Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion UNCUT!


BBWLA - Black Santa Revealed

Update: Black Santa Give His Side of the Story!


  • ‘Black Santa Claus’ Named
  • Bambi’s Smash Session W/ Jezzy Told
  • Gloria’s Edited-Out Response To Bambi Revealed

HSK Exclusive – We’ve uncovered the identity of the man dubbed ‘Black Santa Claus’ by two present-seeking ‘Basketball Wives’.

You may remember Bambi and Brooke Bailey recently broke down their now squashed beef over their secret sponsor, during BBWLA’s reunion. Now, a source exclusively tells HSK — though he may have deep pockets, he’s no basketball player. We’re told his name is Harold Porter, and he’s said to be nothing more than a street dope boy.

Harold Porter is Black Santa

With ‘Santa Claus’ being a reported pusher, Bambi may have long been keeping true to her self-noted commandment “if you’re a hoe, you have to own it”. Know why? Because we’re told back in 2009 – when the aspiring female rapper was on the set of the movie “Janky Promoters“, playing a minor acting role – a run-in with Young Jeezy led Bambi to let dude smash. A source tells us that’s because Jezzy promised Bambi his help in her rap career. It’s a promise we’re told Jezzy didn’t keep – after he concluded outside of the bedroom, Bambi may not have what it takes to rock the mic.

But that’s not all that may have been left out during BBWLA’s Reunion!

Gloria Govan says she was railroaded by Basketball Wives LA producers, after she opted not to invite VH1 cameras to capture her and Matt Barnes exchanging their wedding vows. After returning to the set of the reality show as a bonafide basketball wife, Gloria says she was ambushed — with Bambi leading the ploy. With producers heading the post production process, Gloria says they put the nail in the coffin by editing out her response to Bambi’s verbal attack against her – delivered during the Reunion.

Here’s what Gloria said to Bambi (which producers reportedly left out in the editing process):

“First of all bitch, you’re irrelevant.

You came on the show as a fan and audience member. You saw season one, and because of Malaysia, got into it. You thought you would come on here as her plus one sidekick, not liking me.

I haven’t seen you a day in my life – nor have we ever hung out, so your opinions are irrelevant because you don’t have a clue what’s going on. You take words from other people and use them as your own. I don’t even know why you would be in a studio — knowing fully well you haven’t even made a single, or sold a mixtape out of you car.

You think by bringing up Compton bullshit, old ass rumors to try to bring me down. Bitch please!”

Here’s what Gloria had to say to Malaysia (which we’re told was also edited out of the reunion show):

“I was implying that I’m the original member from Basketball Wives Miami. I was presented, from VH1, the opportunity to start a spin-off, since I moved to L.A.

If Shaunie was an active producer then why would my sister be on the show — or better yet why would she have given me an opportunity to have my own show?

I know I moved out here excited to work with VH1, and they tried to play me.”

Basketball Wives L.A. Ho Stroll


  1. Gloria… Gurl… You smashed the homies! I understand everything she is saying but not once did she say Bambi was lying so…. _/ rest ya soles chile!

      • No gloria didn’t say she was lying , but she did say YOU THINK BRINGING UP COMPTON B.S & OLD ASS RUMORS TO BRING ME DOWN ,,,,,,BITCH PLEASE ..To me that’s saying she’s lying or she’s full of BULL..

    • Ever heard “Don’t dignify those accusations with a response”? Yeah bitch, thats what it’s called. Dumb hood-rat brethren of Bambi *lol*

    • Bambi aint sh**t but a nasty a$$ jumpoff HOODRAT! She use to F***uck Chris Paul,Keisha’s husband, that played for the Hornets. She was a stripper at “Majic City” and “Black Santa” just recently exposed her dumb a$$. DP**ssy pics and ALL LMAO => balleralert(DOT)com/profiles/blog/show?id=2015113%3ABlogPost%3A1507632&commentId=2015113%3AComment%3A1507682&xg_source=activity

  2. I dont like Gloria at all however she is correct the show was certainly designed behind her but making these uneducated street hoes relevant is horrible and starting to become redundant. 2009-2012 hoes have been winning like it or not lets see whats happens in 2013.

    • The. Show was not designed behind her. The girls from Miami didn’t want to film with her no longer so VH1 decided to put to action what they wanted to begin with. The reason Gloria was on BBW is because her sistejaijr sluty ways in sleeping with Shaunies man, that why. They used Gloria to tell that story line. Laura was who they really wanted but she wojaijana2001@uldn’t do a show that close to Shaunie. Gloria ain’t nobody!

  3. so these dumb bitches put their sponsor on blast… guess santa might be bringing them coal this year!

  4. Gloria may have been the reason for BBQ WIVES LA, but they showed her how much she REALLY meant to them! Hahahahaha! Good riddance.

  5. Gloria u was wack on BBW-Miami, and a HO on BBW-LA, U even admitted u was a HO to a national audience this season, u said while u were shopping that while u and Matt were broke up 8-9 month’s that Matt was doing it *(Banging Ho’s)* or blazing that trail, and now it was ur turn to do it, blaze that same trail…Hmmm! Bambi called u on ur shit Ho…Gilbert Arenas and Matt Barnes are both DUMB for wifing swap meet LA Ho’s from Oakland…LOL! Now that’s gangsta

  6. This show is ratchet! Everybody tryna come up….BBW LA and Miami is nothing but a bunch of old hood rats who came up on some wack ass bball players and the hoes mad cuz the bball players cheated on them…you dont see Michael Jordan ex wife on there or Vanessa Bryant or Lala Anthony for that matter

  7. i still ove all these hos… mindless entertainment, and i feel so much better of myself after watching

  8. Lala is a hoe too! She just not stupid enough to go on tv to give anyone the opportunity to air her out!

    • Thank you!!! That wench isn’t pure as the driven snow!! She’s not just a hoe she’s a gay hoe!!! She hangs around two lesbians and damn near every chick she is cool with is known to be gay or bi. And how does everyone think she got carmello anyway? What with her sparkling personality?!! She’s a hoe who knows how to play her position and keep her dirt undercover. Better recognize.

  9. this bitch gloria makes herself sound more stupid by sayin that she brought the show to LA!! she just got the boot!!

  10. Gloria played her damned self. Her and her hoodratched ass sister Laura need to take their sorry asses back to Oakland where they both belong. Matt and Gilbert are two of the stupidest ass mo-fo’s in the league both messing with two hoes who have more miles on them than the Indy 500. All of these heffa’s are ratchet and they honestly need to pull the plug on basketball wives when there is only two women from LA and Miami who are wives in the first place (Jackie Christy and Gloria Govan’s wack asses)!!!

  11. Looking at pics Black Santa must be ballin’ on a budget…byob, in a basement, with a dollar store streamer.

  12. STRICTLY FOR HP!! Boy them spotlight, money hungry hoes DONT even DESERVE to be in your presence!!! I understand you came up and all, but dizzzzaaammmnnnn fo real?? Ain’t you ever heard, never trust a big but and a smile?!? They do for you what they did for the nigga before you and what they gonna do for the nigga after you! I wonder if your that sweet, kind hearted guy you were back in the day under all that gold and armor?? You need to find you a woman deserving of you and stop getting caught up with these cock hoppin hootchies… Just cuz they wear “red bottom” shoes don’t mean a muthafuckin thang, bet that bitches cooch is red to from all that fuckin she got to do to get what she got/where she at.. C’mon home daddy! I’ll take care of you… No charge;)

    • Mind, body and soul!! Beauty lasts only a minute but a good woman with natural beauty (NO MAKE-UP) lasts a lifetime!