Backdoor Bad Boys Get Presidential Passes…Just Ask ‘Block’ Spencer!


Russel 'Block' Spencer & Diddy are FREAKS!

Puffy’s Prerequisites?

HSK Exclusive – Russel ‘Block’ Spencer is being exposed as previously landing his presidential Bad Boy pass from Puffy for all the wrong reasons. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Yung Joc, who we’re told “threatened to reveal Block’s shared bisexuality” with his Diddy, after the rapper was dropped from Bad Boy Records South in 2009.

Now, an insider tells HSK the reason why Russell cheated on his wife may have all boiled down to her failing to follow his freaky fetishes with sex toys. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kandi Burruss.

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy and Block are boys because both of them are into the same freaky shit. That’s why Puffy gave him the big record deal budget and made him Bad Boy South President. Block is known for paying strippers to use a strap-on him.

He’s a fucking freak!”


  1. I know a girl that doesn’t mind “doin it” to her husband. They’ve been married for 11 years. He has a pink dick but she has a BIG Black one.

    • Damn Just_Joi. You gone and done it to me again. You paint the strangest mental pictures with your pink dick stories! Now I have a permanent brain burn of a Black chick banging a white dude with a BBSO. 🙁

        • Just_Joi I’m no prude, but if my man asked me to strap one on and do him, I would be in the next state before he knew I had gone.

          • Ha! Awe Christa, he’s not gonna tell you until you’re deeeep into the relationship. Can’t see yourself with anyone else. Two kids and a poodle. Lol. “Honey, you know what I’ve always wanted to try?”

            You’ll be shouting, Who’s my BITCH?!!! in no time. Lmao!

  2. Me and my girl enjoy playing in each other’s backyard sorta speak. I don’t have a strap on but I appreciate a finger or two or a fickle tongue. There are a lot of nerve endings in the back door that can be very pleasurable to a man if he would just have an open mind and let go of his hang-ups. Just be clean and use some flavored lube. I assure you, the taste you received will be from the lubricant.a woman blowing a man and fiddling with his back door is pure heaven. This is not about being homosexual but enjoying each other and what turns you on.

    • I agree, its the ultimate erotic sexual pleasure a man and woman can
      Experience together. Especially off of kush and extacy and patron or
      Coke…. U only live once try it

    • I agree. Especially if you are doing it with your other half and ya’ll are comfortable with it. What goes on between u and them is between just YOU AND THEM, The 2 of ya’ll. I don’t get the big deal of a lil finger play or salad tossing but I do find a problem with a straight man wanting a dildo in the back door.

  3. Liking anal sex doesn’t make a man gay. Having sex with another man does. If a man and a woman like anal with each other, no problem, no issue. Two men or two women sexing each other have at it.

    But when a man claims to be straight and performs gay acts with other men, Houston we’ve got a problem!!!!!!

  4. Now I have heard that before but I also heard people say if a guy goes down on another guy then the guy that went down is the homosexual and not the guy who received it.. Now I don’t agree with that PERSONALLY but that’s me… Now in my opinion if a guy let a girl fuck him with a strap on then he is gay I don’t care if it was a woman as beautiful as Nefertiti and built liKE THE CARTOON SISTA’S ON A PARLIAMENT ALBUM she aint touching nothing back there….CHOPPED….now if that’s what she into pulling out a strap then like it was stated earlier yeah HOUSTON WE DEFINITELY HAVE A PROBLEM…

    • If a chick starts trying to play with my butthole, I would think shes trying to punk me and all the good vibes are over and the session is going to end.

  5. I disagree. I think being gay is a lifestyle not a sex act. Being for gay marriage, gay adoption , gays in the Boy Scouts is a lifestyle choice concerning a disenfranchised group.
    Receiving oral from a man or woman is exactly what it is ….oral. You can have sex with a man or woman and still be hetero .my thoughts.

    • @Anon, the gay lifestyle is getting your ass pumped by a dude, know Idk, what the fuck you call it when a woman is fucking a dude up the ass, I had my fantasies with this>>>ass buckin a dude>>>but ay, it was a gay dude, but idk if a straight man would get ass plucked by a woman, and consider it straight sex bc no matter who is doing it>>>it originates from homosexuality and if you are a female fuckn your straight man,chances are that one day he would try it with a man,like, what is stopping him from not doing it, you know what I mean?

      • So basically if he has orAl sex and anal sex hes gay because
        Those are homo sex acts… Gtfoh! Any sex act between a man and womb- man
        Is a hetero sex act. I like fuckin my wife in the ass but totally turned off
        By the thought of fuckin a man in the ass. I like when my wife plays in my ass
        But the man in me could never submit my ass to a man.. Turned off by the thought
        But i will submit my ass to my wife because every part of my body is
        Open for her exploration

  6. You are crazy… I’m a Black Women and if a man likes anything near his ass he is gay or has gay tendencies. If a man lets a women play with his anus he’ll eventually let a man. Now if a man likes to have anal sex with a women that’s fine but never can he allow his anus to be licked, fingered, or strap-on etc….GAY PERIOD. Not cool. That’s a entire new level of freakiness

    • Ever read an E. Lynn Harris book? There are gay men who STAY on top! If they can do a woman in the butt, who’s to say they wouldn’t do a nice looking tranny? Maybe we should ask Idk, um Rick Fox. Lol.

