Ask Jacky… What Happened to DeVante Swing?


Devabte Swing Update


Just wondered what ever happened to Davonte Swing? Can you give us and update?


DeVante Swing was a dope producer. Don’t believe me.. Ask Prince.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“DeVante used to work for Prince, he treated DeVante like shit. That’s a whole other story, but I remember when they broke into DeVante’s house. It was in the ’90s when he lived in L.A.

The robbers beat him and Kci real bad. From that day on DeVante became an alcoholic.”

DeVante is still an alcoholic, I hope he’s drying out in a rehabilitation center. Know why? Because the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.


      • But who is the woman he’s been pictured with? Is she famous? Is that the “model” someone above stated he was dating? Where is she from?

        • From what I can make out, I just think that is a fan or someone he knows because he took a couple of pictures with people that same day. Also, the person stated that he is or was with a black girl at the time when he responded.

  1. People are just talking lies when they say D and KC were raped and ish and that’s why they all f*cked up now…Suge had nothin to do with that robbery. Truth is that D had a vision tot start up his own label and stuff in a major way…he had worked with his artists for a good 3 years or so…Timbaland didn’t even know how to work a drum machine…Devante taught him…they were all good song writers but Devante did a lot to polish those skills…and when these artists left? for whatever reasons (money issue most probably), Devante sort of distanced himself from the industry…he felt very very bad about this whole situation. I just don’t know why motherf*ckers be bringing all these rape and shitty stories…hating ass motherf*ckers.

  2. I dont know what to believe from all these stories. What i do know is that Jodeci were the best Rnb group ever and no one can touch them. Its a shame that the world was not able to hear jodeci for longer and i pray that in the fullness of time, all the unreleased Jodeci matrial will be available for all to hear.

    God bless DeVante, K-ci, Jojo and Mr Dalvin… be continued.

  3. And whoever said that Prince treated Devante like sh*t is a liar. In an interview Devante himself said he did go to Minneapolis to audition for Prince’s band. However, he did not get past the front desk, he never even laid eyes on Prince that day and he went home. He never worked for Prince. PERIOD.

  4. Well said, I don,t know bout the pot though but he did mess with alcohol for a minute. Jodeci and Timberland back in the studio together again, new Jodeci in 2015.

  5. DeVante is nowhere near broke. He lives in L.A and he’s never liked the spotlight hence he always placed himself in the background of his productions. Stop believing these tabloids

  6. Devonte, Donald Degrate. Your a one beautiful man. Inside and out. I can tell you are one of Gods favorites. Live the remaining years of your life for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Get on the straight and narrow because broad and wide is where everyone else is walking into down below. Them devil seen what was good in your and tried to take it. They lied on Jesus too. They mistreated him. They hated him. The son of God. Man is wicked because man is blind. I really wish I could have been 20 years older. I would have been your wife and served you the way you deserved. I'm 25 years old and I hope I will meet you one day soon. Jesus loves you.

  7. Don’t care what is said about Devante … I personally think he is a beautiful well crafted man who’s been dealt a raw deal. From the time he was introduced to the public eye, I have always thought of him as the true talent of the group Jodeci. Funny… my very first love could’ve been his twin. I couldn’t get to him so I settled for something close. Lol.
    Although I have family in the business … I myself have yet to cross paths with him. I think that the industry has done a great disservice to music and to Devante by allowing stories whether true or not affect the livelihood of this talented artist. Keep pushin’ and shining baby … remember if you didn’t have your haters … then your job was not well done!!


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