Baby Photos of Joseline Hernandez Prove She is a Woman


Joseline Hernandez Baby Photos

MediaFakeOut & Sandra Rose Called Out…

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Joseline Hernandez is claiming that bloggers Sandra Rose and MediaFakeOut are both liars. Know why? Because last week Sandra Rose and both published articles claiming that Joseline Hernandez was a transgender woman.

Here’s what Joseline had to say:

“Who the fuck is Sandra Rose? She doesn’t know me. Mediatakout, is yesterday. Everybody knows they make up stories.

Jacky, I’m only talking to you to set the record straight. I’ll send you some pictures of me when I was a little girl.”

Joseline Hernandez Pre-Teen Years


    • That’s a mahhaannnnn, baby!!!!

      Why would a real woman go out of her way to post buck ass nekkkid pictures of herself just to prove who she is?? That’s the type of overcompensating shit a tranny would do when she wants to show off how good her doctor is. These pics don’t mean shit. Either it’s somebody else’s baby or maybe her parents dressed her like a girl, either way something about this whole thing don’t pass the smell test. No pun intended.

      Post a picture of your neck, baby. A clear one. Cuz like I always say, if she’s got a apple, she’s got a banana!!

    • just like they said ciara was a man media wuld ake up anything igrew up wit muscle bound manly lookin girls an they r not a man they were just born that way

    • Tell her to show her birth certificate, thats better proof han any. o her hospital background check.

    • Really? Joseline was born a man !! Look how big her feet are !! Rihanna and Ciara got big feet too and they do

  1. This dumb muthaf*kka could’ve lead with this. Instead of all the unnessary porn. You come with childhood photo’s of a child weeks later?

  2. This pic doesn’t prove anything, it could be any little girl. “Joseline” is definitely a man, just a surgically mutilated man, period!

    • That’s exactly right!
      What I can’t believe is, that Jacky would believe so little of the reader of his blog to just present us with some lame “evidence”, like these 2 random pictures.

  3. All that TRANNY needed to do was provide a BIRTH CERTIFICATE but since he was born a man he’s not gonna do it. Like Kanye using Kim as a beard, like Beyonce’s surrogate pregnancy this shit could keep going round in circles but I’m jumping off this merry-go-round. I like the dish but I do not ruin my beautiful brain by watching that bullshit. I will NEVER watch one of those trashy ghetto shows.

    Nothing else for me to say on this matter.

      • Thank you thats what I said I also understand alot of gays alot gays live in atl but why is it that everybody that on her twitter is gay? Even some gay people think she was born a man.i have gay friends but not the whole damn gay pride!Its like everybody in atl is standing behind her thats gay. Then there like why everybody hating. i have no reason to hate on he/she not doig shyt to make me hate anybody can be on tv and anybody can be famous/model etc.!

  4. I thought they were trying to be funny ,u know everybody talks about jay z ,well i thought mimi was bey,stevie was jay and the rhi look alike was rhi rhi, i thought someone was being funny again.this cant be real,someones up to their old tricks.tell me this is someone up to no good.

  5. Nothing will convince me that shim was born a girl. The picts and porn from last week sealed it for me with her trying to use a brown-skinned body double, but this child is light??? No sir! Joseph-Joceline needs more people!

    • Im with you its a guy. Can we get a 7th grade pic where the features ar more pronounced. That child in the pic DOESNT have a square jaw or a huge head. Your bone structure is YOUR bone structure.Artist tweet baby pics and childhood pics all the time and you can clearly see their features. That’s not him.

      • And people keep saying that we are concerned with what IT is….YES I’m concerned because the media shoves this crap down the throats of the viewers. I find myself watching more Foodnetwork and HGTV because I can’t stand T.V. anymore. I don’t want to see an “it” being passed off as a woman on MY T.V.!!! I am all woman and I don’t have exaggerated movements and a deep voice!!!! I have nothing against gay people at all!!! I have gay family members who act like what they are – a man and a woman. My uncle is a manly man who is gay and my cousin in a feminine female who likes women and she looks and sounds like a woman (not a man). My point is embrace what God made you, he does NOT make mistakes! All of this “I was born in the wrong body crap” is just that…A bunch of crap!!! I have only watched 11/2 episodes of this mess and I definitely won’t be watching “it” again.

