Arrest Warrants for Katt Williams Issued in Georgia


A Georgia judge has issued a pair of arrest warrants for comedian Katt Williams after an audio recording said to support allegations that he punched a man in the face, causes the case to resurface.

You may remember the incident happened back in November at Atlanta’s Four Seasons Hotel. That’s where the alleged victim, Merion Powers says he was meeting with Williams to discuss a debt he had with the comedian. Powers claims to have began recording what transpired at that meeting, after sensing it wasn’t going smoothly – by using his cell phone’s recording feature.

According to police reports, “Mr. Williams was on audio recording stating that he did physically strike Mr. Power’s once in the nose” and that Powers’ nose “did show signs of swelling.” But, immediately after cops investigated the incident, Katt was free to go home.

Now, there are active arrest warrants for battery and false imprisonment, against Katt.

A source close to comedian is saying that Powers was attempting to extort Katt with a musical recording the comedian made.

This is an easy call to make – I’m on Katt’s side. It’s obvious that low life nicca’s are trying to live off the pimp…that’s what untalented douche bags do. I have no doubt that Katt’s lawyer will prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, once they get before the judge. Don’t you agree?