Arsenio Hall Needs More Black People To Tune Into His Show!


Arsenio Hall Ratings Slump

If Arsenio Hall had his way … not only would ‘urban America’ tune into his late night talk show, “Jimmies” would be cut out of the game he once reigned. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Roland Martin, who Arsenio recently revealed his ratings slump to.

HSK broke the story … You’ll recall more than two-weeks ago, we were the first to report The Arsenio Hall Show could soon be heading to CBS’ chopping block. That was just two-months after Arsenio marked his comeback to late night talk television.

Now, Arsenio admits he could be a small fish swimming in Jimmy-infested water.

Here’s what Arsenio Hall told Roland Martin:

“It’s a crowded market. There are too many Jimmies in late night, and if urban America supports my show, I could survive in a crowded market.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Arsenio Hall came back to the late night circuit 24 years after he last debuted. Unfortunately, his newest talk show isn’t delivering as expected. Ratings have taken a nosedive after the show’s first week. Maybe it was nostalgia viewers were first feeling; longing for their favorite late night show from the ’90s. But that is not the show of today.”

Did Arsenio Hall put in a call to his ex-BFF Eddie Murphy, begging the comedian to pull through as a guest to boost ratings? Of course.. Just ask Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.

Arsenio Hall Show Canceled Again?


  1. I like Arsenio Hall newly rebooted show, but see the young adults in there 20’s may not like the show. Arsenio Hall may need to appeal to the skateboarders, the people who really like Rihanna, Kathy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne to name a few in order to pick up more viewership, sometimes change is hard, but sometimes it’s a must for survival especially in today’s entertainment field. Arsenio Hall may need consider putting his talk show on cable where he can have more freedom and say so on his show

  2. Arsenio is failing because he is bringing a early 90s show out in the 2010s.

    Society has changed, tastes have changed, blacks are even more integrated into the mainstream culturally than the 90s, and he isn’t offering anything that people want to see.

    Not to mention he looks like he has AIDs, very drawn and like a f*cking monster. In this HD age no one trying to look at his mug for that long.

    • So very true. I love Arsenio since Solid Gold but I am not trying to stay up late to see anybody’s show. He has to a attract the yungins.

    • eras have nothing to do with it. his show just f*cking sucked especially compared to the 90s version of the show. I gave that show many chances, and fell asleep while watching that show many times.

  3. Why is he blaming his failure on the Jimmies? Can’t he just take responsiblitiy that his show just sucks! It was great back in the day, but he’s doing the same thing he did then and hoping it would work today. The only thing that is funny about Arsenio Hall is the way he looks. His jokes are only funny to himself. And how is Eddie Murphy going to he with his ratings. Eddie Murphy is so yesterday. What has Eddie done lately? Not a damn thing. Arsenio need to just except the fact that is time has come and he needs to fine something else to do. Him and Eddie.

  4. Let’s be real he is not appealing to look at. His show was popular in the 90’s because the music was one of the best of times with no internet. Their isn’t good music any longer and we don’t have to check of the guest stars we already know what it going on with them we have the internet.Beside he is not funny or talented. He needs to checkout Jimmy Fallon show and see how he keeps it fresh.

  5. I haven’t had the chance to check out his show. But, I do hope everything works out for him. Times have Changed.

    Arsenio needs to keep his nose to the grindstone. He should be reading blogs to see what the public really want to see on his show.

  6. as a faithful watcher of arsenio’s previous show, i must say i tried to watch his new show, but the only word that comes to mind, is painful. he’s not funny, and he looks desperate. the monologues are the worst, and the bits he does with the audience only seem funny to him. i don’t know who he sits in the writer’s room with, but they need to get some edgier faces in there,stat. i hate to say it, but jimmy fallon’s show is much better, consistently. also, saw sherri shepherd on there recently. she too, was awful; she seemed unprepared. my sense is that some of his guests are not bringing their A game. and may i say this was the problem with eddie as well; it seems he only came on to promote his new music. really eddie? yall catch arsenio while you can; my guess is he won’t be around much longer. peace.