        • Lol…so true! I actually DO have a deep voice (my friends and family say its more raspy)for a female but I am most definitey FEMALE. I have a child and everything. Point being, possessing one characteristic does not make you a man or female. However, Maury that is a man!!! #notbeat

  6. It doesn’t matter what Joseline does or says. People already have their mind fixed about her being a man and their not gonna change it. This isn’t shade to her, just a dose of truth. Everyone pays a price for fame and she’s paying hers now. I think that she should stop talking about the subject and enjoy her “fame”

    • I agree, Donna, afterall; according to to the world that’s actually interested, everyone is either gay or hemophrodite. Its rather tiring and corny. I think Joseline Hernandez is very attractive and very much a female.

  7. Jacky….check my comments! I ride hard for you…love your site…u are the best BUT , YOU’re WRONG! She was born a man…but she is now a woman….Jacky…snap out of it!

    Still your #1

  8. ditto Donna…it’s enough for me, ya don’t have to try and prove yourself anymore cause you’ll just get deeper and deeper and those that want to believe otherwise will still find cause to dispute.

      • Then, that birth certificate is false. At the time of a birth, a record is kept of the weight, race,hospital, location and sex of the child. In the case of your friend, male. #imjustsaying.

        • Actually, there is such thing as getting a “correct B.C.” I know this because a family member had to get one. She was born and her mom was going to give her up for adoption so she didnt give her a name. She was just Baby Girl Even her birth certificate had one B.S. However, this was before 9/11 and all that so she went thru school as her first name and her mothers last name even though her social security card had her proper name. She had to legally change her name in order to get the B.C. corrected. BUt I agree Joshua, it is a vital stats record, if a man decide to cut off his wang after the fact, thats on him!

  9. The fact that she is defending her so called womanhood is what makes her suspect. You never saw Ciara saying “no I’m really a woman check out my vagina” “no really these are my baby pictures” she just it go. You never see Jamie lee Curtis trying to prove it either. A natural born woman would just ignore it and keep it moving.

  10. Wow, you women make it seem like this story is bigger than who shot Tupac and JFK…

    Its just a nice ladies pussy….Someone who is looking for her 15 min. of fame and a chance to make some money by doing club appearances, maybe her own reality show and maybe a little porn down the road…

    Milk it (no pun intended) for all its worth Joseline…

    btw. Hit me up when you come to Ghana and have some coconut waters and fried plantain with me and the fam.

  11. the eyes stay the same shape and size from birth to death.

    The clearest of the childhood pics bear no resemblance to any of the adult pics.

    No continuity in structure of jaw line, shape of nostrils or eyes

  12. This is where a great share of the TV budget is now…UNREAL REALITY shows….Snooki and some guy named The Witness or the Siutation of something made 2.5 million dollars last year…Kim Kardashian and her family are multi millionaires off this crap…

    These shows are the Soap Operas of the new 21th Century.

    You can get hooked on these shows because it makes people feel good about their own lives and it quenches the voyeur thirst of humans..We love to watch each other and know each other…The thing is, back in the day everybody in the neighborhood(city) or in the town (rural) used to know everybody else…Used to know their neighbors and everything about everybody else…This is a natural way of living in village form…Now we have lost that and everybody is compartmentalized in their isolated apartment or house and no one knows their neighbors anymore…Children dont even go out and play anymore..They sit in their boxes and play video games and go on Twitter…

    People crave VILLAGE LIVING and knowing their neighbors…So when they give us faux reality, we feel we know Nene and Flavor Flav and Joseline and Donald, and Kim K and Shanunie and Evelyn and and and and you get the picture….So we(you, not me) tune in to see how are neighbors and doing while maintaining our own privacy like peeping toms…Down deep inside we know it cant be real, but the mind plays the trick on you and you allow yourself the fantasy because you feel connected to something.

  13. These folks are bent all out of shape over some strangers crotch…She is of no kin to anyone here and everyone is so emotional over this womans pussy because she was on TV last week and they feel they have a personal link to her…Thats the POWER of television…

    If this chick pulls out a pussy , a dick, a yo yo, a birth certificate, a pair of ovaries, a set of testicles, a puppy, so what and what relevance does it really have to REAL REALITY(YOUR LIVES)?

