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Dr. Dre Shows Pays T.I. a Visit in Atlanta

December 20th, 2011

TI and Dr. Dre

This past weekend the rapper/reality star T.I. performed at Strokers Gentlemen Strip Club in Atlanta and guess what–Dr Dre showed up.

Is Dr Dre and T.I. currently working in the studio? I don’t know, but Dre better be careful. Know why? Because they got stick-up kids in Atlanta, killing and robbing people in studios mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Young Joc!

Maya Angelou is Pissed at the Rapper Common-Sense

December 19th, 2011

Maya Angelou Is MAD
The rapper Common might be a vegan and a PETA supporter but guess what—Maya Angelou is pissed at the rapper Common. Know why? Because Common is known for wearing pro-black on his sleeves and he’s still using the word Nigga, in his rhymes mane.

Here’s the rhyme Common said that got Maya Angelou heated:

“Told my nigga [Kanye West] I’m ’bout to win the Grammys now” and “Niggas with no heart, I’m the pacemaker.”

Here’s what Maya Angelou had to say about giving permission to use her vocals in a song with Common: Continue Reading…

Jay Z and Beyonce’s Firstborn Will Travel in a $1Million Armored Van

December 19th, 2011

Jay z Armored Car
Jay Z bought his wife Beyonce a $1million armored “mom van”. Know why? Because Jay wants his firstborn from Beyonce to be driven around in a armored vehicle mane.

Here’s what a source had to say:

“Jay is looking at action-movie style vehicles like Tom’s and wants to make sure they are bullet-proof and 100% safe. He won’t be taking any risks, that’s for sure. The couple is house hunting in Florida and Jay told Beyonce that as long as the house is “secluded and very well protected,” she can have her pick— even if it “costs him $18.5 million, he’ll buy it. He sees it as a thank you for making his dream to be a father come true.” Continue Reading…

#7 House Negro For 2011 Is…

December 19th, 2011

Oprah “MLK Wasn’t Shit” Winfrey

Oprah #7 2011
With the end of the year just a few weeks away, it’s time for HSK’s 4th Annual Top 10 House Negroes of 2011. We left it up to you to pick nominees of this year’s sell-outs.
The people have spoken, choosing Oprah Winfrey as the number 7# spot.

Chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions Oprah Winfrey did not contribute any donations towards the Martin Luther King Washington memorial and guess what—The billionaire’s OWN cable network was not on the list among the media companies featured in the major contributors section. Know why? Because when the MLK memorial foundation approached Winfrey’s camp for a $1million and, later 500K, Oprah never returned their call mane. Don’t believe me… Ask Winfrey’s spokesman Chance Patterson.

Here’s what Oprah Winfrey had to say about MLK before she started crying on the Piers Morgan show: Continue Reading…

Who’s Jacky Talking About? – December 19, 2011

December 19th, 2011

Playmate Blind Item
This week’s blind item was once crowned Miss Ohio, and our blind item was the first Afro-American woman to win the title — but guess what. Our blind item fell into the arms of a notorious pimp/actor who she then quickly married.

Our blind items husband turned her into a high price escort. Don’t believe me? Ask our blind item’s escort buddy ex-“Price Is Right” model Kathleen Bradley.

Today’s blind item was one of the first women to infiltrate the male-dominated world of sports announcing with a role on The NFL Today. Continue Reading…

Pilar Sanders Is Getting Divorced — Who Did She Date Before Deion?

December 18th, 2011

Deion Divorcing Pilar
Legendary former NFL player Deion Sanders has just OFFICIALLY announced that he and his wife Pilar Biggers are getting divorced, but guess what–HSK broke this story months ago (when Deion formally filed the papers).

Here’s what Deion Sanders said about the breakup:

“Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect. We are friends and our top priority has and will continue to be the well-being of our children.”

Now I’m going to tell you who Pilar dated before she met Deion. Continue Reading…

Alkaline vs Acidic: Why Our Bodies Crave A Healthy pH Environment

December 17th, 2011

Have you ever wondered why deodorant commercials brand their products by insuring that they are pH balanced?

The body is largely made up of water, which can either have acid or alkaline properties, measured by a graduated scale called pH (potential hydrogen). The pH levels in our bodies have profound effects on all body chemistry, health, and disease. The management of pH is so important that the body has developed strict accounting procedures to monitor acid-alkaline balances in every cell. Nothing does well in an overly acidic pH state, especially in the human body.

Think about it…. Just as acid rain can destroy a forest, an imbalanced pH continuously corrodes all body tissues, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of our veins and arteries like corrosives eating into marble. Furthermore, none of the supplements that we discuss are properly assimilated by the body in an acidodic state, thus not having the proper environment to serve our body any justice. Continue Reading…

Rapper Slim Dunkin Gunned Down At Atlanta Recording Studio

December 16th, 2011

Slim Dunkin Murdered
HSK Exclusive - Rapper Slim Dunkin, whose real name is Mario Hamilton, has just died after being gunned down in an Atlanta music studio.

Here’s what I was told:

“Slim is only 19 years old, he’s from Dallas, Texas. He just got signed to Waka Flocka’s label “Brick Squad Monopoly.

Slim was shot in the chest at an Atlanta music studio, and was then rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.” Continue Reading…

Daphne Joy and Dollicia Bryant Go To Puerto Rico For Cheap Butt Implants

December 16th, 2011

Video Vixens Cheap Butt Implants

Here’s what a friend of the video hoe’s told me:

“They’re all going to Puerto Rico for cheap plastic surgery. Dollicia and Daphine’s butts look horrible, but you can’t tell them that.”

Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… Is Beyonce Really Pregnant?

December 16th, 2011

Ask Jacky


I would like you to say something about the Beyonce pregnancy scandal. I am so sorry, but I do not think that this wench is pregnant. Also, I know that you are someone that is aware about what goes on in the media, and you are not afraid to say something about the truth.

So Jacky, is this broad faking like it appears, and actually has her assistant carrying her child or is she “pregnant?”

Jacky’s Answer Here



HSK Exclusive


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