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Ask Jacky… Why Do Black Celebrities Pursue White Women?

January 9th, 2012

Interracial Relationship Questions

Hey Jacky,

What is it with y’all black men dating white women, Especially celebrity men they have black girlfriends, babymamas, and kids. But when they make it and start making “Millions” its off to the whites, asians, latinos. What makes them think white women don’t want money! Black men always sayin they down with the sistas ( yea they down for sistas that are light skin). That’s why O.J had so much hell in his life and look where he at now.

So Jacky what is your answer or opinion to this???

Why do famous Afro-American male celebrities date outside of their race? I don’t know, next time I see Tiki Barber I’ll ask him.

The Klu Klux Klan has a problem with race mixing and guess what–I don’t ever wanna sound like those ignorant bastards.

Fatema, the problem is not black men. Know why? Because all men like to smash hot chics of every color. Don’t believe me? Ask David Bowie or Robin Thicke.

People can date whoever they want, just remember where you came from. Know why? Because it irks some of us when we see Afro-American men acting like the sellout Gary Durdin. Don’t believe me.. Ask comedian Paul Mooney.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.

39 Responses to “Ask Jacky… Why Do Black Celebrities Pursue White Women?”

  1. commonsense9 |

    Black celebrity men marrying outside their race is nothing new. Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte to name a few. You also had female celebs too, Lena Horne, Maya Angelo & Diana Ross. …and after watching a couple episodes of Basketball Wives, and the Real Housewives of the ATL, can you really blame these men for marrying a white woman?


    Michele Reply:

    Yes, but what about the character and behavior of the women on Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, other cities of the Real Housewives, and yes Maury, Jerry Springer, etc.? A reasonable analysis would lead one to the conclusion that such is not typical, simply a tiny microcosm of society. You can’t stereotype the bulk of black women based upon the actions of few to justify dismissing an entire group of people. That’s like assuming all black men just need to be imprisoned because they are violent, drug dealing criminals, deadbeat dads based upon a slice of media coverage.


    commonsense9 Reply:

    I’m not making a generalization of Black women. However, Black celebs whether they’re actors, athletes, or musicians, they attract women like those mentioned in the reality shows. White women are already f*cked up..just look at their icons Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna…are any of these women “pure as the driven snow”? ..and neither are most of our Black women.


  2. P4L |

    Pearl Bailey and Dorthy Dandridge and all those old female Black celebrities had White men as well.

    Only idiiots ignore attractive people because of what color they are.

    I mean Mick Jagger’s first baby mama is Black. One of The Beatles got a Black kid. David Bowie’s married to Iman, etc. . .

    Rock stars have always liked Black women.

    Even the dude from South Park went out with a sister for years. They might still be together I don’t know.

    Stop it with the dick monitoring.

    And I say that as a brotha who’s never had a White girl ever, but still. Who cares?


  3. Nu2u |

    Only idiiots ignore attractive people because of what color they are.
    Well in that case, I’m proud to be an idiot army of one, because there’s nothing, NOTHING a white man can do for me. Pump my gas or hold a door open for me, maybe.

    Concerning Paul Mooney, I thought this man was gay lol.


    P4L Reply:

    That’s your preference.

    That’s different.

    To a lot of guys if a girl doesn’t have a big ass or big boobs or whatever, they’re not attracted to them.

    That’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about people who YOU are attracted to, but won’t date solely because they’re of a different race.

    People can’t help who they’re attracted to sexually.


  4. Catwoman |

    White agents,managers & publicists tell their rich, black male clients that dating a white woman is better for business & their image; that it will help them get more corporate endorsements & that it’ll make them more marketable in the predominantly white USA.

    After working in music & sports entertainment for over a decade, I witnessed ill advice continuously being given to black men by their white management, and I find it disgusting & manipulative.

    Essentially, a lot of these black wealthy men think “marrying white” will make them more money; but truth be told they’ve just been tricked by their White (mostly Jewish) advisors into transferring their “black financial power” back over to the white community. And when the non-black woman divorces him, she leaves with a good portion of his money; of which most likely won’t be spent in the black community or on black charities.

    For the record: I don’t have anything against interracial love. My family is multiracial & I’m married to a European man. Love is love.

    But marrying a person based solely on their race & “imagery” for presumed financial gain is bad Karma, IMHO.

    Read black feminist writer “bell hook’s” book “Ain’t I a Woman.” .

