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Are You Still Eating Fat-Free and Low Fat Foods?

February 7th, 2013

Low & Fat Free Are Bad For You

On Saturdays HSK will publish an article on diet, nutrition and general well-being, written by nutritional consultant and chef, Laura B. Leff. Know why? because a healthy body with a spiritual mind is a blessed soul.

I would like to clear things up about fat-free and low-fat foods. The hype around these foods started in the 80s and it still has a bit of a hold in the food industry.

Fat isn’t good for us, right? Wrong!

The issue around these foods is that you are stripping away the fat, which is the main satiating macronutrient. Fat assists in sending hormonal signals to our brain to let us know that we are satisfied. What happens when those signals aren’t met? You guessed it; you keep on eating because you’re not satisfied. Psychologically people tend to think that they can eat more of the fat-free or low-fat products, but in hindsight, you end up overeating and the body stores those extra calories as fat in the body. Causing you to become fatter. Crazy, huh?

Additionally, when food manufacturers take out the fat, which is flavorful, they have to replace it with something to make up for the lost flavor. Hmmm..take a wild guess as to what they are filling these foods with; predominately sugar and sometimes man-made food chemicals, like fake sugars (splenda, equal and sweet-and-low), and these days they’ve added transfats.

The overindulgence of sugar is making our world fatter and fatter. It also plays a role in the diabetes epidemic of our country. A quote from WebMD: “More than half of all Americans may develop diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020, unless prevention strategies aimed at weight loss and increased physical activity are widely implemented, according to a new analysis”. Now, to be clear, sugar isn’t the only culprit to obesity and diabetes, but it is a huge, influencing factor.

So, why do these companies keep selling fat-free and low-fat foods if they’re not good for you and are actually doing the exact opposite of what they claim to do (help you to lose weight)? Well, I don’t think you need to be a rock scientist to figure this one out, but I’ll make it easy for you. It sells! It’s all about the benjamins! Therefore, I encourage you to reach for the full- fat/natural foods that satiate, satisfy and provide you with numerous health benefits; such as healthy functioning hormones, healthy skin and hair, and protection of cellular health.

Enjoy your food, eat slowly, mindfully and delightfully!

Happy Eating!

Cheers & Be Well
Laura Leff, MS, HN

12 Responses to “Are You Still Eating Fat-Free and Low Fat Foods?”

  1. Lea |

    I don’t eat too much of anything low fat or fat free but when I did I never could figure out why I wanted to eat more. Now I know why.

    I eat natural all the time now and have learned to eat small portions 3-4 times a day which keeps me from over eating and satisfied at the same time.

    Excellent article.


  2. 4real |

    Thanks, great to be exposed to this info on this site.


  3. PinkKitty |

    Avoid fat free and low fat. Never eat it. They don’t just add dewater to the item to water it down. The process of asking something fat free or low fat CID dangerous and strips the food of its nutrients.

    Skim milk and 2% milk are the worse! The “skim” is the part of the milk that has NO nutritional value what so ever!

    If you insist on drinking cows milk drink/ cook with whole milk, half and half or butter milk.


  4. WOW! |

    Hoping to eat healthier this year.
    Good info Ms.Leff.
    and useful information @PinkKitty. It is good to be aware of these things to avoid ailments


  5. Amelia |

    I love a low fat diet. Do not feel hungry and have lost tons of weight on them. Maintained the weight too. You don’t want “more” food either. If anything you’re more full because you’re able to load up on healthy things. Lower fat, lower cholesterol too. There is a reason people who’ve had heart attacks are put on low fat diets. They work and they keep you healthy. Nobody is saying fats are bad for you, too much of them that are not the “good fats” make you fat I don’t care what anyone says. For me, it’s true. I couldn’t do low carb diets because they kept me sick and hungry but lower fat was wonderful for me. Counting fat grams clicked for me.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Hi Amelia! Thank you very much for sharing your story and your insight on the article. I agree with you in that a lower fat diet may be of benefit to some people. I’d like to point out that we are all biologically different, so a lower fat diet may be a better option for some, rather than others. It also depends upon your lifestyle and exercise regimen.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to clarify that the article was more geared towards naturally, full fat foods that are then made low-fat or fat-free by food manufacturers. Those foods such as, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and chicken, which are naturally low in fat are most definitely a healthy choice.

    I am very happy to hear that you lost weight and have kept it off. That is a very wonderful accomplishment!

    Be well!


  6. EbonyLolita |

    Organic Non-GMO foods are more expensive but I’d rather pay for that NOW then $$ to cure diseases later down the line.


    Norman E. Mailer Reply:

    Me too!


    Anonymous Reply:

    Excellent point!


  7. OkaaaayyyyYah |

    Jacky, you were right on time with this one.

    Another thing that I’ve learned is how to make my own condiments from scratch.
    Ketchup, mustard, butter, mayo, dressing, etc.
    I’ve made it a personal mission to learn how to make as many food products from scratch so that I really know what I’m feeding myself & potentially my family.
    It cost way less to make & taste waaay better than the stuff you buy in the stores.
    The best part is no “secret” ingredients.
    So if anyone wants any recipes I’m more than willing to share!


    Anonymous Reply:

    How fun! Homemade condiments. Great for you and your loved ones! Keep up the healthy eating! :)


  8. Mrsshya |

    I experienced gall bladder probs because of a high fat diet. Trust me, that is a pain that no one wants to feel! It will make you a changed person. I went cold turkey, to a low fat, no fat diet & dealt with extreme hunger. I ful filled that by getting stuffed on rice cakes & pretzels because it kept the hunger away. I increased my fruit intake also. Unfortunately, due to a lack of feeling satisfied, I sometimes eat chips & dip or other foods that I prob shouldn’t. But I am not eating it like I used to. I’m not overweight either. Been thin all my life. Weigh 125 now, but the effects of a high fat diet is no respecter of lbs!


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