BBWLA – Bambi Sets The Sets The Record Straight


Bambi & Brooke Admit to Being Hos

“If You’re A Hoe, You Have To Own It!” ~ BBWLA Unmasked

HSK Exclusive – They may be dubbed LA’s ‘Basketball Wives’, but their recent round table reunion revealed what many have known since the beginning — they’re not really ‘wives’, per se. They’re hoes, or hoes who have been either offered a haven – or wifed up – by their basketball husbands/tricks. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Bambi, who spilled the beans on the woman who Matt Barnes recently married.

Here’s what Bambi had to say about Gloria Govan’s whoring:

“I feel terrible for Matt. I’m like, ‘did he really just wife her?’ I have some rapper friends, I’m from Compton.
I have some Compton guys who informed me that some people up on this stage [Gloria] was busting it open for all the hoodies.

You’re fake if you cannot be who you are all the time. Like if you’re a hoe, you have to own it.”

That’s the truth Gloria Govan was forced to face after Bambi told all. And guess what?Not only did Gloria not deny it, she pretended it wasn’t even said — rationing she’s the sole reason why BBWLA even happened, while referring to Bambi as “a rookie”.

And though Gloria appears to be a hoe who chooses to hide behind the mask of a wife, Bambi is keeping true to keeping it real. That’s because the newest BBW on the LA block laid out the details between that first beef she encountered during her reality television debut. We’re talking about that unidentified dude she and Brooke Baileywere said to be ‘dealing with’.

Turns out the dude was no boyfriend of either of the two — he was a trick who Bambi described best as being ‘Santa Claus’. That’s because she’s said he offered up presents for each of his chosen BBW’s time. And, even after both of the girls teamed up to plot to get deeper into the unnamed baller’s pockets, the beef may have been sparked after the presents stopped coming…

Here’s what Brooke had to say about the situation:

“Let’s get this clear…okay. I never had a problem with Bambi talking to the guy that I was dating, okay.
Her and I talked, previously. The guy wanted to have sex with both of us, date both of us, whatever the case may be… Whatever, I didn’t care. I told her that from the gate.

He’s a man, he’s gonna tell her one thing. He’s gonna tell me something else so that his game plan can go out right… But it wasn’t like I got a problem with her…”

Here’s what Bambi added:

“There was this guy, he wanted to buy presents, and I was okay with that. And, eventually I found out that he was dealing with Brooke too — and then her and I had a conversation, and she was like ‘I ain’t trippin’. If he wanna buy you presents…’ and I was like ‘okay cool, well he’s Santa Claus’ — you know what I’m saying?

He can buy everybody presents’…so I was one-hundred percent okay with that. And then I found out that she had an issue. Wait…He told me she had an issue, because ‘she’s this and she’s that’. And, ‘she ain’t this and she ain’t that’ — and I’m like ‘well she looks like a bad bitch to me, and you’re messing with her’ — but otherwise I’m like let’s just keep the presents coming… I’m just like I’m here boo…I’m fabulous…I’m blonde, like where are the gifts? Bring them!”

After John Salley asked, “So Santa Claus is a black man?”, here’s what Bambi added:

“Yes…the north pole. I can give you his number if you want it.”

Sounds like a whore talking, or a soon-to-be basketball wife, who’s on to the next. Don’t you agree? Maybe these athletes should take another listen to that anthem…what’s it called? Oh…”Ya can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”. Don’t you agree?


  1. I guess that old adage doesn’t always prove to be true….look at the Malaysia chick… These females now have the motto of: “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

    • That’s open to interpretation. You ask me she has a lot of game to get presents out of a man without giving it up. That takes skill. At the end of the day she still has her self-respect. That’s hardly a woman who is called a ‘hoe.’ A lot of women should learn something from her.

