Ask Jacky… What Happened to DeVante Swing?


Devabte Swing Update


Just wondered what ever happened to Davonte Swing? Can you give us and update?


DeVante Swing was a dope producer. Don’t believe me.. Ask Prince.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“DeVante used to work for Prince, he treated DeVante like shit. That’s a whole other story, but I remember when they broke into DeVante’s house. It was in the ’90s when he lived in L.A.

The robbers beat him and Kci real bad. From that day on DeVante became an alcoholic.”

DeVante is still an alcoholic, I hope he’s drying out in a rehabilitation center. Know why? Because the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.


  1. This dude had Missy & Timbaland them living fk’d up. They was trying to get out and then Missy got a call to do a verse on Biggie song. That video was her big break. She said she had to go to the video shoot & do her own hair and shit cuz DeVante had them all broke. Can’t do shit kinda broke. DeVante slept on them. This dude probably drinking cuz he looking at all the $$$$ he missed out on fk’ing them around.

    • Not to really switch pages,but j b iz really acting weird, a gas mask,smoking not caring. If anyone see him,throwing his car keys just for the asking.u think he got jammed up a little.

  2. Any truth to the rumors that they were not only robbed but raped as well? Could this be a big part of the reason for the alcohol and drug addiction?

    • i heard that to,they were also with puff first but puff wasn’t paying them right and in turn hooked up with suge knight to be the muscle to get them from up under puff. little did they know puff and suge were really friends and apart of the secret society brotherhood,the boule!!! word on the street suge set it up and had it done for what reason,don’t know!!! but i always question why would these guys be in videos with no shirt on in front of other guys,it never looked good to me!! also i didn’t hear it happen to both i heard it happened to only devonte. oh and p.s… suge always hired thugs coming out of prison so you know they were fags if they did serious time and devonte is fine,well was!!!

    • DeVante and Kci were not raped it is a very nasty degrading rumour that I have a very good idea who started but unfortunately can’t reveal at this time. I cannot also reveal my real name but let’s just say I was working very close to that case at the time. DeVante was beaten and humiliated in front of his friend and made to do and say things he didn’t want to, let’s not forget he had a fucking gun pointed at his head but there was no rape. I cannot say for sure if the robbers were connected to Suge Knight but I do feel that deVante and Kci knew at least one of the gunmen, I can also reveal and I have to be very careful that Some time after that DeVante was the victim of a shakedown to extort money from him or they would start nasty ugly rumours of that night unless he coughed up some dough, DeVante who is a very strong willed young man refused hence all the rumours. Anything else connected to that such as why he dropped of the scene so rapidly I can,t really comment only to say that he was heavily in dispute with interscope records over a bad deal and was really tired of the business but was still in love with the music unfortunately for him the two could not be seperates.

  3. @ Anon and Jami those are the same stories I heard back in the day when it happened. I read it again on another blog (panache report) back when the comment boards were jumping and people were coming on there spilling all the tea, about every artist you could think of.

    Then eventually the stories that were shared on the blog eventually I would read on the net (main stream blogs when the stars would mess up and it became everybody business)

    As a poster said above: “When there is smoke! There is fire!”

  4. Ohhh, how I used to love thee Devonte!! Damn he was fine! It saddens me to this day to hear and see what happened to him. Last I saw was a video of him in Subway falling over the tables drunk and/or high, looking like he had just crawled out of an alley dumpster. So sad.

    • I spent time with DeVante over the holidays. He was doing well. He was working on a new album which I have to assume will be out soon and was planning a tour to go with it. He had a lot of big name people involved. He was just fine tuning the production but from what I heard, it sounded great.

      No matter what happened to him or what mistakes he made in the past, the man is a musical genius and he treated me well whenever I was around.

      • Kci and JoJo tweeting they will be releasing an album by July. Is it time to say farewell to jodeci? And when is DeVante looking to give his album to the world? Dalvin said his solo was coming out last year. Now that the jodeci album promises are done, are we going to get the same from what is left of the group??

  5. yes, one of their bodyguard, who is now deceased, spilled the tea to me. It was only Devante. He was robbed and raped because he wanted to leave Suge’s management. It’s very sad because he was very talented. In regards to Missy and Tim sleeping on floors, Devante did the best he could for them. He had them on a payroll. He wasn’t exactly balling the way some cats are today. Budgets and advances were much lower back then.

