BBWLA: Bambi Leaked Nude Photo


BBWLA: Bambi's Leaked Nude Photo

HSK Exclusive – This photo is much too graphic for HSK, however those interested in seeing Bambi busting it open can click HERE.

Warning, site hosting the pic is extremely graphic.

Merry Christmas from Black Santa!


  1. I don’t see anything..He’s either gay or mad that the IRS is going to start looking deeper into his “private investments”

  2. Nice try Ho-van sisters!!! This is bogus info!!! Gloria is behind this because Bambi aired her hoe-ING out!!! Girl go sit cho ass down somewhere!

    • And its not the same color blue polish and her nails looks real, while the others are acrylic. Just saying…

      PS. Yes I’m late but I’m in school so I have to catch up on shoes and back stories when I can.

  3. yeah this does seem a lil fake…first off nigga u supposed to be so professional-why even bother responding to this? especially since no one knew who they were talking about anyway? and you claim Babmbi was so low class and broke…and wtf is Brooke suppose to be? seem like they on the same level….

  4. …that pic could belong to any chick …there is no face, tattoos or any distinctive markings that that would prove to me that its her.

  5. Don’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. This story got BITCHES written all over it. The 3 Hoe Stooges is mad as hell Bambi took they asses on, so they’re using sites such as this to retaliate. Try try again you low life trollin whores and that comment about Brooke being classy…puuhleeze…that was a dead ass giveaway along with the pic. LMAO. Better stick to fooling yo babydaddies.

  6. He’s a bitch! Aint no man write this them whores did this bcuz Bambi was working w/they azz an he’s the wackiest nigga I know if he think BROOKE high class now thats a joke his street creditability is gone I cant stand Brooke w/her big bully ass mad at Draya bcuz she had to share a cover w/K Michelle photoshopping still didnt do any good….

  7. She doesn’t have fake nails and the polish isn’t the same color if those are supposed to be reference points…couldn’t get a flash of arm, isn’t her left sleeved?

  8. I definitely think this story is fake but I don’t care because I’m glad they put Bambi tacky whack ass in her place!!! What is it to her if Gloria is a hoe? Bambi carries herself around looking like one – she needs to worry about that! She is too old to be that concerned about what’s going on in a circle she isn’t even a part of. Either she is thirsty for friends or trying to make a name for herself because that rap career is clearly going no where (as evidenced by that lame rhyme she regurgitated). You can’t come on tv with a nappy ass rooted blond catastrophe, hot pink lipstick, and a pageant aqua blue sequined dress and think your doing something. She looks like she belongs on the bad girls club, not basketball wives. I’m finished wasting time on this gutter broad who disquises herself as a caring person when she is really a nosy loud mouth (who is waaaaay to pressed that she is from Compton – good for you *claps*) – back to better things. Muah all and have a great holiday!!

  9. This story is fake….”Brooke Classy” really?

    Brooke, Laura, & Gloria made this up and they are always picking on Draya because she is beautiful.

    Draya get your weight up and start fuc**** these Bit**** up!

    TeamBambi….fuc* these hoes

  10. I think that for Harold Porter to even try to put Bambi out there like that rather she took nude pics, smoked a joint or did a sex tape is very childish and spiteful behavior. A real man never tells so there must be plenty he lacks if he feels the need to go this far over the minor comment she made in reference to him on Basketball wives. She never exposed his true idenity so for a man to get mad over something so petti and threaten to expose things about her….what a bi*ch move.

  11. This man is trying to get ‘relevant’. No one knew who he was, so he just revealed himself for publicity ( still irrelevant).