Arsenio Hall’s Brown-Nosing His Way Back To The Biz!


Arsenio Hall Brown Nose

“I know that you [Arsenio] were heading in the direction of getting in my shit, so I thought I’d turn it around.” ~Madonna

It’s been about two-decades since Arsenio Hall was blacklisted by Hollywood for inviting Louis Farrakhan to appear on his show. Don’t believe me..  Just ask Kirk Franklin. Sources say the now 58-year-old black sheep of the biz is scrambling to make good with a list of his former talk show guests, who he previously blasted on his 90’s stage.

“La Toya was furious after Arsenio poked fun at her 1989 spread in Playboy. He butted heads with Spike Lee over comments Spike made about Arsenio’s pal Whoopi Gold­berg.”

Reports reveal Arsenio is now “pull out all the stops” — doing some serious celebrity ass-kissing. Know why? The “Coming To America” actor — widely known as Eddie Murphy’s ex — isn’t only gearing up for his television talk show comeback, September 9th … he’s in dire need of Hollywood’s celebrity circle saying yes to invitations to his second-time-around talk show stage. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Paula Abdul.

“I think she [Paula Abdul] is great, but really that’s the only blatant way I know how to get at you….Oh wait no, what about Eddie Murphy?” ~Madonna

Arsenio Hall w/ Madonna

Here’s what The National Enquirer is reporting:

“She [Madonna] teased him about his failed relationship with Paula Abdul, made fun of his hair and implied that he and Eddie Murphy were lovers. In return, an infuriated Arsenio insulted Madonna’s jewelry and implied she was having a lesbian relationship with Sandra Bernhard.”

Here’s what a source had to say:

“Arsenio was in no hurry to end those feuds. He’s been calling his old friends to smooth over any ‘misunderstandings,’ but he’s also having the show’s producers call their reps to book them. He has a lot of crow to eat before his show premieres.”

Are CBS execs insisting Arsenio get out there and kiss some ass to secure his spot on their network? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Leslie Moonves.

Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy Throwback


  1. Arsenio Hall is too old to be making a comeback. I don’t believe his show will last. Plus, if he has a hard time getting guests to appear, how can he succeed. Younger guests won’t relate to him and older guests are sick of him. He had a great show in the past, but he can’t recapture that magic this late in the game.

    • Hmmmm… You MIGHT be right but theres a huge void in black late night. Arsenio might be able to comeback if he has A++ production, great guests, does his homework (he was always a great interviewer) and can get top name music acts to come back to his show. (remember, he was showcasing black music acts almost nightly that had never been on TV). I think there’s room for him if he brings his A++ game.

      I dont think he can relive the “Whoop Whoop” days but “things that make you same hmmmmm…” segments would play as fresh still today. If he’s been doing standup and is still quick witted I give him a real chance of carving out a niche audience. It might not be a big as the old days but between TV, internet and mobile I’m sure he can make CBS money if they do it right. Boy’s got talent.

      • People seem to underestimate the loyalty of black people…I tuned in every night to AHS when I was a kid give the man a break already…why are people always so negative….jeez!

        • @Anonymous–It’s called cynicism. I think most of the people being ‘so negative,’ as you said, really want Arsenio’s new show to succeed, but the reality that there’s a big chance it won’t takes precedence, which results in said negativity. And judging from Arsenio’s ‘Brown-Nosing’ and underhanded (Read post about D.L. Hugely below) tactics, I’d say at least some of that negativity is justified.