    • @Kay – that is sad. My heart breaks for these brothers. I know we all like the tea and wouldn’t trade for it, but I wonder if this brother can be helped. The Grammy Foundation has assistance for drug users…the R&B Foundation (is it still in existence?)… Devonte, phone home sweetheart. We’re here for you. We want our talented beautiful brothers to return to the good life. We still pull for El DeBarge and his brothers.

    • Praying for this brother. So sad to see this happened to him. I was reading that the singer Houston was gang raped while in prison and he hasn’t been right since. He blamed the label for having him around thugs and dressing him up in shiny coats and clothing. I hope both men can bounce back and stay clean.

  6. From what I heard davonte treated his artist F*#@ed up to the point where they were scared of him. If so then maybe it was karma coming back to bite him in his ass…..literally

  7. Did yall forget that Mr. Dalvin was being “kept” by another male R&B singer for years. They were the “pretty boys” in Jodeci for a reason. They were all strung out on drugs & alcohol.

  8. word is timbaland did alot of ghost production 4 him.
    one example would be 2pac’s ‘bring the pain’ off the all eyes on me album

  9. Dalvin and DeVante have been strung out for soo long… Rumor has it that they have both been selling booty to keep getting high and keep a roof over their heads. They are or were both regulars at black gay parties in Hollywood.

  10. (In mike epps voice to Bria) SUGE YOU DA DEVIL! …….That’s not funny either …….Real Talk I hope that that’s not true…Who would do that to another human being? …this story sickens me…..It also just reminds me how cruel this world is; I regret that my kids have to live in this tumultuous world. I am sure his mom would have wanted to protect him and she probally even told him to watch his crowd. I despise this story ……now I have to find some way to get this filth out of my head……People shouldn’t gossip something that isn’t true …I can never look at this man the same. (Sad)

    • @queenmarie…i know its hard to accept this story hun,but the truth hurts what happen to devante really happened!!! go back and read these comments over.he’s on drugs cause he having problems shaking what happen to him. he was an hetero woman loving man. suge was the one who set it up,k-ci have a problem cause he can’t shake what happen to devante his longtime friend cause he was in his house when it was broken into,he was beat up,devante was beat and raped!!!

    • Co-sign to the 10th power. Tupac was the most prolific young black man of his generation. And future generations of young black men can learn a lot from his message. He was wise beyond his years and we all took a loss when we lost him.

  11. @Jacky Do us all favor & please stop letting ppl plug panache report on here. I’ve been seeing that shameless plugging all over your site over the past few days. That site is nothing but a bunch of copy & paste snippets from other sites and bullshit written by a fkn dummy who has the worst grammar ever. Some articles are so pathetically copy & pasted that the clown who publishes the site doesn’t even realize that she misses important parts of the articles she’s plagiarizing. The crazy broad even talks to herself using different usernames/handles on the comment board.

    There is a website called created by ex-readers (I was not one of them) showing how crazy and fraudulent that moron Myra Panache is. It’s probably that crazy old bat plugging her plagiarized bullshit here.

    • No, you AKA sound like you have it out for her. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning her site, or any of the gossip sites. We can all gain *tea* from every one of the sites. Stop hating! I just happen to love Jacky’s site, but there is nothing wrong with visiting all of them from RWS, Sandra Rose to Panache to Lipstick Alley to TMZ to whatever. That’s our choice – so back up mane!

  12. i remember jacky did a “who’s jacky talkin about?” on devante a while said he was bi & being kept by two white chicks he was smashing who were daughters of the owner of the minnesota vikings.the industry sure put this man through the ringer.he thought he made it when he start fuckin with prince until he saw first hand how prince treats his artists.then he tried to be a boss of his own,but went broke in the long run.i also heard about him getting robbed,but i never heard anything about him getting raped.that would explain his drinking & drug use,or why he would be whoring himself out to men & women.he has to be in a deep depression after everything that has gone’s sad to see this man’s story is one that is all too common in the industry.there are many other talented people like him that get turned out the same way,i hope he can get his life together.

