Ask Jacky… Does Perri “Pebbles” McKissack Have a Secret Lovechild?


Pebbles Love Child Tian

Hey Jacky,

Do you know Pebbles? The singer Pebbles?

You should do an article on her son Tian, the one that she doesn’t pay attention to because she’s too busy spoiling her other two children. Well we all know Pebbles was married to LA Reid from 1989-1995, but we never really knew why they broke up. Rumor is Pebbles slept with a man named Chico Valentine in late 93′ and had his son in early 94′.

Now in her early days it was said that she used to get around alot, being a fan of hers I didn’t believe it. But now I do. You should look more into it. All I know about Pebbles lovechild is, he’s 18, he looks just like her, his name is Tian Mckissack. He’s from Oakland, California.

I hope you look into it and get back to me. Sorry I couldn’t attach a picture!

Perri “Pebbles” McKissack founded her WOGCL ministry, back in 1998. To followers of “Women Of God Changing Lives Through Christ“, she’s known as ‘Sister Perri”. That’s why she no longer partakes in the entertainment business. Don’t believe me.. Ask her spoiled ass son, Aaron Reid.

With that said, in regards to your question, If Perri “Pebbles” McKissack does has a lovechild, I’m sure she’ll claim the young man because it’s the Christian thing to do. Then again, I’m getting word Prince – who also found religion, as a Jehovah Witness – is reported to have once fathered a lovechild, who looks just like the “Purple Rain” singer. Sadly, insiders say the purple one’s now grown son is a known crack addict living in Rock Island Illinois. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jesse Johnson.

I’ll look into this Pebbles lovechild report, and get back to you…

Yours truly,
Jacky J.

Pebbles & Chico Valentine Son Tian



  2. Since Pebbles WAS a prostitute in Oakland prior to her singing career, this is probably true, the girl did get around….and around

    • yeah, she was. she fooled around with joe broadnax a legendary factor from north oakland from that felix mitchell lil d era. that was the guy who first gave her career a boos and plugged her with the lawyer that she dogged and sent to the poorhouse to get the record deal. she dont deny this kid and he dont run around town broadcasting that pebbles is his mom either. it’s one of those if you know then you know situations. even after her and la broke up he still maintained her lifestyle. he was already p[aying for her oldest kid ashley reid which really wasn’t his and of course breaking the bank for his own son but he wasn’t going to support this kid right here, so this kid grew up with relatives, but was taken care of by his mother

  3. another thing about the tian kid is he was born a reid and la reid’s name is on his birth certificate as the dad. but there was never a question as to who his dad was.

  4. this is completely false. this kid is not perri’s son. i know her personally and i confronted Tian. he denied the rumor and even admitted he wasnt the one spreading the rumor. i can post the whole conversation

    • thats odd because several of her direct relatives, uncles and nieces have him listed as nephew/cousin. and you just happened to know her (she’s damn near 50 and lived atl for over 20 years) and a an 18 year old kid in oakland thats no kin to her. yet you happen to know both of them. her personally and him to the point where you can confront him? you need more people

      • That’s the exact same thing I was saying. Perri’s brother Craig’s daughter and his son Devon have him listed as cousin.! I just wonder who his daddy is though. Hmmm

  5. Hell’ whathcha waiting on!!! Post it! We wanna see it!! Thanks for the tea, Majesty!

    Then who’s got the 411 on Prince’s alleged kid? I gotta go make some popcorn for this one….

  6. FYI,Pebbles DISCOVERED TLC,once they got big,they sued her ass to get out of their management deal with her.

  7. Majesty
    Tian I don’t know what the hell your problem is but u better get it right asap! U are NOT related to Perri! U are NOT Ashley’s Brother u are a fucking maniacal obsessed fan! If u reach out to anyone else in the family we will prosecute u to the fullest extent of the law! I can and will FIND U!!!!! This is your final warning!

    May 21 Tian Mckissack
    First off i never said i was, people ASSUME that i am just because my last name is Mckissack. Tell people to get their facts straight before they start assuming stuff. Why would i lie about something stupid like that?? I have a mom and a dad idk who ever is telling you this is dilusional.

    May 22 Majesty
    Nah nigga I read where YOU said this is my dog remo, and where YOU said she was ur mother under a picture comment. YOU are dillusional. If u contact her again or ANYONE in the family u will be prosecuted!

