Ask Jacky… Does the R&B Singer Joe Abuse Chics?


Singer Joe

Hey Jacky:

What info do you have on the R&B singer Joe. Is he an abuser of women?

I was introduced to this Japanese girl who goes by the name Mai sometime last year and I printed a story about her smashing R. Kelly and his homies and guess what — Mai told me that the R&B singer Joe took her virginity.

Here’s what the prostitute Mai told me:

“My first American boyfriend was Joe. Do you know him? I went out with him for like two years. He took my virginity.

He made me suck his d*ck everyday and now I’m really good at it. Black men are rough and I like that. Do you choke girls? Joe likes to do that.”

Mai the Japanese prostitute told me more about the R&B singer Joe, but I forgot. Know why? Because Mai wasn’t about playing, she was all about her tricking and I kept it stepping.

Also back in 2009, former Disney Cheetah Girl and 3LW member Kiely Williams came forward to reveal how she witnessed her mother being physically and emotionally abused by Joe. So, you can easily draw your own conclusion on this one.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.


    • Co sign about Brian McKnight. He is an abuser, ask his ex wife Jill. There was a story a long time ago about Joe beating down his daughters mother. He said she was a older women. I’ll get the details from my g.s.

      • Yaaass! Brian McKnight is crazy as hell. My BFF toured with him back in the 90s and some of his stories about the way Brian treated his wife and other women made me want to burn all of his CD.

  1. Well, Joe is short so he may have a Napoleon complex. I wonder if he and Chico Debarge are still in love. A lot of men on the DL are angry and abuse women.

    • Yep. Cassie has already caught a couple of beatdowns from Diddy. He used to whip Kim’s ass on the regular. Remember the broken nose incident on the yacht a couple of yrs ago. R.Kelly used to beatdown his ex wife Andrea.

    • First time on this site. Can’t believe all the crap. Joe is short? Really? He’s 5’10”. That’s short? Hmmmm.

      • People are such lunatics. I am 5’9 which is pretty tall. I’ve seen Joe in concert several times and he’s taller than I am. He’s not short. Where do these people get their info from?

        • I’m 5’8, met Joe several years ago after his show he’s short as hell. Took picture with him and was taller than him. I only had only 3 inch heels.

    • to all of you who obviously have not a damn thing to do in life: stop this crap. none of you cannot prove a bit of any of this slop. stop contributing to slamming our black men. if joe, brian mcknight or whoever else your slamming walked up to you and smiled, you’d shit on yourselves.

  2. and let’s not forget Dr. Dre and how his wife is a battered woman. Combine the DL anger with the steroids he takes and that is a cocktail for a beatdown.

  3. I recall back in the missjones days (several years ago), a gentleman gave very detailed information on his romantic courtship with said crooner. He let it all out. Crooner was trickin’ too. It’s been kept hush-hush, but yep this balladeer is on the DL.

  4. its a known fact that women beaters are downlow homosexuals. don’t believe me.. ask chris brown

    • We dont know the full story…My motto is if u can hit then u can be hit!! And who wants to get beat down with a stiletto

  5. Wow I actually heard that bout 10yrs. ago we(Joe) & I had a mutual friend who is an NFL player & his hometown was n Texas where Joe I guess lived also. We happen 2 b having lunch & round that time Joe was hot @ the time & his song came on & I made mention how he was 1 of my favorite artist & how he seems like his so sweet & cool. The mutual friend looked @ he & laughed & said shit he ain’t what u think more like the total opposite. I was like NAWWW not Joe! He was like man Joe ghetto as hell he’ll whoop a bitch-ass n a heartbeat! I was so shocked but always thought he was kinda joking & kinda hatin cause u kno how dudes r somtimes bout other dudes even if they r homies.I never took the story seriously till I saw this. I guess he wasn’t lying after all!

  6. Please people….stop believing everything you hear!! I read through these comments and just shook my head, folks are so quick to make up stuff then folks who believe anything are even worse!