  13. I am not sure how to put this in the right words to express how I feel about this matter…So I am just going to go for it…….Sometimes people look at other people’s circumstance and kind of them sum them up to be a washed up Crackhead/nobody. ..However, if they actually took the time to discern how that person arrived where they are, then it would help them conceptualize that this could have happened to any of us…. It breaks my heart to know that I have to constantly put up walls because one cannot accurately discern the evil intentions in others…I have nephews that mean the world to me and I cannot even fathom them being ……..Nevermind I not even going there…….

  14. What’s the resolution folks? I mean like I lifted him up in prayer already but….is there something that we as a people could do or is he just another statistic?…

    • Just wanna say that growing up in Canada there weren’t many Jodeci fans, but a few of us were down with Devante and his style.

      Regardless of who you are, especially as a black man or woman, you cannot beat society and the monsters that run it (Illuminati). The only way is through GOD! Tupac was the most influential artist IMO, but he died. If we actually look into the matter we know Biggie didn’t kill him. Micheal Jackson, Bob Marley, Easy E, Biggie, Whitney Houston were all great entertainers who were either manipulated or set up into leaving this world too soon. These individuals, including Devante were too good at what they did and gained too much fame, therefore, they either needed to be stopped or killed. The best example would be Tupac, who was preaching the truth about society and how it was run. The monsters didn’t like this, so they orchestraded a plan to kill him.

      I could go on… and on… and on. However, as I said before, only GOD can fix the problems we can’t fix. The monsters will receive their punishment for what they’ve done, and it is not up to us to seek revenge. Suge was manipulated by money and worked for these monsters and will burn in hell if he continues to do what he’s been doing.

      Peace from your Northern neighbour.

  15. it is unbelievable the amount of lies on this site
    I know for a fact “jacky ” you dont know what your talking about …..first off the robbery happened in nj, teaneck early on in thier career. the robbery was done by the locals not suge or puff
    Thier was no rape thats ridiculous
    kc and jojo family has a long history of alcohol abuse so they were raised with alcohol around them
    as far as devante he is a total pot head thats all he has ever been…….

    • Well said, I don,t know bout the pot though but he did mess with alcohol for a minute. Jodeci and Timberland back in the studio together again, new Jodeci in 2015.

  16. Let me say this
    Everybody claim to know the truth repeating what they heard etc.
    What really happened was DeVante wanted everybody signed
    Not just some. They all where talented God given people but,
    Dee was the the one to mold and help their flower bloom.
    Now he paid for their life styles for more the five years free no charge
    and also showcased them with pay
    Plus allowed them to work on jodeci albums with recognition, tours,
    straight exposer. Now he was only 18,19 doing all these things with help on from big Shan Miller his best friend. Missy got sent Home she didn’t leave like some may think.
    Tim & magoo left because of her. Ginuwine left on his own. Playa did to. All because of not wanting to wait for the vision the big picture. Sugah left last and so forth.
    Dee also was doing a lot for artist who wasn’t on his swing mob label it wasn’t enough time In a day for his work ethic. Suge Knight was a real negative influence also but was rather nice to all the artist. Plus the early sound you hear from timbaland is Devante Swing’s sound believe it or not. Not taking nothing away from timbaland but, it’s the honest truth. DeVante is still doing music that you hear you’re just unaware that it’s him
    Because of the artist record,company and other reasons.
    Oo and how do I know all of this is simple because me and timbo have the same parents.

    • That sounds about right. Looking back he was a kind of prodigy. He must’ve spiraled into a major depression and/or substance abuse. With the type of music he was putting down I figured he had to be still producing and writing under an alias perhaps.

    • You know what, I’ve skimmed down the page this far and out of all the comments, yours are the most accurate.
      There were A LOT of people that Devante was trying to help and still is. People don’t even know that Tweet was one of the singers in his artist house… as a trio but she wasn’t the lead. A lot of people need to thank him for his efforts.
      Dee wanted to have his own Motown, but most times when you have big dreams…people wanna see you fall.
      Another thing I wanna touch on is Suge Knight. I know a few that lived in Dee’s artist house & knew Suge very well. Even visited him while he was in jail and I NEVER heard them say one ill word about this man. What I did hear though was that he was vastly misrepresented as the thug the media painted him out to be.