    • Totally! I used to love his show back in the late 80s early 90s, but Bill Clinton is no longer president. The world has changed, but Aresnio hasn’t. Heck, Fergusson and his skeleton are funnier and fresher than Arsenio.

  7. The problem is that he and his team tried to make the show exactly like the last one. Same type of set, stage, format, etc…
    What they should have done was have a performance based approach to the show. Build a more intimate set based around the acts that stop in. Have the acts open the show sometime and play along with the house band. Focus more on the talent that’s stopping in and less on a monologue and the silly games/skits they’ve been doing.
    All of this would’ve gone a long way to separate Arsenio from the pack. Bring ALL of the guests that you want to bring but focus the show around the talent that comes through.

  8. Arsenio needs to start calling/begging A-List black hollywood to be on his show. Call Beyonce, Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Kobe Bryant or Rihanna. Eddie Murphy and Sherri Shepherd are not good enough.

    • I don’t know about A-List, but seems like all he has is black guests. If you omit chase one demographic, your ratings will reflect it.

  9. its just dated and Arsenio needs new writers to give him better jokes. It can definitely be repaired.

  10. If Jimmy Kimmel show can stay on ABC, than Arsenio Hall Show should remain on the network as well. Jimmy Kimmel is not funny at all and is just too boring.

  11. Arsenio Hall should target a mature audience by getting old school entertainers to perform their old hits on his show. I am a mature audience member and I definitely have no interest in the guest performers on Arsenio Hall Show. Arsenio utilize your old school performers which will help boost up your ratings. Arsenio let your show stay out from the rest.

  12. Beyonce rhianna… They are black stars but i wouldnt tune in just to see them… i mean the show needs substance. i know the youth is gullible and stupid at times but is that all they want to see. i agree get rid of the dumb skits. he shOulda had a spanish sidekick a pretty lady or a young college student. he Needs a new stage more blacks and brown the blue makes it cheesy. maybe he needs to hire DONDA for visual genius lmbao….stop it

  13. Kudos to all my fellow HSK’ers above^^^^. Yall made some excellent points which Arsenio and his staff would be well served to pay attention to.

    I have caught his shows several times and it’s not awful…but I’m afraid that won’t be good enough to keep him on the air. But good luck to him, and I hope he can pull a rabbit outta his behind and somehow make it work.

  14. He should have hired better writers. I think most people tuned in the first week for nostalgia but the monologue is so lame. I’ve been DVRing it and have had to fast forward through it. He needs to sack his team and bring on more edgier risk takers because the writers he has now suck.

  15. He need to do a mixture show. Showcasing up and coming good new talent: some old school talent and interviews. Sort of like showtime at the apollo: star search and a johnny carson layout combined. people are nosy and may tune in just because. Plus the music scene sucks right now. He just need to take a page out of Ellens daytime talk show and apply it to his night time talk show
    in my opinion

  16. I guess im just ole school but i enjoy the show..he had Hill Harper on from CSI and it was a good interview and the comedians he had were funny…especially the show i forgot the comics name but he said Michelle Obama is Gansta!!….was too funny..

  17. I tried to watch the new show also, after being a faithful watcher back in the day. It was indeed painful to watch the same set, the same format, and the corniest monologue. If I can sit through a monologue with a straight face, the funny man ain’t too funny. I think Arsenio got this new show based on his appeal on The Celebrity Apprentice, and he got it twisted that the 90’s format would also work in 2013. Im mad that they promoted this show over 6 months in advance and when it finally got here, it left me like -___-

  18. Arsenio should have changed into a more relaxed attire. Lose the suit- Polo and Jeans maybe. He needed to have a super attractive british side kick. He also should stop with the star struck interviews. More skits using a in living color format would have saved him. Its 2014 not 1990… Big Difference.


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