    May 22Tian Mckissack
    (y)*thumbs up* koo

    May 22 Majesty
    Don’t get smart wit me u bitch ass nigga!! U aint slick! U hid ur photo album so no one can see ur lies!!! U are mentally sick!

    May 23 Tian Mckissack
    ??? All i said was kool. And im mentally sick? Please , and this is coming from a guy who is cursing every sentence. Im just gone say this. Believe what you want to. Bye

    • You know this young man well enough to confront him? Not even possible because first he does not curse and he would not respond to ignorance. If you really want to “try to make him seem unreal” than you need way…………….. more facts than that. Not buying that. We need to really get some info on this kid.

      • no i dont know him well enuff to confront him but at the time perri and i were seeing each other so i confronted him on it. and everything i posted was directly from Tian. all i did was copy and paste the facebook converstion. i don’t know this dude and have no reason to make this up. it is what it is. the truth will come out someday somehow.

  8. perri and her family is aware of this kid but he is NOT related to her. she’s a real cool person who would never NOT acknowledge a child. anyone that REALLY knows her knows how much she loves her children. they are a wonderful family. these malicious rumors need to stop

    • I remember this being LA Reid’s son not Pebbles. We all claim kids that r not really ours. She might of had her share of hoes up pimp down days but why is this so damn hard to believe. Do some more research

    • i stand corrected. i have to retract my statement. after speaking with Tian on the phone and hearing HIS side of it. I believe him. he is her son. he knows inside stuff that only family would know

      • You talked on the phone with him? Go ahead. Tell us what he said!! My opinion is that this kid needs to move on. Shes never going to admit it. Even though we all know he is it doesn’t matter to her!! Shes over it so he should be too

  9. Majesty, you’re so off point. Firstly THAT IS Pebbles child. The interveiw he did put all her buissness on blast. He calls a woman named Phadrea mom because shes married to his dad!! His last name is Mckissack and he lives with Craig (Perris brother)!

  10. Oh yeah.. This case.. its been going on for years. He doesn’t even talk about her. If you ask him he will say “Maybe what you’ve been told is true. Maybe it’s false. I know the story, so does my dad and close friends. She can disclaim me all she wants. Thats still not gone stop me from the telling fucking truth” According to a new tweet directed to Pebbles

    • I saw that tweet, all i could do was laugh my ass off. Pebbles didnt even say anything back, but she do be dissing him too. that shit is just wrong. He is a little cutie!

  11. He’s so cute. I used to live down the street from him when he lived in Oakland. Pebbs is his mom people. She would pick him up from school on almost every holiday break. Nice person with a good kind heart. Even though I’m a little older than him I had the biggest crush on him. Memories…

  12. This story always made me wonder.
    Boss p is right, its one of those if you know you know situations and here its all true. That boy was just a baby when someone first came up with this story, first they said he was adopted but around 08 He did one interview (with his dads supervision). I have to admit hes a very good procrastinator. Everytime the interviewer asked was Pebbles his mom or anything about her he would look at his dad and skip the question. I need to find the interview again.
    I truely believe that’s her baby. Pebbles gone head and step up and be a mother

  13. thats her kid. her daughter Ashley talks to him all the time always saying “lil bro” or “baby”. i know that kids dad is not la reid.

  14. Awwwwwwe this is the baby? That interview was on youtube but the person deleted the account. He was always so handsome. Love it. Look more into it Jacky we would love to know

  15. all i can say is Perri herself has told me that this kid is NO relation to them. that message i posted was a conversation between Tian and I. he flat out said Perri is not his mother. However I will say this…IF he really is her child it’s sad that she’s denying him. More than sad its disgusting if it’s true. especially since she CLAIMS to be woman of GOD

  16. Heyyyyyy I saw him at a club one night. Pebbles was a prostitute right? Well she passed that on to him. He was giving the D to every little girl that walked by. Smh.. this “woman of God” needs to control them kids!!

    • completely not true! lol…i am NOT sister perri. i assure u. i’m just someone who knew her briefly. im just telling u what she told me directly. but i have to admit my opinion has changed. I spoke with tian thru fb again and i apologized for coming at him so aggressively. what he said to me made my eyes fill with tears. i hope for her sake she has prayed for forgiveness (assuming this is true)

  17. I know Tian. (Well I knew him ) one thing he wouldn’t do is lie. After talking to him my heart melted. So much charm and respect. Whoever raised him did a very impressive job. I’m 30 and I’m not the one to cry.. but he just did something to move my spirit. Bless this kid and the family. I hope Pebbles knows one day that she missed out on a great kid.