    In one section, Ms. hooks talks about the “transferral of power”, ex: black rich man marries a white woman, the white woman influences how & with whom this black man spends his $$. She will most likely gravitate toward causes, charities & businesses that “she” can identify with & that effects “her” community.

    Versus a black rich man marrying a black woman who will influence him to contribute & spend his $$ in the black community, black-centric charities & causes, etc.

    When a rich black man marries a non-black woman, a portion of his “power” has transferred to that other community. When a black woman marries a white man, a portion of his “power” has also transferred back to the black community.

    Sorry for the essay, but I think black people should understand the intricate dynamics of these type of “monied” relationships. This is about more than preferences, it’s about the transferral of “power” between communities.

    Think about it…male black celebs not only are encouraged to “marry white” they’re also encouraged to blow millions of $$/yr on overpriced jewelry at non-black businesses & buy real estate in white communities. That’s $$$ being transferred right back into the white community again.

    Look around the black communities, do you see “black celeb $$$” benefiting our community in a satisfactory manner. F**k no, they’re being advised to invest it in the white community. Really think about it…

    Again, sorry for the essay Jacky, love your site!


    P4L Reply:

    I disagree.

    If that’s the case, why did Jay-Z, Michael Jordan(first wife), Spike Lee, Allen Iverson, Shaq Mike Tyson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and all the BIGGEST Black celebrities date and marry Black?

    Why has Oprah been with a Black dude for 30 years if that’s the case?

    If what you were saying was true. Why are all of those guys richer and more famous than the few dudes who marry White broads?


    Catwoman Reply:

    First off, I didn’t generalize and say “all black celebs” I said “many.” There’s a difference. The celebs I’m speaking of are mainly black, male athletes.

    I also didn’t say that black female celebs receive that advice, so wtf is your point about Oprah,who has never been married??

    Did you ever consider that the black men you mentioned actually rejected the advice they were given?? I never said black celebs were “forced to marry white” I said they are “advised” to marry white.

    The reason why the black men you mentioned are richer than the ones who married white, is basically for the reasons I mentioned earlier, they didn’t completely transfer their “power” to the white community.

    I never said that marrying a white woman makes a black man richer, that’s what agents & publicists promote. I actually think it makes these men less rich, in the long term (see Tiger Woods).

    Go back & actually read what I wrote. 1/2 of your reply actually supports my comment.

    You can disagree, but I know what I’ve heard with my own fuckin’ ears.


    P4L Reply:

    First off, why would a Black athletes ignore the biggest athletes of all-time in Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Shaq, Mike Tyson, etc . . . and think that marrying a White woman would help their careers when all of the biggest Black ones had Black wives. It’s absurd logic. Yeah, some random agent is gonna tell you that you that you need to marry a White woman. Well, I guess somebody should tell LeBron James who’s about to marry his high school GF and be a billionaire and Carmelo Anthony who married his Black Latino baby mama Lala.

    Why would a black celebrity ignore Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Will Smith and Eddie Murphy, who are the 4 most famous Black actors on the planet and richest and married to Black women and let somebody tell them that marrying White would help them?

    It makes no sense. None of the most famous rappers other than Ice T married White, and somehow Master P and Jay-Z have more money than everybody.

    It’s just more paranoid bitter sista girl thinking. These Black men are all gay or married to a White girl, that’s why we don’t have em. That Tyler Perry movie beauty shop bullshit mentality

    And who is telling these guys to marry White women? Apparently it’s not working. Apparently marrying outside of your race does NOTHING for you career wise, so maybe they just actually love the women they married.

    The fact of the matter is, that in Tiger Woods case everyone told him NOT to get married, including his fater and agents, so you’re wrong there. Same thing with Kobe Bryant. His family, his teammates, and his coaches, and everyone else told him NOT to get married.

    Also, Michael Jordan lost more money in the divorce to his BLACK wife than anyone in history, so no, it doesn’t matter who these guys marry, because Robin Givens and Juanita Leonard (Sugar Ray’s wife) will get all the money, be they white or Black or Mexican like Kobe’s wife.

    Stop trying to act like White girls are the only golddiggers that take everything a nigga got. All y’all are capable of taking a nigga to the cleaners and do regularly, that’s why all of them end up broke, whether they married White or Black.

    That’s why I don’t believe rich dudes should get married, period.


