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Jacky Loves Real Women – Interview

August 26th, 2011

Special thanks to Jaxx over at RealTalkRealWoman for taking the time!

Ask Jacky… Was Aaliyah A Blood Sacrifice For Dame Dash?

August 26th, 2011

Aaliyah Blood Sacrifice


I’ve heard that Aaliyah was Damon Dash’s blood sacrifice. I’m curious to know what your opinion is on that, considering he is basically irrelevant these days.

Love your style Jacky!

Ms Red k

Jacky’s Answer Here

Custody Battle Leads To Downfall of Braithwaite / Mucthison Drug Empire

August 26th, 2011

Kevin Allison Mucthison Divorce

HSK Exclusive - Sources have revealed exclusively to HSK what set off the recent arrests of Warren Braithwaite and Kevin Mucthison, both of whom are close business and personal associates of Jamie Foxx, Dr. Dre, Warriors head coach Mark Jackson, and Lady Gaga.

Braithwaite and Mucthison are accused of heading a major international drug smuggling operation. Both currently sit incarcerated in a Maricopa County jail awaiting trial.

According to several sources, what set off the downfall of their illegal enterprise, known as “Mekka/Blackman” was the nasty child custody dispute between Kevin Mucthison and his baby momma Allison Johnson. Continue Reading…

Cash Money Records Slapped With A Sexual Assault Lawsuit

August 26th, 2011

Nicole Westmoreland of College Park, Georgia, has slapped Cash Money Records with a civil lawsuit. Know why? Because Nicole Westmorland claims that she was raped by a Cash Money employee mane. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video clip.

I believe this woman Nicole Westmoreland was raped by this vicious beast Alfred Cleveland. Know why? Because Cleveland was found guilty of assault and is currently doing three years in prison mane.

After watching this news clip do you think that Nicole Westmoreland has a chance of winning her civil lawsuit against Cash Money Records?

Jamie Foxx Does Scavenger Deal With BET

August 25th, 2011

Jamie Foxx and BET are going to revamp the television show “Showtime At The Apollo” and guess what? During a charity fundraiser this past weekend at the Apollo, Jamie Foxx made the announcement.

Here’s what Jamie Foxx had to say:

“The Apollo did it long before American Idol, except the audience were the judges.”

Here’s what an insider from Foxx’s camp had to say: Continue Reading…

Star Magazine Picks Up HSK Braithwaite Investigation

August 25th, 2011

Jacky Jasper / Star Magazine

Star Magazine contacted me last week about Warren Braithwaite and Jamie Foxx and guess what? HSK and Star Magazine are in cahoots. Don’t believe me? Check out here on Radaronline, or pick up the newest copy of Star Magazine at your favorite supermarket and peep the Warren Braithwaite and Jamie Foxx story.

I’m proud to say in the near future you will be seeing more stories from HSK making the tabloids. Know why? Because mainstream media needs to know what celebrities are doing in them streets mane. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Does Janet Jackson Have a Secret Son?

August 25th, 2011

Janet Jackson Secret Son

So Jacky, I know you’ve been hearing for years that Janet Jackson had a child while married to James debarg!

While working on the set of Fame Janet (Miss Jackson if ya nasty) was very much pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but chain smoking like a train.. Then she later emerged with the control album little baby fat still on her body..

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Will Mara Brock Akil Ever Make Girlfriends Into a Movie?

August 24th, 2011

Hi Jacky,

I was wondering if you have any info on Mara Brock Akil? She is talented and quite mysterious. A lot of fans are very interested in the sitcom Girlfriends being made into a movie but so far no word from her camp. White ppl made noise and sex and the city got made; why is she acting like she cant represent for her fans?

I’m asking Jacky, cause I know you will keep it 100 each and every time. btw, love you!! lol take care and god bless. Tam

Jacky’s Answer Here

Ask Jacky… Are 50cent, Fabolous, Lil Kim, & Mario Wanted Down Under?

August 23rd, 2011

Hey Jacky what’s good ?

Not much of a secret here, but 50 Cent toured in my home town of Melbourne, Australia, last week.

50 was demanding local nightclubs to pay him for an appearance, him and his crew ! 50 was here for the Winter Beatz tour with Lil Kim, Mario, G Unit & Fabolous… now security who worked the Melbourne show and by all accounts Lil Kim rocked it !

Peace !

Jacky’s Answer Here

Will Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s 3rd Child Stop Ben’s Gambling Addiction?

August 23rd, 2011

Be Affleck Poker

Jennifer Garner and her shady actor husband Ben Affleck are expecting their third child and guess what? Ben doesn’t want Jennifer to know that he’s addicted to gambling.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Ben is trying to fool Jennifer. He’ll threaten to sue a tabloid paper reporting facts, just to attempt to cover up his gambling addiction from her.”

I knew this Ben Affleck guy back in his JLO days. That’s when I remember seeing a drunk coked up Ben Affleck at a nighclub out here in Los Angeles. I would tell you to ask Ja Rule but he’s currently locked up. Continue Reading…


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