Ask Jacky… Is Terrence Howard’s Girlfriend Erica Taylor a Scam Artist?


Erica Taylor aka Juliet Cariaga is a BAD woman

Terrence Howard’s girlfriend Erica Taylor–also known among other names as porn start Juliet Cariago–real last name Lookadoo or Jiles depending on which one you believe–was living with Ponzi Schemer Tim Durham, whose trial started Friday in Indianapolis. It’s all over Google. She is not credible, she was a high priced escort when Tim met her and more importantly all monies she received as his “friend” came from monies stolen from over 5,600 elderly people.

Wow, look what that naughty girl did before Tim. Terrence should know better than to not date a SISTAH!

Her mother Naomi Jiles and current husband Bill were living in one of the houses paid for with stolen money, that then went into foreclosure while Erica shacked up in a $25k month rental with Tim, all rent being paid with the stolen money. When he was ordered to house arrest in Indianapolis she then found Terrence.

We have plenty of documentation on her that will shred her as a witness–PLEASE GET THIS TO THE NEWS IN INDIANA–you can have a field day–Greg Andrews–editor of Indiana Business Journal who broke the story, cell 317- Carrie Ritchie Indianapolis Star 317- and plenty others would like to know this.

The trustee in the Fair Finance mess sued Erica–that case is pending. I cannot believe the police there missed this. Go to and click on court documents and type in ERICA.

Thanks for the information. I’m gonna look into this Erica Taylor chick…

Yours truly,
Jacky J.


  1. u hate black women so much, u don’t want to date them because of what? u get with all these different races and u deal with more problem???? its not the women Terrence is u.

    • Terrance doesn’t hate black women,a lotta women can’t handle Terrance as an brotha/actor/father/husband
      He wears a lotta hats.

  2. Terrance is the best actor of his generation. I like the fact Terrance is complex.He’s just like kanye: full of contractdiction but he’s charming.

    Denzel can’t do Terrance. Will Smith can’t do Terrance. Neither actor has Terrance’s intensity.

    Terrance IS that nigga.

    • more like Terrence is a ni@@a.

      I’ve seen his movies, he cannot act. if he could act you would have spelled his name right the way you did Denzel’s.

      I hope Terrence gets the counseling he needs and gets over his issues for his own sake.I hear he has children, I wonder how he’s treating them?

      • Spell his name wrong or right,he’s still my nigga.

        Remember when Wesley told Chris Williams “I never like you pretty mothafuckas anyway!!!” ** BAM**

        You think Wes would do that shit to Terrance???

        Its not about acting,its about presence and potrayal. You know Terrance ain’t acting,he’s looks like the type of mothafucka who do some crazy shit just Pacino and De Niro.
        Those aren’t characters, that how they act in real life.

        I’m sorry,Terrance can’t do no wrong in my book.

        That’s a real bad azz nigga, not Samuel Jackson.

  3. “Terrence should know better than to not date a SISTAH!”

    So. . . there aren’t Black porn star hoes?

    I mean, if the nigga like dumb chicks then that’s his deal, but to try to act like if he was dating a Black porn hoe he’d be better off is absurd.

    The color don’t matter .

    A hoe is a hoe and plenty of niggaz have gotten their bank broke by Black women(Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard) and White chicks (Tiger Woods, Michael Strahan, O.J.).

    The key is to stay away from hoes, or at least only use them for what they’re made for.

  4. Erica was working very hard to get Tim Durham to marry her. She ran around at the wedding of Durham’s younger sister, drunk off her ass, saying she didn’t see a ring on her finger!

    Terrance can do better than an ex-porno chick who’s latched onto wealthy men to get hers.

    If that’s what Terrance wants, he can get better quality.

    Mr. Howard, look online and see what you’re dating!

    • How do you know Erica taylor? And how do you guys know shes a porno chick? I looked her up and she was a penthouse pet nothing more. She didnt do porn just those stupid softcore videos that playboy and penthouse releases. Terrance howard is a clown.