ASAP Rocky Fights For Gay Rights


ASAP Rocky Pushes Gay Agenda

Hip To Be Homo?

Without ASAP Rocky’s efforts, people like Frank Ocean may not have come out. That’s because the Harlem native says not only is he no longer homophobic, but he’s a heterosexual hip hopper who has lent his hand in helping homosexuality in hip hop become hip. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jeremy Scott.

Here’s what ASAP Rocky had to say about the topic:

“We made it cool – I kicked down the door for kids that’s my age, older and younger, to be able to wear Jeremy Scott sneakers, rips in their jeans and not feel gay.

If you do certain things like snug fashion, high-end fashion, other things that’s not really in the criteria of the small state of mind of the urban community, you’re ‘gay.’
Different is ‘gay.’ Weird is ‘gay’ where they come from. But they’re slowly learning because of a guy named A$AP Rocky.

That shit ain’t gay. That’s just different. That shit ain’t gay. I’m a heterosexual man. I never been gay a day of my life. I used to be homophobic, but as I got older, I realized that wasn’t the way to do things.

I don’t discriminate against anybody for their sexual preference, for their skin color…That’s immature. Not only that, not only do I know the difference between that, but I’m wise enough to know that that’s just stupid and wrong, and I’m just trying to spread that to everybody. Yo, you don’t have to worry about what he’s doing. If he’s gay, that’s his business. Why does it matter? If you gay, why do you care?

I don’t give a fuck about gay people. I don’t! I don’t give a fuck about straight people. I don’t care. It don’t matter to me. I’m getting bitches, I’m getting money – not to get into my Hip Hop form, but that’s just what it is.

I’m just trying to set the bar that you can do what the fuck you want to do because the world is yours.”

Are fashion designer’s like Jeremy Scott using rappers to push their unisex style of clothing? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Russell Simmons.


  1. Agenda 69 Population Control – Normal is Wrong and Wrong is Normal-the kids would love it rebel little ones its normal try it out then ur dead lol multiply bi s and triple ur chances to die love you – NWO

  2. I don’t understand the fascination with people’s sexuality as of late. It is starting to become beyond ridiculous. If more people spent their time focusing on their own personal problems,the world would be a better place.Grown ass people are still acting like they are in high school. Grow up and live your own life. Then you wouldn’t have time to worry about it. End of the day even the most insignificant person deserves some type of privacy and respect.

    • Thats real! Quit pushing this gay agenda bullsh*t! How can something that causes AIDS and HIV more than intravenous drug use be cool to endorse. The number one cause of AIDS in women is heterosexual sex. If you gay, you gay. Get on bout yo business, leave the b*tches alone so they dont pass it to the men who are straight, not them down low homos!

  3. This guy is a wack rapper and he is gay,the gay mafia got to this peddle pusher pant wearing,40 ounce drinking nut!!!

    • this guy is sick fucking this coked out boy george looking whiteboy.

      worst thing a black man can do is let a white man fuck him in the ass they already think they’re better than us.

      rather see a black duded sleep with the ugliest fattesdt white girl thaN DO THAT.

  4. Most rappers are prostitutes and since most gays go for “rough trade”, it is a match made in heaven.

  5. I’m pretty sure asap is gay , getting paid or both because iits a lot of powerful openly gay people out there to push this agenda the only reason to use rockhead is to attack young black men and women that listen to him and get more confused I personally don’t care who likes who but they are pressing this issue snug clothing is not for men why are they consiststantly trying to get black men to dress in women’s clothes and call it a new style. I’m awake ru

  6. Funny thing is he is talking about ppl just like y’all. You think everything is gay. Nothing in his statement says “I’m gay”. Everytime a black person don’t dress a certain way or talk or carry himself like a black person is “supposed” to do then other blacks think you’re gay. It’s a very narrow-minded and ignorant way of thinking.

  7. SO ASAP ,should we call you rocky,or kimmy,cause who ever named you after the god mc rakim,must of been drinking mad 40,s with lots of spit!!!!

  8. I knew the minute I saw him riding the handlebars while another man peddled with both of them shirtless, he was gay… Don’t be fooled. This is just another advertisement for Crowley’s ” Do what thou wilt” doctrine.

    • I agree Asap rocky is a gay satanist just like Crowley. He’s also sponsored by a satanic clothing company Black Scale who use the teachings of Crowley. Hell i even saw Jayz wearing a shirt with “Do what thou wilt” on it. I am scared for these young kids that start dabbling in these thing they truly know nothing about.

  9. And there are a lot of brain washed and confused people such as urself out here in this world.
    Since when does a person become a phobic whatever because they dont agree with a lifestyle or have a different or varied opinion?
    If u ask me, the greater picture painted is the gradual taking away of our
    freedom of speach and opinion.
    And its mighty funny how
    u cant speak out against gays, but people can call each other niggas freely now and constantly push the negative stereo type of african americans freely.
    If u dont believe me ask George Zimmerman.
    Thats y they r winning because they have something we dont have anymore which is UNITY and an identity which sadly and rarely we dont
    possess anymore.

  10. all these gay supporters are gay themselves or might as well join the bandwagon it’s like supporting a thief robbing a bank or a store they’re all guilty.

    as for crowley’s doctrines crowley paved the way for the rock generation to have sex with men, wome, and children and hollywood followed all of crowley’s biggest disciples were trysexual like he was.

    david bowie
    hall and oates
    rolling stones
    jim morrison
    janis joplin
    elton john
    ozzy osbourne

    all these musicians were into heavy drugs, witchcraft, sorcery, and bisexual love triangles.

    l ron hubbard was a crowley follower and was into bisexual satanic orgies with men and women and created his own religion just so he could make money.

    if he was alive right now he would laugh at will and jada’s dumb asses and any black person who joined his church.

  11. So we are deleting comments now.. Like I said I dispise and disagree with religion does it make me scared if It… Noooo just because we don’t agree, condone or like homosexual activity does not mean we are scared of gays.. Unless they are walking around with a loaded gun waving it in the air or a machete I am not scared…