  17. I don’t know if you are timbalands brother for but
    I will say this
    I was a intern at uptown records for the whole new
    Jake swing movement
    And from what I seen for all those years
    He is telling the truth
    I know DeVante had a lot of filming going on
    when he was creating
    I know somebody if not him has it
    Tim could not deny nothing on their because
    it’s all true
    I could see it now timbaland exposed

  18. i am a fan of Devante Swing, the sound he brung to the game was like no other. if anybody could put up a list of songs he has produced… besides the 3 jodeci records and ghost produced. i would like to have a collection of his work.

    i hope this shit aint true about him getting rapped.

  19. @anon-yeah i heard this story too and we probably heard it at the same place. I just never could figure out the group when i read it but now it makes sense. Poor devante. I was never a jodeci fan but there was no denying the talent. As for prince well he did his regular cuz he was known for being an ass back then. As for the robbery what was the purpose of raping them? That sounds like a personal vendetta to me.

  20. I have everything DeVante produced
    Even the 100 + song demo tape that jodeci got signed off of.
    I also have close 200 unreleased jodeci tracks &
    At least 50 unreleased instrumentals from DeVante
    And he did not get raped. People love to make up and run with lies.
    Crazy. He and my brother Big Shan are best friends and I sung on love u down
    Not ginuwine. It was me playa and sugah.
    They call me LB. I was with the second wave of the Bassment Crew.
    And timbaland’s earlier sound is DeVante’s
    Fuck what you heard, i put that on everything.

    • and I co-sign this, Mr. Lover Boi why do we keep running into each other lol????
      I’ll give you a hint, we have the same initials and shared the same suburban hometown. I came to visit you in the artist house & I threw a temper tantrum when the big dude tried me…lol…even though he was nice.
      We need to link up, I have sooo much to tell you and to thank you for. You really always gave me great advice.

  21. I could but besides Dee himself me and my brother are the only ones with this much of DeVantes work.I don’t want to burn my friendship with him but, I know this won’t please your ears but I can submit s couple of song titles on this site until I get the O.K.
    Shhhhhiit believe me if it was up to me,you would’ve been have heard and bought these gems

  22. I doubt he would care but I understand. I’m also looking for dalvin solo cd. Can I inquire why devante hasn’t been in the scene. Last I heard was Danny boy cd 2010

  23. Believe it are not ,a lot of songs you hear today and yesterday are written/produced by DeVante. He did a song on Tanks new album,Mya’s album
    AeroSmith’s album ( A Rock Band )
    I mean I could go on for weeks

    • @Muzik4life If you claim you know Devante pretty well. Can you just PLEASE explain what has gone on with him in the last years?? It’s pretty obvious something has not been right with him, his appearance is not the same and he’s been seen just acting and looking different. Defitnately not the same Dee Swing from the early 90’s. We as fans would like to know the truth, where is he now? Why doesn’t Jodeci perform shown in the US together anymore? Something ain’t right and we want to know!!!

      P.S. I have started a petition on requesting for VH1 to do a Behind the music special on JODECI. I will post the link so all the REAL JODECI fans can get this movement going.

  24. Alcohol,wild sex,not enough sleep
    A lot of people think its drugs but all he does is smoke weed and get drunk.
    Lately he’s been chillin with all the liquor but the women still love him and the Cali kush
    is easy to burn. And as far as the boys performing together in the U. S. every now and then they do like recently when they inducted into the N. Carolina music hall of fame
    but their contracts are so jacked up under the laws is the U. S. it’s more profitable to perform in another country
    They have a concert coming up I on march 23 in London
    and they are prepping the release of a album of some of their unreleased music from the years of 92-95. Some of the songs are st least 20 years old and sound so up to date it’s scary. Also they are in talks with the program called unsung. I don’t know all the details other than that.

  25. Thanks for responding because I like getting direct information from somebody that knows him, not from a rumor. Whenever you see him tell him that his fans still love him and we wish the best for him/them(Jodeci). Once again thanks and have a good day 🙂

  26. If he going read this then

    Devante even over 10 years later your music is still ahead of the majority of what is being released. I guess if you never come back you went out the champ. But I would love some new or unreleased stuff from you. Your sound has been a true inspiration to me. Gin and Juice is still one of my favorite songs of all time.