  14. Now if she was your parent or your child or someone you care for then I can understand the emotional concern…These people have scripts and their camera angles, lighting and audio is set up before the director gives them the olay to begin dialouge with each other…..TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS!!!!



  15. That pic proves nothing. Anyone can put a dress on a little boy and pass for a girl. Sorry, he looks like a transgender to me.

  16. anybody can fake pictures, birth certificate etc—ask obama, mane. i am not convinced! if that was the case, she would’ve produced this crap instead of spreading her legs all over world star hip hop…PLUS that broad did not look like her. anyhoo, IT’S A MAN BABY!!! and that’s all there is to it. i think it was genius of the producers of her reality show to create doubt about IT’s sex…..don’t think for one minute they are not involved in this. It has boosted ratings tremendously, with folks tuning in just to have a peek. it’s gonna be milked for every drop.

  17. It needs more people. Where’s the second grade classmate? Fourth grade? Prom pics? Er body lookin for their fiteen minutes. Some fool shoulda stepped forward by now.

    • @keepitrealnotkeepinitreal


      Lets recap now…
      You claim to be a man…You claim to be a heterosexual man, YET, you seem to be obsessed with someone who you say if definitely a man (Joseline Hernandez). You clearly stated that this person is a man and born a man…

      So the only conclusion any sane person would be forced to come to is that you are either :

      a. A fag
      b. A woman
      c. Part of Eddie Murphy’s Ministry of giving hot soup
      and limo rides for Trannies in need…

      Now Im going go ahead and allow you to pick your own poison…a, b or c.

  18. They have yearbook pics of her all over the Internet she is defiantly a she. They also have her mug shots all over the Internet and she looks better in them then she does now idk if she had plastic surgery or what but she needs to go back to her old look and it won’t be questioned anymore

  19. DICE Don’t try to bite my style of a,b or c. Get ur own style trannyboy. You wanna count my posts and then yours and see who’s really obsessed? Like someone said you ride this blog like a dick. You are now talking about estrogen. What str8 man even knows about that?

  20. And furthermore u stupid muthafukker I only got involved cus yo gay ass said u was dreamin about this fuckin tranny. U said it urself jackass. And another thing u fraud ur timestamp on ur posts clearly indicates u aint in africa but the east coast so u can drop that bullshit too.

  21. Question fellow bloggers. What straight man dreams of being chased by a tranny in heels while running like a little girl but is rescued by a homosexual jew from the pink mafia? Dude ur gayer than the pink Skittle. I rest my muthafukkin case.

  22. OK…it’s true “Joseline” use to be “Jose”…but trannys give the best head in the world…hands down…so yeah if the nigga feel like a bottom bitch…let it be

  23. She is definitely woman, people accused lil mama, Ciara, and the list goes on. There are plenty of woman that have deep voice, strong facial structures and even may have elevated testosterone levels but nonetheless they are women. Working in healthcare you see it all. If society had a broader view of woman throughout the world people would know women come in all shapes and forms. Let this chick live, whatever her sex is has no bearing on our lives Personally! All we get is good entertainment and if it wasn’t good then people would not watch it and it wouldn’t be on TV.

    • Oh my god PREACH! imma need these people to get their heads out of their asses, off their computers and into the real world! Women come in all shapes and sizes, this woman didnt do anything to yall so please exit stage left.

  24. And what the hell is wrong with some nice fresh cool coconut waters followed by some fresh fried plantain with some brown whole grain rice with peanut sauce and some fresh cabbage?

    That meal has some many vitamins and minerals and its Ph friendly and just slightly on the alkaline side.


    Nair one of those flicks look likes they could even remotely be you PAST PRESENT OR FUTURE!!!!!!





  26. my only question is who are you really trying to make believe that you were born a woman??? us or YOURSELF???? cuz aint no way on God’s green earth u gonna convince me he created you with that STRONG ASS JAWLINE AND DEEP RASPY ASS VOICE to call you woman??? (in my ocho cinco voice) CHILE PLEASE!!!

  27. and im not judging… i dont even CARE!!!!
    its about the principality of it all…
    dont just think u gon tell me whatever u want and imma fall for it! Keep it 100 AT ALL COST!!!
    u think we wont watch if u say he is a she???
    it will probably BOOST THE RATINGS!!!!

