Baldwin Hillbillies – Episode 2


The Baldwin Hillbillies…

Lil’ Skeeter and Uncle Tuck have long had their hearts set on Hollywood, but they sure didn’t have the guap to get there. It’s amazing what can happen in one week…

Baldwin Hillbillies - The Mud

The answer to their prayers may have been right their own backyard, the whole damn time!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sweet-Daddy Swagg!!!

Check out The Baldwin Hillbillies as Lil Skeeter, Pinky and Ole’ Baldy Turner discover their Mississippi MUD is hair-growing gold…

Baldwin Hillbillies - Episode 2

Be sure to check back every week to find out what happens next, as The Bookers go from broke to big time…

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  1. Haaaa! This is cool. I live in LA and know the area. Can’t wait until the family gets to LA and see how they survive! Great series, Jacky!