Ask Jacky… What Happened to the Foxxhole Radio Crew


Hey Jacky,

I love your site man, you make those other sites MTO and Bossip etc.. look like a bunch of gossiping jr highschool girls at lunch time..

I just wanted to know what was up with the Foxxhole crew leaving the foxxhole,and now they are on some internet radio show called reach around radio.. I can understand why claudia jordan got her walking papers, But I was really surprised to hear about speedy and poetess on the show. I thought speedy was Foxx’s best friend. Looks Like Foxx got tired of those niggas and cleaned house,., Let me know

Jamie Foxx is a cheap bastard. That’s why his Foxxhole radio crew walked away from him. Don’t believe me.. Ask Felicia “Poetess” Morris. Well with the exception of Claudia Jordan who had a problem not trash talking her colleagues when not on the air.

Here’s what a ex- Foxxhole radio crew member had to say:

“We all quit because Jamie is a cheap bastard. Jamie wasn’t paying anybody.”

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.


  1. …I can’t say I’m surprised by this news, as the show was only funny when Jamie was on it, anyway–None of his friends were capable of carrying the show when Jamie wasn’t there, and were hit-or-miss with their jokes when he was.

  2. HAHA! Howard gets the last laugh. Foxx had the nerve to say Stern was irrelevant…funny how that shit bit him on the ass.

  3. It’s funny, it was a couple episodes ago on reach around radio, where you find out why they all got fired. Anthony Anderson comes on the show and goes into great detail about what happen . However, it was some shady mess going on because Claudie Jordan and Cory Holcomb both spoke on that fact.

  4. And how dumb do you clowns feel after proclaimingJaime Foxx’s movie career over? Django all up in your mouth!

  5. My people, my people, why oh why can’t we get along. The same, over and over and over. Sad, sad, sad. Just us.

  6. “all up in your mouth?” Bet this guy looks like mystical lol- like every other brother errrr brotha-

  7. well i guess. Jaime seemed like a bitch hater if you ask me. He talked all that shit when Super head said Tiger was a switch hitter and look at his asshole big as the sky is blue and wide. Anyway he built fucked up too in Django he looked like a little blue bitch all dressed up to fuck real good.