  27. I’d like to know when exactly did Jodeci leave ‘Uptown Records’? I read alot of other threads stating that they broke their contract with Andre Harrell during (Diary of a mad band) in 1993 to sign with Suge Knigt, but for some reason the timing doesn’t add up to me because in 1995 (The show, the after party, and the hotel) was released and if you read the credits on album it clearly shows that the album was released under ‘Uptown’.

    So does anyone have the real answer to this question? When did they sign with interscope? I’m confused behind the story of Jodeci..

    • Uptown folded and interscope being the mother company at the time took over contracts and other fractions. Jodeci was trying to sign to deathrow but it fell through which was like a catch 22. That’s bout it

      • Well good thing they didn’t sign with Death Row records at that time, that would not have been a good look for them or their sound. So what you’re saying is that Jodeci didn’t have ‘Death Row’ break their contract with ‘uptown records’? Cause that’s what I heard, “they had Andre Harrell threatened so they can be released from their contract. I also heard Devante burned alot of bridges..

        • They did try to get out their contracts but not to that extent
          And true Dee did burn bridges but, that’s why he built his own
          Believe me the industry needs him badder than he need the industry
          How I know I’ve been with that man since 96 and we’ve are should I say He has been making vintage music even in 2013 so it is what it is
          Trust me some of the songs your hear today is DeVante

          • I’m sure they do! I personally think he is AMAZING at what he does.. no doubt about it!
            I also noticed he never mentions his children. I could remember many years ago they were all asked in a interview if they had any kids and they each stated “NO”. Is that a industry thing to not mention if you have any kids?

          • I feel ya muzik4life….I can feel in my heart your telling the truth about this man…..Speak the truth fam…Keep up the good work…DeVante…..

  28. Im tired peeps suga coatin this whole Devante sh*t every interview I read on the basement artist they all say the same thing that devante changed but nobody say what really happened we all know something went down by missy behind the music episode why wont somebody just talk and tell us what was going down detail for detail instead of suga coatin this whole sh*t..

    • Does knowing “what was going down in detail” brighten your day
      Are hearing new music and seeing the brother still making hits/timeless music
      No disrespect but what went down is DeVante gave birth to chart topping history
      And though some think his last stand was in 95
      2013 he is still banging out hits
      Google his production credits
      Are listen to Tank new Cd are prince new single
      Keep in mind I’m not checking dissing etc. I’m just saying

  29. I will always love Devante & cherish all of his music & talents he’s shared with the industry. That man is very talented. I would love to get in touch with him. Is that possible somehow?

  30. @muzik4life Will Jodeci be doing a comeback? I hope all is well with Devante and the rest of the group because they look like they have had hard lives…I love their music and maybe they can release a dvd of their concerts and unreleased music?

  31. Early today I heard Dee on the the phone with Prince
    I didn’t hear a whole lot but, it sounded funky and smooth
    So I will post more news as I get it
    And jodeci has 5 full albums complete done that I know of
    And they’ve been in talked with labels in terms of if they can’t release
    as jodeci they’ll use the title the mad band but still jodeci
    Be listening.

  32. All this talk of Devante and Jodeci is very enlightening.D is by far the best R&B producer in my opinion. I too miss his sound. I hope what you are saying about him still doing it is true. I like everyone else have often wondered what happened with Jodeci. We need them back. With D on the boards. I will investigate further in hopes of finding that Jodeci will be coming out very soon. Longing for my favorite producer and group.

  33. I am going to see Jodeci Live in London with Dru Hill, SWV and Chnaging Faces on the 23rd! I have already seen Dru Hill and SWV when they performed in Manchester last year with Ginuwine. I own all three Jodeci albums and basically any album that Timbaland has produced three or more tracks on. I also own most songs that Devante and Dalvin either produced or wrote. So i am probably the biggest fan in the UK! Albeit i was three years old when their first album dropped. I think Devante is a genius for what he brought to the music industry. I am not the biggest fan of today’s R&B so i am thankful that his music still connects with me and is relevant! Would love to hear of any new music he has written or produced. Probably the last song i know of was Mya – Smilin’.

