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Rapper King Kutta Mackin Wanted For Pimping Minors

April 5th, 2012

King Kutta Pimpin Monors
The FBI is on the hunt for King Kutta Mackin, charging the wannabe rapper with sex trafficking minors by force. Despite the fact that the Feds are looking for him, King Kutta Mackin – whose real name is Marquist Bradford – is not being anywhere near discreet with his pimping endeavours…taking to Twitter to brag about his criminal affairs.

Here’s what King Kutta Mackin recently Tweeted:

“Fly fresh Nigga love doin me and love liven!!$$ Money is my motivation and bein broke is my fear!! Continue Reading…

Tyrese Leaves Watts Students Disappointed

April 5th, 2012

Tyrese Locke High Watts

HSK Exclusive - The streets have dubbed Tyrese Gibson to be a man whose NOT of his word.

Sources say people in Watts, California chastised Tyrese after the singer/actor took to the television cameras to welch on a deal he made with high school teacher Reggie, promising to purchase a van for the students at Locke High School. It’s a promise which Tyrese took over two years to honor.

Here’s what was revealed to me:

“Tyrese went on the Oprah and made a big deal out of helping his old high school (Locke High). We all saw him present Reggie with the keys to a new white van. They actually showed the van and presented the keys for the camera. As soon as the camera turned off, the van must have been returned. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Is HSK Homophobic?

April 5th, 2012

Homophobia Defined

Hello Jacky,

You come across at your site as very homophobic. Why is that?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Kelly Divine and Jenna Shea Expose Rappers…

April 5th, 2012

Kelly Devine / Juelz Santana

Didn’t Kelly Divine Have a Vaginal Prolapse?

Porn stars Jenna Shea and Kelly Divine took to the radio airwaves to expose rappers and guess what–Back in 2007 I was told porn star/call girl Kelly Deivine had a vaginal prolapse. Don’t believe me.. former porn hoe Nicole Banks.

Here’s what Kelly Divine and Jenna Shea had to say about rappers they both bedded:

“Fabolous has a big Johnson. Lil Wayne I couldn’t listen to his music for five months. when I first met Wayne he said ‘can I make love’

Juelz Santana eats ass…diarrhea…he was having a prison moment on my ass…it was right after his baby momma gave birth…

Cam’ron and his bisexual ass..”

Here’s what Nicole Banks told me about Kelly Divine: Continue Reading…

Steve Stoute’s Blacksploitation of Mary J Blige…

April 4th, 2012

Mary J Shuck-n-Jive

Mary J. Blige has proven to be a good house-niggette. Know why? Because she’s doing exactly what advertising and marketing executive Steve Stoute tells her to do. And what is that, you may ask…singing about CHICKEN!

That’s right folks, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul is using her musical talent to embark on an ode to none other than a Burger King chicken sandwich.

Here’s the lyrics:

“Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty…flour…tortilla.” Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Who Are the Industry’s DL Rappers?

April 4th, 2012

Straight Celebrities Revealed

HSK reader, Shay had this question for yours truly:

Hi Jacky,

Not that I would ever f*ck anybody in the entertainment industry…but my question is who are the DL rappers in the industry?


Jacky’s Answer Here

More Information About Jamie Foxx’s Goon John Clark Surfaces…

April 4th, 2012

Goons Threaten Jacky Jasper

HSK has confirmed the legal name of the man hired by Jamie Foxx to physically attack Jacky Jasper. His name is John Clark, aka JC, aka Crock-Tyson.

We first told you about Clark after learning he accepted monies from Jamie Foxx as part of a transaction leading to an intended attack on Jacky Jasper. This before sources say Clark concocted a story claiming he spotted Jacky inside of a Los Angeles Coffee Bean, before beating your boy up.

Check out some more of the tea that’s being spilled:

“JC is a born liar. He just got out of jail about a year and half ago. JC lives off Jamie Foxx and Eddie Griffin. Continue Reading…

Vegas Club Owner Orchestrated Plan to Shut Down Rival Crown Nightclub

April 4th, 2012

Steve Davidovici Vegas Thug

HSK has uncovered the real reason why Las Vegas’ Crown nightclub is shut down, and it all boils down to a rival nightclub owner.

Sources exclusively reveal Stevie Davidovici orchestrated local gangbangers to spark a dispute at Crown nightclub, as part of his plot to get the club shut down. But, sources say they can’t say for sure whether or not the shooting was a part of Davidovici’s plan.

You may remember Crown nightclub was forced to close its doors about two weeks ago, after a pair of shooting sprees near the nightclub, inside the Rio hotel, left five people injured.

Here’s what my Vegas insider had to say about the situation: Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Who Ever Said We Are a Post Racism Society

April 4th, 2012


Hey Jacky,

I’m a fan of your site & a frequent reader. I’m hitting you up to ask have you heard about the racial controversy surrounding the release of the movie The Hunger Games? The movie is based on a book series, and upon release there was a big backlash from fans complaining about the abundance of blacks in the film.

It was posts all over the internet and twitter of people complaining how some of the characters being black ruined the movie, even though the author of the book has said that she described these characters in the book as people of color. Continue Reading…

Jamie Foxx Goon “Croc Tyson” Falsely Claims Bounty on Jacky…

April 3rd, 2012

Jamie Foxx Goon J.C.

HSK is learning more about the man who sources say collected money from Jamie Foxx as part of a transaction leading to an intended attack on Jacky Jasper.

We first told you about the plot earlier today. Now, we can confirm the man known as “J.C.” is also known as “Croc-Tyson”. He’s also the individual who we’re told concocted a story claiming he spotted Jacky inside of a Los Angeles Coffee Bean before beating your boy up.

Here’s the drop:

“JC made up the story that he smacked you up, and Jamie paid him. JC once worked security for Eddie Griffin. Matter of fact, Eddie had the Nicca selling t-shirts. Continue Reading…



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