  18. damn he has loads of hair. Here’s the real story. This is from a direct conversation me and Tian had
    Me:So is Pebbles your mom? I know this is direct but please write back
    °two days later°
    Tian: yes ma’am.
    Me: I would love to do a blog on you, I would like to know your story please
    Tian: basically its like this. She gave birth to me. I haven’t seen her in 4 years. Almost 5. Email me. Ill tell you more. But why would you do a blog on me…?
    Me: emailing you now.
    I’m going to be posting the real whole story very soon. Its very sad..
    I think I cried so much my eyes hurted

  19. i believe 100% that Tian is her child. she is a manipulative liar. Pebbles is a lying, cheating, gold digger. how she lies and deceives these dumb dudes is crazy. she has a horrible reputation. she is not a former hooker she STILL IS a prostitute. anyone who sells her body for material gain is a HOOKER. she hides it well behind the church and her fake ministry.


  21. I knew his face looked familiar! He used to date my daughter for about 2 years. I had no idea how hard he had it :(!!! Aw I feel really horrible now. What a great kid with a beautiful soul.

  22. Poor kid.. but you have to think about something. Pebbles mustave had a good reason to hide him. No mother would do that. Maybe its because she didn’t want him to be exposed to that lifestyle. Maybe it was her way of doing the right thing. We’ve all messed up.. give her a break.

  23. this lil boy looks like his mama. Oh lord. Sister Perrier come on now. You cant deny this one. Those tattoos are not really appropriate though. Especially for him at this age. Smdh

  24. He can sang!! Not sing but sang!! Its a difference.
    Atleast he got something from whorbbles oops I mean pebbles

  25. Cute kid, we know he’s not LA’s. Chico valentine was pebbles back up dancer- childhood sweetheart. that could be his daddy forreal. this isnt very shocking to me. She acts like her daughter is a secret too

  26. ” April 26 1994 Perri Alette Mckissack now Perri Pebbles Shafferi had young son Sabastian Peyton Valentine Mckissack also known as Tian Mckissack with her High-School sweet heart Chico Valentine Vasquez. Now Perri was only 29 when she had this young man, keep in mind she already had two children at the time. Ashley was 11 and Aaron was 5. Pebbles was unable to take care of him because she was actually going broke. And with all the media affairs going on she didn’t want him to be raised in a situation where he had to be left without the things he actually needed.
    She let her brother Mac adopt him because he had a better living condition and also he would have been closer to his father and his 10 other siblings. Although he didn’t live with Perri she did take care of him, as in sending him money and those type of things. We don’t know if it reached him, he says he hasn’t seen money from Perri. Its 2012 now and as far as we know. Tian doesn’t want anything to do with her. Perri is trying to mend their relationship but shes doing all she possibly can”. Sabastian “Tian” needs to be a man and atleast try to mend their relationship.

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that’s Sabastian Mckissack!! Im sitting up here thinking damn who the hell is this. Damn he is really big now. Looking just like pebbles. Perri and Tian (Sabastian) really need to talk….

    • all of this SOUNDS good but is NOT the case. Tian hasn’t spoke to her. and she has NOT send him anything. the reason she hid him is because he was conceived by another man while she was still married to la reid. secondly her daughter ashley is not from the man george smith. she pinned it on him. ashley’s father is chris winzor

    • I swear. Who this chick think she is telling him to be a man. Hes a damn lil boy who just turned 18. Only time ive ever seen him with pebbles when she lived in Atlanta and he ti her ministry. She was not to happy about that. What a parent

  27. So who is taking care of Sabastian (I’d rather call him Sabastian than Tian)? Is it her brother craig or mac? and why the hell is he “Smoking weed” and “Making bongs”.. smh the things these kids do these days. A good ass whooping would be good to him.

  28. Perri is a good friend of mine. I have no respect for her anymore. None at all. Sabastian is indeed her son. She always talks about her children, even Sabastian. She has nothing but negative things to say about him. Its always “hes just out of control.” Or ” what was I even thinking sleeping with his dad”. Ive met Sabastian many times, he actually works for my son Bryan at his Tattoo and Piercings shop. Hes such a down to earth young Man with some extremely raw good fresh and beautiful talent. I know my word wont change her mind, but maybe if she sees how much he wants to actually get to know her she’ll give him a chance. As much as she used to cry because she wanted to see her baby she should.

