Basketball Wives’ Play for More Money…


Basketball Wives Threaten to Strike

Full Court Press?

Some original faces of the BBW’s brand are reportedly taking action against VH1. Insiders say though shooting of the fifth season of ‘Basketball Wives‘ is well underway, if Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie aren’t granted raises – they’ll be walking off the set. We’re told because the quartet of ladies are not locked into contracts – it’s a situation they’re able to move forward with if they so desire.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“The “Wives” are in the process of renegotiating their contracts and they all want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network, but VH1 is refusing to pony up more cash.

We’re told before filming started, execs made it clear that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that … they could be replaced.

Despite the deadlock, we’re told production schedules were sent out and the girls began filming in hopes a deal would be worked out shortly. So far, a deal has not been reached and neither side is budging … so we’re told the ‘Wives’ are planning to walk out next week if VH1 can’t agree to the terms.”

Shaunie O’Neal previously released a statement – claiming she’s set to take the reality brand to the sliver screen. I find Shaunie’s statement very amusing. Know why? Because though Shaunie may be thinking about making movies, she’s begging VH1 execs for a request which won’t be granted. Don’t believe me.. Ask VH1 President Thomas Calderone.


  1. Football wife back to a basketball wife? I guess they think were stupid. These stupid black bitches are the reason why black women are having a hard time finding employment, because the white massess think that we are all angry loud disrespectful women.\ such as these sluts. I hate this show.

  2. Ratchetness aside, this show has made Vh1 a lot of money! Hell those clowns on Jersey Shore made top dollar; it’s about these four sticking together truthfully. Vh1 in my opinion is bluffing! I want to see them replace an ENTIRE cast of exes, jump offs, and baby mamas….and STILL get the viewership they had/have. Is this show on its last leg? Or better yet, without Ev showing her natural ass will they still get those numbers? Once they take the fight scenes out, and she comes out all Zen cuz Iyanla “fixed her life” a lot of people won’t be watching.

    • @missy-I totally missed your post-say it ain’t so evelyn took her extra ratchet ass to iyanla van zant? Oprah’s girl? The life coach? Girl stop!!! There is only one person who can fix evelyn’s life and that person is marty mcfly! He would have to throw her ass in that delorean,take her back about 20 years and tell her younger self not to do all that deep throating and flat backing!!! And even then she might still turn out to be one of the biggest tramps on earth!! Iyanla van zant?!!! Oooo jesus take the wheel!!!!

  3. Throwing bottles, slapping people upside the head, jumping on tables to get at another girl, taking another cast member’s purse and not giving it back and these are grown women. Viewers were writing petitions for a couple of them to be dropped from the show and they’re asking for a PAY RAISE….if anything VH1 need to give them a PAY CUT or better yet not even renew that garbage.

    • True Story. Anddddd evelyn is trying to become the face of domestic abuse. She should be ashamed. Who does that? If anything its karma. Take the hit and keep it movin. Iyala fix my life = trying to stay relevant.

  4. Well like john witherspoon said-hoes gotta eat too! @cici-tell me you’re lying-evelyn is trying to be the poster girl for domestic abuse? Baby bye!!! If anything her and tami ought to start a church together with as many folks as they’ve laid hands on! But those of you talking about vh1 cancelling this show-you can dead that. They are not about to lose that money or those nielsen ratings points! They’ll probably get a little raise or if shaunie”mayflower madam” o’neal gets evelyn and the hookers,er I mean girls to work their slutty magic with some of the male vh1 execs they might get a raise AND a maybach!! You laughing but these wenches-ooooo damn keyboard!! I mean women have given it up for a lot less. In some cases for just a wet ass and a memory. Just sayin’