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Ask Jacky… Keep Preaching Jacky!

April 17th, 2012



I am speechless! Because everything you said, I have been complaining to my husband! I kid you not, I swear, just yesterday my husband and I were having a discussion about the music industry and how music is not what it used to be.

My husband is into hip hop. He came to this country when he was 9, so he didn’t grow up with the music I did. Let me tell you about myself, I am born in ’83 and am a scientist, I am Haitian. I LOVE MUSIC! If my parents weren’t so strict, I always said I would go into the music industry. My IPod consists of: old Jackson 5 music, Steely Dan, Talking Heads, Michael McDonald, Al Green, Billy Joel, Ambrosia, etc. I have all different types of music! People always described me as an old soul, I say no, I just know good music, and modern music (most of it) is garbage!

I just wanted to write to say thank you for stating what I have been screaming about for the last year: all these little kids born late 80’s early 90’s don’t know anything! They are so lost! And I feel bad for them because unless they go and inquire about the origin of music, they will NEVER be informed.

God bless!

The highlight of Coachella was Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg…and a hologram performance of Tupac, and guess what? I’m no physic, but I predict the Jackson’s will soon be embarking on a global tour complete with an MJ hologram. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jermaine.

The point is this – once upon a time, black folks were never known as nostalgic people. We viewed white folks as weirdos for telling us ‘ Elvis Presley lives’. Now, we are in that same weirdo bracket. Know why? Because we can’t let Tupac, Biggie and Michael Jackson go, making us no different than a Kurt Cobain fan.

There is a reason blacks have become nostalgic to music. It’s simple – today’s ‘talent’ are not creating good or lasting product, so we’re reminiscing past music.

That’s exactly why I won’t be surprised if Puffy sets up a tour with Biggie. The same people who would go to a Drake concert, would attend – making it sold out too. Know why? Because the masses are not in tune with reality.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.

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12 Responses to “Ask Jacky… Keep Preaching Jacky!”


    After that there are about 5 years of age appropriate artists who had not yet come out such as WuTang and Tupac who were working but not yet out til 93, real R&B with good lyrics and talented original singers died with New Jack Swing and real hip hop went mainstream and died around the same time. Sampling also has killed Black music because it legitimizes theft. So if you weren’t there partying on the scene before 89 then you have no frame of reference. Last of the good artists were born in 1971 everyone after that are imitators, imposters or biters.


    P4L Reply:

    I”m sick of this “sampling is theft” bullshit.

    Nobody even thought of owning music until the ’40s and ’50s.

    Every song the great blues artists and gospel artists sang were SOMEBODY ELSE’S songs.

    The idea that one can “own” rights to music is a new one and completely different than music history.

    And how is sampling theft when you gotta PAY people sometimes millions of dollars (just ask P.Diddy) to sample their records?


    Sampling IS theft Reply:

    It rapes the soul of SOUL music. And discourages originality and real creativity. How can you consider yourself a super producer when I know the source of all your samples instantly?

    To me real sampling is 2 maybe 3 seconds of a song. Offering an artist a onetime fee (and with no back points)for a sample that could reignite his career had you invited him to perform on the song is rape. Why not hire Ron Isley like RKelly did instead of stealing his essence? RKelly totally reintroduced “Mr. Big” and everybody is eating with respect to all.

    Sampling is legally sound yet morally spiritually wrong because it steals the essence of that original production team and artist. It also has this microwave generation thinking that they are still creating when in reality new good music/art has not be made in a long time. It’s funny because anyone who took 1 hour to watch Tina Turner on youtube would feel cheated looking at Beyonce the way she has highjacked Tina’s style and stage persona.

    Sampling also doesn’t properly teach music history. It would if the children did the proper research and paid the proper respect and homage but as someone posted below the youth are not about paying homage to anyone.
    A better music history lesson would come from a producer and artist remaking the whole song and adding a modern touch or spin. I could then see them taking some credit for the final product.