    • well i have tian as a friend on facebook & his name is “Tian Mckissack” i mean is that the real tian or is that a fake page because i txt him & he tells me he lives with her & they talk so thats kinda weird ..

        • I know i was just reading the article & i wanted to see if it was true ; i dont know this boy and i dont have him on facebook nor have his number, i was just curious.

  29. pebbles is a disgusting excuse for a mother. she should have been born without a womb. how could a mother turn her back on her child? there is NO excuse. she has no idea how hurt her son is. thank god he is strong enough to cope. i think it’s him that doesn’t want the world to know he is the son of a whore. and a lying wanna be minister

    • But… she did say ” I value all of my children. We have differences and we don’t always get along. I love all of them forever”. She never put out that she has three children. If she did, her whole life would be ruined.

  30. What the hell is this disgrace? My brother is NO secret. Learn the story before you try to twist his life around. seriously this just isn’t cool at all…..

    • He obviously is. YOUR mom fucked HIS dad so she should take responsibility of her actions. If she didn’t want a damn baby she should’ve used a condom. Its as simple as that. Your brother is living with your uncle because your mom chose that life for him..

      • Look’ im not going to argue with you because were both grown obviously. You dont know my brother and Sabastian does not know you either. All of his problems have been taken care of and as far as im concerned hes in good hands.

  31. WOW! I never knew that pebbles had three chilren. This is a total shock t me. She ned to be ashamed of herself to clam that she is a child of God and a preacher.

  32. Man fuck pebbles. She had Tian crying his eyes out. I didnt know that it was that hard. She should be a damn shamed. Tian dont cry over her baby. She dont deserve the great and respectable young man you already are

  33. Pebbles should be ashamed. She mad her own son BAWL on a social media site to get the truth out. I was crying my damn self. The things he would do to himself, he kept drawings from when he was a kid on mothers day.. Sad

  34. Tian is a gangbanger like seriously. My kids look up to this young man for some strange reason. What he really needs is some punishment because getting kicked out of the whole school system and smoking weed is the things that he does. I DONT WANT MY KIDS INFLUENCED BY THIS. Pebbles control your kids.

    • No control your kids boo. Tian has nothing to do with your children. If he smokes weed. Let him smoke it! If he gang bangs let him. And if he got kicked out of the school system so what. He damn near ready to graduate.. What im saying is leave Sabastian aline because im pretty sure he went through some hard times, much harder than any of us or thepeople making fun od him have.

    • Im sitting over here dying at these comments. Well its been so many people telling me to come look at this blog, after about a week of struggling I just had to see all the crazy stories. My nigga I dont know you. How the hell perri gone control me? I dont stay with her. Wtf. Why is my baby sis and bro in this? Theyre 13!! What my aunt did with my dad is their buissness not yours or anyone elses. I was just speaking the truth. Half of these stories arent true. Believe what you want to though.

    • And if I influence your kids then they need to be control. I get money how I get it.. I aint ask them to look up to me! Shit

      • Tian people are going to express their opinion no matter what the truth is. I understand you don’t like people talking about you and your family but some people dont care. I’m sorry about your father passing away. My heart is with you your stepmother and your siblings. Hope to hear new music from you soon. – quen

  35. I inboxed this link to Pebbles daughter. She said thats her brother and hes no secret. They do talk. Sabastian is living with his mom.

    • It was said that pebbles messed around with those Debarge boys. So did her sister. You see their kids have the same names (Bobbi and Chicoco). Maybe it’s just a strange coincidence but Bobbi, Chicico, Tian, Bobbi and Chicoco are all close. They, Bobbi( Debarge) and Bobbi (Vasquez) are deffinatly sisters which would mean the Debarge and the Mckissack kids are deffinatly related. They are sister/brother but they are all cousins too. Like the Jackson kids but way more stable.

      • You missed something. Tian’s dad is related to mama Debarge. So him and the Debarge kids are cousins. Chico and El are close like brothers. Perri’s sister didnt know they were related. So Tian, Bobbi, Chicoco, Bobbi Debarge,Chicoco Debarge, and Kirianna are all cousins/brother and sister.

