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Ask Jacky… Why Did Nas Stop Using the Alias Nas Escobar?

June 12th, 2012

Rapper NAS Sold Out

Nas lives in Pomona, California, and he is out of touch. His life is upside down and he is trying to stay in the lane of whatever Jay is down for. That happens when you sign a deal with the devil.

Nas no longer can call himself a ‘God’s Son’ cause he a bitch.

Remember when he was calling himself Nas Escobar? He changed it cause the real Escobar family stepped to him. Robert Escobar Jr. who loves Nas stepped to him about repping the name harder. Robert was down to make him a bigger star, because he loved Nas. Nas ducked the Multi Billionaire a few times, scared for his life. Then Escobar told him to quit using his name or pay the penalty. So Nas changed his name.

I’m friends with Escobar, he’s a cool dude, residing in Vegas. He is in his 30s and loves hip hop, he gave the Zulu Nation millions to stay open and wants to be cool with his hip hop idols.

So back to Nas.

Carmen smashed Jigga, and he still cool with Jay. His daughter is a upcoming slut, and Ex Wife Kelis is …

Oh yeah, Very prominent label head wants to take over his career but not for making records but to make him an old school act cause he says his career as an album maker is done…

Thanks for the information!

Yours truly,

Jacky J.

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61 Comments on "Ask Jacky… Why Did Nas Stop Using the Alias Nas Escobar?"

July 16, 2013

“he is out of touch. His life is upside down and he is trying to stay in the lane of whatever Jay is down for.” whoever wrote this article doesn’t know shit, he recently music and his life is in no way upside down.


July 12, 2013

Robert N. Escobar of Las Vegas isn’t even a real Escobar. He changed his name years ago and masquarades as one of them…


April 11, 2013

this thread proves how stupid some people really are.


February 15, 2013

You guys are stupid as fuck.Who cares if he stopped using that name.His new album dropped and only had one bad song on there(summer on smash) he isn’t going down hill eigther look at its sales.Instead of criticizing those that are still repping the game right you should look at those wackass mainstream sellout “rappers”.


Real Shit
November 27, 2012

If its that Robert n escobar Jr from Vegas claiming he’s part of the escobar family hes a fuckin liar and his real name is Robert David torresfrom san jose and hes a bitch I know he got his ass beat by his 15 year old nephew in Vegas he owns escobar estates and he chills with vin deisel but it doesn’t make him special he still a bitch how I know this is he’s my uncle unfortunately and I’m the one who beat his ass so I can’t belive this story Roberts n ecobars Jr or whatever he changes his name to this time is a snake ask….. Ice T





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