      • They both had sex with him sweetie. Not taking nothing away from your argument. But they both were sexing him

    • Bambi aint sh**t but a nasty a$$ jumpoff HOODRAT! She use to F***uck Chris Paul,Keisha’s husband, that played for the Hornets. She was a stripper at “Majic City” and “Black Santa” just recently exposed her dumb a$$. Diseased P**ssy pics and ALL LMAO => balleralert(DOT)com/profiles/blog/show?id=2015113%3ABlogPost%3A1507632&commentId=2015113%3AComment%3A1507682&xg_source=activity

    • You must be married to one yourself to make that statement. Otherwise, you're just talking. If history is any indication. Hoes will be hoes. Hoes take on several different roles; girlfriend, side piece, wife, reality TV star, actress, singer, model, mother…etc. But at their core. They are hoes.

  2. There’s no proof that Bambi is a heaux but there’s plenty that gloria is. Bambi only confirmed the tea that The Game spilled last year . This is old news nothing to see here as miss lozada said gloria is a non factor and everything she said last night made her sound dumb and crazy!

  3. “You’re fake if you cannot be who you are all the time.
    Like if you’re a hoe, you have to own it.”

    THIS is the SAME thing I was saying yesterday!
    If you’re a whore, admit it to yourself, and then you can admit it to your partner.
    Then people can KNOW what they’re dealing with & handle it accordingly.
    Don’t be afraaaaaaaid.
    (Shakes head)
    There are all KINDS of hoes in the world.
    Small ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny, ugly, fine, black, yellow, white…
    whatever you want boo!
    Yall could go hoe together.
    Just be HONEST so you can save the rest of us mf’ahs the hassle.

    Genuinely concerned,


  4. all these “reality” shows, that are honestly as we have seen is far from reality, are just distractions from the REAL realities that are plaguing our society. these bimbos are playing their roles just like all the other distractors. only problem is, we all are victims of this society at the end of the day…they just helped those controlling this society succeed, and those that live within it fail. #zombielife

  5. I wonder who the self proclaimed santa clause is? They live in Cali so it could be an actor,rapper,basketball player….hmmmmmmm….jacky find out? Too Gloria hoe ass was like my sister Laura fiance has millions of dollars…does Gilbert Arenas have all that money? He aint nobody special in the NBA world

  6. Man-o-Man!!! People are way to hard on these women! Are they ratchett – yes!! Are they loud, crazy and over the top – hell yes!!! But why do all women have to be hoes?? They’re not hoeing by themselves. The men are pretty sleazy as well. Ya can’t hoe by yourself. It’s a two-way street.

  7. I didn’t watch the show when it aired and I personally avoid this trash….. but I did see some of this mess last night.

    These females are on their game! They put each other on blast consistently! The kicker is…. Gloria, Laura and Brooke were all fired from the show. Therefore all they and to say meant nothing, really.

    These chicks are trying to out ho each other. AND, they are making Draya look same in all this mess. Who wudda thunk it!

  8. Bambi sound like ghetto trash! So what if Gloria used to be wild. Shes married with children , get over it Boo Boo. Are you mad because no one is gonna wife you up? Misery loves the hell out of company. Go back to Compton your time is up.

    • Did you watch the show? She only exposed Gloria because of the argument they had, so she did with a lot of people do which is to hit below the belt. Maybe if Gloria didn’t act like she was better than others. Even Laura stated Gloria had changed a lot & not in a good way.

      Bambi seems pretty happy to me so I doubt if it had anything to do with misery loving company. Remember Gloria called her a rookie 1st which is what triggered their beef. At the reunion Bambi did acknowledge that her exposing Gloria came from anger from the beef she had but what she stated about Gloria was very true & it wasn’t right for her to put her on blast. Doesn’t sounds like misery loves company to me when she said she probably should not had revealed that info.

  9. Bambi and that blonde hair and horse teeth….and lack luster lyrics -_-. Ok lemme not go that deep into her looks because she could get a pass if she wasnt so trashy and over the top.
    Lets keepit funky, its their vaginas, their reps, and their daddy issues. We knew Gloria was a hoe, just like Shaunie, just like the rest of them. There only battle is who whores the best and who has made more of a come up. Once them looks and inflated asses go…it will be on to the whore daughters they are raising and the next generation of hoes. Hoeing is the oldest business in the world lol, why are people so surprised. Its funny how Drea got a pass because of her passive yet likeable attitude, but the other cum buckes get a pass. They are all trash. & Brooke isnt cute…she has a dumb ass face.