  36. First off ashley why would you come on a blog and defend your whoreish mother? Sabastian is a CHILD who doesnt have a mother. He’s in highschool and he doesnt live with his mom or dad. It’s hard for this kid and he wants the truth out. I befriended him on facebook, he acts like any other teenager. Good kid bad fam

    • what is his name on facebook because i have a friend on facebook named “Tian Mckissack” but idk if its the real him because he told me he lives with her .

      • If he says he lives with his mom he isnt talking about Perri. He’s talking about Michele Valentine-Vasquez. His stepmother. Although since Perri is pregnant she wants herself and him to be closer.

  37. 1994 I remember seeing Pebbles. This was around November. The boy was with her. I was in New York with my close friends and I know I screamed her name 10 times and she looked back every single time. She was not with LA. This guy was Hispanic maybe even a little Indian looking. She was very motherly toward the baby. It couldn’t have been her oldest son. It had to be Tian. Jacky, look more into the case. We all want to know

  38. Pebbles be lying!!!! And if she a preacher why is she saying “im pissed as hell” no boo. And why is she coming bk to secular music in 2013……

  39. This is my baby cousin with his crazy behind! Some of yall stories are invalid like a mf. Sabastian is Perri’s but Craig was the one who didn’t want Perri to see him. Craig raised T like his own and he didnt want Perri getting in his head and forcing him to live with her. But her little plan ended in tears, blood being shed, cursing and fussing and kicking and screaming. Perri and Craig basically fought over T. The only way Perri was going to see him again was if she took him for good and didnt bring him around the family anymore. Nana wasn’t going to let her do that.

  40. Tian told me himself these exact words ” Yeah my dad is dead but that bitch could give a fuck in a half. She moved her ass back here to Cali just to fuck with me. Thats why im leaving and going to Los Angeles.” I asked him what she said about his dad, he said ” all she said was my condolences BITCH TF A CONDOLENCE GONE DO HE DEAD”!!
    His little sister Bobbi was going in on Perri too. All I could do was sit with an open mouth. These kids have NO father, Bobbi and Chicoco Jr’s mother is Perri’s sister, Gennifer, but whats going on with this family. So what are Bobbi and Chicoco Jr to Tian his brother and sister or are they cousins? Ew

  41. I heard Pebbles is pregnant AGAIN. Shes flaunting it all on facebook. Pictures of her new husband, Excel Sharrieff, kissing her stomach. This will be baby number 4. Wow lets just hope she doesn’t neglect this one too.

  42. A blogger did this story a little bit before you did. He had a picture of Tian’s , whose real name is Sabastian, birth certificate. On it states that Perri Allette Vasquez and Chico Valentine Vasquez are the parents. Perri and LA were over by the time she had Sabastian . She was married to Chico for atleast 8 months. Chico was known for being a “hot boy” and Perri knew it. They divorced in January of 1995. Notice Tian has a tattoo if 1995 with a broken heart on the side of it. He felt as if it was his fault they broke up.

  43. Is it possible that Tian could be El Debarge’s son? Firstly, he puts pictures on twitter with El’s son and says “#brothers #Smokingthatloud” not to mention him and El back in 2011 when El tweeted “A night with my boys El JR and Lil El” the picture he put up was if his son El Jr and Tian obviously not aware of the camera and they were smiling at someone. Maybe thats Pebbs and El’s baby. Jacky you need to check on this story!!!!!


  45. Congratz to this young man. He married a woman and they already had a two year old daughter, Kayleen Elizabethe Mckissack. Thats good, im proud and I dont even know him.

  46. Part of this story is wrong. I’m related to Perri and Sabastian. I was there with Perri when she had Sabastian. His dad was NEVER A DRUG DEALER. He was a doctor. Sabastian lived with Perri up until he was 2. She let Albert,Mac, adopt him because she decided to move to Atlanta again. She sent him money but instead of his father giving it to him he used it for family uses. Sabastian has various reasons for not “loving his mother” but the reason he really doesn’t associate with her is because she wouldn’t let him live with her. Just stating facts.

  47. 1st of all Perri is NOT pregnant she is almost 50 yrs old. 2nd of all tian does NOT live with perri’s brother in atlanta. 3rd of all why are u people giving relevance to a former hooker who marries for a living? she has absolutely NO human emotions. she is mechanical. she lies, uses people, manipulates them into marriage and moves on when she has sucked everything out of them. Hell has a special plae for her in the vip section at the right hand of satan!

