Bad Boss Puffy Doesn’t Pay His Staff!


Revolt Channel Employees Revolt Against Puffy

Puff Goes The Dragon?

HSK Exclusive – A group of Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs’ employees seem to be living up to the Bad Boy’s cable network name, revolting against the music mogul for reportedly shortchanging them over their work. If you recall, Puffy previously sparked a deal securing him music-themed cable network, “Revolt”.

Now, sources say Puffy gets away with not paying his employees by keeping them on staff as ‘independent contractors’.

We’re told Puff has Revolt President Andy Schuon to thank for closing the distribution deal with Comcast. That’s just before sources say Puffy landed a minority grant over the agreement, proving to continue to cash in.

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy ain’t paying his staff on time, and when he does they’re getting short changed. It’s was Andy Schuon who brought Comcast to the table.

Now, Puffy is spending Comcast money on Cassie. If Puffy doesn’t start taking care of his staff properly, we might revolt.”


  1. Anybody who voluntarily agree to work with puff deserves to be screwed. How many people has this man shitted on???

  2. In my very humble opinion, Puff is shady as hell. His shady dealings are well publicized(in certain circles) and documented. Therefor, anyone willing to work with or for him is just plain dumb and asking for trouble.
    P.S. the independent contractor game is the oldest trick in the book.

  3. pshitty needs a good ole fashion ass whooping…stripped bucket naked and forced to run to brooklyn for some cheese cake…and every dummy who works for him should be made to do the same.


    … TOTAl
    ..lil kim..
    oh the people he has shitted on, the list is wayyy too long. A glass of ice water is waiting on the other side for him.

  5. The shytty part is I bet he dont shyt on our caucasian brothers. Thats the sour part and it aint right.






      • I think Joaquin Phoenix releasing a rap album was part of a hoax he and Casey Affleck created. His strung out appearance on Letterman, retiring from acting, making some weird home movie about himself…basically for shits and giggles.

  6. Trust if that employee/s are white, they will revolt and get paid all they are owed and more, just wait and see. Diddy is ignorant, Diddy know you can’t screw over that white boy – Andy Schuon, I guess when he gets that n***** wake up call, Diddy will come back to reality!!

  7. Y people continue to work with this knuckle head, he’s only concern about his kids, himself (mainly) and his jump-offs (men/women) So go figure.

  8. Just because someone has concerned for their loved ones doesnt mean they have the right to shit on the rest of humanity. Theres an ultimate price that the universe will seek as recompense.

  9. These ppl working for him are black,and yes when you deal with devil,you are right on his level.they prolly got star struck by this ugly muthaphucka,I feel bad for his son by Kim porter he will prolly wind up being just like his daddy,diddy the oily bird!

  10. Well he doesn’t pay his artists so of course he ain’t gonna pay his employees! Why would the other half of the people who work for him be any different? But what comes around does go around especially in the entertainment biz so don’t be shocked to see him take a major fall sooner or later. Look no further than beyonce. You see how her fortunes are changing and she shit on a lot of people when she was younger too. Karma is a beast with a long memory and very sharp teeth. You’ll see… just keep watching.

  11. How P-Shiddy gets away with this:

    Step one, The Con:

    By going to mostly Black college campuses, he takes an entourage of hanger-ons with him to portray the “rock star” persona and hype up his ego and flaunt all over him.
    Weak minded students who want to enter into the entertainment business flock to him like moths to a flame and swoon all over him. He in turn does not disappoint by flashing “bling” and fancy clothes, they listen to his spiel and BOOM! are swept off their feet to go and “intern” with a successful mogul.

    Step 2, The Lie:

    After leaving with hundreds of resumes, the mogul sifts through them and finds those who most likely came from single parent or lower income families. These are less likely to bellyache about “paying their dues” and are willing to jump through any hoop that is put in front of them.
    In reality, you have to have a certain “look” to be a part of the group and the weeding out is done by giving more harder work to the ones they don’t really want in an attempt to “run them off”.
    They’re all told they can confide in their “mentors” and can go to them in a pinch.
    What they don’t realize, until it’s used against them, is that the “mentor” is just a conduit to Puff’s ears.
    There are no secrets.

    Step 3, The carrot:

    By showing the “interns” how well the “mentors” have it under Puff, the carrot is dangled in front of them to put in their work and pay their dues and they’ll get paid what they’re owed.
    In reality, they’re being told that they’re actually “hourly/ salaried” meaning that they get paid for 9 – 5 but their work day goes well into the night and starts early as well not including weekends and holidays, where you’ll probably be needed for “errands” or “favors” {“favors” meaning that you’re doing work, but you better not think about getting paid for it.}
    All the while you’re being shown pics of parties and videos of folks on yachts that your hard work paid for, but you’re not invited to participate in.

    Step 4, The Grumblings Must Go:

    By the time the “interns” have figured out, they’re so deep into “loans” and “favors” that their wondering how they’ll ever got caught up in this mess and how can they leave and get any credit for their “internship” because if you quit before the year is up, they don’t have to give you the credits that you so desperately crave. {So I’ve heard}
    So, they start weeding out the disgruntled ones.

    The Final Straw, The Bullying Tactic:

    When you’re weeded out, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get the back pay that you’re “owed”.
    Now comes the fancy paperwork. The contract you signed when you first started that you didn’t read the fine print on, all the lunches you went on that the company paid for, in reality, you just got hosed.
    The same contract that they used to lock in their recording acts into that gives THEM no way out, are the same rules that they use to lock you in as well.
    You’ll never go to the courts for that money because when you leave they hit you with a power shot of lawyers whose only job is to bully you into believing that if you pursue legal help on the pay, that they’ll drag this out and stall and waste every dollar your poor family has until you get a court date five to six years into it and by that time you’ve spent time and money where if you’ll go away now, they’ll let you leave not owing your “share” of the bills you and your teammates incurred.

    There is a reason why these shady characters don’t go to Ivy League campuses to recruit.
    Because they know that the parents of these kids on those campuses are smarter than they are, and they also know that you don’t tangle with old money.
    It’s career suicide, and they know it.

    Now you know, but there a few out there that will read this and swear that it’ll “never happen to them.”
    Sure it won’t.
    Just like every hooker/ stripper/ call girl/ party boy never grew up wanting that lifestyle, but before they knew it, someone with better game than theirs had them on the stroll.

  12. Puff’s a fag so he always doin’ bitchazz rachetness. To all his interns that got fucked over: forget the wage/hour lawsuit. Just file a grievance with the Dept. of Labor and the IRS.

    ‘Nuff said.

  13. how can he not when he has $400k Yacht parties. Yes Yacht parties. Puffy has been in business for over 10 years. regardless being bi, gay or straight.

    The first day i didnt get my check by the end of the month I would of clocked this fool. or demanded my money or seek legal action. i dont understand how these things are true because i dont understand how he has 100 + workers not getting paid but they still work for him for free?? GTFOH. No on in modern society does that. You and I know if u didnt get you check or cash the day ur supposed to get PAID. You would of bounced out of that seen/job like the Lakers shooting the ball and hitting the back rim with NO wins. GTFOH. Only people who work for free are bums. They are the only non tax payers in the world. This is piss cold tea and no proof. If those ignorant people still work for this gay joke and not want to be paid then thats cause they just as stupid for working for him as for working him and not getting paid all this time. ignorant people i swear.

  14. I am shocked that people still willingly sign up to work with this JOKE…after all the shady sh*t he’s fdome to so called friends, business partners, acts on his label.. people are still signing their name on the dotted line?lol

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