  2. The fact that Bro. Arsenio had the balls to do what Oprah and all other scared Negros would never consider in a million years to piss off there slave master and possibly lose a few crumbs off the table. Puts him in a category by himself so at the end of the day if he got to do whatever he needs to get his spot back more power to him. I remember like it was yesterday they put some serious pressure on him to cancel the minister some stations moved the episode to a later time and some didn’t air it at all. As long as he was interviewing dead Negros with nothing to say then he is ok. But put minister Farrakhan on and all hell breaks loose. Don’t believe me just ask president Obama

    • Just FYI, Arsenio ‘s show didn’t get cancelled because of Farrakhan. It was known a fact that a good year prior his show wasn’t getting renewed. When Letterman went to CBS to compete against Leno, Arsenio ‘s ratings started to fall and he got lost in the shuffle .he knew his show wasn’t getting renewed. Having Farrakhan and James Brown singing “I’m Black and I’m Proud” in the final season of his show was just a “fuck you” to the establishment but not the reason for his cancellation.

      • I remember they kept changing the shows time slot. Some parts of the country the show aired at 1am.

    • Preach!! F that..AH took 1 for his race and that’s the damn truth….shoot I ain’t think they would never let him have another show!

  3. Arsenio booking Farrakhan was a living breathing example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

    There’s a damn good reason why career minded folk in showbiz won’t book the crackpot. I always felt AH was secretly ready to leave Fox, and having Louie on was just the ultimate Fuck You to the network.

    Arsenio is an okay dude, but he’s sick and it shows. Bad. When he was on Celebrity Apprentice he was embarrassing to watch because of his appearance. Poor guy. Still talkin bout all his “lady friends” like he don’t know that the whole world know he gay as Johnny Gill.

  4. I think Arsenio’s come back will be epic. There are no late night talk shows hosted by AA or really for then. AH is gonna give us LIFE and quench that Thirst. Hell I can think of at least 5 artist to perform and 20 celebs to interview already. Besides gay or not that man was funny as hell. I personally can’t wait for the show to air.

  5. I really dug Arsenio. I agree that he was a good interviewer, and I also agree that he should not try to resurrect the woof woof thing or the things that make you go hmmm. I don’t know if he can connect to the sweet spot demo of 18-34 year olds…and that’s really all the networks care about.

    • Right. The only audience checking for The Arsenio Hall show are 34+. Then again, when the season starts, I will have turned 35. Ah well…

  6. I wish Arsenio well. But, he had better get his lips ready for a long winter of puckering up.

    Kissing Asses and Taking Names to be guests on his show. He don’t won’t to be like Wendy Williams with the D list celebrity guests.

  7. IMO. Arsenio was perfect at the time. He kicked doors in and showed what was possible for a black host. They wanted him to fail but sent weak ass Pat Sajak to do their dirty work. Sorry but i think this ship has sailed. He also is gayer than a mint julip and looks like he has a mansion in Virginia. Just sayin. Hope hes alright and kicks ass but i doubt either.

  8. It’s a long shot. There weren’t that many avenues for black music at the time which is why his show was viable.

  9. The ironic thing about the infamous ‘Farrakhan’ episode is that if Arsenio wanted to have him on his show again (Unlikely as hell, I know, but just go with me here), there’d be little to no problem, as Farrakhan has apparently been bought and sold by the same establishment he’s decried for decades now. Things that make you go…Subversion.

  10. Farrakhan was not what ended Arsenio’s career. Arsenio had gotten to the point in his career where he thought he was untouchable (think OJ before 93). Everywhere Arsenio went people wanted to touch them hem of his garment and to be booked on his show was considered to be career gold (imagine his ego). Arsenio started to smell himself, and was throwing his weight around. Word around town was that he was being blackballed. Arsenio pissed someone off and the bookings dried up. He couldn’t book the California raisins after that. Subsequently, the show received word that it was being cancelled. Like many posters mentioned earlier, it was not Farrakhan’s appearance that did it, he was an after effect.

    I saw the guest list for Arsenio’s show for the next two weeks and let’s just say he better get some of these young rappers on show ASAP. And he needs to get his ass on Crenshaw and start passing out ticket to his show. Get the community involved via Twitter and you can’t mess up. His production should be young and hip, put them mothafuckas in the street. Get to work Arsenio.