    David Reply:

    The brothers you name have all had FAILED MARRIGES DUE TO INFIDELITY CAUSED BY NONE OTHER THAN A WOMAN OF NON-MELANIN DOMINANCE… Michael Jordan is about to marry who??? Oh that’s right some Italian woman… Mike Tyson and Samuel L, c’mon now you should have really thought about the examples you choose as these men are SO SINGLE NOW… Sam J is a DL brother as well as Tyson… The dissoloution of BLACK LOVE is whats going on and professionals that grace the airwaves via television are used to destroy the image of BLACK LOVE… Don’t get me started on Will and Jada who live some real raunchy secret lives… GREAT POST CATWOMAN COULDNT AGREE WITH YOU MORE!!!



    P4L Reply:

    How do you know who they were sleeping with?

    You think that these guys are ONLY sleeping with one woman or one type of women?

    You know for a fact that they ONLY cheated with White women? Please. They fuck Black, Latin, Asian, and whatever else too.

    Niggaz have and will fuck anything and their wives know that.

    Michael Jordan hooked up with Janet Jackson and Vanessa Williams when he was married. And his new wife is CUBAN, meaning she probably has some Black in her, because 85% of Cubans have Black in them, just ask Fidel Castro.

    EVERYBODY’s marriages are in trouble. No Whites, Latinos, etc. . . in sports, music, or movies can stay married. Who’s conspiring against them? Who’s breaking up their marriages?

    I swear you people are so obsessed with White folks. They’re just as fucked up or even more than Black people are, yet you some how act like it’s “Black love” that’s under attack, when virtually nobody has a functional relationship in that environment.

    Tell It Reply:

    Wonderful essay, can’t even add to it.


  5. Tell It |

    To my sistahs:

    Stop asking the equestion why, just thank God that he has assigned the white woman to take out our garbage.
    Black men who marry white have compromised their dicks and souls. They are with a white woman in order to run away from themselves. White women are with black men to get the kind of parity and equality in a relationship they can never obtain with a white man. She becomes empowered with the black man’s money and she is equal or above him with her skin color. It doesn’t matter because the divorce rate is very high for black men/white women marriages: the white man ain’t goin’ no where and the black man’s skin ain’t changing color.


    Tell It Reply:

    I am not a racist, just tellin’ the truth! You scream racist when you hear the truth. And don’t assume I am part of a minority.


    P4L Reply:

    And what about all the Black women throughout history like Pearl Bailey and Minnie Riperton and Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne and Rosario Dawson and Kerry Washington and Zoe saldana and all those Black women who throughout history have dated or married White men?

    Did they sell their pussies to the devil?

    Or how about David Bowie, Robert Deniro and Boris Becker and Mick Jagger and dudes like that who either married or have Black baby mamas?

    What about them?

    Are they betraying their “Whiteness”?

    Get outta here. And go back to anti-Black male Tyler Perry movies


    Anonymous Reply:

    Lena and Dorothy told you why they were with their men of the other persuasion. AT LEAST THEY WERE HONEST!! Zoe and Rosario are Latinas. We can name a slew of black male celebs, but you come up with 5 black women and two latinas. Okay.

    Furthermore, the discussion isn’t about them. It is about black males and the mindset of the wealthy, “arrived”, showbiz black male. Try to stay on topic and not all flustered because you are being called out.


    P4L Reply:

    First off, you so ignorant that you don’t even know that “Latina” isn’t a race. Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldana are BLACK, because they are of African descent, Latino is their culture, just like American is ours. So, strike one.

    Second of all, I told you FIRST and foremost that I have NEVER dated a White woman. That was in my FIRST post. If you were actually paying attention, you would know that.

    I just think that your mentality is of the Tyler Perry sets’ “Black men are all gay, wife abusers, or married to White girls, therefore aint shit” mentality.

    You guys are always looking for a way to talk shit about a Black man. When a Black man is married to a Black woman, y’all start with the gay rumors or y’all can’t wait to tell your homegirl about how he aint shit in someway.

    Then when he marry a White girl, he’s a “sellout” and all that other bullshit.

    I reject your mentality, because it doesn’t do anything for us as a people, but stoke more of the anti-Black male bullshit.

    It’s false as I named virtually ALL of the most successful Black male entertainers are married to Black women. The cream of the crop ones were or are and always have been married to Black women, so it’s a myth and always has been.

    Yes, some famous and successful guys married White, you know why? Because White girls are around successful Black guys. They work in the same places, shop in the same places, hang out in the same places, and hang in the same circles. That’s a far cry from, “they’re rejecting Black women or they want to be more successful, so they marry White”.

