Ask Jacky… What’s Up With Vince Herbert & Tamar Braxton?


Ask Jacky Jasper - Vince & Tamar

Hey Jacky!

Inquiring minds are dying to know what’s the deal with Vince and Tamar? Is their marriage one of love & lust or solely friendship? Seems to me, every time Tamar suggests anything remotely sexual, Vince looks bored and/or shocked. What do you know?


Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton relationship is fake as a three dollar bill. Know why? Because Vince Herbert is homosexual. Don’t believe me.. Ask Laurieann Gibson.

Tamar Braxton is slut. Know why? Because Tamar slept with her sisters Toni’s husband. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Lewis.

Tamar also likes to smash senior citizens. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jermaine Dupri’s dad Michael Maudlin.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.


  1. Well well well…there goes my breakfast, thanks a lot Vince&Tamar! BTW Vincent looks like a hungry baby dinosaur in that pic

    • Y is everybody gaining on Vincent and Tamar and btw Vincent looks great for who he is and can’t nobody say anything about Tamar they are good people…….y r you peoples doing this to them sabotaging there lives just why are y’all doing this they haven’t did anything 2 you we all make mistakes just like everybody else so we gaining up on them

  2. He looks like a hungry baby dinosaur in all his pics. They NEVER show no affection, no pecks on the cheek, no nothing.

  3. Ive been wrong before so,maybe so?But I do know that he dosent like her dressing sexy and on the show they do have little sexual foreplay things…ie him flirting with a white server girl in her face and her dressing in costumes…..the naughty maid with her ass out had him drooling on TV. Fake ,maybe …maybe not.Iam from the school of opposites attract so I can see her with him.I mean she not Halle Barry either.

  4. You would have to be gay to deal with those tantrums..i just watched it last’re complaining becaus eyour family didn’t drop everything to be with YOUR husband?? Your mad because you’re in ICKY NY..are you serious right now..AND the fact that there is no pre-nup between them? Everything about this situation is wrong..I also heard his family can’t STAND her..hmm..I wonder why…(enter sarcasm)

  5. Tamar looks like a cross between The Joker and Madame, that puppet that used to be on Solid Gold.
    And buddy is a fairy? WAAAAAAOW! But I can see that with him ripping Lady GaGa. Oh well, moving on. Good morning Jacky!

  6. tamar had a beautiful voice and couldve gone where beyonce has been!! but her attitude/smart mouth got in the way…ask jermaine dupree

  7. I don’t believe they don’t love one another. i don’t believe he’s gay. however, i’m sure she has a past just like most grown woman who have lived.

  8. I thought it was just me that thought Vince was gay. Tamar don’t love him, she love the lifestyle he provides for her. Its so obvious. He act like he can’t stand her.

  9. Man, Tamar has been a ho since she was at Old Mill High School. She has basically banged out half the niggas in AA County back in the day. That, along with her constant shit talking and bragging about her sister’s career led to her getting her ass beat in the Dash-In parking lot in front of a huge crowd. Don’t believe me? Ask Big Ange.


  11. First of all the pic of them is downright hideous! HOT MESS TIMES 10! I was always thinking there was some ulterior motive with that marriage. Perhaps a career boost for Tamar. What is even more peculiar is that for them preacher kids, they really have some wordly ways; for example, adultery, masturbation, and smackin and shackin. Either way they need to relax with the Botox….even Chilli from TLC is botoxing and it is not like her face is not big enough! Seriously, we are humans not AVATARS.

  12. Moreover, if Jasper is correct about Tamar sleeping with Toni’s husband then if I were Toni, both of them would be non existing in my life. He would have to make arrangements with a third-party to see his kids. I commend her for seeing past that bc I would never and I mean never be able to trust the two around each other ever again. And who wants to live like that? Everyone, would be miserable. All in all, because of the way Tamar critque her sis Tracy, I have trouble believing her sincerity in her marriage; remember, her saying Tracy looks ghetto needs to shave etc…..

    • Is toni braxton that dopy to let this happen i mean she is a beautiful woman but on the bfv she just comes over dumb im not gonna hate on kerri if laid out on a plate hes gonna take it i mean when did toni find out she dont act to bright most of the time
      and dont have much to say anyway toni needs to step her game up if this is true

      • Seriously you’re calling her dumb, and you haven’t used one period or comma in your rant. Who is the dummy now?

  13. yep, that was about 4-5 years at some All star weekend in Florida,I’m thinking.

    She looked like she walk outta a stripclub, that’s str8 up stripper wear.

    Her body isn’t even toned.

  14. He Dont Ever Look Like He Hittin That Pu@@y Good
    He Look like he would rather eat a bucket of chicken…….then have sex…..