    Also where is the talent or artistry in selecting from someone elses work?
    Up until the crack/ reagan 80s people took their kids to church and they learned God first and music second which added soul, honesty and conviction to their talent. They had to study music and musicians so well that when they were full they were READY to create. Even a Whitney Houston who did not write music put herself into those original songs in a way that no writer or producer could have conceived before she looked at the sheet music and put her personal arranging on the song. She had to study in order to hone her talent for doing that. Children before 89 learned music theory and to play musical instruments and read music in school. They’ve all but taken serious music and art out of the schools and this generation of parents don’t even care.
    Now everything is done in the studio. I don’t even like to see artist go cheap and use their own voice on background vocals. There’s nothing like real intruments and real background singers. That’s when I’ll be ready to pay top dollar to see you perform. Today’s music has No instruments. No talent. No love. No care. No soul. Just clone music. EMPTINESS designed to rape our legacy, dumb our people down and stop the flow of real talent. We WERE the last ones still creating original sounds but not anymore and you can thank the sampling culture for that.


    P4L Reply:

    And so what do you say about EVERY artist that stole songs up until that point?

    You ignore that all Gospel, Blues, and Spiritual songs were passed down from generation to generation for centuries BEFORE people “owned” songs.

    Everybody was singing everyone elses songs 100 years ago. Nobody even questioned it.

    And it’s not theft if you PAY THE ORIGINAL PERSON!!!!

    You know how much money people like the Isley Brothers and James Brown made from sampling? And it allowed them to have CAREERS years after people stopped caring. Just ask George Clinton. Hip-Hop brought BACK the Isley Brothers, P-Funk, James Brown, etc . . These were guys who spent the ’80s with dwindling incomes until a whole new generation of fans discovered their music . . . . THROUGH SAMPLING!!!

    And I’ve yet to see how taking 3 seconds of a song, putting new lyrics to it, putting a different drum beat to it, etc . . . is stealing, but singing someone else’s song NOTE FOR NOTE (i.e. a remake) is not.

    Whitney Houston did less to change Dolly Partons’ “I Will Always Love You” than Public Enemy did to change James Brown’s “Funky President”.

    You know why?

    Whitney’s singing the SAME SONG. Public Enemy were not.

    Also, synthesizers and computers are the reason that people don’t need to know how to play instruments today. Sampling has NOTHING to do with it. Most down south rap doesn’t use Sampling (Lil’ Jon, Souljah Boy), etc . . .but they don’t have to because of drum machines, synthesizers, etc. . .

    Technology all around has made even sampling unnecessary if you don’t play an instrument.


    Boomgoesdedynamite Reply:

    I have nothing left to say after that. Very well put.


  2. InTheKnow |

    You are speaking truth… The powers that be are constantly on a mission to lower the vibration of music… Music’s vibration can heal or kill, bring peace or havoc, teach or dumb down. It’s no coincidence that music is where is it now… It’s a strategic plan. Yes,spread the truth Jacky and keep taking ‘things’ to the next level…


  3. coco |

    When I was growing up in the 70’s my parents played their music that was hot at the time and they also played the kind of music that their parents listened to because it was what they grew up on, which increase not only many different varieties, but also increase my appreciation and love for music from those generations, including my very own. So I consider myself blessed to have been exposed to such greatness from many different artists.
    But what I have noticed is the generations from the late 80’s until now, most of them have not had the same type of music influences that I and many others did. I could see they were limited in their knowledge of music history and were adamant about not even learning. And for this, I blame their parents. Never in my life have I witnessed so many adults trying to hold on to their youth by embracing the fuckery that is called music today. These parents welcome the garbage in their homes, even though they see how today’s music negatively influence the young. Never have I witnessed so many young people disrespecting the older artist that have paved a way for their garbage ass idols of today. I wish more parents would stay in their lane and realize they aren’t their children’s peers. Music is powerful and use to be more positive than negative. Right now, not so much.


    Fen Reply:

    Excellent post. These youngsters seem to revel in their ignorance, no desire to learn. 25 or 30 years from now there might holograms depicting Al Green, Aretha, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston etc., as whites, Asians, mexicans, etc., and they won’t even question it.


    Sampling IS theft Reply:

    I agree with you both #2 and #3.


  4. SERIOUS |

    Well said Jacky….As Always


  5. larry |

    The fucked up thing about music today is that the industry promotes this garbage but refuses to give real artist a chance. There’s a lot of indie talent out there that will shut down these commercial clowns out here ruining the game.

    In my hometown we begged the stations to play this group, but they shut us out. Groups like this is what the music industry needs to bring back.
    What can be done to bring back good music? If anyone has any suggestions Im down. Check out this video.


  6. 2setsofinfo |

    Well Thank god I was brought up with Good music from the 60’s all the way til now but rarely listen 2 the radio now & Seems Has music has went all down the drain the singing/rapping about Sex drugs & Money I Was Born in late 90’s


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