    You and the Tyler Perry set are sooooo scared that maybe White girls are doing something that you’re not, that you’ve come up with these hysterical conspiracy theories about races that rival the dumbest Klu Klux Klan members.

    I hope to God, you don’t have any sons to indoctrinate with your “Black men aint shit” mentality.


    David Reply:

    Sorry Anonymous but “racist” or the “ism” only pertains to white people or people lacking melanin dominance … LOOK UP THE WORD BEFORE YOU BEGIN TYPING NON-SENSE… And a stereo-type and racist comment are two different things as a stereo-type can apply to ALL races as all races have a certain stereo-type associated with them…


    willliam brown Reply:

    Have you ever heard that “opposite attract” ?.
    some people like to find out about an opposite sex, an opposite color or race. and most white people are AMAZED with how blacks are in sports
    and at dancing and with rythem.
    also some black men are attracted to white women
    because they are more caring about their men and do not try to demean and Boss their man. and personally i have found that a white woman does not use sex as a bargaining tool. many black women will tell their man she will not give in sexually until he has done so and so.


  6. Anonymous |

    I don’t care what KKK or Nazis say. You can’t take the truth and you probably don’t even look in the mirror in the morning because the self-hatred is so deep. You don’t want to reproduce in your image and you believe that God made a mistake in creating the black race. Your blaspheme will bring destruction to your life. Your example at the end fails because it is a stereotypical hollywierd image. I don’t deal in stereotypes or manufactured images. That is truth and it cuts you deeply because you know it is true.


  7. Anonymous |

    I know Latina is a race and not a culture. However, my point was that the inclusion of two Latinas in the discussion just dilutes your argument because you had to reach to find more black women to support your claim.

    It is your mindset and weak arguments that are being called out – whether or not you acted upon them is something I frankly could care less about.
    And if white women “are doing something black women are not,” I can just guess what that is and they can keep the diseases that surely go with that. That little dig shows me where your mindset is.

    Europeans conquered the planet through genocide, imperialism and colonialism. Rarely, very rarely, did they intermarry. Therefore, your excuse that black successful men are around white women more does not offer a valid excuse. Quite to the contrary, you are just providing a reason for weakness. Environmental influence didn’t affect white men but yet it overtakes black men??? hmmm. Speaking of success and environment, Tiger Woods’ wife was a nanny and Kobe Bryant’s wife was a high school dropout. I’m just sayin’.

    But, the white women with the black man now has the equality through her skin color + the black man’s money and the black man has his wish because he will not reproduce in the image of himself. Black men are willing to be the mule for white women to achieve economic and social parity with white men. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady-Staton, original 19th century feminists in America are celebrating. As they said in opposing equal rights for blacks, “no jigaboo (meaning black men) will get to the promised land before a white women”. I guess the brothers like you don’t have the knowledge or the history to peep the game.

    Shame on ‘ya.


    P4L Reply:


    That’s why you’re ignorant. Including Latinas is NOT diluting the argument. They’re just as Black as we are and live in the same country as we do. You wouldn’t consider including Jamaicans and Haitians as “diluting the argument” would you? Do you know how many people we just consider Black are come from Caribbean heritage?

    How about Biggie Smalls, Heavy D, Busta Rhymes, and a ton of other Black people. You just call them Black thought, don’t you, right?

    So why isn’t Rosario Dawson or Zoe Saldana considered just as Black as you or me are?

    So, that’s a retarded argument.

    Also, the Caribbean & South America where there were MORE African slaves than even America, The Portuguese and Spanish intermarried Black slaves ALL OF THE TIME, because they left their families in Europe.

    Look up Xica Da Silva, who went from a slave to the most successful woman in Brazil. She was Black, wasn’t she? Her husband was Portuguese royalty.

    It’s just in AMERICA, that the British and Irish brought their wives with them to America, therefore not needing to intermarry. They had their women with them.

    Please, stop it with the historical inaccuracies.

    Also, Tiger Woods’ wife WORKED for one of his FAMOUS golfer friends. That’s why she was AROUND him. Kobe Bryant’s wife was friends with Snoop Dogg and 213. She was on the set of one of their music videos.

    You’re proving my point. Those women both KNEW those guys friends. Tiger didn’t just pick up some random White bitch at the mall. He married a woman who lived in the same house as one of his famous golfer friends Jesper Parnevik.