    • @UKSwing Give us an update on here on how that concert goes.. Last I heard the concert they did in London for Valentines day was not the greatest. Many fans complained about Jodeci’s behavior on stage, also heard they sounded horrible people were actually walking out. Would like to hear how this one goes. Keep us posted.

  34. Devante Swing didn’t turn up to the London concert, I just came back from there. Jodeci were horrible they all looked like they were on drugs and drunk. People started walking out while they were singing. They were also late to “perform” people were booing them off the stage. They ruined the concert and I’m a big fan of Jodeci I’m very disappointed and I feel embarrassed for them. Swv, Druhill and Black street were wonderful. Jodeci need to be booked into rehab.

  35. Dee you would of loved the other acts. The problem were jodeci were the man act lol lucky it wasn’t just a Jodeci concert I would of demanded a refund.

    Uk swing thank you for the video people can really see what happened.

  36. it was confirmed maybe a month before the concert that DeVante wasn’t going to be a part of it. Its amazing how a lot of people who paid thought they were going to see all of jodeci.. A rumour had to be started of course that DeVante was arrested at the airport on drug charges and couldn’t make the concert!! The promoter messed that up pretty bad considering he knew it won’t be all of jodeci but continued advertising it as jodeci and the best show of this year.

    • The problem is most people got their tickets the year before in dec-jan for the march show I did, so if he said a month before that he wasn’t taking part it would have been to late for people with tickets thinking they would see all 4.

      The promotors shouldn’t have bothered to book Jodeci at all because no one in London or in the world with any sense would pay money to see washed up drug addicts. If I had knew I wouldn’t of had high expectations, from youtube videos I have seen they have been falling for a little while.

      I respect the music that Jodeci has produced and I did consider myself a fan, but there is no way I’m going to support high and drunk men wasting my money. It’s disrespectful, embarrassing and disappointing. I really hope they can get it together for the sake of their health and reputation.

      • But who is the woman he’s been pictured with? Is she famous? Is that the “model” someone above stated he was dating? Where is she from?

        • From what I can make out, I just think that is a fan or someone he knows because he took a couple of pictures with people that same day. Also, the person stated that he is or was with a black girl at the time when he responded.

  37. People are just talking lies when they say D and KC were raped and ish and that’s why they all fucked up now…Suge had nothin to do with that robbery. Truth is that D had a vision tot start up his own label and stuff in a major way…he had worked with his artists for a good 3 years or so…Timbaland didn’t even know how to work a drum machine…Devante taught him…they were all good song writers but Devante did a lot to polish those skills…and when these artists left? for whatever reasons (money issue most probably), Devante sort of distanced himself from the industry…he felt very very bad about this whole situation. I just don’t know why motherfuckers be bringing all these rape and shitty stories…hating ass motherfuckers.

  38. I dont know what to believe from all these stories. What i do know is that Jodeci were the best Rnb group ever and no one can touch them. Its a shame that the world was not able to hear jodeci for longer and i pray that in the fullness of time, all the unreleased Jodeci matrial will be available for all to hear.

    God bless DeVante, K-ci, Jojo and Mr Dalvin… be continued.

  39. And whoever said that Prince treated Devante like sh*t is a liar. In an interview Devante himself said he did go to Minneapolis to audition for Prince’s band. However, he did not get past the front desk, he never even laid eyes on Prince that day and he went home. He never worked for Prince. PERIOD.

  40. DeVante is nowhere near broke. He lives in L.A and he’s never liked the spotlight hence he always placed himself in the background of his productions. Stop believing these tabloids

  41. Devonte, Donald Degrate. Your a one beautiful man. Inside and out. I can tell you are one of Gods favorites. Live the remaining years of your life for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Get on the straight and narrow because broad and wide is where everyone else is walking into down below. Them devil seen what was good in your and tried to take it. They lied on Jesus too. They mistreated him. They hated him. The son of God. Man is wicked because man is blind. I really wish I could have been 20 years older. I would have been your wife and served you the way you deserved. I'm 25 years old and I hope I will meet you one day soon. Jesus loves you.