ice T’s wife — a situation which AP points out Coco has never argued. That’s because AP.9 explains not only did it really happen, but he’s got the lie detector test results to prove it.

According to AP.9, he and Coco shared an instant attraction from the moment they met. It’s an introduction he credits an unnamed ‘Ice Loves Coco’ associate for making happen — all before the eyes of Ice T’s own mother AND sister-in-law. Talk about ‘Law and Order’!

In this first part of a three-part audio series, AP.9 reveals it didn’t have to be this way. That’s because even after MTO snatched the images from social media, AP.9 says he told Coco he was willing to say they were just friends — but the fact that Coco ended up “throwing AP.9 under the bus” has led the rapper to tell it as it happened.

Here’s what AP.9 exclusively told Jacky Jasper:

“You could have just said we was friends, that I’m in the industry and you’re in the industry, and we took a couple of pictures.

Don’t degrade me though and talk about – ‘Oh he was a super fan, and where ever I went he had to be there, or he went there and ran up to me taking pictures’ –

Nah bitch, don’t play with me like that, I’m not that type of nigga!”

Take a listen to AP.9 tell Jacky the drop…

And, be sure to tune back in tomorrow — same HOT spot, with another exclusive HSK drop — when you’ll hear AP.9 reveal how many sex positions he and Coco performed in one night; how he says Ice T first responded to the scandal (while Coco was reportedly trying to call him during his conversation with Ice); and what he says Coco revealed to him about her lack of happiness in the home she shares with Ice T.

Stay Tuned…

Part 2

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26 Comments on "AP.9 Speaks With Jacky Jasper About Coco Experience!"

March 13, 2013

What happened when he was talking to Ice T. on the phone and AP.9 let him Know Coco was calling him on
his other line, after he (AP.9)said Ice said,”my wife would never mess with you”. Ap.9 said he put
Coco on three way for Ice to hear for his self,what
did Ice say after that is the question.


Kim kardashian
March 11, 2013

I can’t believe coco is that dumb! She took so many questionable pictures and she has a husband! I see a divorce coming!


Lucy Pearl
March 8, 2013

Definitely believe he posted sent the pics in to mediatakeout on his own. Go back and listen to that part, sounds tricky. Plus I didnt know who he was but when I did a google image search a few pics came up of him with other girls and he is like “can you guess what NBA wife this is”? UH I’m really still trying to guess who you are other than an attention whore.

I will say that they did look happy in the pics and he probably was going to keep in on the low, Coco does not appear to be the brightest star so she messed up, she messed up the money.

If Ice can sponsor Superhead surely Coco can rendevous with this Legoblock head dude.


March 7, 2013

She was either getting even or ice was setting her up so she will not get spousal support if they were to divorce. Who’s Playing who LOL????


March 7, 2013

laughing hard as heck at the comments…”strong face”, “puttie cat”, “leave a b*tch”…all equals, hilarity…





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