    • The episodes of Martin when Tommy Davidson played “Varnell Hill” always reminds me of what Arsenio Hall became!! Full of himself! lol

      • @Anonymous 16:36–Now that you mention it, ‘Varnell Hill’ was definitely a parody of Arsenio Hall. I don’t know how I didn’t catch that before.

        • LOL I swear that EVERY TIME it’s on I say that had to be a take on “Arsenio”!! I’m not positive but if it was, it was VERY telling! And that episode was at the height of Arsenio’s career. About 93 or 94.

  11. ASSenio’s coon fest is going to air on TV-ONE. I repeat, TV-ONE. That says it all. he THOUGHT he was going network, he couldn’t even get a cable deal. So off to the shoe shiner he goes. I know him, he’s despicable, arrogant, a woman hater, and hater in general. Nothing about him is ‘real.’ He even hates Eddie, but stays up under him 24/7.

    No one will go on his show, but a bunch of ‘reality’ slores and losers. B/c THAT’S what level he’s on.

      • Thanks ASSenio for the comment. At the end of the day, it will be cancelled. I live in LA and it’s on TV One, period. That says it all. Not to mention NO ONE wants to be on his show. He’s the biggest shucking and jiving coon I’ve ever known. It’s distracting and uncomfortable to watch. The desperation literally SINKS through the TV, you should see him in person. It’s bizarre. And this is NOT 1987. It’s 2013 and ppl today have less patience for his antics. End of story.

    • I was just listening to DL Hughley’s radio show where he was talking about how Arsenio and his producers went behind his back and found out the guests he was having on his show so that they could be booked for Arsenio’s first. Then Arsenio would tell them that DL was going to trash talk them, leading them to cancel with DL. I may be out the loop here but when did DL and Arsenio have a show at the same time?? I’m thinking DL was talking about his tv show in recent years but then that would mean Arsenio had an unknown show around the same time.

  12. He looks so gay. He betta be fierce and have something to show for lurkin’ in Hollywood in entourages. Something to show, meaning knowledge and something new!

  13. “THE ARSENIO HALL” was one of the greatest things to happen to urban music in the 1990’s period, point blank, Arsenio featured some of the most talent artists of that time and I hope he is allowed to do it again, I will be watching

  14. Lightning Never Strikes Twice In The Same Spot.”That’s just Laws Of Physics and Science.Get my drift Arsenio.

  15. Well if he gets the show on and popping
    It would be really cool if he have Magic Johnson and his son on together for an interview
    That would be quite interesting to see

  16. GOOD GOOGLYMOOGy! Arsenio is very hard on the eyes! He looks like a long chinned woman with looong fingers.

    • lol

      …Which makes his crossdressing, deep-voiced woman role in ‘Coming to America’ even funnier.

      “…And your friend, too.”

      lol Again.

  17. He doesn`t look masculine , that`s for sure.But I think a bigger problem is——-is Arsenio even relevant anymore ? He`s about the same age as Steve Harvey who has a new hit talk show,but Arsenio isn`t as masculine as Harvey nor is he as relevant.Yet,somebody in Hollywood is willing to risk,finance and invest a lot of money in Arsenio`s new show.I just think that his brand of comedy isn`t relevant anymore and he`s going to have a difficult time establishing and getting a fresh new generation to relate to his played out comedy.

  18. When Arsenio won Celebrity Apprentice a couple of years ago, he got in good with the Donald.

    Donald Trump is helping him. The Donald did the same thing for Omorosa, I think her reality show was on TV One as well.

  19. Arsenio’s new show will be on the “CW” station in my neck of the woods and I am going to give him a chance. It will be interesting. I have faith in him being successful again.

  20. I think Arsenio will do well if he does what he did the first time around. Put musical guests on his show that people 18-35 want to see and Jay Leno won’t book. David Letterman does an ok job of booking musical acts but no one 18-35 wants to sit there and watch his corney material.

  21. I think Assenio’s Act is all played out. Back in the day he was fresh and interesting. Remember he dubbed his show” A Party At The Black Man’s House”! Not so much today.