  48. I don’t care about Pebble’s kid. I want to know about Prince’s kid. There have been rumors for years that Prince had a kid. Why hasn’t he had anymore? I know there was a lot of mystery around the one who died right after birth, but why no more kids?

  49. Tian is fraudulent & delisional!! He is not related to us! He is an obsessed superfam and needs to get his life QUICK!! He & the fake Perri Pebbles Sharrieff wil be prosecuted! This entire story is a lie from top to bottom. I am a family member & I know quite well all parties mentioned other than the liar – Tian who sounds ridiculous if you read his comments. In one moment he speaking first hand saying he is her sob, then when confronted says he never said it. How ridiculous do you sound!!!

    This is th type of stuff that is hurtful and very uncalled for. Pretending to be someone goes way beyond admiring them – what he and his sidepart the fake Perri Sharrieff are doing is identiy theft – PERIOD!!! and they will be dealt with!

  50. Somebody please tell me, who is Ashley Reid’s real daddy? It’s not L.A. and Ashley don’t look like Michael or Felton from Confunkshun. If she’s not George’s child, and not Otis Nixon’s child, then who is this child’s father? They act like they are scared to name the children after their real daddy because they weren’t famous or rich. Ashley looks like a real stuck up chick too.

    • Perri A Mckissack
      Age: 18
      Est. Birth: abt 1964
      Spouse Name: Auteria W Winzer
      Spouse Age: 25
      Est. Spouse Birth: abt 1957
      Date: 29 Nov 1982
      Location: San Mateo

      Ashley Victoria Winzer
      Birth Date: 29 Jan 1983
      Gender: Female
      Mother’s Maiden Name: Mckissack
      Official Public record and type in Winzer, A) and possibly a sister or other relative named Yolanda which matches with some Louisiana info on Winzers I found. While he has a wide knowledge base in music, claims to play drums and several other instruments…..He seems to thinks he will become the next Quincy Jones in music and claims to have collaborated with several contemporary and legendary Jazz artists. He even claims to have written music for people like Howard Hewitt and been married to Pebbles (Perri McKissack) and has a daughter with her named Ashley. Her daughter’s last name is Smith…’s possible but she could have been adopted or something over the years but I have a feeling this is another rejection issue in Auteria’s life. The only area I found any info on him whatsoever that was associated with music was and old article where he did some work with the late Sylvester….Yes ladies and gentlemen… the very gay Sylvester…which turns me to the consideration that he may be gay. Auteria really went on an escapade with talk about his musical involvements and career. He claims his career is on hiatus while he works his business with what he calls WahLeeWorld or some variation of WallyWorld. But the reality is that he’s just a contracted security/network manager for Sun Micro. He claims to one day return back to the muBirth County: Alameda

      Auteria Winzer
      Estimated Birth
      Official Public record and type in Winzer, A) and possibly a sister or other relative named Yolanda which matches with some Louisiana info on Winzers I found. While he has a wide knowledge base in music, c
      play drums and several other instruments…..He seems to thinks he will become the next Quincy Jones in music and claims to have collaborated with several contemporary and legendary Jazz artists. He even claims to have written music for people like Howard Hewitt and been married to Pebbles (Perri McKissack) and has a daughter with her named Ashley. Her daughter’s last name is Smith…’s possible but she could have been adopted or something over the years but I have a feeling this is another rejection issue in Auteria’s life. The only area I found any info on him whatsoever that was associated with music was and old article where he did some work with the late Sylvester….Yes ladies and gentlemen… the very gay Sylvester…which turns me to the consideration that he may be gay. Auteria really went on an escapade with talk about his musical involvements and career. He claims his career is on hiatus while he works his business with what he calls WahLeeWorld or some variation of WallyWorld. But the reality is that he’s just a contracted security/network manager for Sun Micro. He claims to one day return back to the muBirth County: Alameda

      Auteria Winzer
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1958
      Estimated Age: 16
      School: Skyline High School
      School Location: Oakland, California
      Year: 1974

  51. Man Peb is fine and my girl but she swallowed for and married ol cracked out Otis Nixon! UGH! I know he had her on her knees all day every day! Seems like she did get around with a lot of dudes but then again a lot of trolls on this board did too. They just not famous like Peb.