    That’s how people meet, woman. If you know somebody I know, you have a much easier time trying to get a guy. There are more White women who work for corporate America and Hollywood other places that famous and rich Black guys would work at, even in sports, most of the female sportscasters are what color? White. They’re around.

    If you work for a famous athlete, rapper, or celebrity, which both of the non-Black women you mentioned DID. Then, you can easily catch a baller, but if you’re hangin’ out in the fuckin’ hood somewhere, what rich guy’s gonna be hangin’ out there.

    You’d better become a personal assistant to a celeb or work for a team STAT. That’s where Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies met his BLACK wife.

    Funny how that worked. A BLACK woman worked for a Major League Baseball team and was able to marry a famous Black athlete.

    Just please stop while you’re behind and keep gossiping at the beauty shop with all your hens about how Black men aint shit and watching Tyler Perry movies.


  8. Anonymous |

    You are so blinded by anger you can’t see straight and sure can’t interpret history correctly.

    Some Latins are “black” and having a black mother from South America, I know a little bit more about it than you. Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson are clearly of mixed latin heritage. Learn something about DNA and then come back at me with something more than the 1 drop rule. If you knew anything about bone marrow transplants black folks would not be solicited if either of those girls needed one (not wishing that on either). Are Jamaicans/Hatians black? Most, but I guess you never heard the term or actually saw a “white Jamaican”. My grandmother was one so please sit down.

    So Tiger’s wife worked around the rich. A nice euphemism for SHE WAS THE NANNY; so he married the help. But hey, she was white and he could run with that. Kobe Bryant married his wife who was hangin’ with prominent rappers. She was a high school dropout, but she was white so he could run with that. And allow me to be rank here, I can’t believe you can be a pretty young thang and just be a friend in Snoops crew without providing benefits. I’m just sayin’

    So in your argument about being in the right circles is true, but, not in the examples you use because their whiteness obviously was more of a factor than their placement. So your argument doesn’t say much for rich black men because they can be nannies or high school drop outs and still catch a rich black man.

    Do you really want to say that?

    And now, they are going to be very wealthy through divorce settlements and not one dime of that will be spent in the black community — rest assured. But Kobe and Tiger achieved their goals: they didn’t reproduce in their images and they got to redefine who they didn’t want to be.

    Their (ex) wives got want they wanted: Black men who got them into a socioeconomic strata they would never see and an equality in a relationship they would never have with a white man. (See previous quote in previous comment attributed to early white feminists).

    Oh, and good for Jimmy Rollins, I am sure his BLACK wife wasn’t cleaning the toilets at the Phillies. Props Jimmy!


    P4L Reply:

    Woman, you ARE ignorant.

    There is NO SUCH THING AS LATIN BLOOD. It doesn’t exist. Latinos are mixed with the SAME things we are. Black slaves, White slave owners, and Native Americans. That’s why Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson are Black. If they’re not, then we aren’t either and then WHAT IS YOUR POINT? This isn’t about a one drop rule. They are Black the same way WE are.

    I’ve never seen a White Jamaican? Really?

    Bob Marley wasn’t half White?

    What was his father Norval?

    Or what about his wife Cindy Breakespeare who was a former Miss World and Damian Marley’s mama? She wasn’t a White Jamaican? She certainly represented Jamaica, didn’t she? Don’t tell me what I haven’t seen

    And the fact Kobe and Tiger were married to a rap video girl and a nanny isn’t relevant. They were still married to people they were introduced to them by people they knew, which is how people meet, which is the same way Black people who marry other Black people meet. You don’t know how many people married other people’s assistants and employees. I guarantee you that all of the Black celebrities who married Black women didn’t all marry women who were rich or educated. Men marry who they’re around and always have.

    And how do you know how all of the famous guys met their wives?

    Just judging from this site, Jim Jones met his wife Crissy while she was doing all kinds of dirt up in Harlem, Jewelz Santana met his baby mama while she was fuckin’ around with Fabolous.

    Even a lot of the ones married to Black women meet their wives and girlfriends on rap video sets and in strip clubs and at Hollywood orgies or whatever.

    Only you and your bitter beauty shop friends perpetuate this bullshit stereotype that if a rich Black dude is married to a Black woman, she practically has to be Oprah or Condoleeza Rice in order to be “good enough” for him.

    Have you watched “Love & Hip-Hop”? How about “Basketball Wives”? How about “Football Wives”?

    How many of those hoes look and sound educated or even rational to you and the overwhelming majority of them are BLACK women married to BLACK men.