  28. JACKY, u need to call this thang out and make IT show birth certificate, first communion pics,
    eigth grade graduation pics, we need more credible photos if she thinks shes gonna persuade THIS crowd… one more thing… what woman who has ever been called a man, blasts nekkid pics of themselves TO PROVE it??? if you are whatchu say you are, dont you think it would be more gratifying to let people speculate than trying to disprove them??? Ciara has been called a hermaphrodie since she first came out yet she has never came out showing her coochie to prove she aint??? IM JUST SAYING…

  29. Hold Up…..Slow down B. I get your point but yall really had to post my handle on some tranny ish? Yall wilin’……smh

    I’ll say this though, I am multi faceted. Depending on the topic/subject matter at hand, I do have different writing styles. You think I would walk into a boardroom meeting “Yo Wassup B. Everyting blessed? Wha a gwan” or a client get on my last fkn nerve & I’ma say “Fk you talkin to? I am not the mutha-fkn one.” & punch em in the face? C’mon now ppl. In order to be successful, whether it be in the streets or in the office (or both), you must be able to adapt to your environment and act accordingly.

    Oh yeah, and I sure as fk ain’t Jacky — LOL

  30. This could be a picture of any girl, still doesn’t prove it’s Joseline as a girl. I want to see a Yearbook, and a picture of Joseline recently with her twin brother…that she claims to have.

  31. See? “Wheres your messiah now see? (Edward G. Robertson from the 10 Commandments)..

    All that talk just evaporated about my baby Joseline being a man or ever being a man…Just as I figured it was all a big publicity ploy by Viacom to sell dishwashing liquid and Vodka….My dick never lies and I aint never got an erection from looking at no damn man and if that woman in the WSHH video is in fact the same woman who is on the VHI show, then that definitely is all woman…I knew I wasnt gay or nuthin’. I took those 3 days off work for nothing trying to figure stuff out…It was all a scam and Sandra Rose was paid to be in on it….Now she’s calling that woman some other name now to try to play shit off as if she wasnt in on it from the jump.
    Phuck yall niggas.

  32. I still believe that Joseline was originally a male who has had sexual reassignment surgery. In SRA surgery they can make it look and appear like a vagina. They can make it with depth enough to be able to accommodate a penis during intercourse so the naked pics of her prove nothing. The high school pic still looks androgynous and in the teenage years is when transgendered individuals start to deal with their feelings of sexuality. So by then Joseline could’ve began taking hormone pills and start identifying herself as a woman. The only thing that would convince me of her womanhood would be childhood pictures. Unfourtunately the ones provided here still remain unclear. The first pic does not look like Joseline and the second picture one of the children’s face appeared to be blurred or pixelated.

  33. All of yall need to spend less time worrying about dis ladies business and more time on your own. Regardlesd of what or who she is she is still a person and should be treated as such. Thats whats wrong with this world today theres too much criticism negativity and hateration. Stop worrying bout dat dam gurl dnt hate cus if she was a man shes a dam pretty woman now even if it is fake. Hell everythng bout nikki minaj fake are yall talkn bout dat? Dis gurl jus tryna make it in dis world so stop trting to bring people down and shit dat aint cool. Howd u like it if it was done to u ya sisters or ya mama, u wouldnt like it no more than she does so stop it. Try building people up instead of tearing em dwn cus she aint do shit to u

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  35. That person was born a man whats the big deal you can tell by his neck shoulders and wrists and facial bone structure that is a man who had surgery yall need to get out in the world more.

  36. men don’t get pregnant dumb asses she was and if she wasdid have surgery how did she pay for it she doesn’t have money like that .

  37. I realize this is a female driven blog but no one ever mentions that each of those so called animals has a mother. How come she never catches any shade for how those little bastards turned out?

  38. Whatever he or she may be if you are msn you should not hit women now if you are a female that display you did last night wad truly uncalled for not a good image for your brand not a way to be role model. First you believe calling women b wordone day your child will see you acting like a crazy woman. You should not have to fight for a man. Let it go move one stop lying and show a better way to love Stevie J wish you luck on whatever you trying to pursue.