  15. Are you for real ?? That’s Tamar ??? Good Lawwwwd have merci !!! What. A. F***. Mess.
    And what about that “block prostitute” get-up ??

    Uh uh uh.

    • Nah, that is not Tamar. You can Youtube Tamar and her past videos and interviews That’s not her. She’s not even shaped like that. That picture is on another website and they confirm the woman is no relation to the Braxtons.

  16. I always chuckle when ya’ll use scriptures to elevate Jacky. Ya’ll forget he runs a porn site.

    I also thought this was a lavender marriage but I think it’s real. She could have easily been delighted that Vince was in the hospital b/c she would get all his $$$ if he died but she was truly concerned.

  17. Toni don’t give a fuck about whose fucking Keri. If the gossip is right her new boyfriend is Nick Denbeigh and that dude makes Keri look like a pile of vomit. Check out her “I heart U” video. The guy playing the DJ and her love interest is rumored to be her new boyfriend.

  18. 1. Noting that Vince is gay is like noting that water is wet.

    2. I’d twist Tamar into so many Kama Sutra shapes….let’s just leave it at that.

  19. The very first season & the very first time I saw Vince it crossed my mind that this dude is gay as hell & that their marriage was fake as hell. Now seeing all the other comments about him & them….I convinced!

  20. Jacky is right!!!!! I don’t see them talking smack to Jacky It seems that every time some one post their opinion on this a free world ! Tamar has her friends to post blogs back to haters as they call them haters , she is one who seems shady and fake she treats her husband on television like he is her brother point blank they might have contract marriage . this guy Vince might be gay, this is what you have to expect when on TELEVISION to establish a singing career no one knew who Tamar was before the Braxton family value show. oh! and when the sisters first appeared on television all of them looked dirty ass hell Wigs and all even the child had a wig on her head on one episode may be Towanda was just lazy to do her hair WE TV has put food in their mouths and clothes on their backs they should be proud it want last forever black people……………….

  21. TAMAR IS NOT A HOE , y’all have nothing to talk about , Tamar is with child with Vince and Tamar has not slept with Toni husband . All y’all people that actually believe this is more stupider , GROW THE FUCK UP YOU HATING ASS BITCHES

  22. now if this ish is true , that she fck’d her sister man, this bytch needs to be slapped the fck’d up & a royal beat down…that’s just something sister’s don’t do….cross that line with one another…

  23. I will never understand why African Americans feel the need to post the most ignorant statements without any regard to grammar or punctuality.

    • I don’t see the need for African Americans to get reality shows just to get on them and act ignorant….African Americans are already pursued as a nerd already…so why create a show if you don’t want to be talked about

  24. y’all are some hating ass no life superfical bitches and just bc he chubby doesn’t mean she dont love him. just causse y’all be wit a no good cheating thug cause he fine don’t mean she don’t love her man and anybody who got that much time to judge somebodyelse relationship ain’t fucking they own man enough hatin ass jealous batches

    • I am truly not understanding why you will come off so hostile beat it up other people because of their opinions. that’s one of those people who made the comment that they made above has every right to comment on it.they put their life on blast….

  25. we got some true die hard friends fans or family members on here defending….. but the truth of the matter is they open this door for their self by allowing the cameras in there home in following them on their day-to-day activities… I myself have watched a show and I have seen nothing but a disgrace to African Americans…..every really show regarding the African American has to be the most ghettoest trashiest thing I’ve ever seen .I truly love Toni Braxton that was the only reason why I tuned in to the Braxton Family value.I don’t do reality shows especially reality shows regarding African Americans..and seeing how you should never mix family and
    .business together I think Tony Braxton should have left that do don’t see Vincent Herbert is being a very vicious man as he will train him to be I see him as being confused knowing that he has a gold digger for a wife knowing that she would not love him if he did not have that money or any means of taking care of her the point that she felt she needed a gift for giving birth to her own child says a whole lot about her apush gift you have to be kidding me her give with her son….only a true love you unselfish person with see that that b**** wanted to renew their battles and she sung the song sample rich or for rich I hope you never get broke says a lot about her…..we as African American women wonder why our good Sean African American men prefer white women over African American women why because African American women are money hungry
    closed because it opened up a whole new light inside of her life

  26. then we wonder why African American women why our men decide to choose white women I can tell you why …..American women are money hungry whatever happened to just loving a man for man……all I know is what I see I can’t judge or anything else but what they put out….and what they have shown is that Tamar Braxton is a money hungry b**** she could care less about Vincent Herbert if he was broke ….and will you know your family is a hot hot mess you should never air it not the world to supposed to be a pastor and he’s out there cheating…1hood rat bisexual drunk one low self esteem….. n 1 is confused and don’t know what they want with a life ….ghetto hood rat gold digger.and in this Toni Braxton