    Please. Stop playing the Rosa Parks card. You sistas aint been that since the ’60s, most of y’all are capable of the SAME golddigging, scandalous behavior you accuse White women of and Robin Givens and Shaunie O’Neal and Jennifer Williams are the fucking proof.

    And how many of them spend their money in the Black community as well?

    They spend their money in Beverly Hills and Manhattan just like the White wives do.

    Their only contributions to the Black community besides making us look fucked up on TV is raising their Black kids, which the White ones do as well because even Tiger Woods’ kids and Kobe Bryant’s kids will be considered Black in the society we live in.

    Please, just stop while you’re behind. Just go back to reading your books about how all Black men are on the DL, gay, bums living with our mamas, or married to White girls, while watching the latest Tyler Perry Black man bashing movie.


  9. katie |

    I agree with catwomans comments
    I mean I dont even work in the industry but I already could see what you pointed out.
    Even when men do marry black its only light skinned long haired black or mixed. To produce light skin kids with good hair.
    But do you blame them they appear to have no choice I mean the only people in hollywood hiring black actors is tyler perry.
    Black is not considered attractive perhaps that what leaves them tormented and makes them begin to hate their own race and abandon black women?


    P4L Reply:

    Since when is light-skinned not Black?

    What is Angela Davis?

    Is Malcolm X Black?

    What about Muhammad Ali?

    Are they Black?

    Bob Marley, his father was White, so he doesn’t qualify as Black now? C’mon.

    You have to fucking stop it with the light skin/dark skin shit. BLACK IS BLACK.

    Even if a brotha marries a sister, if she aint fuckin’ Grace Jones Black, then y’all gonna complain about that.

    Stop worrying about what other people are doing and do you.

    This is what’s wrong with our community. Too much dick/pussy monitoring.

    I don’t give a fuck if Halle Berry’s with David Justice or whoever. I find a sista who’s right for me and keep it moving.


    Anonymous23 Reply:

    Thank you! Black is Black! We are Black beautiful people and I wish we would see the beauty in all of our tones. Just the other day a white woman was telling me she wants to come back Black in another life because our skin is so beautiful, holds up in the sun, doesn’t age that fast and is just downright scrumptious. Salute light skinned, dark skinned, brown skinned BEAUTIFUL BLACK SISTERS. Long hair, short hair, dyed hair, added hair – whatever – we are Family. I’ve got all my sistahs with me. Sing y’all. Be proud of who you are. Stop the madness. Now back from the commercial break – carry on P4L.


  10. Anon |

    I agree with Catwoman.


  11. Rich |

    Beep beep beep…newsflash….it’s not that we don’t love our beautiful black sista’s…it’s the STANK-ASS ATTITUDE many of you have developed. No MAN will put up with that shit.

    Be strong, but soft.


    Jay Reply:



  12. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    Only a ignorant person would utter the phrase good hair. Smdh again.


  13. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    Tell em why you mad son.


  14. Anonymous23 |

    Congratulations Stoudemire on your marriage proposal to a Black woman, Alexis Welch (and mother is the Nicks superstar’s 3 children).


  15. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    There are some kuntry fucks who think they are chasing forbidden fruits. There are cats who do it simply because their pool of possibles is bigger, whiter, wealthier etc. Some dudes just get tired of the drama a lot of sistas bring. The burden of living in a world where euro features are the standard of beauty breeds insecurity. A white woman has no such burden so in theory is calmer, chiller. Do u wit whoever floats yo boat cuz when she leave she leaves wit half.


  16. caribbeegurl |

    If black men cannot find a “good” African-American woman, why don’t they date and marry into the “other” black population of Caribbeans, Latinos etc., No they date and marry white women who are culturally nothing like them.
    Who would a black man have more in common with ? a white american or a black Caribbean woman ? I would really love to know. I think Americans are colour struck and have a slave/massa mentality going on. This ish is boring as hell for 2012, we are all black and we should love ourselves no matter what.


  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_3m2yqGBA4 |

    Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums
    that deal with the same subjects? Thanks!


  18. TianaOyne |

    Black celebrity men marry and pursue their woman – The media publicizes the interracial couples more…. Which is a ploy to destroy black family. I am married to a NFL player’s brother – My husband and I attend many games and events; the majority of them (black Athletes) are married to or pursue black woman. I find that the weaker-insured ones marry or pursue non black woman. They feel its a come up or status symbol…


    TianaOyne Reply:

    insecure* spelling correction


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