Are T.I. & Tiny Insurance Fraudsters?


Tiny's ATL Salon Fire

Blaze Plotted For Buck$?

Fire investigators are working to uncover the cause of a blaze that ripped through Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle’s Atlanta nail salon. It happened just before five o’clock, Monday morning.

Now, rumor is the incident may be all a part of an insurance scam headed by T.I. and Tiny. Don’t believe me.. Ask Alfamega.

Here’s what the fire Captain Sabrin Puckett had to say:

“Fortunately fire personnel were able to control the fire before the entire contents of the structure ignited, which would make it much more difficult to determine the cause and origin.”

No one was hurt during the blaze. The investigation is ongoing…


  1. They should conduct an investigation on Tyler Perry’s studio as well. That situation still doesn’t seem right to me.

    • Or in Tiny’s case, it wasn’t making any money. What better way than to recoup your investments? Anyway there will be no investigation. The fire department will give it some bullshit ruling, TI and Tiny will receive an insurance check (and probably break off the fire chief a little bit to keep it all on the hush), and that will be the end of the story.

      • You mean Tiny will recieve an insurance check…not T.I…its her salon no his. She put her own money into that salon and they plan on rebuilding in another location.

  2. They would not risk going to jail and losing their kids for something so insignificant. They did NOT do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL YEAH RIGHT, TI has been in jail HOW many times now?? And Tiny supports it by staying with her man throughout his idiocy in getting locked up over and over, illustrating to her kids that you should have no self respect and put up with an inmate loser as long as the money is right?