      • Just_Joi,

        You know you better stop! 🙂
        I’d not heard any such thing about Foxy until very recently & not from an “as a matter of fact point of vies”. I know he’s slated to get remarried or at least he was so…let us try to keep this on off the “tranny trip” just yet.

        Oh but sooooonnn as I know for certain I WILL be the first to confirm it! Right now I’m seriously unsure.

  7. Well, now we know how Kandi got into the sex toy industry! She musta had a lot of experience with ol Russell.

    • Kandi is a freak! Forget Nicole Murphy and Tracey Edmonds! If I was an undercover brotha, I’d marry Kandi! Lol. Nicole and Tracey are excellent at cleaning up a man’s image tho; but, they just look like they would be dead fish in bed. Tracee Ellis Ross could be a good beard tho…

      • There is nothing about Nicole Murphy that gives dead fish~ Nothing at all. Tracey seems dainty, smart and reserved but you don’t bag back to back down low brothers on just looking cute. But if I were to pick a dead fish out of the two, I would pick her. Kandi just looks like a skank. I’ve heard Tracee is a bi-sexual freak. It is safe to say that just about everyone who have been in these circles for any amount of time is getting it popping on a regular basis.

        That is how I remembered it.

        • I gotta go with Just Joi on that one. 8 out of 10 times, an incredibly beautiful woman is very passive and dull in bed. Why? Because she is so accustomed to men floppin just to be in her presence that she isn’t used to doing any work or breaking a sweat. There are exceptions of course, but the average man will rubber stamp that.

  8. theres some people in here needs jesus IN THERE LIFE! WTF HOW TF your supposed to be a grown ass man straight at that with a girlfriend talking bout how you and your like playing in each other back yard and use flavored lubricate strap on and nasty shyt! booty is not meant for any use but but to unload the garbabge the body carries those vein back there is like wires in the garbage disposal you mess with that.i dont care how it feels or how pleasurable it is the penis made strictly for the lubricate strap ons aint nobody come with them wicked ideas and tricks but demons lol!

    • Well, this may come as a shock to you, but many people aren’t thinking about Jesus in the bedroom.
      Or anywhere else for that matter. I think the majority in here are fairly God fearing folk. But I for one am not, and I know there are a few more like me.
      Now don’t go to thinking I am satanic or worshipping false idols. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I just personally have always thought of Christianity as modern era mythology, just as the Greeks and Romans had their own in their era. I think religion serves to keep people on the straight and narrow, and in that sense it is useful. But when the right wing Fundamentalists get talking about a woman’s right to choose, and they insert all that silly shit that came out in the last election, it reminds me why I left the church.
      I think they are living in the same dark ages as the radical jihadist Muslims.
      My current gripe with them is their not wanting to give their teenage daughters the HPV vaccine. They are afraid it will make them promiscuous. Well the fact is that a girl can save herself for marriage, and then 4 years later when her husband starts to cheat, he brings home HPV and she’s SOL. And it can’t be given past a certain age, so if the parents don’t approve it, the child is out of luck for life. Who would have ever thought that medical science would actually have a preventative measure for cervical cancer, and people would balk at using it! I guarantee if they had a vaccine for young men which would prevent prostate cancer, every damn mother and father would be racing to get it for their sons.

      • i bring up jesus cause he represent strength law what goes and what dosent you didnt come into this world with a dlido and bag of toys to use on your self just in case the natural way god made it dosent work.the problem is that alot of this freaky nasty unnatural way to please and intise your flesh is wrong you are not your body and the body dont belong to you.therefore toys and use of your mouth on the other privates and booty hole casues diseases disorder in the body.
        and dont come my way this all we dont bring up jesus name in the babdroom thats lie you do! at the end of tha day theres alot of sick minded people telling lies to each other that this is natural way and the feeling is natural its not in the long hall its gonna be your body bringing up jesus name dont mean i go to church i dont i dont believe in following some one or organization to be closer to the most high i can go to him for myself i can pick the bible and read it for myself its not religion its a lifestyle .most get it very for these vaccines and shots talk bout protective sex and sex life first start by teaching them that absenenece is a better lifestyle that and waiting to get married first.alot of time condoms dont protect one from diseases or pregnancy pills sponges non of that is worth have self control learn how to control yourself them nasty urges.the way world is today its like they telling our babies that when your big enough go out and have alot of sex all kinds of nasty ways dont matter if its with a man woman tranny dildo anything just go fuk anything moving!thats all around us cant escape just how wicked times has become.

        • your off topic but to answer your question no dont need one im healthy as a horse dont need one never has never will.i live a healthy lifestyle and i twell others around me to do the same so there wont be any need for pills medicine shots ect.