  10. bambi calls gloria out for being whore which she not telling somthing we didnt already know is on sum bs she fukks that basketball player who she claimed to be just a freind of hers on that one episode for tracks she might not be busting wide open for free like gloria was but she doing it for tracks and studio time! she cant talk she aint got the money outside of that lil rachet ho loving reality show they doing whos financing her fake ass rap career besides santa!
    i think any body with real and honest intentions who ever wanted to represent the truth of a loving supportive devoted basketball wive with morales and dignity left the show from the first season every body else is just rats!

  11. malaysia im surprised of this bish she played the part of a real decent woman who carried herself with respect she didnt seem like the type who would get low with the rest of the mess by time second season of bbw lil malayshia the faker just proved that luara was right she aint nothing but a rat! she messing things up in her marrige being on the show running the streets with trash like draya and jackie christie and lets not leave out her best friend is a bish who brags about getting free gifts for tricking! her husband gone cum to his sense divorce and get full custudy she gone end just like pillar!

  12. Where did you get Bambi from? She needs to climb back under the rock she came from. She’s a hot MESS!!!! The worst I’ve seen yet, and I’ve seen all the reality shows.Pour example of a WOMAN!!!

  13. Bambi was put on the show because Shaunie found out she had some tea on Gloria and wasn’t afraid to spill it. Brooke is there to counter Bambi. The fact that they didn’t get along in the beginning was extra and all the better but you see how that was squashed. Brooke uses the excuse about the modeling thing but really she’s mad at Draya because she got close with Bambi (remember Bambi came on as a friend of Draya). Bambi spilled that tea on Gloria behind her back AND in her face at the reunion. Gloria’s reaction told it all. There was nothing Gloria could say because she’s not a good liar and couldn’t stand up under the pressure of the truth. Shaunie did that. Can we say “pay back.” When people have revenge in their heart they plan it out to a tee.

    • Agreed. It was so irritating that Gloria thought she was responsible for BBWLA when her parts on the show are so small and “vanilla”. They only thing they rep about Cali is grapes because they look the California Raisin claymations. Shrivelled up faces. What someone needs to say is how there Govans uncle is an agent and that he arranged their marriages, which is why they aren’t happy. And thats not an LA face with a Oakland booty. And for 80G’s of plastic surgery (according to JC) Laura should have added some curves because she is shaped like sponge bob square pants.

  14. @Bambi I love that you keep it Real! Gloria and Laura are really some serious hoes! NO HATERATION Here. Matt Barnes is stupid and an idiot for marrying her! Gilbert A four kids by this trickin laura? Really! I was hoping Bambi beat that ass! There is nothing more sickening than two hoes tryin to be classy but are really trashy! Some of my brothas are so screwed up!

  15. It’s funny how Gloria & Laura try to tlk abt Draya like they so much better when they been out there I heard their uncle use to set them out when they was younger EVERYBODY on the show is a whore in some form Laura u got 4 kids an he’ll neva marry her Matt he’ll take whatever he can get Brooke she’ll neva b a wife

  16. I guess Bambi would know. Hoe’s recognize hoe’s don’t they. I’m from LA and she woofing that Compton ish and nobody even knows her or heard of her until BBW. Bambi is a hoe herself.

    • I doubt it very seriously if Bambi is a hoe. There’s no reports of her being this. She has game if you ask me; I mean she was able to get presents from a guy without giving up the coochie. That takes skill & I can respect that. Prior to Bambi coming on the show it was rumors surfacing about her that had been validated by Matt indirectly or directly when they were so-called seperated. He said, “Her past is her past & he loves her.” Men were tweeting Matt last year stating that they had sex with Gloria. A hoe does not recognize a hoe but when you expose yourself to be exposed when you have sex with multiple trains & allow men to pull trains on you.

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